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  1. Well done for calling him out Hugo! I did start watching him but as you say he was pushing the jibjab like fuck! He was always banging on about ‘CASES’ as well instilling more fear into people. I commented on his video when he talked about adverse reactions saying ‘Ah Dr John has finally woken up!’.

    • the Title Dr refers to the doctorate, while a physician has traditionally been seen to have a bachelors level technical education. So, the title Dr dies NOT REFER to one’s being a physician, but rather to the holder of an advanced research degree. The uneducated somehow have learned this

  2. I agree Hugo!only tuned into this Big Pharma jab advertisement tool once!and tuned right out again!he seems rather arrogant!he’s even more detestable!since,he turned!advising people too jab up!knowing they weren’t safe !DESPICABLE!horrible man!he must think people are fools!

  3. I’ve been trying to sus this guy out myself. I come to the conclusion that he’s a bit stupid. Maybe there’s more to it.

    • Hugo I agree. I followed this dr over the pandemic as he truly was pushed up YT feeds so you couldn’t even avoid his videos even if you wanted to. But it didn’t take me long to realise that this dr has forgotten his Hypocratic Oath. Now , he is changing the tune and it’s shocking that some people call him a hero. 🤷🏻‍♀️ State of mind this world has come to!!

  4. I have never had a vaccine and I am still here. Never did yrust the man

  5. Funny how when the whole narrative starts to crumble they all save their own ass. Just like Dr Shillary on GMB. They are all liars, and We the People will never forget these drug pushers. We the People will make sure justice will be served on every single one of them. They know Nuremberg is happening, and their scared shitless, so they should be.
    Thank you Hugo for all your updates. ♥️♥️

  6. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.

    I do ask myself sometimes if I would have been suckered in by all this evil nonsense if I hadn’t had certain negative experiences which gradually led me to really distrust most politicians and most of the media, especially the BBC; and also the NHS, whom I successfully sued for medical negligence in 2016.

    I don’t really know. But I do know that I am very difficult to hypnotize and so was my dad. I just consider myself fortunate, rather than particularly smart or perspicacious.

  7. He has pushed the jab relentlessly. He has ignored all the facts and warning signs that any sane person should have picked up on from day 1 of the plandemic, ie death rates, over use of midazolam, dnrs etc. He has been advised of these things. He has had the VAERS and yellow card pointed out but still trotted out the “small risk” line and overall great jab bull.
    Even now with all the red flags he still can’t bring himself to call bullshit on the whole plandemic.


    • These people are being paid and also its more of a pride thing lol after all he’s meant to be a what Doctor ? It’s getting fucking embarrassing lol 😆

  8. He is the spawn of the devil ! good news though India has taken steps against Gates for genocide if he loses the penalty is death !

    • Ohhh,I hope its a slow and painful death by some dodgy experimental injection!

  9. I really f**king hope you’re legit Hugo; your message resonates and there’s so much in all this that’s a mess.
    It’s layered and those that look fair feel foul.
    Good luck if you’re down with team humanity brother.

  10. I’ve been leaving comments on John Campbell’s videos for over a year. Oddly, he never answers them nor does any of the other commenters. I’ve said this guy is a mouthpiece to promote vaccines from the start, then he changed his thoughts a few weeks ago. I’ve now ensured that I don’t get his videos recommended to me on YT. A few weeks ago, he mentioned that New Zealand was getting back to normal. What he failed to add was, only if you’re fully vaxxed.

  11. NO, my friends! Hugo, I am 100% with you on this. WHY should we cut this self-appointed You Tube ‘star’ any slack? I rumbled him early on. From Day One this Plandemic was clearly an agenda: underwriting and bolstering the untoward intentions of self-appointed pundits and actors who, believe me, do NOT have our interests at heart. Here’s a person who now clearly is no doubt he has been horrendously WRONG, but doesn’t even have the decency to apologise for blithely urging our quaking, frightened fellow citizens towards what may still turn out to be devastating, life-changing medical conditions? We cannot allow him off the hook. He has been granted ‘a licence’ to pronounce like ‘The Expert’, while ‘opposing’, eminently accredited, qualified experts have been gaslighted, cancelled and silenced across the mainstream media. This person has spouted, unchallenged, garbage in spite of impeccably researched information to the contrary presented, in desperation, by indisputably QUALIFIED medical practitioners and scientists including Sucharit Bhakdi, Robert Malone, Dolores Cahill, Mike Yeadon, Vernon Coleman. Hugo, we need to continue upholding these truths… Thank you for giving us this platform.

    • Your spot on. I have only listened to his crap over this whole convid shit. He does my head in. So lose it with his bollocks and turn him of. Listen to him he sounds very confused about where he stands on the lies. Just don’t bother to listen all the way through his crap. Does he really think after his posionpushing he can be on the fence or even jump over the fence. What an A hole. Ffs.

  12. This “Dr” John Campbell has relentlessly repeated all the mainstream propaganda without question and promotes the whole thing as real.
    Just from reading the comments on here it looks like most people are completely unable to comprehend the whole thing is made up because every voice in the media just keeps repeating 2+2=5.

  13. You can’t change sides half way through a war.
    They are scurrying for the fire exits as they have been complicit in crimes against humanity

  14. I tried and tried to uncover any data I could on how/if he is getting funded. There was no way to crack the case. He’s done a great deal of harm and if he doesn’t repent, come clean, make amends, switch teams and beg for forgiveness, his day of horror will soon be here…the day when he realizes God is real and on the other team. I hope Professor Campbell doesn’t start pimping out climate lockdowns and even promote the false (anti) Christ when that creature finally raises its head in pulic.

  15. he is trying for the flip flop gold medal along with many others in the MSM

  16. If he has a PHD …a doctorate then he can be called “Dr” but thats like “Dr” Ross Gellar on Friends. Not a medical doctor …..

    • All Campbell does is trawl the Internet for information , prints it out & then presents on his digital projector as if it was him that came up with that shit! Then he just offers his half-arsed opinion ( as a doctor of nursing! wtf ) & people think he’s some intuitive genius ! He’s a curmugeonly old fart with littel or no perception !!

  17. Yes, Bang on Hugo,the first time I watched one of his videos was about a year ago, and thought to myself “duck off”, The man is a fraud and out to deceive IMHO

  18. These people need to be nicked. Lieing about something as dangerous as what’s gone down the last 2 years. Also lieing about being a Doctor. Any money he’s made out of all this needs to be taken away as the proceeds of crime. He’s a criminal and has earned money from lieing and pushing an experimental drug he needs to be nicked. Plain and simple.

  19. I’m sorry but this so called Dr had the same information that we all had right from the start, he made a choice to jump on the vaccine band wagon, and to save face he’s now like a rat trying to flee the sinking ship!

  20. Dr John keepd going on about aspirating. He has always said that if you don’t aspirate the injections, then it can cause heart injury amongst others.

    Why does he think that if a medicine is so dangerous that if you don’t aspirate it can kill you, that it is acceptable to use at all? The only reason is that they want something to blame when it becomes apparent how many are being killed and injured by this poison. Failing to aspirate is just a sort excuse that they are trying to set up, and using this tool Dr John to do it.

    I have no doubt that he isnt a good person.

  21. He took a YouTube strike for the team, I was more amazed how he got over 1 million subs to listen to his nonsense day in day out. Why did he not even mention the sports players even if he just said something but know, not a word. He’s just a YouTube version of Dr Shillary. Bought and paid for to delivery the script and get pricks into arms

    • correct and a very evil man…..l always ask him how he’s going to spend the dirty money at his age!

      • Spot on Hugo an evil man who’s trying to save his skin by switching sides this will not save him from Nuremberg 2.0 he is a murderer no question

  22. I’m sick of saying this very point all over media when someone praises this nurse educator! Drives me nuts.. he was so pro vaccine only a few months ago.. where’s the public apology for vilifying those who didn’t take it?! If he really wanted to help he’d be covering how the Australian vaccine was stopped during trials because it gave the participants AIDS… NOW looking like the case with the rest of the vaccines! I asked him why HIV treatment (pro-tease inhibitors) was being offered to those with the vaccine months ago… no reply!

    • He is all numbers and graphs..AND BS .. Quite a few of my comments on his contube were removed..

  23. spot on hugo about the ‘dr death’ as l call him. Benn watching the good df for around a year. He’s evil and obviously in the pay of Pharma/Gates etc. l call him out in his comments section for being an evil shill etc he never replies, often my comments are removed by him/his staff/youtube. he has alot of worshipers commenting but the last few weeks there has been more hecklers like me! he’s starting to acknowledge the dangers of the jab recently as hugo says….l always remind him of the nuremberg ll trials coming and hope he enjoys being a defendant in them…..a very evil man. THANK YOU HUGO, AS ALWAYS YOU ARE EXTREMELY PERCEPTIVE

  24. His change has been subtle over the past few weeks, barely noticeable unless you watched him regularly and knew what he used to be like; how pro vax he used to be. He wont apologise, that could open up culpability accusations against him and turn many of his audience against him. And he knows this. He may be a deceiver but he’s not stupid, he knows he has to be careful now. Data has been there for months, available to anyone and everyone to see. But he’s chosen for months not to see it. A narcissistic manipulator. And judging by his subscriptions he’s good at it.

    • A guru with no knowledge of Japan relaxing all of their strict restrictions after acknowledging that that have not worked.
      Or jabs that do not stop you getting reinfected more than once or stoppinmg you getting a heart attack!!

      • How can you get re-infected?….
        When the swab does not tell you if you are anyway…
        All just common ailments rebranded under different names….

        Indian=hay fever, summer cold

    • He probably hasn’t even been vaxxed,,A typical double bluff from the deceivers

  25. He is a fucking moron. I sent him many times to supply his fucking sample of his pure isolated virus. He has done more damage than anyone. This moron and Scimandan moron are two of the biggest morons pushing MSM and government BS.

  26. Clear since I first saw him that he was controlled opposition – anybody who followed his advice and became ill should sue him

  27. He’s a complete shill, pushed it the whole time with his poster up how to wash your hands. Someone had a good article about him not being a doctor but I think it’s since removed . Media pushed him as doctor knowing he’d a job to do. He also pushed Ivermectin and had Tess Laurie on. It’s a killer also but they dissolved all traces in a google wipe just before. All in the game.

  28. Yes this clown has a lot to answer for. And so convincing in what he says – unless you’re awake to it all that is.
    Wonder how many poor unfortunates (who were perhaps sitting on the fence regarding getting jabbed) were convinced by his lies?
    He was held in such high regard by many who followed him. Reading through the comments section on his endless videos used to make me puke.

    • totally agree he spent the last 2 years saying how wonderful the vaccines are. Risks are small he said???? Tell that to 5 year olds or young atheletes.

    • I watched him from day one and spent a lot of time on his video comment section trying to tell people what a shill Campbell is, he mixes a truth with lies ,the same as the bbc

      • Same here..They didn’t listen..That is how much of a good actor/physcopath he is ..He has made thousands from YouTube subs..Time to bring this creep down.

  29. I’ve been leaving comments on John Campbell’s videos for over a year. Oddly, he never answers them nor does any of the other commenters. I’ve said this guy is a mouthpiece to promote vaccines from the start, then he changed his thoughts a few weeks ago. I’ve now ensured that I don’t get his videos recommended to me on YT. A few weeks ago, he mentioned that New Zealand was getting back to normal. What he failed to add was, only if you’re fully vaxxed.

    • You are probably shadow banned. Because his cult followers will jump on you and protect him if they can see your comments.

  30. If you have a PHD in anything, you can call yourself ‘doctor’. That’s his shtick and all of his followers fall for it.

  31. I never paid attention to him because his clips were long and winding. This is what happens when you get paid by psychopaths. They dump you in the middle of nowhere

  32. I’d never heard of this dick-head before, so thanks Hugo for highlighting this utter moron. So satisfying watching him from his previous 5th gear, “eat up as many GT shots as you can”, to now where he’s smashing his gearbox into fragments trying desperately to force reverse gear. What an utter train wreck this idiot was and is.

    • This QUACK has millions of jabbed brain dead fans on his contube

      • Never contained and no proof of that….
        Swabs dont test for infection or sickness…
        Jabs and mask a compliance measure and one is dangerous and the other useless…
        People are in for a major shock down the line…
        World wide scam based on a lie…
        Well done to the sheep that have messed not just there lives up but others as well…

    • I think Hugo has called him out at the right time. But still,I was shouting from the rooftops that he was a shill/paid to push the narrative,but nobody listened..Too late for his fans now

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if this quack failed the entry test for becoming a doctor. He’s deluded enough to think being a nurse qualifies him to encourage people to take an experimental gene therapy. Now he’s changed his tune without so much as an apology for giving dodgy advice. This man is dangerous, he should be locked up.

      • Yes, many lower healthcare jobs are offered to those who fail the requirements for the higher jobs; likewise with many other areas such as prison officers who are recruited from failed police applicants. I agree, Mr Campbell has that failed-to-get-into-medical-school look about him.

    • Great analogy jerybear! It’s true. And plenty of people have been treating him like some kind of Oracle for 2 years!

  33. There all as expected, trying to get people to forget they was pushing the jabs, know the jabs are finished and the deaths locked in over the next few years.

    Mate fellow antiBSer, tried to get a mate to not get there 14 year old jabbed, got called all the names, 1 week after, dead 14year old FFS! Be so tempting to say TOLD YOU SO! wouldn’t it.

    National get HIV tested week next week, that’s kinda odd, we all thought HIV was over 20years ago really, but alas no, odd in deed, almost like HIV in the jabs, nooooo!

    • I agree, it’s Campbell trying to switch sides to be Mr Innocent. The damage of this drug-pushing has been done. Sorry to hear of the child’s death! I had news today about my daughter’s previous teacher, and I quote “a sudden unexpected death” at the weekend! Not a battle with an illness or tragic accident, just a sudden unexpected death They said. She wasn’t a day over 50, slim and healthy, a lovely lady with teenage kids and a husband. So sad! This is so evil!

    • HIV was another fake pandemic of meaningless PCR testing. People died from the toxic antiviral drugs prescribed after getting a positive result.

  34. What an absolute Cnut. The amount of people he’s murdered/influenced he should be jailed!

    • I tried warning you all over two years ago..But you listen to Hugo??

  35. I sussed him out ages ago. Have been following him to watch it play out but have not heard him once say how he is qualified to interpret these reports or often, where they even come from.
    Government shill through and through. I’m also suss about the blackbeltbarrister. Trust your instincts.

    • Been calling him put ever since the beginning of the PLAN demic.. But nobody listed to my voice!! FFS ..TRIED telling you all.And nope Hugo,he is not even a doctor

      • Been doing the same on various topics in his comments section but the silence is the best acknowledgement why because he knows its true and it shakes him right down too the core keep up the good work

    • If blackbeltbarrister was any good he wouldn’t be relying on youtube revenue. He would be in court protecting rich clients from justice.

      • There is a German saying ‘Those who can do, those who can’t teach’. It is like all those ‘masterclasses’ supposedly to teach you how to make money. If anyone finds a way to make money they keep it to themselves and quietly go about making money not running ‘masterclasses’ or youtube channels. If you found a way to make money would your first thought be to start up a youtube channel to spread the good news?

  36. I have been calling him out since day dot . I hate him , Nurse Campbell is a scum bag

  37. It’s very very hard listening to shills pushing the toxic poke. In that contrived casual, faux matter-of-fact manner.
    Zero benefit, infinite risk.

    In the name of travel privileges, for jab apartheid. Because no epidemiology supports it

    • Yep, this guys yet another lackey drug pusher of the establishment, avoid these people at all costs.

    • What l have noticed about Dr JC…more recently has exposed the difficulties in Israel…92% lsraelis are jabbed….(don’t know 1st/2nd/3rd breakdown)…hospitals are full of Cv patients…fully jabbed..ready for the 4th……They were the 1st country to ‘trial’ with Pfizer…l did read didn’t pay for them?…to be corroborated….

      • @Ericka NO JEW IS JABBED, OTHER THAN WITH A PLACEBO – PERIOD – FULL STOP – END OF. Just as no Jews died in 9/11 – go figure

  38. Great video, Hugo!!!! I’d noticed this with him. People have been sending me vids on fbook recently saying he’s sound. That last video was the 1st one I’ve watched in full, though I’d noticed he was changing his stance rather drastically. He began one a few weeks ago where he said he couldn’t understand why the media were reporting on various things (things that were opposed to the narrative) and I thought that would be obvious… BECAUSE THEY ARE CORRUPT AND THEY’RE MERELY PUPPETS TO PUSH PROPAGANDA. He always had the STAY SAFE bollocks behind him as well, which told me he was not someone to listen to.

    • I meant to say: he couldn’t understand why the media were NOT reporting on various things (things that were opposed to the narrative)

  39. Never trusted John Campbell Phd, he will soon be saying that saying that miscarriage is up by 80% in first trimester pregnancy, the reason is not yet known. We only have to look at what Microbiologist Deloris Cahill said almost two years ago and was dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.
    Surprise, miscarriage is up by 80% in first trimester pregnancy, but only in the vaccinated.

  40. I never trust anyone pushing the jab! I listened to him once that was enough for me! Informed decisions, but one way info isn’t informed is it! My tryst is in Jesus, He is all the information I need. Look up pharmakeia in The Bible, God informed us of this evil thousands of years ago! Walk with Jesus and stay safe!

  41. Never trust a Doctor living in a 1 bed flat with 1980s curtains.

  42. He’s injured thousands by avoiding kochs postulates or by not pointing out the yellow card data … fing idiot

    • Rick, agreed he’s definitely influenced people to get the jab.

      Kochs postulate has been debunked.

      In fact the institute has been asked for an isolated sample of convid and surprise surprise can’t supply any evidence.

      YT do push his videos when you search for the opposite.

      Question is now that he has so called mis information…. Why aren’t those videos being taken down?

  43. Just another ferret faced government lackey peddling propaganda with massaged figures only to do a u turnnnie that the shit is hitting the fan . How could people be influenced by this doctor ??????? Sorry nurse with a PhD

    • This isn’t the first time he’s u turned, either. In April 2020, he was asked how someone in a taxi had caught covid, when the driver and passenger were both wearing masks. His answer “Masks aren’t much use.” Two months later, he was following the government line and pushing masks – that’s when the mask appeared on the teddy bear.

    • yep he’s a shill-that’s why he’s allowed to stay on youtube

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