The Aquarian LUCIFERIAN Agenda / New Age Doctor Network Part 2 / Hugo Talks


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  1. If trump would not have released the vaccine before the Dems stole the election from him ask yourself as to where they would have had us without a vaccine. They would have had us locked down for years. No I think you’re mistaken on trump although I am a political atheist.

    • Join the new age movement and it appears all non jab travelling restrictions disappear.The only guru I have found to be trustworthy is my “inner” self, not because others may be trying to fool me but who could possibly know me better than myself so long as I’m honest. Find your abilities and by expressing them find contentment in purpose, fulfil your value. Easier said than done, but for me a journey well worth undertaking. We are more than thoughts, more even than consciousness, oh how I have come to love the mind of “all that is”, the mind of God where we all reside. The mystical approach to life, bring it on.
      The concept of good and evil has no meaning to me, it makes no sense, empower yourself, be your own idealist, endeavor not to follow another blindly purely because their beliefs fit in with yours, better to sift through our own belief structures checking for contradictions than risking getting tied up with a fanatical idealist who by trying to manipulate others just exposes their own lack of belief in their own power.
      You cannot have a team without first having an assembly of INDIVIDUALS bringing to the party different abilities. It is not my intent to upset anyone,
      It’s just my take on things so far, my opinion on my experiences.

  2. When will people realise that Trump is part of the plan

    • I have been staying it for years, you only have to look inside his trump tower apartment full of gold deities. He may well be the anti christ

  3. again, this is the SHADOW of the age of aquarius. not the actual age yet, and it could take a while to get there, but as jung said, if there’s something wrong in society there’s something wrong with me” we all have this shadow, we all channel the collective subconscious. we all need to SHIFT!
    few people know astrology, or psychology and/or try to be conscious. this includes the reborn christians, and those willing to execute everybody they see as enemies and so on.
    i recommend the excellent analyses of the collective forces through charts of hitler and so on by liz greene, the outer planets and their cycles, and essays by jessica davidson.

    • You don’t speak for me! I am a born again Christian and only follow the scriptures. All these new age consciousness nonsense are demonic!

    • I have studied Astrology for 14 years and can tell you that we should NOT be dabbling in it because we are not Spiritually mature enough to do so. Liz Greene is a filthy jewess so I would not lean too heavy on anything she prints. She never names the Judas goat in the room. Never.

  4. Dr John Cambell along with the others are shills who will promote their own grannies if they thought they’d make them money

  5. there is nothing organised and global in it’s thinking that is organic or in the interests of humanity. More drivel.

  6. I’m done with Odysee.
    Censored my channel, for calling out a pair of kid fucking sex tourists in the comments.
    Guess who the left wing admin banned???
    Also shadow banning some great content and pushing multi racial coupling videos in their trends.
    Fuck em’ looking for alternatives, Dtube seems to be one…

  7. You are by far the most discerned and with your critical analysis is just spot on!! Thank you.

  8. Lucifer is what the bible calls the anointed cherub, so in other words he once operated under the anointing that came from God. Lucifer rebelled against God and now operates under his own spirit, he rejected the true light and now appears in this sense as an angel of light to his followers.
    The word Christ means the anointed one, the anointed one is Jesus Christ in other words. Lucifer believes that he is the true light and he is the truly anointed one and therefore he believes that he is Christ.

  9. How have all these people been flying around the world when you need a jab to fly?

    • A very good point Sean, I’m very suspicious of these so called “anti jab doctors”!.

      • Dolores Cahill was asked that very question, all she replied was that she had ways of getting round it!

  10. Folow the Money is why they are here ,there and everywhere.Simple

  11. A lot of good-looking female doctors, classic.

  12. Disappointed in Delores Cahill and Ricardo bossi 🤔

  13. Transform the Earth, that’s a bit too TERRAFORM the earth for me, this makes sense more and more, the Hoax Alien Stuff, might be the only thing that isn’t a hoax, there literally preparing us and starting modifying our planet for something else.

    Ignore anyone related to Stew Peters, disinformation to make us sound crazy.

    99% Graphene Oxide I believe, but not the rest, I think the deaths are not part of the plan although 90%+ won’t survive, I think it’s a multi generation DNA modification to survive on Earth 2.0.

    Easier way to kill us all and faster, switch off the water mid heat wave for a week or 3 and job done, what’s going on is bigger, think bigger, can’t get bigger than Terraforming!!

    • It does need a lot more thought about all that is happening on the Earth today. The fact they want to take the Carbon out of the atmosphere is suspicious, also the Chemtrailing it seems to be pointing to. Humans cannot live in zero Carbon. Carbon is what life is sustained by. Keep your ears and eyes open, is all one can do because nothing is real at the moment it is as if we have stepped into another Dimension!

  14. Hugo ,,Please look up “Franchot Pearson ‘on YouTube

    • Hi
      I have looked him up
      He good.

      Thank you
      I subscribed to.

  15. This BS Religous Dogma, could very easily be talking about Aliens, which they know are coming.

    That Huge Comet coming into the Solar System, wait for a direction change to confirm, Ark Ship.

  16. Well were truly bolloxed as most are with trump now! Even i thought he was on the right side!

  17. Well done fella. Great Video.. Should open a few minds a little further..

  18. Thanks again so much, Hugo, feel like you’re one of the only ones talking any sense. Could you maybe list some sources that you trust? A lot are not well known, for obvious reasons. If you think you’ve managed to find any I’d love to have a look myself.

    • ConnectingtheDots@ only trust in yourself and always leave a space for the commentator to be deception never mind how much you like the song. That includes HT! HT is correct here in that the arena is filled with co-opp. Most cant take it in and will get angry as their hero is mentioned.

    • Hi ‘Connecting the Dots’. You have asked Hugo but if I can recommended a good source:

      I actually found Hugo though her site. She also sometimes links to 7 grains of Salt (that Hugo based his original new age doctor video on) and the excellent ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ too. A lovely guy called (I think) Will who puts together some very well produced and informative videos that go deep into these issues. Her articles are well worth a read too. I have a learnt a lot from her.

      But of course, as Mark G below suggests ‘But test all things. Hold fast to what is good’, and you will see Yvonne even includes this as a site banner!

  19. Well done Hugo!
    As u said Trump is pro vaccine and they are not. There are lots of newage mixed in the churches too. I don’t think Trump realise that Newage is using his popularity.

    • My GOD! You people still don’t get it! They are ALL In it together! This is an IQ test. You are failing!

  20. Well done Hugo. You don’t totally spell it out but hopefully the clear links you draw will push some out of this aspect of the great deception, and may plant a seed leading to real truth. You pull away much of the rug that has been laid to cover the good soil. ‘Who hath ears to hear, let him hear’.

  21. I Have been telling people about trump not to trust him but they are all brain washed, what can you do when people won’t listen.

  22. When the skygods arrive, we will see what its all about!
    Research The Annunaki makes for some interesting topics of discussion.

    • Beardz, it seems you are one of the few with a high intellect. Most are completely ignorant. Yes, they are returning and will start Earth all over again after the destruction. They created every civilization on Earth and us. They have a lost invested in this place and will not see it all go to waste. I have been taking video and pictures of their Star System for a decade+ and it is at our door. This is why the weather and winds are becoming stronger and more destructive. Only a matter of time before it is all over.
      Lucifer is Enki and I do not think Hugo understands this. These people who invoke his epithet have no idea what they are talking about either. If they do understand then they are keeping this information from the public which makes them an enemy no less than Schwab, Trump, Musk or Gates.
      God Bless you for developing your mind and heart above the level of tepid water.

  23. I´m beginning to think that all this Great Reset á la Klaus Schwab is a sort of Double Bluff. It´s used to prepare the grounds. When people will feel threatend the most they will be more willing to welcome the “Great Saviours” like Trump and others, who will then tell us “Oh no, we don´t want that. We want you all to be free and happy and live the life you want. They are not interested in our money or freedom. They want to steal God´s Creation. Our souls. I think they are aware that older people like myself are lost to them anyway. But the young ones, especially the children can easly be indoctrinated; particularly at school, where this New Age Stuff will be taught in the future. They will create a world where everyone is free, but also totally alone, because if you are your own creator and can be reborn the way you want again and again, nothing really matters anymore. There is no need for love or compassion or to help someone, because you have decided yourself whats happening in your life. Everytime I listen to these so called spiritual people I get a vision of H. G. Wells “Eloys” from “The Time Machine”. An absolute horrible world!

    • Brigit, you’d be wrong about that. I know so many people that adore Trump. They are in their 80’s, 70’s, 60’s, 50’s. They believe every word that comes from his ignorant, low class, inbred, whore-mongering, incestuous mouth. It is absolutely as God stated in the Bible; “I will send a great deception to separate the wicked from the righteous”. This is Biblical, which means it is the end. A truly tragic and disgusting situation.

  24. c’mon Bro, Melina Trump is a tranny, so easy to figure that one out, in fact most Presidents of USA have had tranny wives, Michele Obama, Barbara Bush etc

    Would love if you point out that amigo

  25. Hugo – have you ever listened to Paul Wallis , Mathew Lacroix etc? According to ancient Sumerian ,the old Native American histories and legends and many others around the world( the bible was taken from them and names changed, the book of Enoch omitted that was in the original stories) ) , the stories were ET,s who made us, argued amongst themselves about our development , wiped us out once , dumbed us down and then scattered us from a once united people. Christians tried to destroy all the old History from these ancient people . Do you think the people who are in the groups you mention are trying to raise human consciousness to what they think we have lost or have another agenda? I would be interested to know your thoughts.

  26. Try as I may the only things I have manifested are either Farts or Excrement or Vomit or Snot & Tear’s LoL 😆

  27. Thank u Hugo some information I found but u did brilliant job

  28. Great video HT! Most cant absorb this information and you will get pushback (especially from the Trump worshipers) as the conditioning is effective to a level that they can’t see what is in front of their eyes.

  29. thats a well put together vid Hugo 👏👍 the plan seems to me, to be an attempt to invert everything, our instituations, our democracy (if we’ve ever had one),our free speech and the the point were no factual reality is available..even if your not a Christian, youve got to be looking at this and going..hang on here a minute, how far back do these lies go? what else are they not telling us..

    • foolhardy46@ here is one of the biggest deceptions…Earth is not a spinning ball. Go research and maybe for starters search YT for “The Biggest Lie We’ve Ever Been Told ; (NASA 666 Satanic Connection)” video or try Flat Out Truth channel on YT for short videos exposing the lie. This will get the spinning ball indoctrinated to throw ridicule and abuse at the messenger & message.

      • We could do without insane theories that ignore science thanks.

        Anyone believing that out planet Earth is flat is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

      • Big+Plumbus@ maybe like the science that tells us jabs are safe & effective or Earth will die as for climate change or that we had capability to go to the moon or buildings fall onto its own footprint in secs from an office fire. We must be on a spinning ball & 100 ton oil tankers stick are upside down on water surface near the Antarctic on a continent that no one is allowed to venture on or ocean waters are curved onto the ball surface. Yes, let us all follow the science. Don’t raise questions as that is insane so we can do without that paranoid schizophrenia.

      • @Big+Plumbus . . .. You say “Science ” . . .. and what science would that be ? . . . Show us some REAL proof that is not ” Theory ” and then we can see who is not a paranoid . . .schizophrenic.

  30. I stopped following anybody a while ago …likes of Dan Gregory and all those so called awaken doctors…I couldn’t put my finger on it but something just didnt feel right..and spot on Hugo about them advertising the breathing techniques.. that was an alarm bell on it’s own…
    I am a bit ashamed I fell for their BS at the beginning as they said all the right things especially the “newbies” like Dan Gregory..but as more I was listening to him as more bored and suspicious I’ve got…I cannot understand how people cannot see Russel Brand and Elon Musk are full of BS…
    They all get paid for serving to one big goal…
    Hugo! You’ve nailed it . Now I can see why it all felt wrong..

  31. Excellent video, brother—

    Remember, if they don’t have the eyes to see, or ears to hear, they will never see the truth. Or, put another way, you can lead a horse to water etc. . .

    Big hug (VT POET)

  32. All in all, it’s a rubbish movie, all of it, I want a refund. I’m particularly demoralised to see Ole Dammegard in the mix, he who has exposed the methodology of false flags and assassinations, and also those who have exposed the big cancer con such as Sayer Ji, Vandana Shiva who was one of those to stand up and expose the big corporations and their role in corrupting the food system. Clearly we can’t meditate our way out of this mess, so what then???

  33. Hugo. Imagine your a dr and want your voice heard. Why wouldn’t you visit shows that have the same views. More platforms the better. Trump is flawed. I wouldn’t vote for him after his jab nonsense. But if I had a vote. And it was bidens lit or trump. It is true all day. So why wouldn’t these drs and nurses etc use that huge platform to get it all out there. It’s not as if these drs have lied about the science. They use trump as a platform and they don’t agree. So maybe stop being so negative and maybe more neutral minded. If you find facts that are hard. He angry. Your always angry. Even when we win.

    • I see what you mean about the Dr’s, but why would they waste their time preaching to the choir, so to speak, and sell tickets to shows? If you haven’t already opened up to all this bull crap, you sure as hell won’t be paying to go listen to these people, that’s for sure! So what is the point in these shows?

  34. You saw the patterns and the affiliations; dug deeper and have now the presented the bigger plan…well done Hugo!

    You’ve done great work on these two videos. If more material comes to light please consider making a Part 3.

    I was on board with these dissenting doctors, Reawaken America, the presenters yada, yada but now THANKS to you I see the bigger picture – the voices of dissent are controlled and have their own bigger agenda.

    Most of these people have written books and have social media channels, so being on these tours is an expedient way to promote themselves and their books and their ‘big ticket’ festivals and tours. No wonder they all appeared so chirpy and pesky on Zoom calls during the lockdowns they knew how events were going to pan out and they were digging their trenches and laying their foundations for when the Covid BS was out of the way, more or less.

    In a subtle way, we can see the dots joining if we’re at all curious about those who vehemently opposed the jaberoonies.

    This morning I just happened to be listening to James Delingpole’s podcast where he interviewed the highly-admired voice of dissent Dr Mike Yeaden who has now relocated to the USA, – allegedly due a message from the ether that he might be ‘interned’ by this spring for peddling the anti-vaxx narrative.

    I must say, he [Mike] sounds profoundly authentic and based on the rigmarole he and his wife had to endure in order to get their USA visas, involving unsuccessful trips to Mexico, he comes across as a genuine chap.

    Then right at the end of the interview with JP he gives one of the people you mentioned in this video, Maajid Nawaz, a big slap on the back, figuratively speaking, before the interview ended.

    I believe Nawaz appeared in a public forum on stage with Mr Delingpole a few days ago, hence his name being mentioned at the end of the interview. It seems in this Aquarian Agenda (for want of a better term) all religions and none have to be represented i.e the Jewish voice, the Islamic voice etc., in order to make this new religion appealing to everyone. All these voices of dissent who I liked and admired are part of some nefarious and nebulous agenda which hasn’t crystallised for me yet, but I have no doubt this is paving the way for the anti-christ.

    Fortunately I’m no long in the effing New Age, otherwise I’d be a sucker for all of this nonsense, and have found my salvation in Jesus Christ.

    The fact that General Flynn couldn’t read a prayer from the Bible but instead recited the very kooky prayer from the New Age prophetess, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, speaks volumes. This agenda is wicked.

    Again, well done Hugo, for exposing the motives of all these people who seemed to be speaking on behalf of ‘we the people’ but were always batting for a team that seemed like the good guys, but we now know they are anything but.

    • Amen and amen! Christ is our Saviour and the only way to God.

  35. Trump is part of the plan, he is not their saviour, as some people think, and I have heard say. I am a bit shocked by some of the faces that I am seeing on this Hugo. But, you are definitely on the right road to making sense of it.

  36. I believe every part of our society has been infiltrated and they’ve mixed truth with lies no doubt. But that is down to us individually to discern what is truth. I spent decades reading about ancient religions, scriptures and philosophies and trying to understand and there are many truths in the so called new age stuff, that in fact is far from new age but ancient knowledge. Just remember the luciferian agenda is about inverting and turning everything including ancient knowledge on its head!
    Many of these people may be shills but I believe a good many of them have good intentions and a sincere heart, it’s down to us to discern what truth is.

    • @Jane Smith I think the problem is that the “New Age” and Pagan religions are often lumped together. Some Pagans consider/ use the term “New Age” as an insult. Also, there are some Pagan religions such as Rodnovery, Germanic Paganism and Armenian Hetanism which have even been associated with far-right and nationalist movements, whilst Alice Bailey’s plan seems be more liberal/ communist. Even some of the founders of Wicca were conservatives and considered homophobes.

      The luciferian agenda appears to be a form of dark Gnosticism. Gnosticism mentions aeons and archons and the lucis trust website talks about the black lodge and the white lodge. They could all be part of the same group but there seems to be a lot of people talking recently about groups possibly linked to the light side e.g. Guardians of the Looking Glass, the Light Source etc.

    • Exactly, it’s all about the inversion.
      It’s so we are left confused and lost.
      Just like religion has lost and confused the words of jesus and its deeper connection to spirituality.
      Shamanism, and eastern religions that practice meditation and connection to the pineal gland through the 33 vertebra has been taught for thousands of years.
      The bible makes many references to meditations and connections to pineal and the God within.
      I believe the UN and the saturn worshipping lucis trust is obviously aware of the teachings but inverted it and now creating “new age” groups teaching this in a very diluted or even in a negative falsehood of it.
      Some good unsuspecting influencers are getting caught amongst this and possibly realise after as from what I see there is some very good truthers I see mixed in with it.
      Go with your gut and dont loose sight of our goal of exposing the agenda and know we hold the power within us when we unite with loving intentions.
      Affirmations and meditation with positive intentions is very powerful, and can influence the balance of power if God and bad.
      Equally with bad intentions the opposite.
      Big love and peace

  37. Hugo i love your mission to unearth info that is seaping into our psyche but can you please explain what is the answer to this knowledge that is supposed corrupt like you put it. I personally believe we have lost touch with our ability to use our consciousness. So what is the answer if all these alternatives are being rubbished too?

    • @Em God created all.It’s not about them pushing meditation,it’s about them running hand in hand with globalist\Marxist ideology.Who is going to buy this?Muslims?lol,no this is for Europeans to sit and do nothing while there country’s are taken from them and they are powerless to stop it.So let’s just clench our arses together and wait for a rear do they talk of population growth here,when are birth rate is falling?Because they have planned the destruction of Europeans for a long time.The “new age movement” is the ” 7 noahide laws”

  38. The agora is really important for what happened in our past.
    The mark of the beast etc is behind us. It was in 70ad. 66-73ad was the tribulations
    We are at revelation 20.7 Satan’s little season when he is unbound to deceive us.
    But anyway the agora is where the mark was done. The physical one anyway. The people entering the agora had to burn incense to caesar nero to get a mark to enter to buy and sell if not face death.

  39. Assume lotus position (then try and get out of it) and ooooohhhhhmmmmm! Oooh levitating! Sorry, beans for dinner. Just trying to disguise myself! 😉 On a more serious note, food for thought and I’m fed up with them all. You can’t go round preaching to the already aware and it is useless trying to wake up those who are too deep in the poop because they won’t come out of their trances, just drive them deeper in. Besides that, they won’t be going to these events because they don’t believe or in denial. And why would anyone pay. If you ask me it is just a way of getting unjabbed massed together for a big round up to the concentration camps when they least expect it. Yes, do hop on this train – you are off to a safe place. Stuff anything that mentions global, new world, new age, new earth, new medicine, safe and smart – stuff that too. And why do all the logos look like an imbecile on crack has daubed a bit of paint on paper – I’ve seen better works of art done by dolphins! Mr Scott, beam me up, I’m done!

      • Crazy times bring crazy thoughts Gina. Glad to bring a smile – we have to sometimes don’t we. Cheers xxx

  40. It’s a very thought provoking compilation, and brave to stand up and question this. Clearly nothing is real, and it’s all just a bad movie that I wish I could wake up from.

  41. I only like Hugo, Salty cracker and Based Amy

  42. The ‘New Age’ has always been full of scammers and bullshit. Looks to me that this is just another money making racket to fool the gullible. They are just as bad as the people they generally oppose. We are being taken for a ride by these idiots. Hugo is right – controlled opposition. Something demonic going on here. Turn to Jesus before it’s too late.

  43. So like is meditation all bad? I swear it’s actually nice and relaxing. Not to mention that zen and these eastern traditions have been around long before any of these plans to take over. I think they’re just being hijacked and will be used against us

    • That’s where I’m thinking.
      Anything that is true and real gets hijacked, inverted and used against us in a twisted version if truth, to lead us into confusion.
      Meditation, shamanism and so forth has been with us thousands of years

    • Just because something has been around for a very long time doesn’t make it good. You think there weren’t any nefarious things going on back then?

    • As a born again believer, of Christ’s Spirit, I see clearly NWO one religion under Satan aka Antichrist
      Praying for Christ Jesus imminent return

  44. Very eye opener video. Tks Hugo. It is easy to be deceived by spiritualism when people’s faith is not based on the bible. That should not be surprise some take advantage of that movement against coronavax, then some try to turn this into religion and some other more technical do not discern what others are promoting behind scenes. Very good to have people like you being sober and vigilant . HalleluYAH!

  45. Yeahhh you’ve done it again mate… nail on the head. Very interesting analysis…

    I think for a lot of ‘awakened’ (personally, i don’t like this term) they hear the words, ‘its a spiritual war’ – in the interest of ‘doing their own research’ they happen upon all this new age crap and get scooped up in it all – ocs thats where they belong, right? Its defo all part of the plan of those with dark agendas – of course they’re running both narratives! these entities are NOT stupid and this has been in planning for many a year… I think people just want to fit somewhere. Fit somewhere they don’t feel so alone. And it’s here thats infiltrated by them.

    i guess that leaves the likes of us in the grey zone in the middle. Not really sucked in to either side, questioning both.

    i do find your level of questioning refreshing Hugo. Well done, great vid. Keep going bro.

  46. I must admit I have been a follower of all those mentioned in your video for all the right reasons, I did not see the wrong. However, I have followed Trump for a while and picked up on books written in 1897 Baron Trump Adventures etc., and this all sounds too much to be a coincidence. Although I have not read them all yet. There is much of the Plan I do believe. And there are some aspects of what they say about vaccines are getting way to out there. Along with the Aliens. I think it is important to listen to all sides. This is why I have subscribed to your links, and look forward to listening and learning more. Thank you

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