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  1. It is not a landlord’s decision to insist a tenant has a smart meter. A tenant should ask a landlord for permission to install a smart (or other) meter but if it went before a judge they would side with the tenant. When a tenant changes their supplier the supplier might insist on their having a new meter or a smart meter. The tenant/householder is perfectly within their rights to reject a smart meter.

    • It would depend on who held the account with the electricity company – the landlord or the ‘householder’.

  2. My Landlord here has made it quite clear here that he will not change , and I have my own Generator anyway that I built.:)

  3. I agree with you Hugo. I’ve changed suppliers virtually every year because utility companies keep trying to get me to change to one of these meters. Phonimg them up makes no difference, they keep sending the blurb They’re not cost effective, sadly I couldn’t convince my friend not to have one and her bill rocketed. I also believe there will be advese health effects when 5G is connected to them, but then I am a 5G conspiracy theorist!

  4. templateletter to refuse .


    I am writing to inform you that I do NOT give consent for any smart meter to be installed in my property. It is common knowledge, and supported by peer reviewed evidence and scientifically published research that ‘advanced’ utility meters (ie smart meters) are;


    • Fire hazards.

    • Cannot withstand typical grid surges

    • Cause damage to homes and structures when damaged by surges.

    • Emit biologically harmful pulsed EMF radiation.

    • Collect personal data of private activities in the home in violation of Article 8 of the human rights act (Rights to Privacy).

    • Fatally disrupt and disable medical devices such as Pacemakers.

    • Cause heating and antenna effects upon any metal body implants which damage body tissues.

    • Represent excess equipment costs with more expensive meters and represent more frequent replacement of the more expensive meters, all of which costs will be passed on to ratepayers via excess and unnecessary charges.

    • Represents higher service costs in the processing and storing of data collected and general maintenance of the wireless grid network.

    None of the above can be authorised by any lawful easement contract. As a major utilities provider, the liabilities (criminal and financial) will arise for which you are fully and personally responsible as authorising and administering the policies which were brought about. I, as a utility customers, cannot lawfully be required to assume such hazards and damages as a condition of receiving electric service or as a means of extortion of additional service payments from us in return for safe, lawful and reliable metering – which has been provided for many decades without any such penalty charges.


    I must be provided permanently and at no additional cost, a safe and lawful electromechanical utility meter with absolutely zero electronic components within 21 days. Any claim that electromechanical meters are “not available” is false. If you refuse or fail to provide or allow safe, reliable and lawful electromechanical metering timely, I require full payment, insurance and assurance of liability for all hazards listed above and any hazards not yet anticipated. That assumption of liability and responsibility must include you providing a name and address where my claims may be filed and paid WITHOUT HESITATION OR QUESTION to remedy any harm, injury, loss, damage or violation of rights caused by the above described electronic utility metering hazards, defects and offensive features and functions.


    If, having failed to provide the safe and lawful metering described above, you additionally fail or refuse to provide the above assurance of liability and responsibility timely, you will be in default and fully and personally accountable, liable and responsible for all consequences. These include

    damages, harm, injuries, losses, violations of rights, trespass, bad faith, negligence, nuisance and malice associated with your electronic metering devices and programs. Your failure to timely provide insurance and claim information described above is agreement to personally pay for all claims as described above. You will also, by any failure or refusal to provide insurance and claim contacts described above, be putting up and offering your company’s resources for prompt and uncontested settlement of our claims whenever they may be submitted.

    Any failure to pay any reasonable claim within 30 days will obligate you to pay all collection costs, legal costs and expenses, court fees and all incidental costs and expenses we may find necessary to secure settlement and collection of our claims.

    Any rebuttal to this notice must be supported by fact, law and evidence and must be submitted to me directly via post. Urgency dictates that no “grace” period will be allowed beyond 21 days from this delivery other than reasonable time for mail delivery. Failure to respond in writing within 21 days constitutes full and final default. If you require up to 15 additional days to respond you may request that in writing prior to default. I will determine if your metering activities and policies will allow the extension and we will notify you in writing if extension is granted.

    Notice to principal is notice to agent and notice to agent is notice to principle. This is an adhesion contract with power and effect by default.



    (printed name)

    • A smart meter will be installed when the meter is replaced. It is not like they will have any magnetic ‘spinning disc’ meters ‘in stock’ anyway.

      • ‘Sides’?! What are you on about? I pulled you up for making comments have could have got naive and gullible people in serious trouble. It doesn’t involve ‘sides’.

      • @Henrich Gullible people don’t fit their own meters. They research THE LAW before doing so. Gullible people accept smart meters without question, just like you.

      • I would never be gullible enough to accept a smart meter, but everyone will end up with one eventually as existing meters are replaced. You can only drag your heels for a so long. Just like Micro$oft pushing their latest operating system. Maybe resistance IS futile.

      • @Henrich “but everyone will end up with one eventually as existing meters are replaced.”

        Not everyone – only those that don’t know The Law of The Land – cognitively dissonant people like you who love to be intimidated by their imagined superiors.

      • What? Are you still using guineas, sovereigns and farthings? Good luck with your ‘Notice of Liability’ against the electricity company *nonsensedoctrines door flies off its hinges*

  5. The ‘smart’ meters will be able to ’credit’ a certain about of energy to a household and restrict the amount of you’re naughty!
    I have read that the company can seek legal access to your home as the equipment is theirs, however, you can exchange the meters for your own bought ones and keep theirs to give them when they arrive on your doorstep!

    • No, you can’t exchange your electricity meter for your own one! Don’t be silly!

      • Previously, it was a ‘I heard from a friend of a friend’, now it is ‘I have seen it done’ as if that gives your delusions rantings more weight. You have seen no such thing? Your own ‘private electricity meter’. What would there be to stop you robbing the electricity company blind? “I don’t use any electricity as you can see clearly from my meter readings”. I have never heard anything so ridiculous. You are talking absolute codswallop.

      • Henrich I have told you The Truth, and you’re the one having the difficulties dealing with it, such is the condition of your brainwashed closed hived mind. What are you doing here on this site anyway? You’re obviously totally out of your depth – go back to Jewtube where you belong.

      • What are you on about you lunatic? Where have I mentioned the Jews? You really, truly are NUTS! You are a fruit-loop.

      • Henrich I have told you The Truth, and you’re the one having the difficulties dealing with it, such is the condition of your brainwashed closed hived mind. What are you doing here on this site anyway? You’re obviously totally out of your depth – go back to Youtube where you belong. Google/Youtube is Jewish controlled.

      • ‘What are you doing here on this site anyway?’ Codespeak for ‘Clear off’ . I don’t want anyone on here who can show me up for the con artist and psychopath that I am. I prey on the gullible and naive.’ You are a abomination. It is you that should clear off.

      • Henrich Like I said, you’re out of your depth here. Your mind is closed and you’re fully inside the box – a system man – an unthinking conformist – somewhere along the line you took the blue pill, so just accept it, and go where you will be happy on your citizen treadmill, with all your fellow citizens on their treadmills – paying their usury, taxation, bills and inflation without so much as a whimper.

      • Henrich you are clearly a very angry man and extremely rude, people resort to insults and abuse when they are scared and out of their depth?
        Meters CAN indeed be exchanged for your own. That you know nothing whatsoever about this makes it neither rubbish, dangerous nor untrue, it simply means you are ignorant to the facts. You are not omnipotent.
        I have no interest in arguing with you and have nothing to prove, it matters not whether you believe it or you don’t. If, however, at least one person is inspired to THINK, then go do some real RESEARCH on the matter, job done! Whether they then agree or disagree, is entirely their own decision, based on their OWN knowledge, not the fear and ignorance of one as blindly obedient as yourself.

  6. SMART = Surveillance Military Arsenal in Residential Technology

    • chaps.. thank you.. i had tears rolling down my cheeks at one point.. it was far more entertaining than hugos vid.. as for the chuffin meter.. well i left the uk for a tiny little island!

  7. You are absolutely right Hugo! This is Totalitarianism & Enslavement. I’d rather cook over an open fire then accept this control agenda. Nothing Smart about mass surveillance & censorship! We Do Not Consent!!!

  8. AND they can CUT OFF power to your home any time! Let’s say there’s a tremendous heat wave in your area. They will cut off your power to “reduce energy consumption” If you’re sick or elderly, then you die in your home.

  9. another excuse to go off grid and get the camp fire on, no wonder there building car charging points on homes, image how much they could charge you, imagine charging your car up at the wrong time and they charge you 10 times more, that would be a laugh wouldn’t it for powers that be, computer says no….., imagine all charging up at the same time and there’s a black out, imagine all the broken down cars on the roads, what could possibly go wrong, and your wife’s pregnant and you cart get to hospital, what could possibly go wrong, bet there rubbing there hands, swear box in your room next, and a camera to watch you, ditch it all, then what they going to do, i tell you, they want to control everything you say and do and go, through a smart network or metaverse,, i like many others on here wont fall for it, your smartphone (i;e microchip soon to be), your house, your electric car, all talking and connected to each other, were being used people, are we going to go along with this nightmare, on top of the 100 others nightmares coming, its for there benefit not ours, so lets not get used and abused and put a stop to this now, we need to take our world back, keep it up Canadian truckers.

  10. It is a legal requirement that electricity meters have to be replaced every 10/20 years so eventually you will end up with a smart meter.

    Electricity meters should be changed depending on the validity period of its certification.

    According to GOV.UK, the certification period for utility meters is determined by the Office for Product Safety and Standards. Each type of meter has a different certification restriction. As a rule of thumb, it is 10 years for newly approved induction meters and up to 20 years for static meters. For static meters, though, the unit has to be submitted for component reliability model validation based on the Siemens Norm SN29500.

    Ideally, your electricity provider will mail you a notification letter informing you about the need to change your electricity meter months in advance.

      • I am not getting into that legal/lawful nonsense. You are a Grade A lunatic! Just to be clear – it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to tamper with electricity meters!
        And if it is suspected that you have ‘abstracted’ electricity you will have a debt charge of many thousands of pounds placed on your account; what the electricity company – judge, jury and executioner – estimate that you have ‘stolen’. If you follow the nonsensedoctrine DANGEROUS, ILLEGAL advise which is no less than an encouragement to commit CRIMINAL ACTIVITY you will land in serious trouble. Don’t even think about listening to this nutcase!

      • @Henrich “I am not getting into that legal/lawful nonsense.”

        And that’s the problem with western civilisation as a whole – dupes happily wallowing in their dupedom and ignorance.

        “Contempt, prior to complete investigation, enslaves men to ignorance.”

        – Dr John Whitman Ray

        “The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.”

        – Dr Wayne Dyer

      • I should have said I am not interested in getting into a circular argument about the difference between legal and lawful.

      • @thegobshitenotthetruth

        Heinrich has tied you up in knots you ignorant tosser. You are in no position to lecture anyone about anything as you constantly spout bollox interspersed with one or two sentences that have just a ring of sense about them. These, of course, you slyly introduce to temp unknowing posters into believing you are a normal person. You are not, as I have amply demonstrated in other threads.

        Still, on this occasion Heirich has, so far been spared the links you customarily provide to substantiate your warped opinions, namely your dull and dreary blog or Youtube chanel. I highly recommend anyone experiencing difficulty in sleeping to pop over to the said blog for an almost instantaneous remedy.

        You, ya gobshite are truly a wanker. Go back to mummy’s basement where you can choke your chicken and hopefully keep under control your other distasteful urges and proclivities.

        Cluck, cluck

      • @Henrich I tend to find all the circular reasoning people are conformist citizen slaves such as yourself – they have prison bars in their minds, so can only go around in circles.

    • And that is why , if you can find one , you could buy a new meter now and hold it in stock for when the Gestapo come to install the meter , you produce your NEW one and instruct them to install it. Also, ask them for a 3pole isolation switch between meter and consumer unit because you then have the ability to work safely from the switch , thus breaking no laws
      . Hendrick , you need to calm down with the insults , we are all in this together ,.you obviously aren’t fully awake , just an angry little man who needs a hug. ( Only winding you up , don’t bite ) take a chill pill , smoke a joint , if we are arguing they are winning. I am a warrior , if I have to fight to the death , I am more than willing to do so for our creator gave us this Grace , he wants us to win and we must do this together , viva la revolution.

  11. Electricity meters are required to be inspected once every two year regardless of if they are smart or not. A smart meter won’t stop the electricity company wanting access.

      • Absolute nonsense. You are posting dangerous nonsense of the highest order. As soon as you remove the seals (impossible to remove a meter without cutting the seals in any case) you are BREAKING THE LAW and COMMITTING a CRIMINAL OFFENCE and you WILL be PROSECUTED! Notwithstanding the risk of fire and death by electrocution! STOP! posting DANGEROUS NONSENSE.

      • @Henrich Nonsense, there’s no such thing as a ‘criminal offence’ – the term ‘criminal offence’ is an oxymoron. Either it’s a crime, that is, injurious harm or financial loss caused to another sentient being, or it’s an offence, and offence can only be taken, not given.

        The only thing dangerous here is your ignorance of THE LAW.

        If you remove their meter send the seals back to them with their meter, as your NEW PRIVATELY OWNED METER will have no seals. LOL

        Just get it through your head that as long as you’re paying for the electricity, you’re breaking no law.

      • You are an absolute lunatic and I mean that! Get it through your thick skull that it is a criminal offence to tamper with./remove electricity meters. You cannot remove and install your own electricity meter. This would be wide open to theft of electricity meter. The electricity companies set up is to prevent THEFT of the supply and it is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to tamper with/remove it. And THEFT is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. You really should see a doctor because if you really do believe the nonsense you spout you are not only a danger to yourself by extremely dangerous to others.

      • Henrich Too late, as I said, I know people that have done it, and I have explained your ‘criminal offence’ BS, which has passed from one ear to another without anything substantial in between analysing what I said.

      • Too late, nutcase. As I have already explained you cannot tamper with ANYTHING that could lead to the theft of electricity; that is why there are seals on the meter connections and the fuse box. But you are free to do what every you want with the installation after the electricity consumption has left the meter and been METERED. It is the ‘consumer unit’ part of the installation that is YOUR PROPERTY not the meter. Can you not get that through your thick skull? I would really urge anyone not to listen to a word this raving lunatic is saying.

      • ‘@Henrich Here’s another question – how do you PAY for anything with a promise-to-pay, that is, an IOU?’ What the Hell are you on about? Seek help. Seriously!

      • Oh, I get it? You are talking about the ‘promise to pay the bearer on demand’ on banknotes. What the hell has that got to do with tampering with electricity meters? Answer: nothing. Another case of deflection, Sherlock!

      • @Henrich “It is the ‘consumer unit’ part of the installation that is YOUR PROPERTY not the meter.”

        Precisely, that’s why you take it out and return to them and replace it with your own – otherwise they will accuse you of stealing their property. You then take readings from your meter and inform them of how much power you have used. It’s not rocket science.

      • @Henrich Country with its people walking around with promises-to-pay in their wallets and purses is a Bankrupt Nation. It’s a country with ‘money’ that has a negative value. Now tell me what happens to the debts of a bankrupt in a bankruptcy?

      • The meter is NOT part of the ‘consumer unit’. The electricity company could care less what you do with the consumer unit, but they will pay attention if they spot any signs of ‘tampering’ with the meter or the fuse box.

      • Now tell me what happens to the debts of a bankrupt in a bankruptcy? They are discharged? I really haven’t got the slightest clue. Pray, do tell!

      • Henrich Precisely, all the debts are paid in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy which means everything is already paid for, so when they CHARGE you for your electric they are getting paid a second time. It’s what they call double dipping.

  12. I had experience of an old man having a smart meter installed. He went to care home (dementia) and I was looking after his house whenever I was in area. I left only ONE LED light at the front of the house door, and another one in a hallway. NOTHING else was using electricity. I was away for weeks, sometimes couple of months, before I would walk in the house, check all was OK.

    Electricity bill was coming thru £120 per MONTH?! I was shocked. I,ve phoned electricity company to ask them what is the reason for such high charges?! They told me they need to speak to house owner. Told them he is with dementia and in care home, and he can’t really talk to them. Told this old man Power of Attorney (his solicitor), but … he wasn’t bothered, as he didn’t want to take the case, but just keep on paying till old man didn’t pass away 🙁

    So, I was wittness that they were manipulating meters remotelly from their centre 🙁

  13. who needs electric to charge there shit up, the camp fires the way to go lol roll on spring, do a six month camp f##k um

  14. I have been ducking and diving from the unsmart meter ever since the flipping things got introduced. But being a sceptic and a realist (I used to be happy-go-lucky till all this convid charade kicked off), I am just waiting for the net to close in on us, by the energy companies. Some companies have been saying for some time, that a condition of changing your supply to them, means you have to agree to have an unsmart meter.
    Also, how the hell do they think people that go out to work can avoid “peak times”? For instance a 9 to 5 day means peak times at home! Are we supposed to set our alarm clocks to have our evening meal at 3 am in the morning? What a bunch of complete wa****kers.
    A couple of days ago, someone said on here, that us non conformists would be penalised by having to submit a meter reading daily. (They actually didn’t say that, they said that people with meters would have to do that but that didn’t make sense and I think it was a typo error.
    I will carry on ignoring the energy companies emails to have an unsmart meter in the meantime………..

    • We should all just stop paying. These energy companies are just the brokers anyway. They dont own the gas or electric that we are paying for. The ones who own the meters apparently own the supply, so if we all got our own meters with a safety certificate from a registered engineer, then we own our supply

  15. Smart meters (SM) work on pulsed radiation and bad for your health. Then there is the SM surveillance capabilities. They can tell how many people in house, and probably whom when we are chipped, if heart is beating, if you are doing toilet or even having sex. My friend’s mother has light dementia, lives alone so he has been given an app that works through her SM to let him know if she has fallen down or have heart problem. SM will link up with other equipment in your house so they can know every move and control your behaviour. Maybe can detect if your mask (chipped) is worn in the house & if you take it off a fine will be deducted from social credit score or yr digital acc. Bad stuff s*** coming down the line!

    • Sadly, Mark G… you are right on the button. Thanks for posting this Truth. Let’s get the message out there. WE are The Resistance!

    • Mass non compliance is the only way. Shove it, We do not consent. lol

  16. So, right, Hugo. I lived in Florida (Ormond Beach) until 2015… Florida Power & Light did same thing. Tried to roll out the SMART meters to every homestead… saying how ‘beneficial’ they would be for consumers. We resisted, as did many enlightened Florida consumers… FP&L’s tight-lipped response was: You ain’t got no choice, buster… if you refuse a SMART meter, we will hike up your power payments till your eyes water…’. I can’t comment on what went on to transpire, as the ‘Covid’ BS now prevents me from returning to my former life in Florida. I am currently getting same kind of ‘pressure’ from Scottish Power, in UK, dammit… they send me messages: ‘Hello, we are in your area, installing SMART meters… and we’re doing it FREE right now… Don’t delay, come and join the SMART meter revolution… you will be glad you did…’ Scottish Power can take a hike!
    Hugo, really appreciate your insights.
    My friends, resist SMART meters… they are NOT for YOUR benefit. They will be used to link you to ‘passports’ and Social Credit systems. Take your ‘power’ back… WE are the Resistance. Thank you, Hugo.

    • Morning

      I with same company don’t worry they been trying to drive me up the wall to!!
      I got in bit debt which caused them to Really up the game !
      Had threatening letters (which came late due to late postal problems in many areas?) they came full force knocking on door!

      I pay by a card they even emailed me telling me I can’t pay on that now!!!

      They been taken over or merged by EON I think they called?
      But I am still paying off my debt, as I do owe it,
      But I told them in my email, for the £300 pounds debt
      (got into because they increased prices couple times I do believe? & other big companies raising prices, food, other bill services I have to pay )
      outstanding & me Actively paying them I was phoning CAB to which I did because they were/are just Hassling me.

      I am not breaking the law if I am paying them something!!
      Told them that in another email & if they wanted to take me to court over a quite small amount & with me Actively paying them
      I am sure the judge would have far more important issues & they would be laughed out of court.

      And yes it’s been for the last five years ..week after week…. Have a smart meter ..

      This need to Force Us All is becoming very clear,
      why do they still think we are Stupid!!
      I mean come on.. I read comments on here & people are Clearly more aware & awake than They realise.

      Thank you Hugo as always

      • Hi Janie, watching68 has put up a good “Notice of Liability” template you could use against them – it’s below here on this thread – take a look.

      • Hey truth

        yes thank you i take a look
        any help is always welcome so cheers

        have pleasant evening
        take care

  17. & What about if this pile of shit Cnut meter has allready been installed before i moved in,,,,,,,,, & the wankers wont shift the bastard ?

    • I changed to another company which deactivated the smart meter. They then tried to arrange to install their smart meter – and I refused. So now have gas and electric as ‘unsmart meters!!!! I recorded the radiation being omitted on the one that had been installed in my new property- it was way outside safe levels. It opened up a few conversations with them.

      • Hi Hilarie

        Unfortunately I have a smart meter that was fitted on my property years ago. I wish it was never installed for obvious reasons.

        I am with the company E.ON NEXT. About a year ago I did write to them saying I want it removed and have the ‘unsmart’ meter. They replied that it is not possible – I have to have the smart meter.

        I was thinking of switching to another company and contacted one and they told me I still have to have a smart meter.

        I get the impression if I try to switch over to another company it will force me to take a smart meter.

        How were you successful in refusing to take a smart meter? Even when you refused, all they had to do is ignore you and put in a smart meter whether you like it or not.

        Do you have any advice you can share on how I can remove my smart meter, if possible.


      • @wolf727 Buy a standard meter online and get an electrician to fit it. Then return the old meter to your supplier recorded delivery. The hard part will be finding an electrician to do it. Offer good money in cash and you should be able to find someone – it’s only a ten minute job. Once you have your own meter they have no lawful reason to enter your property, as their meter was the only excuse they had.

  18. You can buy meter seals and crimper from any good electrical wholesale you have to break the seals when changing the fuse board over to put new tails into the meter lol split the feed incoming with a Henley box

    • Yes, you can, but they are not marked with the electricity company logo, but would pass a casual inspection. But you talking about abstracting the supply not installing your own meter like the nonsensedoctrine. One thing you shouldn’t do is bypass the meter terminals as this will be detected, and if you have a pay-as-you-go meter it will set a ‘flag’.

      • Once the new meter is fitted and their meter returned to them, and they’re served LAWFUL NOTICE they can then not trespass on your private property without being Commercially prosecuted. The old meter is their only reason to enter your property.

      • Do you really think that they electricity company is going to sit back and allow you to STEAL their electricity? They will FORCE ENTRY. You really are delusional.

      • Henrich As I said it’s already paid for, so it cannot be stolen, they are the thieves charging for it = double dipping in the Bankruptcy. Plus I did say that once a new meter is fitted readings can be given to the supplier. You’re the idiot fixated about stealing electricity.

      • ‘Henrich As I said it’s already paid for, so it cannot be stolen, they are the thieves charging for it = double dipping in the Bankruptcy. Plus I did say that once a new meter is fitted readings can be given to the supplier. You’re the idiot fixated about stealing electricity.’

        So, we can just all ignore out electricity bills ‘because we have already paid for it’? Seriously, are you nuts or are you nuts? I wasn’t talking about stealing electricity? I asked under your set-up what would be in place to stop you stealing electricity? I will tell, you nothing! It would be like turning your electricity meter into an ‘honesty box’. I don’t think the electricity companies would be in business for long. You really are a crazy! And by the way it it you that is ‘fixated’, you are obsessional.

      • @ Pablo32 I was talking about bridging the meter terminals. There is a small transformer in parallel in the meter to detect the (very) small voltage drop. Beware!

  19. I get my electricity and gas from one of the big suppliers. I’ve had texts, emails and letters requesting a date to fit a smart meter and I’ve refused. I even had someone turn up to fit one and told him in no uncertain terms to sod off. Resist and say no because it’s all part of the big plan to control and screw you!

  20. Someone I used to know connected the electricity supply to the lamp post out side the house and got free electricity I don’t know how he did that and I can’t ask him as he is not around anymore so if anyone knows how to do this can you let me know please

    • I no it can be done cause my step dad did it for years lol. He was caught and nicked . Spent 4 weeks in jail. If your found out they will say ur putting life’s in danger and cut u of . Even get old bill to lick ur door in. Trust me I no . X

  21. Everyone who doesn’t have a smart or PAYG meter seriously needs to stop paying en-masse. If we ALL do it there’s very little they can do about it.

    • Cant be just switch the damp things off and be done with it – problem solved

  22. We don’t want one, but they suggested fitting one and turns out they can’t put one in the wall on our type of set-up. Whole street is smart meter free I think. Keeping them at bay for now.

  23. get a log burner fitted and link it to a back boiler, you don’t need their nonsense, i hear that foil causes havoc with the new meters, but its only what i have heard

    • Renegade electronic engineers have dismantled these ‘Smart Meters’ to discover the nasties within. Documenting their ‘teardowns’ publicly on Youtube (where surprisingly they are yet to censored for ‘hate-speech’, ‘misinformation’, or such!)

      Inside the Meters are multiple security devices and many anti-tamper measures.

      Countless microswitches for ‘intrusion detection’, triggered when any of the meter covers are removed, or if there is tampering to the meter tail shrouds,

      Load imbalances are detected between live and neutral, potentially due to meter bypassing, or inadvertent earth leakage from a house wiring fault..

      A Hall Effect sensor to detect a sabotage attemps on the main internal relay using electromagnetic energy. That relay can be remotely switched on/of by the supplier to disconnect the supply, and they don’t want the plebs turning it back on again by holding a powerful magnet against the Meter.

      A ‘Dying Gasp’ function drawing on a lithium cell. This is defeat an intentional pulling of mains power to shut down the external communications of the Meter.

      Possibly RF detection circuitry if someone tries to use an RF Jammer to cripple the cellular communications of the Meter.

      In any of these scenarios, an alarm message is covertly sent over the cellular network by a wireless modem embedded in the Meter ‘to snitch on you’. Alerting the supplier who can then remotely disconnect the supply, pending a forensic investigation with the Plod(?) in your own home.

      A Scotsman called BigCliveDotCom has been one of the best commentators on the technologies in Smart Meters. BigClive also takes to task the phony scares stories about Smart Meters. Unravelling the bullshit manufactured by the controlled opposition. Nonsense to discredit-by-association the many valid criticisms of these Meters. BigClive found no secret microphones listening in, no hidden cameras and no harmful radiation emitted into our brains. But plenty of very real concerns over the extensive surveillance capabilities and totalitarian control measures inherent in these Meters.

      Another Smart Meter commentator to watch (in every sense) is Australian video blogger and electronic engineer David L. Jones of EEVBLOG. Jones is a gatekeeper; a propagandist for the military-industrial complex. Relentlessly promoting NA$A and its hoax ‘space programme’ which swindles billions every year from the public purse; which doubtless helps to enrich Jones himself. Jones is lately scoffing at anti-vax ‘conspiracy theorists’, to discredit them, and to distract others from the truth. Not a nice bloke.

  24. Just be careful, I rang the esb here in Ireland and they assured me my name was taken off the list and nobody would be installing a smart meter.low and behold a guy arrived out to fit the smart meter luckily I was there to stop him.he was told if the gate is open go in and fit the meter.the only way to be sure is to get verification by email any form of written letter saying they will not fit the meter.dont take their word for it over the phone because they are part of the establishment and all this bullshit climate change hoax.

  25. Personally, these ‘stupid meters’ make me ill. I managed to get one taken out after getting through layers of lying people at the utility company. After 20 minutes in the house my heart was palpitating, I had head ache and my stress/panic levels were escalating. Immediately the meter was removed, the house and I was fine and I moved back in.

    Having read up about the radiation given out by these, it was very clear that these are harmful (particularly to some people) and also that no thought is being given to the suitability of their location. They put this one in a cupboard full of metal pans, next to metal appliances and with thick stone walls behind – in a location with very low mobile phone signal (which is used to send the readings). It is well known that if you build a faraday cage around a smart meter, it needs to be earthed deep into the ground to allow the escape of static from the blocked radiation. By placing them next to unearthed metal in a house, this means that there is also a build up of static (which in my house was unbearable). The meter then tries harder and harder to get a signal – escalating the problem.

    They put a smart meter in my neighbour’s house (the most healthy, sprightly 80 year old) who only used gas to cook food and wasn’t aware that the new meter was any different to his old one. Maybe it was coincidence that he was having difficulty walking 6 months later and died a year after that. He had taken to sitting in his kitchen with an arm chair and electric fire rather than in his lounge (where the meter is).

    The radiation we are now being subjected to is millions of times higher than we evolved with. The ‘cover up’ of harm being done to people and animals is very similar to that we have seen over Coronavirus – at a time when satellites are being launched multiple times a week, increasing this further. Scientific evidence does show that harm is being done, especially when looking an non-industry funded research!

  26. Hugo you are wrong! Here in the U.S.A you MUST have one and if you do not CONSENT they will come to your house and turn off your electricity until you freeze to death!

    And I know this for a fact because I lived through it. I put a lock on MY meter base (which belongs to me, not the power company) and they kept coming to my house to install one of those fire hazard, EMF emitting, Privacy intrusion, devices. I kept saying NO, NO, not ever, gtf off my property!

    So in January of 2019, 5 Large power company trucks came to my house with the local cops in tow and cut off my power (and that power connection was not on my property it was on my neighbor’s property so I could not stop them). Then they froze me out! Told me they would never reconnect my power until I removed the lock on my meter base!

    So you are wrong, wrong, wrong. If you don’t CONSENT they MAKE you consent! They are criminals to the highest degree along with the rest of the big corporations (which includes ALL government corporations). They are ALL criminals.

    • @Seeker The USA is a Common Law jurisdiction, plus it is a Commercial Law UCC jurisdiction. just like Britain. You need to learn who you are under those superior and more powerful jurisdictions. This article of mine will help you to understand:

      For There is No Respect of Persons With God – Romans 2:11 – But What is a Person? – Parts 1 & 2:

      • Charles, I know you cannot possibly know who I am or what I know. I am well aware of the law and commercial jurisdictions in the US. I have been in their courts on and off for 25 years (of course without an attorney) fighting “them” to leave my the fxxk alone so that I can be the free woman that I know that I am. But thanks for the input nonetheless.

      • @Seeker I did KNOW that you’re a flesh and blood sentient being, so that’s all I needed to know. And your original comment did sound somewhat defeatist with tin pot utility companies trampling all over your unalienable rights. However, I am glad that you do know who you are.

      • Charles, you are correct it sounded “defeatist” because it is, I was defeated after a very valiant fight and I hate losing. Can’t stand losing.

        Also the reason I seem to have “given up” is because I have larger fish to fry and have been frying them for three years now and don’t ask me to publicly divulge too many details but its the fight of my life and right now I have a state appeals court and the state supreme court caught red handed in conspiracy against my rights!

      • Good Lick with your quest for your rights
        good for you

        best wishes
        take care
        keep strong always

      • @Seeker That sounds like some heavy stuff, so I wish you well with that. Out of interest, were you ever a disciple of Winston Shrout?

      • Charles, yes I studied Shrout’s stuff over a decade ago.

        Unfortunately in the case I am in now, its the best case I have ever seen (the facts and law line up so perfectly ON MY SIDE and of course I planned it this way) but it is so perfect that “they” can not allow me to win because it would cause their whole house of cards to come tumbling down. I mean this case could have humongous connotations and that is why all the courts from the lowest to the highest are conspiring together against me on my case…. they gotta take drastic steps. Also unfortunately for me those drastic steps may have me losing everything!

      • @Seeker I have heard that they can allow a win, but with a gagging order built into it. I know of at least one mortgage case here in the UK that ended that way. There’s also a fella by the handle Michael O’Bernicea here who won after a 10 year battle. But as you say they are shit scared that once it becomes common knowledge the flood gates will open and their fraudulent banking system will be finished.

      • thanks for the input I’ll check him out. As an aside, this is NOT a foreclosure action but carries similar risks. I have never seen anywhere a similar case attacking the issues my case attacks. I will say no more.

      • @Seeker I wish you well with your endeavours, and will be very grateful for an update(s) on your progress, as and when it is prudent to do so.

    • It havent come to that yet in the UK, as yet & as long as it stays that way there is no chance in hell i will be volunteering for one. Its obvious they are up to something illegal😩😩

  27. British Gas has been sending us threatening texts, emails and letters about Smart Meters. Disingenuously implying that they are now Compulsory. We MUST let them in “as soon as possible” to install their Smart Meters, donchaknow. British Gas is now threatening to turn up without permission nor invite to perform the unwanted installation.

    With nine million customers, British Gas is Britain’s biggest energy supplier. Parent company is Centrica. Largest shareholders are BlackRock and Vanguard Gp. Just another corporate facet of the international fascists; the evil masterminds behind the coronahoax and the technocratic coup d’etat.

    Here’s their latest email (11 May 2022):


    It’s time to upgrade your meter

    Hello [xxxXxxx]

    We’re contacting all our customers about replacing their current meters with smart meters – and we need to upgrade yours as soon as possible. You’ll get more accurate bills and it’ll be easier to keep an eye on how much energy you’re using too.

    If we don’t hear back, we may book an install for you – we’ll be in touch and you can just let us know if you’d like to rearrange or cancel.

    Soon everyone will have a smart meter, so don’t delay – we’re ready and waiting to install yours. And our engineers will get the job done as fast as they can, with minimal disruption to you.

    So let’s get the ball rolling and get your home up to date.

    Your British Gas team

    [embedded within the email are web beacons (tracking pixels); so that the twisted spies in British Gas can monitor exactly who is reading their fascist propaganda]

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