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      • LOL! Don’t give up the day job son. Oh you have already to fight for the Foreign Legion eh? Just nip down to the zoo and practice the camel riding. Nice one Kay.

    • Well done, BRILLIANT find! Yup, I’m sure we would ALL give up a lucrative and fashionable day-job to go off to war in some country that we dont know where it is, to possibly be maimed and all for the good of some foreigners who can’t speak our language…. of course we would…. obviously…… I think! 😂

  1. The biggest evil is the mainstream media as we have seen here. They are lying about the situation all over the place, who can you trust?
    As for the pussy in the mask, that is just laughable, only a fool would think he wants to fight.

  2. Hugo. This has to be one of your best videos yet. Feckin hilarious!🤣

    • I agree. Nearly wetting myself with that masked-up 60 year old frightened to death about breathing fresh air, who reckons he wants to fight against the Russia army.
      So he’s afraid of fresh air but not afraid to confront trained Russian soldiers with whatever pea shooter Zelenski will afford him.

      These clowns actually live amongst us! Maybe his brain has already been addled with synthetic spike proteins and lymphocytes.

  3. Glad I’m not british…keeping my English identity and nationality thanks, no british establishment is going to indoctrinate me to repeat the mantra “yeah I’m british “ 🙄

  4. Absolutely hilarious. Stands out a mile. I’m not sure which is the better clown interpretation – this or the one featuring the joker in Batman or the one in Stephen King’s ‘It.’

  5. Definitely this is ‘Simply The Best’ ( for comedy ) post you’ve ever done my like-minded friend! The Silver-Surfer who is frightened of fresh air but apparently NOT frightened of AK47’s and cluster bombs is the icing on the cake! lol lol lol

  6. Sky news and the BBC news are fake as hell… I think there mentally ill as well..

    • Just look at the ridiculous 60 year old face-muzzled sheep in the blue jacket and wearing sunglasses (and listen to the embarrassing, cringeworthy nonsense he spewed). Utterly pathetic! Him and all of them. They’re not interested in fighting for their OWN freedoms and civil rights – he’s still complying with WEF controlled government covid tyranny, wearing a f***ing shame-muzzle! Even when he doesn’t have to! What a hero!
      Yet for some reason these morons think the freedoms and human rights of citizens of a foreign country are more important than their own? Are they for real? NO WAY. They’re all brainwashed, virtue signalling cowards.
      This young lady describes who and what they are, perfectly:

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