DIGITAL Zelensky / Coming Soon To UK / Hugo Talks

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  1. The electronic voice of that green blob was really upsetting my ears! Oh and love the pyramid staircase too stick your NWO up your ring piece!!

  2. “Shortening the queue” because many there are being killed off by Zelensky and mob 😤 😢

  3. Part of the WEF with all the other shitbags…
    Im amazed how many folk have not heard of the WEF and not know hes part of the problem…
    Just bbc brainwashed wankers basically

  4. Little man syndrome he’s far more dangerous and much smaller than Putin

    • Hunger games are here! The azov so called nazis are run by the Jews.. Same as the bolsheviks who took Russia 1917..53
      Lead the peasants astray, then when everything was in place off to the gulags, secret police everywhere you go, listening for desenters.. Over 60 million perished in Russia, but shhh! Keep it secret…
      The west is a sham ruled by the satanists.. We’re too far gone now!
      Division, division is there motto..

      Man will not save you! Only Jesus Christ will save you! On this day (good Friday) Jesus bore the cross to cavalry… And gave his life for us all so that we can be saved! through the precious blood of the lamb of God!!

      “whoever saves their life will lose it and whoever loses their life for my sake will save it…”

      Let everyone know!! “Jesus christ is the king of glory”
      If you deny me before men! I will deny you before the angels of God

      “These are the days when many martyrs will be made”

      Hear what I say! Because it’s true!
      God bless!
      Christ is king!

      • well said we have to prepare to loose our life for the faith in Christ IF pushed and not buckle to satans

      • @Jason Martin, I didn’t realise you were born of God. When were you Baptised (full immersion) into Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and gifted with The Holy Spirit?

      • tnd. 20 years ago this october.

      • @Jason Martin Out of interest, was it a baptism into The Trinity or into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name alone? I ask this because my first Baptism was into The Trinity, as per this spurious verse here: Matthew 28:19 (KJV) Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

        Until I rectified it by being Baptised a second time into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name alone, as per these verses:

        Acts 2:38 (KJV) Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

        Acts 8:15-17 (KJV) Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Spirit: 16 (For as yet it was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.) 17 Then laid they hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

        Acts 19:5-6 (KJV) When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 6 And when Paul had laid his hands upon them, the Holy Spirit came on them; and they spake with tongues, and prophesied.

        Romans 6:3 (KJV) Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death?

        Gal 3:27 (KJV) For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.

      • @tnd. well my first went as acts 2.38 but they said ‘jesus name’ not Yashua. then later i got baptised in a nice flowing river instead of a pool by a group i got into for a while but came out of. They used ‘Yashaya’ name in their pre baptism speach. but then did it in name of father son and holy ghost. the way i see it all now these two, is ive had it done and covered it all whether it was better 1st time or second, its done. And yes i am a different person now. since then The Holy Spirit guides my life in everything and every way and has not let me go no matter what im always pulled back and humbled. my testimony to this is one strong story coming from sex, drugs rock n roll and crime to where i am now.

      • ive recently seen the earth in the biblical shape as opposed to the nasa its wonderful im like a kid looking at chuffin dinosaurs all over again

      • @tnd i will look. do u think the flat earth is false? its new to me only looked at it seriously in last 2 or 3 months. it seems more in accord with the scriptures rather than nasa.

      • @Jason Martin It’s 100% false – a tool employed by the CIA to divide and conquer the masses. Too many ‘truthers’ have been conned by this trick of the Devil.

        The Earth is a Fixed Globe at the centre of The Universe, with the sun and moon orbiting the earth. The Stars move in The Aether. The space-vacuum is a myth. Gravity is a myth. Einstein’s theory of relativity is bunk.

        Geocentricism – Did The Sun Stand Still and The Moon Stay or Did The Earth Stop Spinning and Moving – Joshua 10:13:

      • @tnd im happy with my baptism. its a ritual and an act of obedience to the command to get baptised. for me it challenged something in me to allow some guy to lower me into the water it takes trust and submission to that person performing the task but of course ultimately to Christ and God. Christ had it done so why not every man/woman. main thing is the Holy Spirit allowing us to overcome sin and giving us power over sin and power in temptation. but yh im happy enough with the ritual part.
        will look into wot u say re earth.

      • @Jason Martin YOU might be happy with it, and in ignorance, The Father would turn a blind eye to it, and accept it, but now you know The Truth, you have no option but to get Baptised correctly into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name alone.

        Baptism literally represents death and burial with Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and is NOT a ritual – ONLY SATANIC RELIGION’S HAVE RITUALS!!!

        Understand this: 1) The Father did not die for you! 2) The Holy Spirit die not die for you! Only Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) DIED FOR YOU!!! So Baptism into The Trinity is nonsense and it’s 100% bogus and it’s meaningless now that you KNOW THE TRUTH!

        Now think long and hard on these truths.

  5. Take traffic lights as an example. Brought in under the pretext of health and safety.
    Good idea to start but slowly absolute control.
    We willingly add identification numbers to our cars when we could collectively say no.
    Life on the roads has now become so unbearable, to the point all joy has been taken from driving. The answer always has been to come together. The attack has always been division. This won’t well. I just want to see those who willingly send people off to war to stake their lives as well. Lead by example as I’m always taught at work.

    • That is our only hope, the cosmos might just arrange a massive solar incident or another means.Look for help inside yourself and learn to let go of your false self.Nothing is as important as that .Good luck

    • i think theyre preparing the country for themselves to turn it into the new silicon valley of the world or europe at least. theyll have all the buildings they dont want smashed down and put up new stuff for themselves and the ‘talented’ ukrainians and others theyll invite to enjoy the place with. While getting rid of the ‘untalented’ and sticking them in shitholes like uk etc a dumping ground to them for whatever they decide. this bit of land sits right inbetween the west and russia, perfect start point for the nwo to physically start building. putin is completely working together on it all in my opinion. the ‘war’ is all to clear the way for this zelenski to look a hero too, making huge progress in the face of ‘oppression’. this zelenski will be made into some huge figure u watch. he’s a cabalist jew and an actor very groomed for the part.

  6. I work in a big supermarket and there is a big increase in using smart phones t9 pay.These will be happy to have a digital I.d.
    Fun fact.
    I am seeing people with vaccine injuries in the pharmacy and tell them it may be that , their Drs do not tell them,but they just cannot take it in.Write to Sir Christopher Chope to thank him for talking about m RNA injuries in Westminster and it’s on UKColumn news website.

    • Yes, I had a response from Sir Christopher and while he still believes in vaccines, I think he may be on the right track, a late starter but who knows. He’s getting the old runaround for sure from the MRHA. But again deep down I still have distrust in the lot of them and I feel it is too late to make me think otherwise.

      • Yes. How many MPs stood up over the last two years and said: ‘This is a hoax, you are all being shafted?’ None that I know of. Then they all sit together with their little blue and yellow badges. NOW they are coming to our door looking for votes. (Local elections). Unbelievable!

      • Ahhhh of course. Well I won’t be voting – waste of time. Local councillors that sit on their bums at home and just partay with the nobs and the twinned town Europeans or mega state counterparts. Always the same old people – those that need power. Like that stupid man in Staines who decided it must be known as Staines-on-Thames because he didn’t likes Ali G! Cost a fortune to get signs changed, residents complained but those brown nosers who backed him sealed their fate.

  7. What a horrible little evil man. I’ve had contact with my bank 3 times this week and all they want to do is ask you to use their app. No chance.

  8. How come he looks like Musk and Zuckerberg? Are they clones? This info is frightening. Is that part of the reason why Russia went in?

  9. I have given up with the asleep now, only when the shit hits the fan will they realise and then BOOM!!

    • That’s never gonna happen. Our freedom will be taken away slowly so the jabbed won’t realize when is too late. Our kids will grow up in the new system where it will be natural and normal for them.

  10. So all this was done on the cusp of war lol now apparently population has been displaced Ukrainians all over the show. I use a smartphone as much to keep in touch with the plan I don’t and won’t download apps that promote this garbage

  11. Zzzzzzzz anyone that is paying any attention to this crap is dead already or almost there – these demons all look the same cos they are all related obviously

  12. evil fucking AI control freaks emphasis on the word freaks & that fucking robot voice creepy as fuck & disturbing and as for census huh well av came up with brilliant idea I wrote my own census with the most hilarious answers and am gonna send it to them with no name no address & to add insult to injury am gonna make them pay postage this hell is fucked up beyond belief and read in stop world control email the crazy crap that’s comming it’s fucked up beyond all words could ever describe

  13. I do share ya videos Hugo.

    It’s getting difficult getting people to see the smartphone has to go!

    It’s such a big thing for the younger generations which are the ones we really need to see how dangerous & unhappy digital life it will be.

    I do keep trying Hugo.. Only because You do to
    bless ya fella.

    Have great weekend All.

      • Good to hear it Moria

        Best thing your do.

    • Mine sits on a shelf above my PC. I leave it switched off most of the time. I just switched it on to ring my brother. It never really leaves the house!

      • Hi
        The freedom I feel out without it is much better
        I have a old Nokia & even if they got rid them it would not bother me.

        Hopefully you having nice weekend

      • grouchoone1195 I think you’ll find that it still gives off a signal even when switched off and I have heard that if you take the power pack out THAT still gives off a signal but I stand to be corrected on that. I also think you’ll find that the only solution is a sledge hammer, a slab of concrete and your phone between the two. LOL

  14. there all in on it , there the evil entities of this world and trying there hardest to push this as fast as they can

  15. It’s hardly groundshaking. Paying taxes & fines, filling census, buying medicines, online. Woo woo an impressive repertoire of services suddenly available digitally

    The dream that is the new order prison.

  16. why was stop world control website took off the internet ?? oh yes it told the truth of what is happening in ukraine?? and its to near for the powers be so they pulled the plug on it , fucking evil bastards

  17. I think I’ve worked out what’s really going on, it’s got to be pretty BIG for all this BS and expense.

    Chem Trails, always ignored, too much money to kill/control us, but required and worth it for Terraforming.

    Jabs + 5G are changing humans ( might take generations ?? ) to survive or be food for said Aliens.

    That huge comet, lets see if it changes course and heads our way over the next few years, 2031 at it’s closest point currently, a long way out, this could be who they are Terraforming the planet for. ( Could stay in orbit and continue Terraforming for centuries if needs be, but feels like it’ll be sooner )

    Looks like Australia will be there new home, guess they need the heat, Canada not sure what’s going on there!

    All the Alien Talk, might be to prepare us, not a Fake for once in there lives.

    Unjabbed might be on the wrong side, in a atmosphere we can’t survive in, why else continue to jab people knowing full well it don’t work and it’s dangerous shit.

  18. Phone goes PING! – Congratulations! You have qualified for a free euthenasia appointment. Please report to your local disposal center at 9am tomorrow morning. If you do not comply your UBI payments will be stopped and you will be sanctioned. Have a nice day!

    • Each year you will have a medical, as soon as your health drops below the productive level you will be euthanised.

      • @uftonwood – otherwise known as “useless eater” status

  19. Like he’s says Russia is also
    On the digital passports.

  20. I thought he was busy fighting his plandemic war with Russia. They are all in it together. To achieve the great reset and depopulation.

  21. I dream of Zelensky having a bullet hole in the head along with all his puppet masters. Can someone please make it so…

    • I remember the time when politicians were afraid to start their car…💥

      • IdHabEndaOmika The only British politicians that get taken out are the good ones, and since WW2 I think you can count those, that have been taken out, on one hand.

  22. Nicely standing on top of a pyramid of steps there…
    WEF stands for World-Ending F*cktards. Convenience is bad, convenience food is bad for our health, convenience stores take advantage of your need with higher prices, convenient drop-in centres for the jib-jabs were for our benefit to fit around our other commitments (how kind of them to make it easier), “convenient” digital apps and money will be our downfall and we will lose the modest freedoms we have left. I’d much rather be mildly inconvenienced by coins and notes and paperwork. Not much of a compromise to retain much more freedom with your own money etc. I seem to recall we didn’t all perish with no mobile phones or internet at all once upon a time!

    • Cummon Martin , do your homework , he is obviously part of this. They planned 3 world wars ( see Dr Richard Day 1969 ). He was a young global leader , KGB , super rich , he has follow all the convid rules , he makes his move after 8 years of war just as the people start to fight back against the fascism , he knows that between them and Ukraine they produce 35% of the world’s wheat , he has control over oil and the petro dollar etc etc . Although I have been a tinhat for years I still am shocked at how ignorant people are ( no offence ) to the what is going on in our world. They have entered the room and closed the door and we are there too , I would fight any one of them to the death , I really would. They are callous cowards who in April 2020 MURDERED thousands upon thousands of our pensioners , I am not ashamed to admit it because I had pestered the Police , politicians and Doctors telling them this was gonna happen and that was from June 2019 . My family still think I’m mad even though the plandemic came as I told them it would .

      • P.s I am not ashamed to admit that I cried *

  23. Somehow I don’t think queues are top of the Ukrainians agenda right now. Saw a video today and insurance companies in the US are seeing a 40% increase in deaths amongst working age people. That’s huge. Wouldn’t worry about queues then.

  24. So Ukraine it the practice ground for the total digital / AI human control mechanism

  25. to see who is a w.e.f puppet, just watch boris, he can’t help himself, when going on meets and offering support, boris is trying to show schwab and co, just how important a serial liar can be, to their organisation.

    • Boris has just promised millions in aid, weapons etc for ukrain, on the same day in Cornwall an 80 year old woman who had fallen and was seriously injured at home had to wait 8 hours for an ambulance that was stationed nine miles away…

      • He doesn’t care

        My thoughts go out to the poor woman John,
        it’s Disgusting leaving an elderly person so in distress
        the hospital that was called should be Ashamed !

        The lady has probably paid her NHS all her life & is left for 8 hours!
        It’s cruel.

      • It is happening all the time. One of my neighbours died of a heart attack waiting 8 hours for an ambulance.

        ‘The Police Ombudsman has appealed for witnesses over the death of a woman who was waiting more than 45 minutes for an ambulance on a street in Newry.

        Jody Keenan, who was 39, died in the early hours of Sunday after calling emergency services.’

      • All in the money is the world for crap like the ‘census’ and sending weapons to Ukraine but no money for an ambulance.

        ‘Mum of Belfast man who died after ambulance wait in legal action over ‘chronic shortage’

        A bereaved mother is set to take legal action over an alleged chronic shortage of ambulances in Northern Ireland.

        Lawyers for west Belfast woman Anne Gannon claim that a wait of nearly nine hours for an emergency crew may have contributed to the death of her 25-year-old son.

        Lee Gannon died in the Royal Victoria Hospital on February 15 this year – a day after his family say they first requested an ambulance when he complained of breathing difficulties.’

  26. UK size 248,532 km2, population 68.5mill approx. Ukraine size 603,550 km2, population 43. 3 million approx. Less queues there than in the UK anyway, I would think. A lot more land to live on as well…

    • A lot of the UK is mountainous: Scotland, North Wales, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor etc. so a sizeable chunk of the 248,532 km2 is not suitable for habitation. I have no idea if the Ukraine has any mountainous areas.

      • What is wrong with living on the side of or on top of a mountain?

      • @Senga the numbskull cretin, Nothing, especially if it was you living there for you are stupid enough! LOL However, that was not the point of my comment as you well know.

  27. If you wake to the sound of the birds singing , then be thankful . if you , brother pass before sunrise , with wisdom learnt , then you know the birds sang . Nature is all you need to ‘ connect ‘ to … ✌️

  28. Hay anybody got any tips to get rid of census bastards yday bitch at ma door n today just had fucking prick at ma door shoving ticket through door but he was hanging about outside while I was waiting for somebody to come to my house to pick up something he finally fucked off 2 mins before that person came to my house to pick up something speak about fucking close shave but yday & today this is harassment & stalking ffs

    • blueangel It’s easy to get rid of them just by rebutting whatever’s written on the envelope. It will say something like “The Occupier” or “The Householder” of which you are neither, if you stand under your God given unalienable rights as a MAN! A Man is not a ‘Mr’; a Man is not an Occupier; a Man is not a Householder.

      Always return these with: ‘No Contract, return to sender” Or “Addressee not recognised, return to sender”

      They will eventually put you down as a ‘refuser’.

      • This is as stupid as writing to ‘tv licencing’ with a WOIRA (‘Withdrawal of Implied Rights Access’). If you read the census goons job description it says that are charged with ‘making contact with every ‘householder”. The last thing you want to do is make contact with them, and even worse identify yourself as ‘the householder’. It is best to treat them as ‘tv licencing’ – NO CONTACT! You have to avoid contact when you are coming or going. Your tactics will depend on the layout of your property and surrounding area. For instance, if you were arriving home and found them on your doorstep it would be easy to just post something through the letterbox and walk off, pretend like you are visiting and no one is in. There is no ‘law’ that says you have to answer your door or even speak to anyone. But if you ‘make contact’ and ‘identify’ yourself it helps them ‘build a case’. Each one of these ‘goons’ is a potential witness. If you look at the job description it also says that the operate from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week, until 1st May (with the potential for further shifts the first two weeks in May). I understand that the harassment ramps up after the first fortnight – when you ‘case’ is passed onto the ‘Enfarcement Division’ LOL It is a pain because it makes you feel like a prisoner in your own home. You just have to be on your guard until the middle of May, it should have blown over by then and you should be well out of ‘census’ Dodge. Good luck!

      • They will also ask your neighbours if there is anyone at home and when.

      • @Senga the pompous know-nothing jackass! I’ve done it, so you can piss off and take you dumb ignorant dog vomit diatribe with you!

      • @Senga the citizen slave moron. That’s no use to them – THEY WANT TO CONTRACT AND THEY HAVE TO HAVE THE MAN’S VERBAL CONSENT AND SIGNATURE TO DO THAT! DICK HEAD!!

      • What the fuck are you on about with your Freewo/man of the Land bs. I said to IGNORE the census goons? Why are YOU wanting to get people into trouble you fucking moron? Like sending of a ‘tort of lien’ or whatever you call your missives to the ONS will do you any good LOL Allowing them to mark you as a ‘refusal’ is really dumb. Do not answer the door to them and if you catch sight of them you body swerve them. There is absolutely nothing they can do. It is really THAT simple you fucking dumb fuck.

      • @Senga the flapping and protesting faggot. I have already told, crap for brains, I have done it, I have worn ALL the t shirts, so don’t tell me what doesn’t work, when I already KNOW that it does. Now run along and service your clients – they’re waiting for the only thing you’re good at – grovelling fellatio and bending the knee.

      • What are you twittering on about? You are advising people to send back ‘census’ forms, ‘torts of lien’, whatever and whatnot to the ONS. Totally unnecessary. I will tell you what works because I have been there and got the T-shirt. IGNORING their communications, not answering the door to them and avoiding coming into contact with them. Why make life more difficult than it has to be? Now stop spreading misinformation and toddle off you brain-dead Nazi.

      • @Senga In my case they were waiting outside and accosted me as I got out of my car. I then dealt with them LAWFULLY thereby staying in honour and not skulking behind my garden hedge like a Senga yella bellied coward who runs and hides when the door bell rings. LMAO!

      • Check Blacks law book , ‘ the occupier = terrorist , or affiliated with a terrorist group , I’m gonna start my own cell and call it ” ginger jocks for justice “. But wee Jimmy krankie ain’t allowed to join .

    • I just told them to piss off , job done mate because they haven’t been back , use common law language.

  29. Perhaps there bombing it flat to build a smart city for smart people and the rest die as collateral damage

    • Re maybe to build smart cities , this is why they are flooding Australia just now , and believe me THEY are doing this , as they have plans for 52 smart cities and guess where most are planned to be , right in the fuckin middle of the flood hit areas , this is all more barbaric than any other event in known human history. I say known because this has probably happened before , maybe many times , we won’t know until we leave this body but my fuck this is some ride.

  30. Voting on the Inet what a joke. We’ve already seen what network voting does, now these guys want to try it. Cant think of any reasons why these people would want to do this📡🗡⚔️💣🔗

  31. Yes mention Swob and I get “who?” World Economic Forum – “what?” From the same people – I swear I need a tape recorder! So the WEF tells all the governments what they should be doing. And it isn’t good. But look for him because he is quite an interesting character especially his Stingray bad guy outfit. Try researching further than the BBC or the Telecraph or the Daily Fail. Actually you don’t even research because it is too much for you, you can’t think for yourselves, you fools. Ah well, unless they had a placebo, it’s not worth talking to them now.

    • As someone pointed out to me, they do not WANT to know, because once they know, they have to make decisions – take responsibility. Yes, once they know, they know, and there’s no going back. They leave all the worrying to someone else.

      • You are so right. Totally in denial too. I guess a lot of it is because they’ve had so many stabs but are feeling great, no side effects apart from their sore arm (I beg to differ with husband’s first vacant, staring spell) but I agree it seems what you don’t know won’t hurt you – but oh boy have they been hurt. Murdered. Walking dead. My daughter no longer speaks to me – no big deal, I’m not a drama queen and I just can’t be arsed to be with a toxic person in more ways than one. I’m getting a lot of “idiot” references to a lot of things now and not as a conspiracy theory tin hat looney jibe. I just say oh indeed I am, stops them carrying on until something else crops up for a cheap laugh at my expense a couple of days later. They won’t be doing it much longer and I just hope I get to say I told you so.

  32. Darts commentator Nigel Pearson dies aged 52 as Phil Taylor and Gerwyn Price pay tributes

    Darts legends have paid tribute to “a great guy and commentator” after the death of presenter and journalist Nigel Pearson at the age of 52.

    Having spent more than a decade covering darts, Pearson was best known for his love of speedway. It was the sport’s UK governing body which announced the news of his death with a statement on social media.

    • I noticed that too. So it wasn’t just me. DO NOT adjust your set (monitor)!

  33. Relationship between the “citizen & the state” – in a nutshell.Zelensky says that.

    “social contract party” would crystallise the issue here, unify resistance to get the right deal out of digitisation (which I think in some form is here already) before it is too late. Demand the safeguards required.

    It seems simplistic but maybe it is simple!


  35. Dia in Greek mythology, Dia, allegedly means “bright sky”, ‘she who belongs to Zeus’ or ‘the heavenly one’).
    She was the daughter of Deioneus or Eion and mother of the Lapith Pirithous.
    Interesting name for them to use.

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