New Report From Ukraine / Civilians With Weapons = Chaos?/ Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Just blow this bloody world up now as it needs a rebuild….i need a rest as well from people

    • Stuart@ my intuition tells me that is exactly what maybe coming. It doesn’t see repairable so the creator may have to bring it down !

    • I no how u feel I felt the same over the weekend. I just think if ur gonna do something just hurry up. Sick of the mind games. Nice us if ur gonna.

  2. I fear for this man safety. I imagine BBC headline would be “Invasion Denier/Conspiracy Theorist Killed By Russian”. Just like the whole covid BS all over again.

  3. Don’t worry, the British volunteers featured in the Sky news report the other day will be there soon to put it all right.

    • This journalist is Gonzales Lira, a veteran war journalist who sometimes collaborates with The Duran show. This guy is very based and Red Pilled. His family lives in Ukraine.

  4. You are on point with this one Hugo, this is definitely being done to cause maximum chaos and it appears to be working, handing out bloody weapons to civilians is absolutely twisted, as for the guy in the red cap, I’ve seen quite a few of his posts and I believe him to be genuine he reported a few days ago from the city centre showing how normal everyday life was while the mainstream media were stating that the city was being attacked! So I believe he is telling it how it really is.

  5. The war is real. Lots of people I know are helping the refugees coming from Ukraine to Romania.

  6. Funny… when you listen to Putin’s speeches in their totality, he was also saying that the Zelenskey regime is evil… I wonder how much of a hand Soros has in all this.

  7. No, there was no war! All this is a fake, an illusion, a continuation of the series that we have been shown for the past two years … About falling people, about deltas and omicrons, reports from supposedly overcrowded hospitals, Indian fires, rubber planes in Afghanistan, etc., etc. The directors just changed the scenery. There is only one question, why does Putin need this war? He loses a thousand times more than he wins. And the fact that he is an absolute puppet has been clear to everyone for a long time. In general, the performance is for idiots! View Live camera from the cities of Ukraine, not a single shot, not a single explosion, everything is quiet and calm, people lead a normal life. And all these fake videos, allegedly from the war, can be debunked in three seconds. For those who are interested, just find Live camera in Ukraine or Kiev on YouTube. And see for yourself! The question is why all this? There are several answers. One of them is to expose Putin as a maniac with a nuclear briefcase, declare that he is out of control, spin it into a global conflict, sow panic and introduce martial law everywhere … Well, or something else like that, they are specialists in different provocations, and they still have a lot of trump cards up their sleeves! After all, the herd is being led to any nonsense, why not.

    • I do believe this guy is right. I live in America. There have been reports of my government dropping off fully automatic weapons in some of our biggest cities that have the strictest gun control laws. It is pretty much impossible for the average citizen to obtain a brand new fully automatic weapon for those who do not know. One can buy an old model, but it comes with such crazy stipulations that most do not do that.

      My take on this is that there will be shortages caused by the “war”. These newly armed people will be fighting one another over scarce supplies. I also see this as how things will go down in America. The powers that should not be will use this crisis to take all peace from the earth. This is the openning of the 2nd and 3rd Seals of Revelation.

  8. Yes there is a war but not like what the media projects. If you listen to some of Coach Red Pills other videos he gets into all the history of the situation. To put in a nut shell it is similar to what the Russians try to do to US in the 60s by placing nukes in Cuba. Only now its the other way around with Nato and US trying to put nukes in Ukraine. Russia does not want to destroy Ukraine. If they did they would have already done so. They just want to capture and release with different more controllable governance. Problem is Media and politics are doing their propaganda BS making it out to be worse than what it is.

  9. Destabilization is the motive in my opinion to create chaos.

  10. If we can’t jab ’em to death we’ll give them machine guns and tell them to shoot each other…

    • Yes lol 😆 spot on side. Omg if this happened in London it would be bedlam
      .I live in London and the very thought of that madness. I would join the fucking queue to arm myself. U wouldn’t have a choice.

  11. Friend of a friend who has Ukraine based family are saying prisoners are being freed and armed by government in the pretence of fighting the Russians. Apparently the people are more frightened of them than distant Ruskies! Not sure if true as only have the word without any verification! I do feel this lawlessness is planned for us & world over. What is cabal owned BLM demanding? Withdraw the police!

    • It is true. Ukrainian administration is commencing war crime – they put military units inside the living blocks and lock people in to get casualitues. That is the reason Russian army moves so slow – they do not touch anything apart from military objects. It’s not because they are kind but because they need people not to hate them after they take over. It’s logic. And because they do not need civilians. So Ukrainians Hollywood you and it’s horrible. They are occupiers indeed. Please check this out;

    • It’s true, zelenski himself said and ordered to free prisoners from jail to fight against russia

  12. As I have said, the only one suffering are the normal people. Zelenski actually announced officially that he is freeing criminals from jail to take up arms and fight. that is just insane.
    This is the world the so called “leaders” are promoting. They are all mad. I had a small argument with my wife who’s on facebook, I’m not, and she said zelenski is a hero and I said that he is not. He’s sacrificing his own people to be hailed as a hero by the west. what russia is doing is not normal, the threats put in put out there are of a madman, but zelenski is definitely not too far away.

  13. My neighbour who has an Ukranian girlfriend told me that the Ukranian government is a mafia that took over power from the previous government.

  14. The guy in video is correct tho..

    It’s just causing chaos & innocent people will be hurt.

    And he is also correct saying …
    it’s All Insane!

    Take care Every one ..
    Cheers Hugo

  15. Roll up roll up get your free machine guns and ammo😂😂😂

  16. Meanwhile in the West cancel culture is ploughing full steam ahead into anything Russian. In the land of the free (sarcasm unintentional) there are mad mentalists screaming that all Russian students should be immediately banished from US universities, and etc.

    This is what happens when you give hard line left wing morons a platform and silence anyone who disagrees – the lunatics take over the asylum.

  17. maybe theyre creating a chaotic battle ground between east and west i.e. the Ukraine, as an experiment. they’ll then say look its spreading all over the world and its out of control – like they said convid did from china!

  18. Not buying his explanation. Gang related. Im pretty sure criminal gangs already have guns. Pretty sure scores haven’t needed to be settled over night just because guns handed out? Doesn’t quite add up I don’t think.

  19. Some people (like me) thought Putin & Xi might have played the WEF and the West, pretended to be in on the great reset, and allowed the West to destroy itself before launching their own plans. Wel….

    Old Vlad has been removed from the WEF website. His page should be here: (if you go to the Wayback Machine and search for that page, it was live on the 25th, not on the 28th.

    The WEF have kicked him off/out – or is it more smoke and mirrors??

    • Yes I wondered thati find it hard to see how China the up coming superpower would relinquish it’s power to the West we have dealt with the rest of the world with contempt murdering and stealing and starving the countries with less military power, would they trust us?.

  20. Arming criminals and releasing criminals from prison is just what the Bolshevik Marxist Jews did in Russia in the 1917 coup d’etat = just the same MO. The Ukrainians are screwed unless they get rid of that Jew bastard Zelensky and all his criminal scum politicians.

  21. Okay….so whats the plan ?
    Nuclear ? No way…they wouldn’t have wasted their time with jabs if nuclear was planned !
    Ww3 ??? Possible but I think unlikely….

    Cold war , with repercussions…..
    cyber attacks??
    National service ?

    Economy collapse !
    Yes, what ever happens i think that is very likely 🤔

    • I don’t think it will go nuclear either, it’s too messy, it’ll be far more fun for them to threaten it I bet the bullshit broadcasting corporation are digging through the the old public info films to revamp them up siren and all! The sheeple will fall for it hook line and sinker, remember the nuclear war drills we had in schools it won’t be long before the children are practicing them I shouldn’t wonder.
      My bet is they are using this round of bull 💩 to bring about
      Food shortages
      Economic collapse
      Cyber attacks
      Power shortages
      They are in this for the long game don’t forget we’ve got the fake alien invasion to come at some point via project blue beam.

  22. Countless muppets in UK now virtue signalling suddenly blarting on all about freedom , wanting to now fight for Ukraine’s freedom when they willingly gave their own freedom away 2 years ago with no fight at all. Am I missing something????

  23. Wonder what the Ukrainian president Zelendusatenerski’s cut of this mess is ?

  24. He is legit, I ve been watching his contribution on TheDuran chanell on YouTube and now on Rumble. A level headed intelligent guy with young family there.

    • I wouldn’t trust that channel if I were you; I just found a video were they discuss a ‘regime change in Russia’. And those guys nuts or just completely uninformed on how nations are ruled and controlled. They still believe it’s presidents who rule nations, where these are mere puppets at the hands of the jewish bankers, the ones who own ALL ‘national’s and international banks and it that, they control the world.

      • rabbit holes go deep – they present the news in the way see it so maybe not deep enough but without bias – one can read between the lines and research more though

      • @GalacticWoman Here’s some research for you!

        The Rothschild Jew Banking Cartel:

        “Over and over again we have seen that there is another power than that with its seat at Westminster. The City of London, a convenient term for a collection of financial interests is able to assert itself against the government of the country. Those who control money can pursue a policy at home and abroad contrary to that which is being decided by the people.”

        — Clement Attlee – UK Prime Minister 1945-51


        The British ‘CROWN’ covertly rules the world from the 677 acre, independent sovereign state, know as The City of London. This other Crown is comprised of a committee of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England. Guess who is controlling the Bank of England? Yup, the Rothschilds!

        “When the Bank of England was ‘Nationalised’ a new Company was created in the name of Bank of England Nominees Ltd (Rothschild controlled). It is this part of the Bank of England that creates and lends to Government. Both are registered companies. Bank of England is exempt of filing to Companies House but Bank of England Nominees file Assets £2, Liabilities £0, Shares £2.”

        — The Rothschilds Conspiracy – The Bank of England exposed

        “The Bank of England website is a ‘’ website, NOT a .gov website.”

        — Brother Charles

        There are Two Megabanks that offer loans to all the countries around the planet, The World Bank and the IMF. The first one is jointly owned by the world’s top banking families, with the Rothschilds at the very top, while the second one is privately owned by the Rothschilds alone.

        The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland.
        The IMF and The World Bank.

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  25. It gets crazier by the minute. All this because they cannot admit that the vaxxes are killing people.

  26. Hej Hugo.
    I tried to stay out of this but I Zelenky or what the name of the Jewish president in Ukraine is have released prisoners and armed them. I’m no expert but release prisoners on the streets armed for war. I wouldn’t like that if it was in Sweden.

    Source: Ukraine Releases Prisoners With ‘Combat Experience’ To Help Fight Russia (Newsweek)

  27. I read somewhere that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world

  28. There is a follow up piece on the English boys in trackies signing up for war! It’s beyond laughable, they have camo body gear on, getting tooled up!! It confirms to me it’s setup.

  29. Another guy equating anarchy with chaos … freedom fighters who don`t know what freedom actually is.

  30. Giving the Sheep Weapons, to buy some time and make for a nasty body count, to make Russia seem worse, notice Ukraine army isn’t fighting, there staying out of it.

    Likely just to distract from Convid vanishing!!

  31. The American guy in Kiev is Gonzalo Lira – he’s a frequent guest on The Duran discussions which I’d thoroughly recommend to better understand the geo-politics. It’s more iomportant than ever for people to gain if only a little bit knowledge on ths facet.

    What I’d like people to consider, is the reason the West is so desperate to demonise Russia and provoke her into doing precisely what she’s done. The war in the Dobass has been going on ever since the western backed coup d’etat in Kiev back in 2014. Western leaders don’t give a tinker’s cuss about the people of the Donbass, or Ukraine generally.

    So having provoked an exasperated Russia into doing what she’s now doing, the West has the pretext to further demonise Russia and throw the entire kitchen sink of sanctions at Russia. This in an attempt to overthrow Putin from within. Why?

    Because Russia is the immovable object standing in the way of the ideologically driven globalist agenda. One only has to look at a map of the world to appreciate that. Without Russia onboard, that project cannot succeed.

    Corporate media are doing to people over Russia and Ukraine exactly the same thing they were doing with the Covid scamdemic, lockdowns and the poisons labelled as ‘vaccines’. They’re gas lighting their audiences. In the Russia/Ukraine issue, they’ve been gas-lighting their audiences since 2014.

    • @jerybear You’re missing the REAL historical parallel. Putinstein is a new fake Hitler, but the same Jewish MO is being applied to Putinstein, as was applied to AH in the 1930’s. These Jews MUST have a bogey man, never mind that in this case Putinstein is not a REAL bogey man, but THEIR BOY, and the alleged war in the Ukraine is a hoax, as evidenced here:

      Oh and The Duran is classic half-truth disinformation and misinformation = 100% controlled.

      • “… Oh and The Duran is classic half-truth disinformation and misinformation”

        You sound like the BBC now.

      • jerybear Oh I am sure that the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation would never mention two Greek clowns faking it, for fear of letting people know that there actually are alternative views out there, even if they’re wrong! You need to be more alert and selective on what you are being fed.

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