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79 Comments on “Is Elon Musk One Of The Good Guys? / Hugo Talks

  1. NO he is not! Elon came out very early in 2020 saying “give people their freedom back” not mentioning that his TESLA factories were shutdown because of the restrictions.Always look for a reason why Elon says something. Follow the money as they say.

    • Everything is about power and control over the plebs no matter who it is….
      Society is just cannon fodder and expendable to the “others”…
      I admire musk for his work and he is a genius…but who knows what he is really about…

      • How can u say u admire him ? He was born into money . Money like that is power. He wants to put chips into kids heads with brain damage? Do u actually think he’s doing it out of the goodness of his heart. Its not working on monkeys anymore and yes iv watched all his wake shit. He’s a Morden day nazis. Monkeys we need brain damaged kidsnow to experiment on. Evil snake. More money thensense. I thought this lot were building a space ship to go find life on other planets lol. Wish they’d hurry up and fuck of then. Oh but there money would be meaningless out there. Fucking greedy tossers. Yet we get bombard with ads on TV about kidsneeding fresh water. Food health care. You would think instead of working out how to put chips into people heads to look into our very souls. He and his fellow nazis would be sorting out poor kids around the world. Never forget we have to pay to drink the shit water that comes out of our taps. It’s not free. Nothing in life is free. There’s always a price to pay. He makes me sick. I told my son that. A son who I found out did take the vax a son that lied to me. I have 3 sons. A son that would never have told me and gone along with me after him even going to the London protests in the beginning. I give up now. One of my own sons a lier. I only found out yesterday I opened a letter by mistake. Telling him to go get his booster ffs. Elon musk gets into people’s heads in more ways then one. Wanker.

  2. Imho / hope he’s the only good rich guy, he’s hated by all elite wise and been calling convid a nothing hoax from early on.

    He’s a nutty scifi freak that’s trying to make scifi things real.

    For context in the monkeys, cdc infected 100s of monkeys with smallpox and his tech just enabled a paralysed guy to walk again, so not all bad tech wise.

    • Turveyd, that’s how they sell and promote their projects, for the good and wellbeing of society but the underlying intentions are sinister. As for monkeys, he tortured many of them as well as dogs to deliver his little project. They are all one team creating chaos and confusion. He said he would never take the jab but then went to the Met Gala event where everyone of them supposedly had to be double jabbed and he said that he had taken the jab(which I doubt) but in any case, they are liars.

      • Spot on. My 28 year old son thinks this twat is great. I found out behind my back he 2 has had 2 jabs. He looked me right in the face and denied it. The letter was there in front of him. Telling him to get the booster now. My sons a big fan of this nazis. Thinks he’s such a clever guy. Bollocks he’s a moden day nazis plain and simple. Don’t u think he’s already put these chips into poor peopl3s heads . People that no 1 will ever miss. Sod dogs and monkeys use ur brain these people have more money then sense. They think there God’s and own this 🌎. One of my sons has been well and truly taken in by this lunatic. My own sons lier.

    • Oh please. How do u no the guy was really unable to move in the first place. Wakeup u sound as stupid as my 28 year old son. So it’s OK to put these chips in kids heads is it ? Kids with brain damage. This is just up front nazis experimental shit. Suckers

  3. Anyone with that kind of wealth is part of the system. You can’t get to his level without being one of them.

  4. This is a man who wants to put chips in our heads, then fly to Mars and control us from there using thousands of satellites. He’s mad as a box of frogs. By the way, most of his monkey brain chip test subjects have died and he’s wanting to start human trials already. Any volunteers?

  5. Excellent research again Hugo. and also answers a comment yesterday left by a listener on here that claims he does not have satellites in space but they were Drones and Balloons on which I left a laughing Emoji and he said ” Do you find something amusing . 🙂 🙂 Well here is your answer 🙂 YES 🙂

  6. Hugo you are the best journalist I have come across so far! Elon Musk is very much part of the World Econmoic Forum, one the big olegaths who wants to enslave, or delite us.

  7. I kind of expect him to run for US president in 2024. He has already gotten a lot of coverage in the FSM, saying all the “right” things republican voters like/ want to hear. And a lot of sane Democrat voters, too. I guess!
    And no, he isn’t a Good guy. He’s only the richest guy on paper, should Wall Street collapse (which it soon will), he might be out of the top 10 list. And who is going to buy his expensive electric stuff in the future?

  8. Another rich dickhead who has know idea of the real world maybe put your money into helping the staving children of the world with real feeling oh know he wants to make robots these people are just sad scum nothing nice about them

  9. Unfortunately too many people have fallen for the white hats caper and star link being part of the quantum financial system. It’s ridiculous that they’re still clinging to this fictitious group connected to Trump who are working behind the scenes to save humanity. Theres many forms of brain washing taking place at the moment. I wonder how long it will take for people to realise no one is coming to save us.

    • That always baffled me, this Q-Anon stuff, good guys deep inside the government, slowly working on toppling the globalist agenda of world enslavement. They’ve had 5 years and nothing happened. Hardly anyone went to jail and Hillary Clinton is still alive. Every nation on the planet has either a globalist leader or is under the thumb of the IMF, World Bank and the likes.

  10. When are people gonna ‘GET IT’? He’s not on ‘our’ side. He’s not on ‘their side’. Elon Musk is on HIS side. Period.
    (as might I be if I had a fraction of the $$ he does)

  11. I’m glad Hugo doesn’t fall for Elon being a “good guy”. His last girlfriend is straight up demonic. Look into Grimes (the mother of Elon’s last child) and her satanic imagery in her artwork and music videos. A man is known by the company he keeps, folks.

  12. None of them are on the side of the people they are on there own side slave and master!

  13. The bloke is so obviously a total fake. He is a globalist front man and not a very bright one at that, he can hardly string a coherent sentence together. Stooge, place man, front man, fake, phoney and enemy of the people and freedom. Wake the hell up!

  14. If we were mean’t to have neurolinks in our brain, micro chips in our hands, quantum dot tattoos in our foreheads, or even nano technology coursing through our bodies, we would have been born with them. They are all unnatural and our body will reject them unless our immune system is so dampened down it won’t recognize invaders and that will lead to all manner of consequences.
    I want to die fully human not Human + 1 (AI), I do not want my genes edited or DNA from another species injected into my body,
    I will live the years allotted to me and I will not fear death when it comes for I know to whom I belong!
    Psalm 139:13-14 NIV
    13 For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

  15. Another deceiver and traitor to humanity with his physically-impossible FAKE-X Proofless bullshit nonsense.. A puppet of the NWO, portrayed as a TONY STARK type of inventor, to fool the globetard fools who also fell for the scamdemic, who has in fact invented nothing but absurd, physically-impossible FAKE-X Proofless bullshit nonsense…

  16. I’m torn with the technocrats. Have a look at ‘’ for Patrick Wood, who is the grand-daddy of exposing the technocracy movement from the 1930’s. The ideals are brilliant. No countries. Egalitarianism, etc.The problem is the amount of ‘totalitarianism’ needed to implement it and sustain it. It sadly will probably look like ‘The Hunger Games’ rather than a functioning democracy, where a small group of people determine the outcome of everything for the whole group.

  17. Spot on again Hugo. The man is as evil as the people he purports not to like ie soros etc al! Of all the noises he could choose, he chose ‘goats’ the evil ones! Anyone who can purposely maim or kill an animal is evil in my book, they know where they’re heading and they’re trying to avoid it, by making themselves part robotic to avoid having to die! These monsters think they can defeat Yahweh with all their technology, Unlike their gods, the one true living GOD YHWH the greatest creator ever decided their fate before they were born, as He did ours! Rejoice in the Lord, and remember, to put on God’s Armour in the battle we are in. If you walk with Jesus nothing they can do will separate you from Him.

    • Yahweh is the god of the Jews. Look it up. You may want to direct your worship to the One Infinite Creator. Not the lesser gods.

      • @Chuck Satan is the god of the Jews, not Yahweh! And they admit it:

        “We are a chosen people. Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer and we Jews are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive.”

        — The Jew, Harold W. Rosenthal

        They also admit that they’re not Israelites or Hebrews:

        “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a ‘Jew’ or to call a contemporary Jew an ‘Israelite’ or a ‘Hebrew’. The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all…”

        — 1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3.

  18. I’ll explain why Hugo get’s emails from idiots who think Musk is a ‘man of the people’. Not long ago Musk was filmed being interviewed whilst smoking a joint, which appeals to the knuckle dragging pot head brigade who think that smoking dangeorous anti-social drugs is cool. This according to these fools makes him a good guy, but not to any of us with intelligence and common sense.

    • But Nigel Farage is often seen supping a pint. Does that make Farage a ‘man of the people’?

  19. Charity? Wonder what “Charity” because we now know many of them are bent as f**k and are funded by big pharma. Wouldn’t trust Musk as far as I could throw him!

    • Exactly!

      I knew a woman who managed several, small-scale, ‘Charities’, back in the nineties. It was an enterprise for her and she lived quite well – because for every £1 given, she got 50% and the seller in the pub or wherever got 10%. The sweetie boxes on shop counters were the best though. Profit all the way.

      And that was before the money even got to the ‘Charity’ hub…where the CEO and all the staff got paid – out of the same £1.

      I don’t know if even 10p in any £1 made it to where the donors intended.

      When I questioned her about it, she said, ‘Well…without us, they’d have nothing at all’.

      So…I don’t give to charity.

  20. He has tortured so many animals with his chips in the brain project and let’s face it, there is always the possibility that missing people and children end up in the hands of these monsters trying to play god with our lives. Furthermore, the mining of lithium for electric cars enslaves and endangers many people in Africa and then all his little projects are far from environmentally friendly. He may come across as interesting but he is a Thomas Edison as opposed to Nicola Tesla. Btw, Edison was a fraud who electrocuted many animals including elephants and dogs and one of his contributions to humanity was the electric chair. Hardly something to be proud of.

  21. Him ?.wtf would trust him . He wants to put those very chips into kids heads . Kidswith brain damage. Trust him are u fucking joking. He’s a SNAKE makeno mistake about that. My youngest son said he’s smart and doing decent stuff . No hes not. He’s one of the biggest snakes out there. More money then sense and these people think they are gods and actually own this planet. He should come with a warning sing. Narcissist all of them. Lunatics.

  22. So has he realised that if he needs a blood transfusion, or any other transfusion, it would be contaminated and realises he must hedge his bets? No other reason for trying to be what he so clearly isn’t!
    As for the trucks, how big are those batteries and how much fuel would they need to start, let alone roll – meaning electricity needs to be produced by . . . gas/oil etc? Can’t see them using solar panels – because they will be useless if Billy Goats sends crap into the atmosphere. Fun isn’t it when one maniac puts a dampner on another maniac’s projects.
    Then again who needs Musk’s lorries when there are no people to use them. Hah! Only the elites and well, that’s his money floating down the river.
    Well that’s another sick family trying to rule the world.

    • I don’t trust Elon Musk one bit! They just put him out there to fool the people and when I hear people saying what genius Elon is I honestly feel like screaming !! The guy is a puppet just the one with a different agenda- to pretend that he supports things ghat matter.

      If he indeed were one of the people he wouldn’t be propagating neuro link and launching all these satellites into the space. Can’t stand the guy. Pure evil. And to hide behind the greatest mind that existed (Tesla) just infuriates me.

      Lastly, the vast amount of wealth they are working with , him amongst the many others, should never be allowed. No one should ever accumulate such amount of wealth. Just as Dr Reiner Fuellmich stated their money should be confiscated and used to repair the damage they caused to the people and economies around the world. Then whist everything was literally falling apart they go into space and double of triple their wealth during the same pandemic period!! Someone is truly laughing at humanity!

  23. Watching something the other day seems as if everyone who is high up or in the spotlight is in the peekaboo club and just like the video you put out Hugo they looking for one world religion one world order deep inside the Freemasons we are nothing to them just there to serve them and to be experimented on and controlled it’s all been a big fat lie from childhood to now believe nothing they tell us keep up the good work Hugo I think the pure bloods need to stick together

  24. they all want to tell us a tearful tale of how they achieved everything themselves and what geniuses they are.🙄( real geniuses behind their screen)!really sorry for poor monkeys. and as a woman, I’ll add, how lucky he was that he was born with money. if it weren’t for money, with his appearance, he would have remained a virgin forever!!!!!!!!😖very ugly


  26. I am
    South African. I wish he wasn’t. I follow him and one day he is Godly and decent and the next a weirdo. Is barely able to speak properly. I wouldn’t trust him with my boerwors

  27. Elon Musk donated $5.7B in Tesla stock to an unnamed charity, after selling shares to pay an $11B tax bill.

    Analysts say the donation may give him “huge” tax benefits, offsetting much of the bill.

    Tesla is set to pay $0 in federal taxes for 2021 despite a record $5.5B profits.

  28. ‘Tesla’ being an anagram of steal is an absolute irrelevance Hugo: Elon Musk obviously named his company after the brilliant and mysterious Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – who was involved in designing and envisioning very advanced secret weapons and a host of other things, including smartphones.

    In 1926 Tesla basically described the modern smartphone when he wrote:
    “When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Not only this, but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face to face, despite intervening distances of thousands of miles; and the instruments through which we shall be able to do his will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone. A man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket.”

    There are a couple of fascinating videos about Tesla currently available to watch for free for a limiter period here on Blaze TV:

    Which investigate how the shadow American government seized most of Tesla’s files when he died in order to keep many of his inventions and ideas secret.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that Musk and his cronies have got hold of at least some of these secret files.

    • Let’s not forget that it was Donald Trump’s uncle (a nuclear physicist, we’re told) who was sent to recover the files.

    • The Tesla name has nothing to do with Musk at all, so all is irrelevant. He bought his way into the company then ousted the founders and made it look like he was the CEO from the start.

  29. He is one of the main people responsible for irradiating the World from what is building up to tens of thousands of satellites – as part of the ‘smart/automated vision’ that seems so appealing to those too distanced from nature and reality to realise that life on this planet cannot be controlled by Humans. This is effectively a massive experiment, which could have massive knock-on effects to life on Earth.

    The ionosphere and Earth’s surface have an interaction which heavily influences weather (particularly extreme weather) – and man-made radiation/continually launching rockets could well accentuate the positive charge build-up in the ionosphere that leads to storms.

    No-one knows the full-blown effect of irradiating living systems to millions of times their natural levels. Research is finding indications of far-reaching effects. Living systems, including Humans, depend on those systems being functional – and when component parts are damaged or disappear, the supporting blocks start to crumble. Why is it that it is ‘okay’ to experiment with something so little understood and on such a huge ‘full steam ahead’ scale?

    Personally, I can see Elon Musk fitting in as a ‘bond villain’ – with the capacity to destroy the World (as we know it)!!!!!!

  30. A quick look at suggests that Elon’s surname should really be Fretz or Kratz Fretz, since his 2nd great-grandfather was the son of Sarah (nee Haldeman) and Abraham Fretz or Kratz Fretz.

    They were from Mennonite families, who arrived in Pennsylvania at the invitation of William Penn, from Germany or Switzerland. It is also interesting to note that there is a sect within the Mennonites called the Holdeman school (same pronunciation, different spelling).

    It is also interesting that the Haldeman/Fretz family married into the Bechtel family – who are from the same background and are also billionaires.

    A quick search on ‘Mennonites’ and their attitude to life and technology will, therefor, give you a laugh, bearing in mind the last three generations of Elon Musk’s maternal line – but, probably, gives them a bigger one.

    I have my own ideas about who was behind the reformation. The names of all these people should give you a clue as to why. I am of the opinion that they were all Conversos…or, rather Cryptos who only pretended to convert.

    I should add that I have come to that conclusion having researched my own family tree in Protestant Scotland. History has been re-written many times and we now know how easy that is.

  31. I wouldn’t trust Elo.n as far as I could.throw him. This is the guy who wants every human being chipped? The guy who is growning babies without a womb? Ummmm, no thanks.

    • Sorry, correction on my last post. It’s not Elon growing babies. I apologize. It’s China.
      “It Officially Begins… AI Nanny Created By Chinese Scientists To Grow Babies In Robot Wombs” on YouTube

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