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  1. WTF !!! Let’s all join the “15 minuters ” as Blackadder would say lol

  2. Don’t forget the old boy has been in the TA… oo..
    Really gives ya confidence knowing a Boy Scout is going to fight for you.

    The TA is weekends of camping & learning ‘basic’ skills…

    Talk about Some Mothers do Have Em..

    Crazy times.

  3. Maybe they are just bored and looking for something to do.

  4. Reporters outside the Ukrainian Embassy when Ukraine is at war and their ambassador is about to deliver a speech to the Commons? Surely not…
    Guy is too scared to go outside without his mask but wants to fight? Masks stop you spreading covid not catching it…
    Funniest part is the sheep in the comments saying how scared and stupid they all are. Side note, are there sources for any of your thoughts stated here?
    Please could someone reply to me with something they have done that is braver than what we saw in the clip, I’ll wait.

    • I ONCE changed a baby’s nappy…. go on, tell me that’s ‘not brave’ ???!!!!!

      • LOL! I can top that – gave birth twice. Once not sure, second confirmed never again! Stood me in good stead for pain control – I don’t have injections at the dentist – even for a root canal, nerve removed and nada. Of course it works 2 ways – serious internals are dismissed when they should be treated. Hah, that was in the olden days. When the 2nd child decided to make an appearance the midwife said nah, not ready – you are still joking, and then they immediately rushed me to the theatre in a panic. I did tell her!

  5. Good old Sky, they never fail to give me a good laugh. Wonder how much those two got paid?

  6. Worst part is people will believe these “men” want to join…
    People are so stupid now its funny…😀

    • Do you not believe they are men? Weird use of quote marks – unless you are thick of course.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I have no words anymore..the stupidity of human race has gone way over any limits…how sad it is…

  8. Thanks Hugo! Woke up to see grey skies and drizzle, but within 5 minutes you had given me such a good laugh. Clown world – but many mugs will fall for it. Think I need to create a ‘social distance’ from the bulk of the ‘human race’ of about 500 miles.

  9. I’ve been to Afghanistan twice in my service career and can honestly say I would of loved to have these characters with me to raise moral and give me a few laughs. Weapon grade jokers 😂😂😂

    • Lol

      With ..Well after Shatting their pants after being bombed at 24/7 they may be able make all the Gang a cuppa!
      As .. Not sure they may feel up to leaving the camp for duty!
      with what goes on outside as well as inside camp !

      Hope you well
      Blue light
      Take care now

  10. They run away like scared rabbits over the cold and flu yet want to join a nation thats fighting…😀…
    Spineless cowards anyway and no army would take them regardless…
    The fella and his mates look like they couldnt fight there way out of a wet paper bag…
    Stupid people

  11. Society is so shit now it dont feel real anyway….
    I feel sorry for the new borns born into it

  12. LOLOL he forgot to ask what he needs to pack in his fake Louis Vuitton case for the Ukraine and for how long (“,)

  13. Caught in a landslide no escape from reality…Queen.

  14. these are the kind of mugs that make me sick of my own countrymen how can some people in uk have sunk to such a sorry state of fuckheadeness

  15. I LOVE YOU HUGO!! Always reporting the important facts and we’re witnessing a manufactured conflict.

    Me and my sister have been laughing for the last 10 minutes and made my belly hurt now but it was needed 😅

  16. LOL Convid Coward, afraid of Convid, but bullets and bombs not an issue, guess if he dies over there, they’d test him and slot him in the Convid death list LOL

    I want to Join Putin’s side, but suspect he’s got enough soldiers to hande Ukraine easily.

  17. Why aren’t they this enthusiastic about rounding up the globalists and starting the Nuremberg trials 2.0?

    Do most people even realise every solider on the front line could be replaced by machines by the next decade, they could do it now, but they have to slowly introduce automated warfare, automated drones ect.

    You’re literally trying to be a “tough guy” for a lost cause. They wont even need humans to fight very soon….

  18. This surely is in the running for Best Comedy Performance at some award ceremony!! 🤣😂🤣

    • It’s to take our eyes off what they did with the jabs. The visirus has now been PROVEN to have patented DNA from Moderna.

      • EXACTLY…you have been watching..Dr Yeadon?..

  19. This is nonsense from the get-go since fighting in foreign lands falls foul of the Terrorism Act 2000. They would be prosecuted and potentially be stripped of their British citizenship.

    • Sky news and the BBC are total scum bags.. with their blatant lies.. they sold their souls to the devil…

  20. I really hope they do a follow up with both the guys sat next to each other in the center of kiev pretending to be in a gun fight with cardbourd guns making pew pew noises lmao

  21. The quality of crisis actors has really sunk to a new low, and I am sure that they had great difficulty in convincing themselves. They looked like they were about to say “What the fuck am I doing here!!??”

  22. Can I join up for the Russian army just so I can get a chance to shoot at these clowns? All Fair in love and war after all.

    • Wait for me I’ll come with you!
      They must have been something serious in these bloody injections yet but I think everybody’s lots of thing in minds.

  23. Just sat down from work nearly choked to death on my cheese on toast laughing at the fuckwits in that video😂😂😂. My sons school are celebrating st David’s tomorrow the twat of a head teacher has asked pupils to wear the Ukraine colours, for what purpose I have no fucking idea! The world continues to spiral into oblivion😂😂😂

    • And people are chucking russian vodka away….
      Well done them for jumping on bandwagons yet again…
      Pathetic stupid braindead people

  24. Brass Eye.
    Laughed out loud. Thanks for that. I needed it.
    This whole thing is beyond farcical.

  25. For the past two years it seems every week I have said at least once You couldn’t make this crap up. Looks like I will continue to say this each week

    • Their not even actors I reckon the news crew literally plucked them of the nearest street corner for £50 each and told them what to say😂. It’s the most cringeworthy display I have seen yet.

  26. Thank you for the laugh – this has had me in stitches!!!! As for the old boy – 60? He looked well past that! Well, from what I could see of course! So there you have it – masks also make you look ancient – lack of oxygen I guess – and seems it has also triggered his dementia a bit early.

    • There’s at least half a dozen young men where I work saying they would love to go over to the Ukraine and fight the Russians, not that any will, of course. I just shake my head and laugh. I don’t even try to tell anyone anymore. They’re beyond hope.

      • They think they’re being tough by being puppets for the NWO, if they want to prove their ‘manhood’, they’d take that energy to Downing Street and round up the grey suits!!!

      • Only because the dumbed down youngsters think they’ll respawn if downed

      • Clown world at its best lol. One didn’t even know what he was joining the other one was scared of the air. Pair of dumbwits

  27. The bearded guy reminds me of comedian/actor Paul Chowdhry (mainly the voice). It adds to the comical effect lol

      • Marlene Wright That’s it, I knew he reminded me of someone, Kenny Lynch is another. All it needed was Trigger, and Dave, a big plate of British beef and his broom! LOL

  28. Unbelievable, how stupid do they think we are. The guy with the mask on cracked me up!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Pmsl 🤣🤣 Even if true I would be astounded if ppl featured here knew exactly what is going on and what they were signing up to because it appears no other fooker knows what is really going on.

  30. Absolute joke ..Who’s falling for this nonsense 🤣🤣

  31. What a laughable display this is. Those people don’t even know what to expect, will they know where Ukraine is. They watch too many movies, I think.

  32. well he’s put his life on the line already all masked up and no doubt Jabbed up. Off you Toodle then, and shut the door on the way out . Baaaaah !! 🙂

  33. I just can’t stop laughing at this . Pathetic or what ? None of them know why they should be there or what they should be saying 🤣🤣🤣 (other than to get on the telly ) The old masked guy should be in dads army . Will he keep his mask on
    Hugo you make me laugh . Haven’t laughed this much since your “ I don’t want to die Lenny Henry “ post PMSL

    • LoL – they don’t like it up em, the ruzzie wuzzies, Captain Mainwaring.

      Yeah I want to join the Ukranian army or whatever it’s called, the foreign legion or whatever. LoLoLoLoL

    • Great more cannon fodder 🚀 way quicker death than taking the jabs.
      Clown World how embarrassing to be British now days 😂

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