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590 Comments on “TRUMP’S NEW AGE DOCTOR NETWORK / Hugo Talks

  1. Great work Hugo in pointing out this bare-faced conflict of interest—and what all these characters supporting Trump somehow missed?

    Your video (link) showing this anomaly needs to be pointed out and given to EVERY TRUMP SUPPORTING COVID truth-teller to see what they have got to say—or lose a good part of their credibility.

    Furthermore, it should be noted by all the naive Trump supporters that since the assassination of JFK NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT comes to office without being a Central Zionist Banker NWO AGENT.

    And for that matter as well—all American politicians are made to swear an oath to Israel if they are to remain in office:

    Israel was set up by the Zionist Central bankers (at the expense and suffering of the true Biblical land inhabitants) to be the nasty, profane blueprint for the rest of the world and for the advent and home of the Anti-Christ:

    Trump is also a Zionist—and highly favored Israel in all his actions and dealings. America is simply a colony of Israel and it’s ALWAYS BEEN ISRAEL FIRST:

    (Most Americans unfortunately are too dumb to know or realize any of this.)

    Now here’s the clincher—scroll down this below link until you see the commemorative coin for the “Abraham Accord Peace Treaty”:

    Here’s where the Trump train is going to take you as you see in the commemorative coin signed by Trump—to SATURN! The planet of Satan and his followers—signed off on by Trump!

    You’ll see the time markers depicted on the coin—one of them is the COVID ‘vaccine’ vial and injection needle.

    So here’s the thing. The aim is to turn us all away from God and Christ by putting the emphasis on simply self and its enlightenment (however they play it with our egos) along with the Alien presence-controllers that have taken the place of our Creator and Christ. Their ultimate aim is to completely suck our Creator and Christ out of our world, our reality, our memories and our consciousness. The 911 wars in the Middle East were part of this set-up to destroy the land, the peoples, and the history and civilizations that went before.

    Much more to say on everything here—but now you’ve got the gist of it.

    Once again, good connections Hugo—let’s keep going with this and keep calling them ALL OUT.

    Here’s the true pathway we need to take TOGETHER with our Creator and Christ:

    • All these global players are working together each playing their part…Trump
      Too is playing his part and l believe that he is going to deceive whats left of the true faith in Christ.
      Remember that most of these players are Roman Catholic and serve the pope..
      Trump if elected in 24 will probably install sunday worship under the guise of climate change..
      The pope too wants this as its gaia worship…climate change,Mother earth…
      Gaia :the primordial goddess and mother earth…

    • Thanks for all your videos Hugo, which are usually excellent. This time however, I believe you’ve lost your way.

      Some comments on this video, from my standpoint as a traditional Catholic Christian, who has lived in five countries, worked as a complementary therapist and been researching conspiracy facts in health and money, for 20 years:

      * The ReAwaken America tour is NOT a Trump rally. Many speakers and attendees may be Trump supporters but some won’t be. For those who support Trump, they won’t necessarily think he is unflawed, 100% right or a saviour. In a choice between Biden and Trump, would any sane person choose Biden?

      * ReAwaken America tours are organised by devout Protestant Christian and businessman Clay Clark. I’ve listened to some of Clark’s shows and he is overtly anti-globalist, anti-jab, anti-NWO, anti-great reset and anti-transhumanism. I can’t see how he could be a secret globalist or shill for NWO ( and

      * America was founded as “one nation under God” and consecrated to Jesus Christ, but this does not mean people of other faiths should be persecuted.

      * The satanic globalist agenda of WEF, WHO, UN, etc is a common enemy to all of humanity – Christians, Hindus, atheists, new agers, etc. Urgent threats include: forced jabs, 5G, social credit, transhumanism. Globalists have divided and conquered humanity along lines of religion, race, gender, class, etc. To survive we need to be more united and share knowledge and truth. This doesn’t mean that I as a Catholic Christian abandon my beliefs, it means that I can work with someone with different beliefs, in a search for truth. So: an atheist may not have the truth about Jesus, but may have knowledge of vaxx ingredients. A crystal-wearing new ager would know about the benefits of organic food as opposed to the evils of GMO food. David Icke is not Christian but he has worked hard for decades trying to wake people up.

      * The video says that some new age stuff by ReAwaken speakers “sounds similar” to some new age stuff from Lucis Trust. This doesn’t mean there is any connection between them. New age “stuff” encompasses many things: meditation, tarot, crystals, healing modalities such a reflexology. Some things are bad (tarot); some are useless but harmless (crystals) some are good (meditation and reflexology). About energy: we are all of energy beings, and everything is energy, physics tell us this. Labelling all new age stuff as possibly satanic, is as superstitious and ignorant as medieval peasants labelling electricity satanic.

      * I believe our current situation is principally a spiritual battle. ReAwaken America has many Christian prophets as speakers. They often prophecy about God’s coming judgement. In this interview Prophet Amanda Green and Biblical analyst of time Bo Polny, discuss imminent judgements on a list of globalists ( Someone cited CS Lewis here that “we are living in enemy territory”. During a battle whilst in enemy territory, there is confusion, disinformation, sound intelligence, weakness, bravery, triumphs, losses. We need discernment and to be continually alert to read what is going on in the war.

      * As a Catholic it is heartbreaking to see the Bergoglio clearly working for satan and mascarading as Pope. Satanists and globalists have infiltrated most major institutions, and are rotting them from the inside, like a cancer.

      * Some Catholic and Protestant Christians believe we are living in the Biblical end times, but some disagree. It depends on how Revelation and other Bible chapters are interpreted.

      * Satanists are deceivers and the best deceivers intersperse truth with lies, and parrot what is good. Satanists are wolves in sheep’s clothing, whilst nearly all the ReAwaken speakers are sheep in sheep’s clothing.

      * If a speaker at ReAwaken America says something you disagree with, it doesn’t mean they are globalist shills or controlled opposition. It could just be that they are incorrect, made a mistake or are misguided. No one can be 100% correct or 100% wise. We shouldn’t see these people as all-knowing. Some examples of speakers being misguided include: (a) Stew Peters and the bogus snake venom in the water story from Ardis. This story was thoroughly dismantled by Dr Pierre Kory, who is also a ReAwaken speaker; (b) Mike Adams recently had a lengthy interview with David Wilcock. Wilcock has been outed as a shill for the secret space program by Prof Joseph Farrell, Dark Journalist and Clif High.

      * I believe the following ReAwaken speakers, whilst not perfect, are definitely NOT into any satanic new age stuff: Del Bigtree, Dr Zelenko, Dr Mercola, JP Spears, Dr Tenpenny, G Edward Griffin, Joel Salatin, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, David Icke, Reiner Fuellmich, Karen Kingston, Sayer Ji, amongst many others.

      * I believe the following are not trustworthy: Sacha Stone and Charlie Ward.

      * Some comments were made about Kauffmann, Cowan and Dr Sam Bailey. I have met Dr Sam Bailey and know her reputation from friends who know her, as a good person who has sacrificed a lot to get the truth out about the vaxx.

      * Lastly, the video said people are being encouraged to go cashless and use crypto instead. I hate crypto and use cash often. Unfortunately, even Catherine Austin Fitts admits crypto is an unstoppable development. It would be like trying to stop electricity in the 19th century. Because none of us will be able to avoid it completely, we might as well know how to master it, so as to have devolved crypto rather than central bank crypto. We should still use cash every day.

  2. I could say lots Hugo, I’m feeling so confused – perhaps that is the goal! But one point I will make that did strike me, was that when I watched the L.A. event with Del Bigtree, the stage backdrop was full of pentagrams and I thought – there’s no way they didn’t make the connection of that symbol to the cult?! They are being just too obvious. It can be difficult to doubt some of these people, they’ve played it so well

  3. Hugo, spot on mate. Question EVERYTHING. It just doesnt make sense that mr t would say that, and noone has given a good explanation of why!???

  4. I always felt that Sacha Stone was creepy (as in creeped me out which is an instinct I trust) He is in the same vein as Brand..similar look too.. hippy, rockstar Disappointed to see Kauffman and Cowan on there as they were the only 2 I had time for out of that motley crew. It would be nice to think they are involved unknowingly.. maybe invited to be tarred with the same brush!.. seems unlikely though. The new age deception is the biggest trap out there. Massive distraction for those waking up to new possibilities.. starts off with a few crystals and angels and before you know it you are ‘believing’ in some channeled entity! …or worse encouraged to do it yourself! My simple rule is “Am I giving my power to something outside of me?” Do not ‘worship’ anything. Release yourself from all limiting beliefs ( or should I say just beliefs as they are all limiting) Keep your mind open and develop your intuition and discernment. You don’t need any ‘attunements’ ‘meditations’ especially group/global ones, or special plaeidian/arcturian/ascended master messages. It’s all a deceptive distraction. You are an amazing unique human being with an infinitely powerful soul. None of this crap serves you in any way. Anyone wanting to know more about the ‘New Age Deception” then Tony Sayers has some good videos on Youtube. I am not vouching for his work because I have not had any experience of it. I may be wrong but hey I have been involved in that scene for 30 years or so..mostly on the outside looking in.. and even the best most loving people have been corrupted and many seemingly unknowingly 🙁 The real people doing the hard work are behind the scenes..mostly unknown. Take care beautiful souls.

  5. For me, I am suspicious that Fuellmich et all is essentially the ‘Q’ movement for those awake to the vaccine, much as Trump embodied the ‘Q’ movement for the stolen election. It’s like a pacifier…we wait, “trusting the plan” silently and patiently whilst someone more qualified, more experienced and better connected than us as individuals promises us retribution and truth against the perpetrators of this heinous crime. We wait whilst the legal battle is ‘prepared’ but whilst this is happening, an actual Holocaust is taking place (and the victims are getting ever-younger)…perhaps the ultimate distraction and dose of hopium? How many more injections will be given to children and babies before the legal battle is ready to go?

  6. There’s one idea with this, and I don’t know if I’m characterizing this argument well or not, but with vaccines and lockdowns an inevitability, Operation Warp Speed and the push through too fast was a way of sabotaging it all, and then screwing up that clear pathway they needed towards The New World Order. I’m sure a lot of people have heard these arguments made by people like Charlie Ward and Mel K.

    I think the gist of the reasoning says that too many controlling mechanisms made for no alternative action, and so with the rapidity of its deployment the cognitive dissonance that we see in the world right now would be the result. We wouldn’t accept all of this because they wouldn’t have a chance to slowly brainwash us.

    Don’t know if I buy that or not, but there it is.

    It all gets incredibly paranoid sounding and confusing if we’re now considering that all of this could be a way of ushering in the real crazy and evil New Age players. It seems like all of it could be true, or part of it, or none of it. I really feel that these world events have been pushing me towards a more traditionally Christian worldview, with all the innate logic chopping intellectual karate that C.S. Lewis has to offer, along with his salient observation that we have to think of ourselves as living in enemy occupied territory.

    Never more so than right now has the Genesis song “Blood on the Rooftops” had more relevance. Give it a listen if you don’t already know it, it’ll break your heart.

  7. This leaves me confused about the purpose of the vaccine because these guys deterred many people (myself included) from getting it. So either the elites don’t want all the earth population to get the jab, or they shot themselves in the foot.

    Moreover, (hopefully) most of the people who listened to them concerning the jabs were convinced because they know how to think for themselves. Also, these doctors spoke on some occasions about the goals of the great reset, so it would be hard for them to make their (hopefully) free thinker followers accept these same things they warned them about.

    The evidence you presented about their affiliation with the nwo are solid, but I am trying to make sense of how they are contributing to it without hampering it when it comes to my speculations above. What do u think Hugo?

  8. The ‘New Age’ is Luciferianism. It presents itself as ‘the light’, while being the false light. It is playing its part in the dialectic which will lead each side to the same place,ie, the ‘New World Order”.

  9. I really trusted Andrew Kaufman until I realised he was friend with Icke. I never trusted any of other scumbags in this video.

    • piabandara Out of the three doctors, that is, Cowan, Lanka and Kaufman, Kaufman being a Jew is the weakest link – you can never trust the bastards:

      “They put the Jewish interest above America’s interest and it’s about damn time that the Jew in America realises he’s an American first and a Jew second.”

      “There are many Jews in the Communist conspiracy. Chambers and Hiss were the only non-Jews.”

      “The Jews are irreligious, atheistic, immoral bunch of bastards.”

      “The Jews are all through government, and we have got to get in those areas. The government is full of Jews, second, most Jews are disloyal. You can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you.”

      President Richard M. Nixon, Nixon Tapes, July 3rd 1971.

    • Repent and trust in Jesus alone. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. All other ground is sand. God bless.

    • Don’t worry about it. I’m sick of it now. To listen to this omg u would think we were all paranoid nutters. I have said I need to back of from this stuff . Nothing anyone can do . I live in the uk. We have enough problems. I can’t deal with the trump has he hadn’t he crap. Who gives a shit. Then there’s Mr Ike with his reptiles. No I’m done with all this head fucker. Hugo u sometimes go to far. Have u seen what’s going on in the uk ? Suppose u gotta earn money lol just like the rest. I would suggest cutting of from this shit show. 😂

      • Yes, agree, sometimes Hugo is good in pointing things out, this time you really miss the mark Hugo! And be brave to admit instead of leaving my comments hanging for ages! Not everyone is bad, what is really really bad is the Media. There it all started they are the real virus.

  10. I see what you’re saying, but I think our side kindof can’t help but sound like their side at times, because we do have to create a new world – not the radical negative changes “they” want to make – but we do have to find a way to unite so that we are always ready to negate the things that have happened to us with covid etc. Like I see what you’ve said about Russell Brand, but I also really like Russell Brand’s view of a bit more “equity” if you don’t mind when it comes to capitalism. Life really should be much more about life than it is about trying to scrape through basic necessity bills. As far as Trump not letting go of the vaccine, I don’t know what that’s about, but those of us who believe Trump is best for our country also believe Trump will never mandate the vaccine, and honestly, I think if we’re wrong about those that we really truly believe are on our side, I don’t think we’ll have the problem standing up to them should they turn like we seem to be having with those that we have always known are not on our side. Also, “politics makes strange bedfellows” – saw an interview on InfoWars with Lady Maga, who is a gay man that likes to dress up in drag and is against the LBGTWOIASDFIPWEPQ123412387 movement – and while I do not get the drag thing, any gay man that is against Drag Queen Story Hour is welcome in my army.

    I posted a meme of a young girl yesterday that said “Teach them to be ungroomable”, and I think that’s what we need to do with us – just like you have done here, we need to keep an eye out – and we need to be “ungroomable”. We can align with them or rather, we can find that they are aligned with us, as we do now, and if they unalign, we can drop ’em 🙂

  11. I discovered this Lucis Trust too and I even worked at the headquarters here in the Netherlands called The Beacon (Het Baken)! It’s all related to Miss H. P. Blavatsky, who seems to be born at the same date as me only a couple decades back look at wikipedia too. In the end it is all related to the rotschilds who believe in lucifer and think that the christians believe in the wrong *GOD*, ( all deception if you ask me). Something inside me says that they used Trump for his damn ego and that he betrayed theme after the Media toke him out, as they always do when someone speaks the truth. But then again his ego still continues and that’s what we are seeing/feeling right now…(operation warpspeed)! A other thing is when Mr Trump got covid ( what was a stragetic move) he got regeneron remember? So he didn’t take this vaccin, and the 2th we didn’t see, but as you know there are plenty enough of deep fake video’s to find online like you see with ukraine, so don’t believe what you see but what you feel as our intuition is the only thing who we can trust on this moment. I hope you do some digging about this occult movement because I want to know everything about it before I send theme some real light:) I’m looking forward to watch your new discoveries and keep on doing this great work!

  12. I never, from the first time seeing any of them, trusted these puppets. This is why we all need to develop what is called ‘eyes to see’. I look at each one of these folks and all I see is a propped up character, given a ‘schtick’ and put on the masses to fool us. These are what I see as the second line of defense after the main line of characters, like Fauci, Biden, The WHO, etc., Schwab, The G7 and UN, etc., all obviously pushing the mainstream and NWO agenda large and bold. These so called anti-vax crew are still working for elite masters and pushing the agenda, only from an alternative stance in order to capture all those the first line folks cannot. Many in the US who would fall for them would be among the so-called liberals or the middle class, for instance. If you look at them, however…really look at each of them, you can see the ‘character’ in them. The controllers love their characters, and they each play their role well. It becomes more and more obvious and easier to spot once you know what to look for.

    • Alternative ‘trusted voices’, all wearing their medical motley. Gen Flynn said a Seven Rays prayer last year, at some public gathering.
      At this stage of things, enticing trust is an enormous part of the program – it’s not just a marginal thing, it’s central to bringing everyone into the NWO.

      Thank you Hugo, for bringing this to our attention – at a time when people (some of us, anyway) are desperate for the truth in an ocean of lies and deception, it’s good to have someone who can present the things that are truly hidden about these alt-leaders. I’ll follow-up on the 7 Grains Of Salt video – whoever did that performed a real service. I always had my doubts about these characters, and knew about the Lucis Trust, but I hadn’t put it together like this – thanks again.

    • You’ve literally got a profile picture doing the peekaboo….

      • A photo from over a decade ago that I’d forgotten was even there because I never use WordPress / Gravatar platforms anymore. Only using this medium again now for this Hugo Talks forum. I had to ask someone how even to access it. But of course I must work for the illuminati right? That’s why I follow Hugo Talks of course! You’re so busy trying to be clever and out someone on this forum that you can’t even think how old a photo like that might be and possibly have nothing at all to do with the current peekaboo anything. It was a self-portrait for my MFA, and actually won a photography prize before being published in the school journal, but congratulations on having your puerile first level truther ego triggered and noticing something thoroughly irrelevant to Hugo’s beautiful and important work here. You can now eat some crow for it.

  13. Hardly trumps drs , some of them are known anti trumpers . Why all the trump bashing

  14. In general I don’t trust Infowars because of Alex Jones’ aversion to telling the Truth about Israel’s role in 9/11 — BUT I think this particular video is pretty accurate. I would post it on social media, but too many people will dismiss it because of its Infowars association.

  15. Hugo goes deep. You have done humanity a service by discovering and explaining in layman’s terms the whole Satan / Lucifer, light / dark etc dialectic. You hit the jackpot, this is the literal Antichrist project. Bergoglio is in there too – as antipope and general “mainstream” religion facilitator for the one world religion. You’re doing God’s work, may Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you!

  16. I believe you are “Right On” in your assessment, Hugo. This is just what the Bible predicted thousands of years ago will happen just before the Return of the Real King…. Jesus. who will rule & reign over this world, which is & always was, rightfully His. He is the Only One who can & will rule & reign in this world with righteousness & justice! He is the ONLY One who can & will “Make all things new.” These numbskulls just don’t get it! If human beings couldn’t get it right in the first 6000 years of human existence, what kind of absurd arrogance makes them think they will get it right now? It is so true that “Professing themselves to be wise, without the Truth from God, they became fools.” Indeed! Thank you for your discernment & wisdom & for always correctly connecting the dots. God bless you!!

  17. Great video Hugo your right not to trust any of them you really don’t know what to believe in this crazy show trump is diffo part of all this thanks again

  18. Trump is cabal, I’ve never doubted that but it took me way longer to work out his purpose than it should have done.
    Once I did work it out, I could have slapped myself, it was so obvious.
    He’s division personified. No one person has divided America as effectively as he has. Divide and conquer, pure and simple.

    You’ll notice that nearly all of the Drs that Hugo talks about in the vid make strong and overt religious noises, almost every last one of them.
    I have not worked out yet why this is, but I’m becoming more convinced that they are not sincere, and that the religious thing is designed on purpose to attract a certain personality type or to attempt to gain trust by deception.

    • Albert puke – head of the Freemasons in the 1800s said,”when the people need a hero we will provide one”
      Trumps just a puppet actor, who has fooled many.
      Hugo is spy on.

      • Pres Trump, was raised originally in a cabal family than he was replaced into another family. He knows the tricks of the cabal, he did not step into completely. So he fights them with their weapons, that is very good thing about Trump and Q. NO he is NOT cabal. He really is on the Right side. Because he plays a very smart game ( trump is in favor of the V,he is not, he is talking in Code language:) people get the impression he is a BH ( black hat) he is not, I am sure of it!

      • @Miss M. Did all this ‘fighting’ include pimping his family out to the Jews? Did all this ‘fighting’ include all the Rothschild Jew bail out money that kept him from bankruptcy? Now tell me who is first to Trumpstein, America or Piss-rael?

    • It’s the media coverage of trump that divided Americans not Trump himself

      • Agreed! Anyone the media targets with vengeance I consider must be the opposite of what their being accused of.

      • Do agree with you, what I just said in another comment of mine, the Media has been the big divider all along, not Pres Trump, he just plays a cunning ( WH ) role, and fools both sides sometimes and than you need to figure out what his purpose was. Again, for people who read this go to Bitchute and find Cliff High, he is in most issues amazing and he got Pres Trumps purpose of the Jabbers, and you will be astonished how profound that is!

  19. It’s all symbolism, their satanic agenda as they have to let you know their intentions. You have been warned! I would strongly recommend that people watch Spencer Smith’s excellent videos on YouTube regarding his ‘third Adam’ series; invaluable to ‘know your enemy’, mark them and avoid them. Stand firm in the faith, the Rapture must be near, especially as this year is a Jewish Jubilee (imitated by the Queen’s Jubilee!).

    • John Nelson Darby was educated at Westminster school by the future Bishop of Meath and evangelical, Joseph Singer, who tutored him at Trinity College Dublin. He, then chose ordination as an Anglian clergyman in Ireland, In 1825, Darby was ordained deacon of the Church of Ireland. Darby became a curate in the Church of Ireland parish of Delgany Co Wicklow. The Darby’s were an Anglo-Irish landowning family seated at Leap Castle Co Offaly . Leap Castle is reputedly the most haunted castle in Ireland. It is believed that the family were involved in many seances at the castle and other strange goings on .

      Darby resigned his curacy and soon afterwards, in October 1827, he fell from a horse and was seriously injured. He later stated that it was during this time that he began to believe that the “kingdom” described in the book of ISAIAH and elsewhere in the old testament was entirely different from the Christian church. Within a few year Darby had formed with a few other The Plymouth Brethren. At a later point Aleister Crowley’s father would become a deacon of their church.

      The fact that John Nelson Darby invented the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine around 1830 AD is unquestionably true. All attempts to find evidence of this wild doctrine before 1830 have failed, with a single exception: Morgan Edwards wrote a short essay as a college paper for Bristol Baptist College in Bristol England in 1744 where he confused the second coming with the first resurrection of Revelation 20 and described a “pre-tribulation” rapture. However Edwards ideas, which he admitted were brand new and never before taught, had no influence in the modern population of the false doctrine. That prize to goes to Darby. The rapture is a false doctrine, a nineteenth century construct designed specifically to lure true Christians away true teaching. You need to looking carefully at this false doctrine as your immortal soul is in very grave danger.

    • @battlebeth Ezekiel 18:4 (KJV) Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die.

      Ezekiel 18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

      A soul is a living breathing being whether man or animal:

      SOUL from The Hebrew H5315
      From H5314; properly a breathing creature, that is, animal or (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental): – any, appetite, beast, body, breath, creature, X dead (-ly), desire, X [dis-] contented, X fish, ghost, + greedy, he, heart (-y), (hath, X jeopardy of) life (X in jeopardy), lust, man, me, mind, mortality, one, own, person, pleasure, (her-, him-, my-, thy-) self, them (your) -selves, + slay, soul, + tablet, they, thing, (X she) will, X would have it.

      What is Soul Sleep and Do The Holy Scriptures Disprove It? (The Myth of The Immortal Soul) – Part 1 of 2

  20. I thought David Icke was genuine, still wishing he’s unknowingly involved 🙏 Very disappointing. Thanks Hugo for your research, much appreciated

    • You know, often these people don’t even realize they are being abused. Like David Icke, he often talks about he heard a voice in his head, telling us that in a short time 3 people told him they saw shapeshifting, all in a short time so David thought this cannot be a coincedence. I believe they planned this, a bit like in the Truman show movie, these psychopaths stage stuff. I bet you they’d send these 3 ppl to David to talk about this so it appears as a coincidence. I bet they even made him hear these voices: yes, there he comes: and ACTION! However, I do believe David is not sincere, on his paid website he only accepts credit cards, you must fill in all your data even to just use his 7 day trial. I listen to him a lot, but I take stuff with a grain of salt. Also his story about covid that doesn’t exist according to him. I am a 100% sure something is going on, I can see it. I believe they are reprogramming our DNA and they are using modified virusses for it to spread it out next to the injections. Unfortunately, many of us (including myself) are perhaps already reprogrammed, unless you have not yet gotten these weird fever waves (fever was never in waives before they let their dogs out).

    • Ickes reputation is intentionally compromised, with all the lizard nonsense to marginalise the truth. I know he says some things that are true, but that causes them to be disregarded by most people because of his reputation. He keeps any questioning of the official narrative firmly in the crazy camp, that’s his job.

  21. Thank you for this Hugo. I’ve been trying to tell my friends that these people are a psyops. We are being played. ‘They’ needed an alternative narrative that they controlled. Sad that Andrew Kaufman is in this mix….didn’t expect that. Also the Cowan guy. These two are friends of Dr Sam Bailey which makes me suspicious of her now. It’s very hard to know who to trust. That’s why we are told to ‘pray for discernment’. The great deception is great indeed!

    • Not everyone is controlled opposition, I’m actually sick of hearing this because that would mean that all these people are extreme liars, and put their careers on the line, it would also show that there is no one thinking our way which is also impossible. Just because trump has promoted the vax for whatever reason doesn’t mean these others do.

      • That is exactly my point! Besides Pres Trump has very clear ( though not talked about openly; it is Code) reasons why he promoted the jabberjabberdoo stings. Check out Cliff High on Bitchute, there you will get a better idea. Also very important in this time and age to use your intuition, not always the mind only. My intuition, Like a Robert Jr Kennedy, of course he is genuine, he has been figthing for years against the Vxx. Same for alot of those doctors.They are genuine people, I would be utterly shocked if they turned out not to be! I would eat my high heels.:)

      • Absolutely right. Perhaps Hugo is controlled opposition, because looking at the comments here, this video has led a lot of people to become confused, disillusioned and mistrust everyone and everything

    • The deception the Bible speaks of is spiritual. Fake religion, accursed gospels, wolves in sheep’s clothing…that is the deception warned about for Christs sheep.

    • Not everybody who has connections to controlled opposition doctors are themselves controlled opposition. Many people are not aware of the reality of these people and because the controlled opposition are famous and have a large following it is inevitable that many genuine doctors and people will have connections to them and do interviews with them.

      A lot of people in the truth movement believe in the false ideas pushed by the controlled opposition like trump being a saviour and the virus being real etc. There is a difference between genuine people who have been tricked into believing these things to be true and the controlled opposition that puts out this deliberate misinformation to misguide those who believe in the truth.

      I only regard individuals to be opposition when there is clear cut evidence. Trump for example is obviously controlled opposition because he supports the vax and Q movement etc. Christine Northup is controlled opposition because she pushes the new age nonsense. But unless there is a clear and obvious sign, people shouldn’t start suspecting everyone and confuse themselves. Many doctors featured in the video above don’t believe in many of the lies spread by the disinformation agents so you can’t put them all in one basket.

      I see nothing to indicate that Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowan are psyops. They expose the virology fraud which tell me they are genuine because the belief that the virus exists and was leaked from a lab is one of the biggest lies pushed by the controlled opposition and kaufman is actually attacked for having this stance. Kaufman also refuted Judy Mikovits who says that viruses are real and that HIV exists. I’m not saying that everyone who believes the virus does not exist is controlled opposition as many people have no clue about virology, but I believe those who expose this lie are genuine people.

      You can’t expect everybody in the truth movement to know the reality about everything and everyone because there is just too much information. You have to look at the individual as a whole – what beliefs and theories they push, their background, who their connections are. You can’t just say someone is evil simply because they appeared on a Del Bigtree show.

    • Like you I was sad to see that as their information has verified what I have been studying for some time. I hope that they are just somewhat naively swept along with this.

  22. I think it’s important to be careful not to put our culture on American culture, I didn’t really know too much about American political system until started to listen to Jonathan Shuttleworth’s ‘Check the news’ we speak the same language,but the culture is different. I don’t know about all the speakers,some I have not heard of, but some I have and they are professing Christians’ who have put their reputations on the line to stand against this. I’m no fan of Trump, but perhaps they feel they can work with him, that he might change his mind. Is it possible to work with people when you don’t see eye to eye on everything? I think it is, unless of course for me as a Christian it is blatantly against the Bible. Yes, there is a cross over with the new age people, however they are searching too. It doesn’t mean that the Christian speakers are going to worship with them. Obviously the medical system in the States is different to ours here in the UK. All I can say is ‘ test all things,and hold on to that which is good’ We are to be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents. Jesus is coming soon and all truth will be revealed,and also the hidden things. God bless you Hugo.

    • A truck driver put on a white coat, wrapped a stethoscope around his neck and walked into a hospital and spent the whole day there – everyone thought he was a doctor.
      There is a huge difference between claiming to be a Christian and actually being one.
      Many of the anti vaxxers claim to be Godly but in truth it’s just a tool they are using. Think of the prosperity preachers, so obvious to anyone with an ounce of discernment that they are fake.

      They control governments, the mainstream media, the banking system etc etc. do you really think they don’t also control most of the opposition?

      Time to really take notice of the warning Jesus gave us.

      Mat 24:4  And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

      • It’s all foretold in the Gospels. Read and believe in HIM.

  23. Hi Hugo
    This has left me confused. Icke is one of my “favourite people”. Who is actually left? One of my family members told me I was blinkered. Maybe they were right. I feel like I’ve got nowhere left to go.

    • Please do your research on David Ike, in the 80s he believed he was the Christ, actually gave interviews on the Terry Wogan show. He’s lead many to have mental break downs with his later teachings in the 90s of reptilian beings and his New Age teachings. Now he has returned to mislead a new era of people, he never gives up a false prophet if I ever saw one and an anti-Christ.

      • It was only yesterday that I told my son I’m umsub from all this head fuck stuff. I actually don’t care anymore. We could go on all day about all of this. As for David ike I can’t be listening to him going on about replins. Ffs life is hard enough as it is . I give up.

      • The reptile stuff was taken out of context by Terry Wogan when Icke appeared on his show on the BBC back in the 80’s. What Icke was referring to was the globalist elites as reptiles which they are.

      • @cazcurwen Slow down and start to think – giving up is not an option that you have, for you cannot unlearn The Truth. The Icke ‘reptilian’ thing was designed to make a mockery of the whole thing, and thereby discredit it as historical Truth, when it IS totally TRUE, and reptilians DO LIVE amongst us, hence the film: “They Live”.

        Reptilians is just another name for Canaanites, or The Serpent Seed from The Garden which I expose and reveal here:

        Did Eve Have Sex With The Devil or Did She Just Eat Some Fruit?:

    • Please do not take any video as solid truth. Even this one. The End Times will be a great confusion. Trust in the Lord Yeshua. He will bring you clarity and peace.

      • I felt like you do and then I remembered what Christ said “seek first the kingdom of God”. That is where we find the truth.

    • Icke is a master 33 Mason….controlled opp.

    • Why do you need to follow others. What is true for you? That is all that matters. Get rid of beliefs.. they are limiting. Keep your mind works better that way.. 🙂

  24. Hi Hugo, thanks for your research, you’re touching on something that has concerned me recently. The things is, the doctors quoted here are also the ones who have shared vital information, not just on the jab but also exposed the testing and masks and say a lot of good things, that we would quote from when discussing these issues. So if all these doctors are fake, can you or anyone point to some doctors who are exposing the vax and covid regime who are NOT part of this new age network?

  25. So disappointed to hear Reiner is in amongst them, I’m loosing faith in everything that seems good very quickly

    • You appear to be struggling and it’s why I’m reaching out to say please don’t just take others words and opinions and make them your own. Imho we have to wait it out to determine whether Trump, Reiner Fuelmich and others that Hugo has featured are truly on the right side of humanity.

    • “let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written”. Romans 3:4
      Pray and ask for the Fathers discernment,He will show you,and have faith only in the Father through Yeshua (Jesus).

      • Never believe in the world that Reiner Fuelmich nor all the doctors are bad and in the game. They would not have gone through all the trouble to start with. Guys, there are people who are good, also in the foreground, otherwise we as humanity would become extinct, if there is nobody good at all and we need to solve it ourselves we will not survive. So as that prospect is too dark for me I do not take that on. Think about it this way, it also depends on in what “timeline” you belief and you want to be on yourselves.:)

    • The only person you need to have faith in is you 🙂

  26. maybe, just maybe they are all controlled opposition and 5G is causing all of this ? maybe the world is a triangle ? maybe maybe maybe . All i know is they murdered millions and most of these people who seem to be the good guys seem to be just that , Trump aside that is. i,m gonna have a joint now , it seems that paranoia is the new norm. Have faith in your own judgement if you know enough about yourself , don,t worry , be happy.

  27. I gave up on Sacha Stone, the mesmerizing wordsmith, when he said recently that he had bought up land in Mexico, the new riviera he called it, and was going to put people into HIS version of the metaverse. To see David Icke in this lot is surprising, but something he said in a recent interview about having some respect (or whatever term he used) for Trump supporters because they were the ones pushing back, was a little startling. It feels like a game of snake and ladders, and I’ve just come all the way back to square one.

    • He’s a charlatan 33 Mason, like Russell Brand

      • Not so sure, Brand definitely is he has the tattoos to prove it.

    • Well stated, Hannah. My sentiments exactly. I guess we can only trust our own instincts…

  28. Very confusing. Del Bigtree is a good guy, as is David Icke, two of the main guys I follow for clarity. They are both very against government coercian for jibby jabbys and masks, which is very important. I don’t know what to make of Trump and the ‘Chyna virus’ stance, I can only refer to a Bill Hicks joke in my mind about the JFK assassination whereby a video is played of a new angle of the shooting and the question is asked by the smoking men in the room – ‘Any questions?’ – I avoided MSM with most things Trump related so I never got to see the 10pm BBC news stance of ‘Trump is a stupid clown’ but did see a very telling interview that Trump did with Piers Morgan- on air force one – check the glasses of water on the table – and Trump is one hell of a good liar, saying what a beautiful lady the queen was for instance, but he basically said in that interview Health would be an issue – pre-covid – so he had forewarning of some sort of the plandemic, but everything is compartmentalized, as David Icke has pointed out in the past, no-one has a full picture of what is occurring except for supreme beings and maybe about 5 trillionaires. In theory those that have been injected with graphene oxide/bluetooth trackable tech could all die in an instant at exactly they same time on FA cup final day, those that survive till then. When ET’s ask me to take them to my leader, I am going to have a very difficult time pointing to Boris and Biden, so I got to go with the simplest explanation for my mind to your question- maybe all these doctors are all good guys and back Trump because he is less evil than Biden. And maybe their new age dippy hippy stance of one love Ziggy Marley nation ‘religion’ just happens to overlap with New World Order/Communism/1984 agendas on a superficial layer only. I also avoided all terrorism MSM since Bill Hicks jokes from the early 90s were still applicable 20 years later, but have Isis caught a deadly disease or a common cold and testing positive for moron these days? When I was a kid the ‘cold war’ ‘gulf war’ and IRA bombs were scattered about the place, but if USA and Russia faked space together, what else are they in cahoots with? Russia and China fake space too. And Europe joined in, then India and Elon Musk and Jeff Besos. Follow the money, whoever profits most from a war probably are causing it. So since it all started just after an interview with a certain Prince I am thinking the ‘Royal Family’ probably have a seat at the BlackRock table. Then a Rothschild probably has a seat. And guys like Jeff Besos, Bill Gates and Elon Musks are like the court Jesters to distract the masses with their crappy space travel, something Richard Branson has delayed about a dozen times, he has been selling ‘space travel’ since about 1994, 28 years later I am pretty sure he has to keep saying ‘next year’ for at least the next 20 years or until he croaks. Proof is in the pudding. And clotshots kill. And only mugs watch the news daily for a new oil spill storyline/plot hole; spoiler alert; if you have to test for it, can’t be that deadly, but the ‘experimental’ not a cure for it does actually kill or do worse. So shame on those that pushed it and feel sorry for the stupid that lined up for their euthanasia. Not completely cynical though, there are some with critical thinking and are immune to the bullcrap peddled daily by nearly all governments and media outlet worldwide, so because of that fact, I remain hopeful.

    • Some good observations there, where despite the connection Hugo is making here, if what David Icke and his son Gareth is saying on the CONvid-1984 SCAMDEMIC makes perfect sense, as many of the others he highlighted (here’s an excellent Dr. Kaufman clip (7:15) that you may not have seen:, I believe we should run with it (I like and trust David, based on how outspoken he’s been on CONvid, and can choose to disregard the more esoteric stuff, and was thankful he took the advice from me and others, and largely stopped talking about his ‘V’ complex 😉) .

      As always, keeping an open mind, what makes you say “but if the USA and Russia faked space together”, where I firmly believe that they have at least explored low-Earth orbit, even if NASA in particular fakes a good deal (the moon landings in particular), and here’s my excerpts from the excellent Mir Chronicles which is SUPERB evidence of REAL space exploration, where the EPIC microgravity scenes would have been absolutely impossible to take at the time:

  29. Finally one of your videos we can share. Great research, you’re on the right track, they’re spreading confusion, while never deviating from their endgame agenda. This video title caught my eye, I hadn’t been watching your videos lately because they’re often full of cursing. The professionals on my list, can’t take that seriously, so I can’t share your vids. This one I will, thank you.

  30. This would make sense if his assumptions were correct, but they are not. Take Dr David Martin. He has highlighted Trumps support of the vaccine and that we will need to be held accountable for his position. The public has call Trump out on his support of the vaccine and so you’ve noticed Trump has held his tongue on this topic at his recent rallies.

    You can link anyone to almost anyone else, but unless your context is comprehensive and correct, it is akin to gossip.

  31. 29 minute video that could be 10 minutes. I kept thinking, get to the frikin point man.
    I noted Mike Yeadon is not mixed up in all this.

    • It all makes sense to me. How else do you expect the resistance to work if the opposition to the global narrative don’t galvanise and interconnect and present an alternative? Why wouldn’t they all work together and, if it’s really going to work for them, make a living from it. Some of them have been deep platformed and can no longer buy money from their previous career . Most of these doctors were already working against the narrative pre-Covid.

      For example Del big tree, David Ike Dr David Martin Dr Northrup etc. Just because they’ve become more high-profile because the attack on humanity has become more high-profile isn’t strange to me. As for Trump being pro-JibJab and everyone else not I don’t put much store by that either.

      I’m not sure that Trump is that intelligent.

  32. Thanks Hugo,
    I listened to the Stu Peters video on don’t trust the water recently, it’s the first time I heard Stu Peter’s, first thing that put me off was the “Stu Peter’s show”, the word show to me indicates something not real or genuine. How the material was presented also made me wary, with music being used at certain parts to add to drama etc.
    I don’t know what the angle is, those of us see the deception going on with Covid and wars are vulnerable to believing anyone who claims to represent our side and claims to have information on how and why.
    In adding snake venom into mix it justifies the use of anti-venom or the antibody infusion treatment they mention, there is an a drug of this type made by Astra Zeneca licensed recently in Ireland, maybe there trying tomorrow build our confidence in it?
    Likewise with Alex Jones infowars, something doesn’t sit right with me, you also don’t have a clue what’s really in the minerals and vitamins he pushes.
    I used to think Science was the religion that unites the world for the end times, to me Science is operating like a religion and all nations and religions are uniting behind Science against Covid and climate change.
    I do feel now that a more spiritual side might be involved also with the new age movement and other efforts to present all religion as being the same and maybe distracting us from the real message of the gospel of Jesus. I thing reading those Gospels for yourself and not listening to others versions of them is very important now if we are stand together in the real Truth and not all the versions of truth that are floating around.

  33. Hey Hugo,
    I have to say that I think you are massively on the right track. I have sent you an email that fully explains what I mean on this matter. I sent it both the mail addresses stated on this website. (I hope that’s ok?) If not I can send it elsewhere or alternatively I can take all that I wrote and post it on here because I feel very strongly that this is another of your videos where I feel you really are moving in the right direction. I find it upsetting to see you receive such hateful rhetoric from so many. Especially when there are some who now feel that if this is true that there is now nowhere to turn for help or truth when revelations like this reveal to them the grand charade being pushed on them. The reality and truth of the matter is that the only thing that will save any of us is the only thing has ever saved any of us from this system, this truly evil and worldly existence and that’s repentance and real faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross for ALL our sins!! He will return and is returning soon and all these world events are simply proof of this. Clinging on to this world is not what will save any of us! And we are not instructed to fight for it on His behalf…vengeance is His…not ours!! We are to let go of fleshly thinking and living and be reborn of the spirit in to His Spirit!
    All Glory and Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ as I believe He is revealing part of a great deception on the world through people like yourself Hugo.
    Again if you get the email and want me to share the contents on here I am more than happy to.
    God bless you!!

  34. I love your work Hugo and I agree with what you say but this upload was a monologue and give me headache. I was unable to watch it all, try and get to point a bit quicker.

    Kind regards.

    • You just might have pointed out a whole new truth Hugo, it smacks of the blue vs red, conservative vs labour. All these people in the mix many we have come to look to for truth like Kaufman and Cowan who i myself regard as sound but is it possible that “we” have been taken over by another race (AI) like in the film series The Invaders so that they are all on the same side just providing two sides (jabbed and un-jabbed) for our (the populas’s) entertainment then at the last turn will bring humanity to the same juncture One World Control. Although more confused, thank you for pointing out this obvious connection between the majority of the talking heads, great job Hugo.

    • You can’t get to the point quickly with this one. He needed to show you proof. This world is full of deception and so many still buy it. It is important that he explains well and so he did.

  35. Controlled opposition everywhere! Jesus alone is trustworthy…. in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 24: 4-8
    “Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. 6 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come

  36. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Vladimir Lenin.

  37. Trump is a Zionist.I think the snake venom is not very scientific.
    Dr Madej and Dr Tenpenny Dr Andrew Kaufman DrJudy Mikovits Dr Peter McCullogh are 100% ok..
    Trump is just used as a vehicle because he is the only opposition to the Democrats.How else can they get news out.
    Dr Christianne Northrop has been very clear about being an alternative medical for a long time.
    I find them all very informative.
    We do need to rebuild our society, it is so broken.

  38. Makes sense when you line it all up like this, but as you say very confusing message, just take it with a pinch of salt

  39. This is all beginning to give me Venus Project vibes which popped up to hoover up disaffected souls at the time of the 2007/08 economic crisis. This whole highlighted ecosystem of alternative opinion to a large extent did not exist two years ago. It appears designed and ready to go as a life belt for desperate people to grab onto.

  40. A cashless society will set us free,
    Said Klaus Schwab’s ( world economic forum)
    And most people couldn’t see

    We will have nothing and be happy,
    And the people accepted their fate,
    Another conspiracy?
    But they saw it too late.

    No cashless society,
    can’t you see
    A China state,
    Is what we will be

    The banks are closing day by day
    Going shopping, a card you have to pay
    A digital world , more jobs are lost
    But people didn’t see the cost.

    The fake news in the media
    Destroying us each day
    Now, I’ve seen an app
    To see if I am gay?

    Men are racing women
    But the trans are thinking great
    Of course a. Biology man
    Would win the race,No hate

    But free speech is being a thing of the past
    But I’m here to say the whole thing is a farce.

    The government, had their parties?,
    They got away with what they did,
    Another pandemic
    Known as covid

    Get another booster, cause the last one was shit?
    Still getting covid?
    And still getting away with it?

    So much of our taxes
    Let’s spend it some more
    How can we spend it?
    Let’s bring on a war ?

    And once again the tale was told
    1984 is getting old
    But still the people believe what they see
    And a cashless society? Will set them free?

    By Christine.

  41. Hugos videos full of “cursing”… Wtf you smoking? Monologue? You know that all of his videos are monologues? This is Hugo talks, not Hugo doesn’t talk. 🤦‍♂️ Obvious shill is obvious. Complaining it wasn’t 10 min.. Adhd? I enjoyed every second. This is bang on. I can sense the panic with faux casual veneer in some of these comments. . A very good sign. Lol. But some commenters still haven’t got it. The hegelian dialectic here is the same old crap but more macroscopic. It’s almost as though you prefer it to be so laid out for you in black and white. Which is what they do. If you never realise it isn’t like that and they are 10 steps ahead of you that is why you are still being played with like putty.
    Ever notice that Hugo doesn’t show his face? Rightly and wisely. Those who do (and live to tell the tale) are frauds. Obviously. David Icke was always sponsored. Along with Bill (I mean Alex 🤭) and Stupiders and all the rest. What’s amusing is they seem to think they’re ready to start moving with this yet videos like this one highlight and fuck up their careful plans. We actually will win, and not by way of that new age shit (ie “yay I watch wussel bwand and we wiww win against aww the eviw worwd weaders from the owd age because now we got a noo age”) . But by way of seeing it for what it is. Never ending, boring bullshit. We have better things to do. It has always been simply a matter of time. It may take 50 years it may take longer. But it will happen. Babylon shall fall. It is in our hands not theirs hence the desperation to convince us otherwise. Great video. One of the best and most important yet

  42. I remember when I realized Food Inc was actually Monsanto. That’s what seems is happening here. Controlled oppo

  43. I’m thinking the best thing to do is accept you know Nothing.

    Nothing at all. About anything. Because you have been lied to, from cradle to grave, for generation after generation, by people who claim to be some kind of authority. Usually for personal gain (duh).

    You should not look up to ANYBODY that claims to know anything. Because they have probably been lied to about everything they know to be true.

    The only authority you should be looking up to is yourself. And when your mind, heart and gut all point the same way, it’s probably true.

  44. Great work again Hugo. You know, I recognize their new satanic world sharing hands logo’s right away, their color usage, I just see straith through it and know up front it is controlled. As with so many so called “awakened famous people” and doctors, their word usage, often they use these typical WEF words, I see right through it. It often frustrates me how so many people that call themselves awake, still buy their misleading crap and can’t see through it. So I am very happy you’ve done this video. If I may do a wish, I wish a lot of wisdom to all the people. Wisdom and gut feelings. We need it. Don’t fall for this passive new age crap, it is here so you will be passive, hoping the universe will safe you. lol. Nobody will safe us, we need to save ourselves.

    • Well DT is no saviour that is for sure!
      So many have been deceived by him. So was I (a European)I because Hillary was unthinkable
      But he kept going back on his word and when he promoted the jab it was over. I then realised to my horror that all was planned.They are on the same side!

      So the ” fraudulent” ‘elections’ did not throw me either , part of the game still being played out.
      Not so long ago General Flynn recited a ‘ prayer’ to the 1000 points of light’ to a mostly Christian audience. Weird. Not sure if Hugo covered it. I think he did? I then remembered DT spoke of 1000 points of light too.
      So obviously New Age..this is great work by Hugo , a true detective!

  45. For my 2 cents worth, I’m 58, always been “one of them”, I think (this) present time has to do with the shape of the earth. IF THERE IS A God who created the earth then it is flat with a dome, (not going to put references to bible etc do your own research) If there is a Devil, then Nasa and the likes have been promoting at 55 million bucks per day a globe earth hurtling through space at unimaginable speeds and distances , So just imagine if you will, that it is flat and that comes out in the mainstream, how that would impact us earthlings, this would undoubtedly be catastrophic So in a nutshell : Good vs Evil, Stay strong, Have a great day people 🙂

    • im seeing it as flat and stationary now. do u believe its round or has 4 corners? could be rectangular as bible says as far as the east is from west in describing extreme distance, never north to south. what about pillars of the earth? what are your thoughts?

      • Psalm 104:5
        Modern English Version
        5 You laid the earth on its foundations,
        so that it should never be moved.

      • @Jason Martin, I will say to you what I say to all flat earth dupes: Show me where I will find the sun in the night sky of your flat earth paradigm, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it MUST remain visible 24/7 365 days of the year.

        The Earth is a fixed globe at the centre of the universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in the aether. The space vacuum is a myth. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk!

        Flat Earth Stupidity Exposed

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine . .. Here we go again . . . . Get a grip . . . splitting hairs over infallable/innerrant. I take it as a compliment being called a pompous Jackass by the seed of the serpent who is looking up at me from where he belongs, on his belly slithering about in the dirt spouting false doctrine and spitting venomous jibes at everyone on this site who he disagrees with…. Behind me satan ! You seem to forget that you are being scrutinized by everyone. Your continual tirade of hate highlights to the world just how arrogant and odious creature you are, masquerading as a Christian…..

        “How can you who are evil say anything good ? For the mouth speaks what the mouth is full of ” Matthew 12:34

        And remember this . . . .. .

        Therefore as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I will treat you in accordance with the anger and jealousy you showed in your hatred of them and I will make myself known among them when I judge you. Ezekiel 35:11

        Colossians 3:12
        Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

        I told you before ISAIAH knew the difference between a BALL and a CIRCLE . . . you obviously don’t because of your COGNiTIVE DISSONANCE!! go look it up

        ISAIAH 40 21-22 Have you not known? Have you not heard? Has it not been told you from the beginning? Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in;
        ISAIAH 22:18 8 and whirl you round and round, and throw you like a ball into a wide land; there you shall die, and there shall be your splendid chariots, you shame of your master’s house.
        ISAIAH 24:18 He who flees at the sound of the terror shall fall into the pit; and he who climbs out of the pit shall be caught in the snare. For the windows of heaven are opened, and the foundations of the earth tremble.

        The word GLOBE does not exist in ancient HEBREW. The word Globe comes from the Latin word GLOBUS first used by a Greek philosopher called SCRABO approx 150BC. The so called “Globe” earth is unproven pseudo science and flies in the face of BIBLICAL truth.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine .. . .. You obviously have not got the first notion of Perspective. . .. Do yourself a favour and go research it Condemnation before investigation is ignorance. You speak about things you have never researched. You obviously have chosen to ignore the FIRMAMENT. You call people “DUPES” when in fact you are the Dupe!!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine

        “The heliocentric theory, by putting the sun at the center of the universe … made man appear to be just one of a possible host of wanderers drifting through a cold sky. It seemed less likely that he was born to live gloriously and to attain paradise upon his death. Less likely, too, was it that he was the object of God’s ministrations.” -Morris Kline

        By removing Earth from the motionless center of the Universe, has moved us physically and metaphysically from a place of supreme importance to one of complete nihilistic indifference. If the Earth is the center of the Universe, then the ideas of God, creation, and a purpose for human existence are resplendent. But if the Earth is just one of billions of planets revolving around billions of stars in billions of galaxies, then the ideas of God, creation, and a specific purpose for Earth and human existence becomes highly implausible.

        By surreptitiously indoctrinating us into their scientific materialist Sun-worship, not only do we lose faith in anything beyond the material, we gain absolute faith in materiality, superficiality, status, selfishness, hedonism and consumerism. If there is no God, and everyone is just an accident, then all that really matters is me, me, me. They have turned Madonna, the Mother of God, into a material girl living in a material world. The rich, powerful corporations with slick Sun-cult logos sell us idols to worship, slowly taking over the world while we tacitly believe their “science,” vote for their politicians, buy their products, listen to their music, and watch their movies, sacrificing our souls at the altar of materialism.

        Our eyes and experience tell us the Earth is flat and motionless, and everything in the sky revolves around us. When we cease to believe our own eyes and experience we must prostrate ourselves at the feet of the very pseudo-scientists who blinded us, to treat them as “experts,” astronomical “priests” who have special knowledge only they can access, like the Hubble telescope. By brainwashing us of something so gigantic and fundamental, it makes every other kind of lesser indoctrination a piece of cake!

        Earth being the flat, fixed center of the universe, around which everything in the heavens revolves denotes a special importance and significance not only the Earth, but to us humans, the most intelligent among the intelligent designer’s designs. By turning Earth into a spinning ball thrown around the Sun and shot through infinite space from a Godless Big Bang they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of a blind, dumb universe! It’s trauma-based mind-control! They beat the divinity out of us with their mental manipulations.

        Eric Dubay

      • @battlebeth “Your continual tirade of hate highlights to the world just how arrogant and odious creature you are, masquerading as a Christian…..”

        You sound like a Cultural Jew Marxist, not a Christian, and using one of their pet slogans ‘Hate’ and you also sound emotionally unstable. Perhaps you’re a classic example of why Paul told the women to remain silent. You’re also VERY judgemental.

        You call what I say ‘hate’ because I disagree with everything you stand for and say and because I expose you for the religious fraud that you are.

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine Perspective? From a visual sense. What else would I be talking about? You ask people questions and you don”t even know what you are asking . . . lol. There is a serious gap in you basic education that you don’t even understand perspective and the vanishing point. Only a numpty would ask a question like

        ” where I will find the sun in the night sky of your flat earth paradigm, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it MUST remain visible 24/7 365 days of the year”.

        A simple investigation into what perspective is would answer the question for you. But then you seem to be having problems with investigating things when pointed in the right direction.You would find the answers if you investigated. But you won’t, your own pig headedness or Cognitive Dissonance is holding you back.

        Go and find out a about PERSPECTIVE and then you will find out the answer you are looking for. Go and find out about the FIRMAMENT.

        Go find out about The TRUTH about the JESUIT MASONIC AND SATANIC GLOBE LIE !

      • @battlebeth Let me give you a picture that even your pea sized simple mind should be capable of understanding:

        In the flat earth paradigm: The UK and Australia are both on the same flat earth plain with the sun overhead at the same time, the only difference being when the sun shines on Australia it will be much further away from the UK, BUT STILL VISIBLE in the night sky in the UK, for it does not set, nor does it rise on a flat earth.

        Now lets see your bullshit reply to that.

      • A word of warning to Hugo’s readers: You should NEVER look at the Sun through a telescope or binoculars. It can lead to sudden, irreversible eye damage or blindness.

    • @thetruthnotdoctrine
      You are not very clever are you ? you still can’t grasp perspective and the vanishing point. No matter how much anyone says to you by telling what to investigate …you don’t . . lol . . . Are you really that stupid ? Do you even understand what the VANISHING POINT is ? By the way the answer is in the question. When an object gets to the vanishing point it disappears. That includes the sun and light from the sun. Hey that is science …How about that!!! Not all science is fake. Go and learn something for once and stop continually criticising things you know nothing about and continually calling people names.

      • @battlebeth Oh yes!! just as I expected – pure unadulterated BULLSHIT!! What vanishing point? Show me a visible star that has a vanishing point? The sun (a star) would be visible 24/7 365 days of the year, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it would NOT SET and nor would it RISE = always in the sky shining down on your mickey mouse flat earth. No wonder you morons are called flat-tards!!

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine I already replied about this I don’t know where my post went ???? . . . Anyway here we go again. . . . .What vanishing point ??
        I have never spoken to anyone as dumb or as thick as 2 short planks in all my life. I am going to post a Geometric perspective for DUMMIES. although I am beginning to wonder if you will understand this either. Below that I will put an explanation for Perspective and then one for the vanishing point from another source …Your last question is a lot of nonsense …. or should I say gibberish. By the looks of things I doubt if you can even grasp the basic fundamentals of geometry. You have completely changed the question you originally asked. That is classic diverting tactics from someone who has no answers , or who is running away from absolute TRUTH. Your friends the ZIONISTs are adept at such tactics, you must have learnt it from them. I am actually beginning to think it is Cognitive Dissonance with you. You just refuse to accept truth by way of acting like a NITWIT. . . . OR . . . .perhaps you really are a NITWIT. your JESUIT MASONIC AND SATANIC GLOBE is a LIE. That flies in the face of BIBLICAL TRUTH.

        your original question was . . . . .

        @Jason Martin, I will say to you what I say to all flat earth dupes: Show me where I will find the sun in the night sky of your flat earth paradigm, either with the naked eye or with a telescope, for it MUST remain visible 24/7 365 days of the year.

        Answer: The sun does not set. It goes further and further away eventually reaching the vanishing point.

      • @battlebeth ONCE MORE! Show me the sun in the night sky of your mickey mouse flat earth paradigm, for it cannot set, nor can it rise and it MUST shine upon the UK and Australia at the same time, and/or certainly be visible from both countries at the same time – either with the naked eye or with the assistance of a telescope as it moves further away.

    • @thetruthnotdoctrine . . .Yes there you go as expected. The ignorant rant of an absolute moron. I do not think I have ever spoken to anyone as thick or stupid in my life. . . . What vanishing point ? . . .HA HA HA

      There you are an explanation for a Dummy … fact I have put up 3 different explanation …2 for perspective and one for The vanishing point. not that I expect you to understand any of them …

  46. I say to this Storm of ALL Informational overload…
    HUSH – Be Still – Submit to the Will of Yahweh!! (Mark 4:39)

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