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590 Comments on “TRUMP’S NEW AGE DOCTOR NETWORK / Hugo Talks

  1. I know what’s going on. They want to confuse people, make the line between taking it or not taking it blurry so people say FI. People have been brainwashed to not care much for anything anymore.. so they will follow more easily into this behaviour (the masses) its sad.. soon they will not know the difference anymore.. Trump must be so evil.. if he can pretend so good that he’s the good guy.. no words for it.

  2. Its quite sad/odd to see Dr Cowan or Dr Kaufman or David Icke in the connections made in this video.
    I have already come to a better understanding of the con-lite media opps going on.
    They are not all about pushing the current jab, but (apart from the three above) are about keeping the ‘virus theory’ lie going.
    If there is a pathway to the jab, it is by way of telling people that Trump is gonna save everyone with the ivermectin, but if you go to a pharma store looking for ivermectin, because you believe in the ‘virus’, then you might as well get the jab while you are at the pharma store arguing about why they have no ivermectin on the shelf.
    Keeping the ‘virus’ lie going is very important to the elite.
    Talking about ‘virus theory’ and other topics like 3D printed guns are very censored on the main stream.
    The lie of ‘virus theory’ has been used for 500 yrs to cover up and excuse genocide/war/starvation and has become a sort of religion for many people, as it takes away their personal responsibility.
    I always make the comparison of institutionalized religions, as it were, the ’10secs of repentance’ takes away all personal responsibility for being a terrible person, as so, the ‘virus theory’ belief takes away ones personal responsibility for toxemia by blaming others for breathing on you.

  3. Some of these doctors are very naive they got no idea what there doing.. getting people to worship satan.. to much attached to this world and their titles.

  4. The following quote surmises what we’re seeing here I think:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    ― Lenin

    The only world order which will bring true peace, unity, love, freedom is when Jesus Christ comes back to reign in person with his saints.

  5. The following quote surmises what we’re seeing here I think:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    ― Lenin

    The only world order which will bring true peace, unity, love, freedom is when Jesus Christ comes back to reign in person with his saints.

  6. Be careful with bunching people.
    1). Most, if not all of these people are dependent on their message.
    2). Listen. Does Judy Mikevitch sound like David Icke? Or the two Shiva Shaved head morons ?
    3). Don’t cast a fat branch. Don’t say ‘All!’ Like everyone except you.
    4). As for a man like Donald Trump . Saving or cursing. He is just a man, I think everyone who attends those meetings knows that.
    5). The jib-jab is known . They think he was hornswaggled. We know he is proud . He well could be the controlled opposition .
    6). So all these doctors attending a jib-jab conference hosted by President ‘warp speed’ ?
    – signs of the times my friend, signs of the times.
    7). Jesus Christ is the Savior ! Not jib-jab doctors or their president.
    8). Let Me know first, when you have found a perfect candidate .

    • 🙏 For the open minded research you do. Personally i think we are witnessing a rag being pulled off from under a certain group of invaders by another (new) invaders. Earth has been a conflict Zone for thousands of yrs. The old invaders who are predominantly 2 rivals are all of a sudden finding themselves in the same penn with the humans. Im not suggesting that the Drs are not human but the invaders have used humans all along. Even the New invaders are using humans like bill and many more. The old invaders are responsible for the New age thing. its not new at all, its as old as religious belief across the world. and the New invaders are simply the AI group. The channelling, meditation, mystic practices,all are taken from human belief systems twisted from the original practice into something that is meant to reverse the Electromagnetic energy flow of humans and the planet because they had a plan and we were, still are their prey. The coming of the New invaders has upset the balance. Many of these Drs have known for decades that the pharmaceutical medicine practice has been detrimental to people. They went along with it. Whats happened to make them change now. Everyone is under threat. When a thief has been robbed. They cry the laudest. Some of these people know what is truly going on. Some are simply jumping on the band wagon even though they mean well. They just dont know. They are doing a massive job with the researches. But they probably have been fooled just like Everyone else is on earth right now.

  7. Great catch Hugo. This is the ‘light side’, as opposed to the ‘dark side’ players such as Hilary and the Demoncrats, MI6/5 and the old world rulers and the banking cabal.

    This is a difficult thing to grasp because it really relates to the Q stuff and the ‘fight’ of the dark / light side that was becoming visible during the Trump years. We are being conditioned to take a side and its good to know that all those we thought were ‘with us’ from the covid ‘wars’ look like they were really playing a role too.

    Won’t go into too much detail here but needless to say we must not be caught up in this – neither of these sides are on the side of Jesus Christ. It all(ways) comes down to Him. He is our ONLY saviour. These ‘players’ and their ‘opponents’ are demonstrating the left hand / right hand path of Magick. The dark side and the light side. The reality is there is no ‘light side’. The truth is they are both dark working for the same boss Lucifer / Satan.

    The illusionists will take you away from the reality that only Christ saves and subsume you into the bs occultic stuff like Icke and the people around him. Don’t know Shurka but he looks one to steer clear of also. These people will lead you into darkness.

    Jesus Christ told / warned us – “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” – John 14:6

    • Agree with you Sean. I believe that what we are seeing is a “false light” that is deceiving people into an “awakening” that is really New Age philosophies and practices.

      Great comments Hugo. I have been concerned about the New Age and occult philosophies behind many in this movement for a long time, and I am so glad you addressed this. Yes, they often speak truth e.g.about the jibjab, but behind it is a deception people are falling for. They are looking to bring in a new world and “peace and light”. They will enable a world leader to take the stage who will be a “saviour” figure (apparently overthrowing and saving them from the “dark side”).

      The Bible says a man will come to power who will be the beast/anti-christ. He will come in promising peace and light, but his rule (his new world order) will turn out to be the most terrible time in human history. Man’s only hope is the real Saviour, Jesus Christ.

  8. I gotto say i have fell for all of these people, the so called awakened. If this is true then we have been duped and lied to again….i give up now dont trust anyone anymore …may God help us

    • Trust in Jesus only. Buy a Bible and start to read. Pray God gives you revelation to all this. God bless

  9. I feel Hugo may be going a bit too far including some of the names in these circles and demonizing the movements overall. Though I do enjoy the summary and research and agree with the bulk of what is being said. To explain a bit more…

    As far as some, not all, of the “new age” types go I feel they are genuine and not part of the greater scheme. In my view, many of them are just grabbing on in order to have their voices heard and spread their messages the same as Hugo does. In some of those instances they may be used as a useful idiots in the greater schemes, but no risk no reward.

    On another side of these “new age” types, I see it as a way to bring in more people to the side of the truth. Many of the people these days are apolitical and/or non-religious. Many of those types are often of the “new age” sort, and as such this is a way to bring in and wake more people up to the evils we are currently facing and that are building ever more in the darkness of the public eye. They must appeal to a wide array of people to maximize the messages and get out the information to combat the MSM, social platforms, corporations, etc.

    I am not a fan of Trump nor do I trust him, but I understand why many fall behind the movements surrounding him. Again it goes back to amplifying the smaller more silenced and oppressed voices. Many Trump supporters and the fringes of the movements around or adjacent to them are just doing so to find others who are awake to the chaos around us and trying to form a more cohesive force in order to better fight against what is happening, similar to how the liberal/left/SJW/antifa/etc. types do. They wield this power with the help of the MSM, social platforms, and corporations to keep opposing voices down.

    How else can we expect to survive this if not gathering at a single point?

    Please also consider, gathering around and/or behind the so called Trump/Awakening/etc. movements is one of the only ways people have to coordinate, discuss, learn, etc. in order to fight against what is happening. It does not mean that they stand for, support, and/or agree with all those involved, or all of what any particular head is saying.

    We must gather to fight back and protect ourselves, our families, our freedoms and our futures. We cannot be a bunch of uncoordinated, free standing individuals and expect to win against a well coordinated, deep seeded, well funded attack from all sides.

    • I really enjoyed reading your very well thought out and balanced post and share your perspective.

    • It’s a great sentiment but it is clearly a trap to lure those very people you speak of into a ‘false awakening’. I wish it weren’t so and I also think that some of those doctors may be somewhat naive but there is still a very clear agenda. When you see it you will know 🙂

      • Have you heard the rumour going around new age circles that in 2024 there will be some elevation of consciousness where most people will ascend? The exception will be a few narrow minded sorts who will be taken elsewhere until they are ready to evolve. Sounds like a reverse rapture to me. Interesting that it’s being put out in new age circles. It has something to do with a ceremony held on 21 Dec at Uluru. 2024/25 keeps coming up. It’s a jubile year according to the Enoch / Dead Sea Scrolls calendar. I also heard that it’s the end of the age according to some Hindus. Whatever happens, things are going to get more confused as time goes on. Trust in Jesus.

  10. Really good video Hugo, this confirms suspicions I’ve been having for some time. Thank you for connecting the dots!

    Unlocking the cover up of 9/11 was really the gateway for me to understand how they manage to do it. I spent years researching 9/11 but it only really clicked into place for me when the Covid jabs got rolled out so quickly. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    Actually all it takes to understand the main points of the 9/11 cover up is to read three books – Dr Judy Wood’s Where Did The Towers Go and Andrew Johnson’s Finding the Truth and Hiding the Truth (the latter two are available for free to read via his website checktheevidence).

    If you put those together and then start reading/watching mainstream and controlled demolition etc sources, you can begin to understand the way they create the mainstream narrative and then scoop up the people who can see through it with the “controlled opposition”. They use at least two layers of cover up to stop people from getting to the actual truth.

    The controlled opposition narrative will accurately debunk the mainstream one with some genuine truths, but the conclusions lead you off in the wrong direction. Similarly, the mainstream can debunk the controlled opposition narrative and those two sides end up arguing in a cycle, keeping most people within that cycle and never getting anywhere. Both sides will appear to debunk the actual truth by misrepresenting facts and brushing it off with ridicule.

    New controlled and mainstream narratives will emerge whenever the truth starts seeping through or the made up narratives get too many holes poked in them.

    Most people will either pick a side or be left to think neither side really makes sense but we’ll never know for sure and give up.

    Once all this truly clicked into place for me I started wondering where the second layer of the cover up was with Covid and knew it must be big because the more people a mainstream narrative affects, the bigger the second layer has to be to catch the people who can see through the mainstream. I was really sad to notice that people like Reiner Fuellmich, Peter McCullough, Mike Yeadon, Stew Peters etc were all crossing over, and then the Joe Rogan stuff happened and I’ve been dealing with another big Click Moment.

    I think it’s still important to keep an eye on all the narratives, but try to keep a bit of a distance; don’t pick a side, just observe what they’re saying and how they’re saying it and just try to make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Keep in mind that what you’re reading/watching/listening to might be meaning to mislead you; stick to facts and data that you can verify yourself if possible.

    When there are two sides of an argument, remember that they use the hegelian dialectic to turn your attention away from something else. For example, arguing about whether a jab or ivermectin are the best cures for covid leads us to assume that there is something that needs to be cured. Consider instead the possibility that maybe there is no Covid, or that contagion might not even exist. Look for what they might be trying to direct you away from.

    As Hugo has pointednout several times, if the mainstream media are talking about it, even negatively, that’s a big red flag. They are unlikely to even touch upon the actual truth, not wanting to risk anyone sniffing around it and pulling on the correct thread. Keeping an eye on the mainstream can actually help you sniff out the people involved in the second layer of the cover up. And remember that Trump pushes the 9/11 controlled demolition narrative (red flag).

    I assume the controlled opposition act as a ‘Plan B’, something to fall back on if the mainstream truly gets crushed and we’ll be ushered into what feels like a “new world” but we’ll still be being led towards the same goals.

    Anyway, just some thoughts I’ve been having. Thanks again so much, Hugo, you’re a shining light in all of this.

  11. Love this latest post. It’s all leading to new age deception. These are the paid opposition. Jesus is the only truth. ABC. Admit you are a sinner. Believe in Jesus the Son of God. Call on His name. God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏🙏✝️✝️✝️✝️♥️♥️♥️

  12. I am sure some of these people are controlled opposition. If Bryan Ardis was giving masonic hand gestures during watch the water then that seems pretty obvious what side he is on, I didn’t catch that when I watched that documentary so I want to go back and rewatch to look for it now. I believe some of these doctors are genuine but are unknowingly leading themselves and everyone down the wrong path.

    There is a movement in America to bring the country back to God and I think these people will be instrumental in helping that along. It does sound like a great idea but I think in their desire to bring back God, values and morals they will ultimately end up selling the one world religion as a good thing to their viewers.

    Supposedly Dr. David Martin is suggesting a Sunday day of rest and people getting back to church on that day. Oddly enough that goes along with the Pope pushing for a Climate Sunday or car free Sunday. I haven’t worked out how people are supposed to get to church on Sunday if they aren’t able to drive. For Sabbath keepers who believe Sunday worship is the MOB this kind of talk seems like the first step towards Sunday law and the great deception.

    Not a Trump fan. I see signs he may be back on the scene soon. The state run media is ramping up the Trump hate again which gets the sheep in a dither and keeps the divisiveness going. I think there is a plan for him to sweep back in and covertly finish implementing the NWO.

    • Your age is unknown to me and I maybe a good deal older than you, though embrace the time when in England people were paid a decent living wage and when shops were closed on Sunday. Although raised as a strict Catholic, which I no longer am, I don’t recall shops being closed because of any religious reason but because we wasn’t a consumer led society and it was generally accepted by the religious/non religious that most people didn’t work on Sundays and spent time with family/friends.

      Perhaps attend church of one denomination or other if they so desired or go to a park or partake in some other form of outside activity. Markets were plentiful and open on Sunday, though the average working person didn’t have a tv so couldn’t just blob out in front of it. For these reasons, I believe you possibly misconstrue what Dr, David Martin is suggesting.

      As for the dubious pope I don’t doubt he has an agenda which is not in our best interests, but the point I am trying to make, and may not be doing very well, is if you do not recall the time I am speaking about I urge you not to be too quick to badly judge those that are standing up for us all and putting their careers, often their lives, on the line in the process.

      Hasten to add that I too viewed Watch The Water and whilst I haven’t bought into Bryan Ardis assertions I’ll need to view again to determine whether he used certain hand gestures. Don’t much like Stew Peters either because believe he is an alarmist and will interview anyone who has an alarming claim to make to scare the 💩 out of people.

  13. I don’t know where my comment went… But yes. This video is one of the best and most important so far. Many of you who say you are confused obviously see things in black and white as per the design. I read about theosophy (HPB, Bailey, the Tibetan and all the rest of that crazy stuff) years before coming across Hugo. The “externalisationof the hierarchy” has been planned for a long time.
    And to the person who said :

    Perhaps there’s a way you could not reveal your sources or self; yet at the same time address how you’re so far ahead of most platforms and so well informed,

    ..he already has, every video. Throw out your 📺 and after a while it becomes obvious, if you have a functioning cerebellum, which if you “watch” it rather than “observe” it, you won’t have a chance of having.The sources ARE the fake stream media/cabal, the effects on society, etc. You will know them by their fruits

    • I believe the left have played with it and destroyed the original version of…them

  14. Thanks Hugo for pointing out that many of these doctors opposed to the jab, who i have seen in videos are appearing in Trump’s campaign. Trump is the man who pushed the jab so it doesnt make any sense unless the public are being set up for his return. This has to be the explanation. We all need to be aware that agendas are at play and not fall for them.

  15. Fantastic research Hugo. I really enjoyed this and it brought together a lot of connections. As the saying goes ‘the best way to control the opposition is to lead it’. Of course nothing is ever simply black or white, Magic/energy is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ but dependant on who uses it. Hence why ‘New Age’ is so similar to ‘Occultism’. They are both drawing from the same sources. The best lies are based in truths. This creates 2 teams, catching all the people that think outside the box but leads to the same ‘New World’, ‘Great Reset’, ‘One world religion and government’. Have you read about the Lucis Trust’s connections to the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation? I haven’t heard you mention them, and the links are no longer there, only screen shots. Covered in this video :
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Trump is a player in the big game plan that is for sure , but I am so glad it was him in power when the roana stuff kicked off as the alternative would have been hilary , now that is one who would have been seriously dangerous.

  17. I know Dolores Cahill a long time. I’ve listened to a lot of criticism of her and like everyone else she should be held up for scrutiny being in the public eye. I must admit I’m not comfortable with the new age stuff as it seems very contrived and open to manipulation. I don’t know whether there are elements of naivete or panic or what the reason is for these sudden movements popping up. Definitely the lack of leadership from any religious groupings is a major factor. But I do know Prof Cahill to be a decent person. I don’t know all of her views so I can’t say whether or not I agree with everything she says. I do know that she has already paid a huge price for freedom- More than most of us ever will. Keep in mind that people are human and perhaps mistakes get made or pressure gets to us. I don’t know, but I know that she’s a friend of mine.

  18. Please can you investigate as the founder
    Iain Clifford was interviewed by Icke and Cahill as was wondering your thoughts on this. Ironically, an older version of their website endorsed Hugh talks which has left me confused!

    • This is refreshing to see this. When I heard the Stew Peters interview I was immediately annoyed by the dramatic piano music in the background and I could see he was on Alex Jones and all these other big conspiracy type news outlets and I thought of Dr Buttar, Dr Carrie Madea etc etc etc

  19. Has anyone mentioned the trump card I of the Illuminati card game? It shows a man who is clearly Donald Trump putting out an order/mandate that all citizens should stay indoors and if seen out will be shot on site. For those who are not familiar this card game has been quite accurate at portraying real events prior to them taking place.

  20. This is really eye opening. I’m not bothered about these doctors being associated with Trump’s Reawaken Tour. I’m more bothered by the fact that these doctors befriended major Christian Television evangelists and founders of Daystar TV Network, Marcus and Joni Lamb and went on their shows Ministry Now and Joni’s Table Talk several times. After appearing on several shows, Marcus was hospitalised with complications after contracting covid. Dr. Richard Addis “helped” Marcus by speaking with his doctors during his time in hospital but Marcus lost the battle and went to be with the Lord. They all still are friends with Marcus’s widow, Joni and still appear on Daystar TV shows to this day. That’s how I have heard of these doctors; from watching Ministry Now and Joni’s Table Talk. Is deception awry???? Did they play any part in his death????

    • how can you die of something that doesn,t exist ?

  21. The jab is the disease and it’s not a virus. The jab contains live snake venom (Karen Kingston found it in the patents.)
    Trump was better than Biden but his stand on the jab will cost him the election. He might be saying he is pro vax to protect his life as prominent people who stand against the narrative don’t live long.

    • There is no venom in the non-vaccines. Poison, yes. Trump was not better than Biden. He is an actwhore playing a part just like Biden. They all work for the same people. Elections are a sham. All of them. The reason Trump is pro-vax is to convince his gullible followers to get it.

      • trump dump shrump. He is a player. I have watched this and I see you have lumped the jewboy in with the others. Kaufman has not thrown in with these knuckleheads. I like all of them, but they are stupid, to be so intelligent…playing with fire. best to run away from all this other b.s. get out of this now. There is not a virus. Kaufman says that over and over again and proves it. and yet you lump him in with this klownshow?

      • @franklybay Kaufman is still a Jew who bangs the Holocaust drum (the biggest lie of the twentieth century), so no matter what truth comes out of his mouth re viruses, I know he has the capability of betraying the cause, at the drop of a hat. You cannot trust Jews – period!

  22. Yesss Hugo! My boy! You’re on the right track! We must remember that the big deception will most likely come from the right. It’s too obvious on the left, so I think we have to be very careful to see how these people respond in the chance they take down the system. Just look at the Operation warp speed logo! New age all day! Here’s a link. Then, was Melania Trump telling us the plan from the very start since she would walk out on the campaign trail to the song “ Age of Aquarius?” Lastly, Trump is a self proclaimed Kabbalist. Mic drop Hugo.


  23. Suspicions confirmed, surprised about one or two names, but on the whole accurate: great video Hugo, took courage I bet. Divinity supersedes all, this is why I keep in the background and wait, to see and identify, been warning people, let’s hope they are awakened. Again good work Hugo. Yours Tony

  24. There is a way to tell the wheat from the chaff here. Any theory that assumes the existence of a deadly, contagious virus is lying…only two in this group who have said from the beginning that there was no virus were Cowan and Kaufmann (drawing on Cowan’s work) and Cowan based his work off of Arthur Firstenberg’s Invisible Rainbow. I will vouch for Cowan because I have retraced all of his sources and they are solid. There is no virus and any person or narrative that begins from the assumption that the virus exists is, prima facie, a lie and should be immediately rejected. (Kaufmann still says no virus, but kind of sold out to be a rock star). All that being said, Cowan’s religious beliefs are not Christian, but his scientific method is unimpeachable. On virus not contagious, see Milton J Rosenau, “Experiments to Determine Mode of Spread of Influenza.” Journal of the American Medical Association 73 (1919) pp. 311-313.

    • Agreed – Tom Cowan has been consistent in his explanations right from early 2020, and it was through him that I read the Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. I find Kaufman to be a showman though he has been consistent about Terrain theory – his self upmanship attempts to put Cowan down during joint webinars are painful to watch. Perhaps they are involved, perhaps unwittingly drawn in. Viral activity is to my mind from all my reading a form of nervous system repair from the excess electromagnetic frequencies and therefore a necessary part of the healing and coping with living in the current toxic environment.

    • Also worth taking a look at What really makes you ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker who back Kaufman and Cowan as well as Stefan Lanka. They don’t agree with the imaginary virus – this one or any other. They think that there are a lot of half-truthers out there and discrimination is required. If a person is not attracting mainstream coverage it’s likely that they are not subscribing to any acceptable narrative in my opinion.

      • Believe Mikovits also said early on that it isn’t a deadly virus. Fuellmich et el also appear to have concluded that we are dealing with a case demic and not a pandemic. It is also stated on the website that Covid-19 (if it even exists) was downgraded from being a high consequence infectious disease on March 19th, 2020.

    • David Icke has been saying there is no virus for the last 2 years. I have to say I totally agree

      • Agreed! David Icke was the first place I went to when the shtf and he was reporting Kaufmann’s work, and from the there I traced back to Dr. Cowan and Firstenberg. So, yes, I should have included David Icke here as well. He himself is not Christian, but after seven years, I haven’t found him to say anything that contradicts biblical teaching…although admittedly he uses different words to describe phenomena. Total respect for David Icke’s work.

    • I agree. Also, I think Sayer Ji is in the group no virus existence believers. Read his book “Regenerate”. I trust his intellect, his honesty and his research.

  25. I call it ‘dark to light’ they are purposefully waking up some percent of the population to some percent of the horrors. desperate for a solution we will side with a false light. It will be about more issues than just covid though, it will be russia versus ukraine, it will be Q it will be many things. Once someone wakes up they don’t fall back asleep. they need a critical mass of people desperate for the solution.

  26. Two more notes to Hugo:
    * Could you be confusing ReAwaken America tours with the American Freedom tour Trump rallies? (
    * You said the anti-jab doctors are all speaking at each other’s conferences. Could it be that’s because they can’t get onto legacy media and are heavily censored, so they have to find any and all platforms available to them?

    • Good points Kate.

      I’m a big fan of your work Hugo and I’m glad you never afraid to ask questions that could upset truthers and push them out of your comfort zone.

      However, I am not sure if I 100% agree with your analysis

      Michael Lindell sponsor’s Stew Peters, funded Trump’ campaign and sold merchandise at the America Reawaken Tour. However, I do not see sufficient evidence to suggest all of those physicians/doctors are pro-trump.

      You can tell the ones a mile off who were/are Pro-trump i.e. the Christian, conservative, patriots. There are a few blatant Grifters – the Ardis/Peters documentary discredits people’s legitimate concerns. Anti-narrative docs/scientists make reciprocal appearances on their respective show I do not think is evidence of a Lucis Trust controlled-opposition network.

      That’r my 2 cents. Keep up the great work Hugo 🙂

  27. Perhaps one should be reminded that everytime the doctors put forth their warning against the jabs in the social media, they are censored.
    The brave doctors have no choice but to appear in any platform that would interview them, for the sake of the ordinary people.
    It is unfair to with a stroke of the brush, brand them as new agers.
    There are so few who dare to speak up, so let us not malign them .

  28. Does that mean that Michael O Bernicia (who also did a podcast with Sherri Tenpenny) who is also connected to the Mark Sexton PCI case and who are all connected to John O Looney.. does that mean they are all in it as well? Maybe I have answered my own question..

    • Most of them are connected to the new world order. They are persistently doing their symbol signs especially the pyramid the devil horns and the bathomet transgender sign. I reckon these so called doctors and presenters are here as the gate keeper. NWO will want to know who are against the tyranny and what we think. They have been put in place to observe. That’s my conspiracy theory.

      • Jeez either you’ve lost the plot to imagine John and Michael are connected to the new world order or your a troll like many in this thread who are out to discredit absolutely anyone that’s on the right side of humanity.

  29. Looks like you are getting close the truth Hugo. Satan is well organised the bible calls him the God of this system the kingdom we pray for in the lords prayer is Gods future government, where truth and justice reside. Satan has his own kingdom planned and all those mention are part this world order in opposition to God. Gods final war of ARMAGEDDON with the world’s governments and their supporters will separate the good from the bad.

  30. It’s a strange one Trump being so vehemently pro-jab (at least outwardly) and this collection of doctors and others who are not and them all banding together to seemingly support him. You’re right to question that blatant contradiction. They should at least pick him up on that. And of course some of the other subtle messaging and “new age” stuff like you say, which is not everyone’s cuppa. Apart from that I don’t like to over-complicate and will take each person’s message on its own merits and many here are taking a stand against the tyranny at the risk of their own reputation and livelihoods, so that’s not to be sneezed at.

    In the end I’ll take what rings true for me and leave the rest. There’s a danger that as the resistance grows and our numbers swell we’ll just end up becoming fractured and distrusting each other simply because we’re not 100% on the same page about everything. We’re never going to be. We just need to keep things simple and call out and push back against the lies and deception we see which isn’t too hard after the last two years.

    • I’ve seen what you’ve been saying for about six months now, it’s funny how the so called freedom movement is connected with the new age, a movement at its core wants the same world as the globalist, two sides of the same coin. Hence why I’ve been explaining to people to stop being involved with this. Interesting enough is a guy on one of the seminar lists you mentioned, riccardo bosi.. His another new age nut mascarading as a Christian. Many people in Australia are listening to him, as his telling them what they want to hear. I have much comfort in reading God’s word, for he told us this will happen in the end.

      • I don’t think the freedom movement is connected with the ‘new age’, maybe certain elements or individuals, but not the vast majority. Most people have just had enough of the last two years and have been going out on to the street to protest and defend their rights. Anyway, there’s the new age movement that’s been around for years and there’s a new age. I’m all for a new age of freedom of choice, self-autonomy, decentralisation of power, smaller units, etc, but of course all of us working together to try to build a better world, without any doctrine!

  31. I think your spot on brother. These are ALL the big name “Hero” Whistleblowers. They have been giving out true info for years now and what has changed? Everything keeps getting worse. Ton of lawyers supposedly bringing all these cases(How can we win in their system) nothing has happened. They are the face of truth and good now we don’t trust the govts, but if they say in the future everyone needs to take this mark on their hand so many will! I think the end is very close and the only advice I have is don’t put your trust in any man! Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone!

    • I absolutely agree trust no man. The Lord God Jesus Christ is the Truth

  32. Awesome video Hugo! I started exposing this false light on my Youtube Channel, but it has less than a thousand subs because we know the truth never goes viral.

    Your presentation was MUCH better and more concise than mine was, but we covered the same types of subjects.

    One group that I didn’t hear mentioned was the America’s Frontline Doctors which is headed by Simone Gold.

    Well done exposing this false light Luciferic nonsense!

  33. I definitely think it’s strange that all the anti-vax people are supporting Trump. But it seems people aren’t being given any other conservative choices to pick from. Almost seems like we are being led. It’s very scary and strange. 100% agree. We will see where this all goes.

  34. Lets give benefit of the doubt to some of the doctors, most of them wouldn’t know how different organisations are interlinked, how deep the rabbit hole goes. The only reason they are on the these platforms is because those platforms are the only ones that will let them get their information out. I’m sure some of the doctors and presenters of the platforms are inflitrators, but not all. As for Trump, after the Vaccine push I don’t trust him at all, and he is playing politics with vaccines, but choice between Klaus Schwab and Trump? You have to chose lesser of the 2 evils, the main reason being that Maga base is mostly compleltely made up of devout Christians, even if Trump were to push this new age crap and one world religion, it WON’T sit well at all with his support base. The prime example of this is Gen. Flynn. Flynn did a 7 rays of light prayer in one of the churches few months ago and in another occassion he called for the one world religion, this completely fractured the maga base, half of them immediately called Flynn out, Lynn Wood among them. Right now we are in an information warfare, a lot of the people in truth movement realise this, and I think they’d rather put the information out in as many platforms as possible than not being heard at all. Ask youself, what would be the best place to put your information out? It would be the Main Stream Media, but that too is owned and controlled by the cult so does that mean you shouldn’t go out there to put information out if you get a chance? Of course not, you make sure the information reaches a many people as possible in anyway you can.

    • If trump was on the god side as kennedy was, he would already be the fifth assasinated swiss/american president. Just look to powerpeople who stays alive. Easy math.

    • No I am not going to choose between 2 evils because Trump isn’t better in any way just another actor who plays “the more decent one”
      It is exactly what the parliamentary “democracy” is choosing between red and blue shit.
      In US and UK the colours of shits even match!

    • No I am not going to choose between 2 evils because Trump isn’t better in any way just another actor who plays “the more decent one”
      It is exactly what the parliamentary “democracy” is choosing between red and blue shit.
      In US and UK the colours of shits even match!

      • Maga base has nothing to do with Parlimentary democracy, they have figured out more than any group of people, that both sides are infiltrated and controlled by the cult. As I said I don’t trust Trump but the his support base are the ones who are most aware of how rigged the system is and are shouting the loudest. If America falls the world will fall, but if America stands, it’ll be because of Trump supporters, not because of Trump.

    • They’re all zionists, they believe in God but not in His son! Like Christianism, zionism is made up of differing sections, but ALL are like the religion of peace and want an end to those of us who walk with Jesus! Sadly this is where Jesus talks about the wheat and the chaff. Christians will be persecuted and a lot will fall away from Jesus, so I pray for all of us who follow Jesus to be brave when that starts! Have mercy on your followers dear Lord and keep us close to you! Amen

  35. Does that mean that Michael O’bernicia (who did a podcast with Sherri Tenpenny), Mark Sexton and John O’looney (who all 3 are connected by the PCI legal case) are part of it too? Or have I answered my own question…?

    • I’ve seen O’bernicia a few times in the alternative media over the years. He always pops up with some fake inside information that amounts to nothing, disappears for a while, then pops up again a few years later doing the same thing.
      Didn’t he recently have the “inside information” that the NHS were just about to announce the jabs were going to be stopped?

    • I think O’Looney is an opportunist. He overdid it with his hospital story and shattered his credibility. He was ignorant in his dealing with Fuellmich. It was cringeworthy to watch him. I have come to the conclusion that The Bernician is a luvvie bore. He droned on about his failed acting career in an interview (might have been with Delingpole) and I immediately went off him. Sheri Tenpenny is somebody I have rarely watched but I gather she has recently found God. I really liked Mikovits after watching the film Plandemic. She was targeted by Fauci the poison dwarf for YEARS. I never trusted Kate Sherimani. She is too busy worrying about how she looks. She recited the Lord’s Prayer at a rally in Trafalgar Square last year. Wholly inappropriate. Charlie Ward is a dodgy Arthur Daly character IMHO. I watched an interview with him and again, felt that he is nothing but an opportunist. There is a clamouring for ‘celebrity’ status amongst some of these people. I actually like Icke when he is not discussing the New Age stuff. He can be insightful. He gets a lot of stick in his comments section where he is accused of being a Freemason! It is very difficult to know who to trust. The Awakening movement gave me hope two years ago but I now feel it has been hijacked by New Age types who tell me I need to change my vibrations and think positively. They don’t want to take part in real activism.

      • Icke does talk a lot of sense. But the whole point of his carefully cultivated reputation as a nutter is to ensure most people reject the truth he reveals and stick to following the mainstream. I know he has quite a cult following, but it will never be more than that. He does his job very well. He’s very media savvy, he used to be a presenter for the BBC.

  36. Thank you for helping connect the dots Hugo! My question is whether Dr Simone Gold and Dr Ryan Cole are also included in this Pro-Trump Group? You didn’t mention them.

  37. In my opinion similar to Hugo’s opinion a lot of these “influencers” in the opposition including Icke are New Age freaks and you won’t hear Jesus Christ coming out their mouths and they replace prayer with meditation because they know most people won’t meditate either because meditation is a domain of some narcissists who want to be in the centre not God.

  38. I think you are spot on Hugo the two sides are controlled by the same people whether they are aware of it or not been the same throughout history. Ritchie from Boston did a similar video a few months ago and has put your one on his Bitchute channel.

  39. I don’t trust most of these people same like I don’t trust libertarians who are another firewall to block people from truth, who ask you to believe in free market, stock market and market forces.

    If you read Miles Mathis you would know that the “elite” is well aware and well prepared to immobilize any opposition movement anytime. They simply use their fronts to hijack them ahead of time and steer into oblivion.
    It is called CONTROL THE RESPONSE.
    Even if the main COnVID agenda was eventually met with resistance and popular protests worldwide they can withdraw, wait things out a bit and lead individual groups astray using many actors.

    If you like “underground” content that only replace BBC fearmongering with a different fearmongering you have to check your medication dosages.
    The measurement:
    I think the 1st would be to measure how much do they talk about the milk that has been spilled and how much do they talk about the actual solutions.
    If little about the solutions then go elsewhere.
    I personally don’t think that resistance alone is a long term solution. The actual heads should roll.

    Read about Peasant’s Revolt in 1381'_Revolt
    The lesson: if the revolt hits the City+Canary Wharf den of thieves they should not take hostages or negotiate any agreements with the snakes otherwise the revolution is going to fail.

    Read Miles Mathis

    A big thanks to Hugo for questioning the opposition because it is truly questionable and to my liking most of these people are too relaxed and slow and some of them also quite disconnected from reality like they already live off-grid away from civilization – perhaps these people have a lot of savings or receive decent money from Intelligence to take it slow.
    We need counter-Intelligence not more congregations that are predictable and hostile to people Zionist/British/US Intelligence can sleep well.

    That poster you showed with all the heads supporting Trump are Intelligence and Brendon O’Connell can talk about it for hours.

  40. Has Hugo been invited by these people?
    Douglas from Aim4Truth tells us that they will do an interviews with you but then lose the recording so they are safe not to show any highlights.

  41. Hugo, I’m glad it’s not just me who knows he’s the deciever, ! I’ve tried to enlighten the Trump addicts, but they don’t like it ! Your a good advocate for the awakened xx

  42. Hugo, your ‘join the docs’ video is brilliantly researched and brimming with insight and astute observations.

    Not only have you noted what I previously considered brilliant doctors (including Dr Northrup – thank you for disabusing me of my distorted perceptions with many of these people) but we have leaders/personalities here curating and managing the whole ‘reawaken’ USA tour – which I followed with particular interest last year.

    Let me mention a few people here:

    General Flynn – the evidence is mounting up that he is a high-rianking ‘freak mason’.Check out bluewater’s video on BitChute.

    Clay Clark, the overall grand master of the Reawaken American tour is also subjected to this allegation.

    Charlie Ward’s reputation is in disrepute after a survivor of trafficking recognised his face and voice in a live chat.

    Thomas Renz is the southern lawyer who is acquainted with most of the docs and allegedly is bringing a class-lawsuit against many vax-making pharma companies. I wonder if he is making any progress on this front.

    Sacha Stone – who is very intelligent and very articulate, but at first glance comes across like a jaded club DJ who’s retired to the Balearics after partying hard in youth. We mustn’t be fooled here. He’s connected with the UN. I think he is very high up in all of this.

    Mike Lindell- I can’t tell you how many channels and people I follow that sell these effing Lindell pillows [do they really sleep soundly at night if they’re just controlled opposition?] with a coupon code for the discount and all the other ‘creature comforts’ like Doggy Beds, bathrobes and slippers. He is a k key player in all of this and he must generate a lot of income from these pillows. And I believe he is close friend of Potus 45 also.

    For the past two years I considered these people the voices of dissent – Robert Kennedy Junior’s Book on Dr Fauci has been critically acclaimed for the solid research and citations therein as well as being a NYTs bestseller. I’ve read a few chapters but it is not an easy read – it’s turgid but brimming with research and hard facts, yet the dismantling of Fauci’s reputation is much overdue.

    So we have a chain-gang of doctors and their partners and affiliates and then there is the Israeli connection.

    One of the reasons my enthusiasm for Reawaken has waned is that the ‘Christianity’ promoted at these events is very much Hebrew Roots.

    I use to watch Amanda Grace avidly on YouTube thinking her prophecy ministry was harmless and that she’s running an animal sanctuary and the children love her. But at the Reawaken Tours she always wears a Rabbinic prayer shawl and blows the Shofar many times – says a few prayers but her version of Christianity is stuck back in the Old Testament. I’m certain I have never heard her preach Apostle Paul’s gospel of salvation. She never mentions the word Christmas and I assume she doesn’t celebrate it but she does do Passover Seder and acknowledges all the other Jewish Feasts like Purim and Sukkot etc, etc. She always comes across as the guest of honour at these events. I listen to a lot of the speakers as their is good content on their channels, and now I’m thinking ‘…wait a minute.’ Something is definitely off. Not only are docs guests on other docs channels but the same schtick is played with people like Charlie Ward, Mel K and the Flyover Conservatives,

    Hugo you’re certainly onto something here. As some of your subs have already commented, I think we’re looking at what’s called controlled opposition. The revolt anticipated by the WEF/WB/CDC and world government after two years of lockdowns and mandates is being stage-managed by a cadre of medical professionals and their associates who have their eyes on the longer game. They’re all connected and as you astutely pointed out there is a through-line straight to that horrible prayer room at the UN – the nexus managed by Mr Stone no doubt.

    The docs are joined at the hip – they in turn are joined to Lindell/Stone/Ward/Renz and other interested partners and associates and there’s an agenda that you have stumbled on through superb research.

    I took a shine to Dr Northrup – charming lady. But now I’m looking at these people in a completely different light thanks to your well-made and very timely video.

    Thank you for making this video – it’s so easy to be spellbound by these people with their charm, high-falutin’ education and their undoubted charisma. I now see the Reawaken Roadshow for what it really is – it’s about managing the dissent of ‘we the people’.

    I look forward to Part 2!

  43. Your heroes are always given to you. Let us not jump to conclusions though about people who appear to be fighting against the NWO until we have the facts. It is absurd to attack Robert Kennedy when he has spent his own time and money over many years to expose Big Pharma. Its just not credible. If we assume everyone is a shill or a tool of the Cabal we are not only alienated from helping people who are on our side but we become cynical and hardened… and this destroys us all.

    • Well said. I agree with your perspective. RFK Jr. actually made a comment on a conservative radio interview that he may not see eye-to-eye with the host from a political perspective, but if he’s given the opportunity to get his message out there to others, he’ll do it. I think he’s fully cognizant of the fact that what’s happening far supersedes anything partisan.

      • Getting the message out is important. Perhaps that’s what all these others are trying to do. Actually, come to think of it, waking up the Trump crowd to the truth is a good thing–so then they will ALL SEE the Trump evil / deception and who was the one who facilitated the death shot for all of us.

  44. I need to watch this very important video again – but just wondering if Trump by asking for ‘vaccination status’ is calling out – wanting to expose – the fake vaccinations by leaders?
    PS could not sign in through word press…

    • Trump is an actor and Jooish on both sides. He is the only one who plays a non-Joo in this whole fake “elite” setup.
      Trump Street is in the City of London.

  45. kudos — perhaps one of the most important vids you did Hugo
    not the overtly wrong demons are the danger … but the disguised ones

    • Thanks Hugo. Some good and valid points. I must say I loved listening to some of the Dr’s you list and things they got to say. And they said some valid things at important times. Dr Martin and Fuellmich too. But I was confused with the lengthy process this whole thing is taking. As for Trump, I don’t believe he is a saviour at all. They are just keeping him for when the time for him comes to come back again. (I guess when they try to tell people that better times are coming..)

      My understanding is that they are presenting us with the notion that this is the war between Good and Evil, and to certain extent that is absolutely true. However they could use this for the creation of One World Governments and disappearance of individuality.

      How about you invite sone of these people for the interview and present some of these questions to them?

      • Indeed. As Miles W. Mathis says “even the plants tell a lot of truth, to salt in the lies”
        That is how it works.
        It’s not a single battle but an ongoing war and they win by slowing the whole revolution down.
        And I don’t see any viable counter-offensive coming out of these people especially when the “elite” has switched from COVID to Ukraine overnight.
        Even the marches in London have died down when the weather is perfect to gather.

        I think Hugo should not engage with these people if they don’t ask him. I think the idea is to ignore him.
        Or one of them could invite him just to spin things up.

        I think Hugo should continue talk about these people and analyze other controlled movements especially in the marches e.g. the founders of the Stand In The Park like Fifi who promotes PeaceKeepers so people don’t pay council tax.

  46. Brilliant video, watch out for Trumps son in Law Jared Kushner, involved in peace treaties with Israel and lives on 666th avenue in New York, trump has a room on the 66th floor of trump Tower dedicated to apollo (he’s also the hologram on the euro and pound notes) Kushner could definitely be the Antichrist. I should add I think the bible & revelations are written by free masons and all done by design which is why it’s so confusing and speaks in parables/riddles but they’re definitely using revelations as a blueprint to bring in this NWO new age/new earth, the 144k so called ‘light workers’ such as Lori ladd are actually satanic Super Soldiers, they refer to themselves as star seeds, SS = 33 / Seal of Satan trust none of these new agers they’re all satanic puppets

  47. I think you’ve hit a hot topic here Hugo judging from the number of comments. I’ve heard someone say that you have to be careful you don’t fall into the trap of the 2nd matrix – a paranoid , can’t trust anyone attitude – as that is self-defeating.
    I think it’s impossible to work out the full extent of the matrix . I myself am totally confused by the amount of contradictory information coming out . But I think a lot of the people mentioned in your video are putting out a lot of good information & I think it is healthy to be skeptical , but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    There is so much New Age nonsense about it’s difficult to separate that from the genuine spiritual teachings & that is why people are so cynical.

    The powers that be are very clever & are screwing with peoples minds – but we need to come together & get the truth out anyway we can , as the speed of the NWO roll-out is absolutely frightening & pray to the Good Lord that it will be enough to wake enough people up.

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