Dimbleby Wants BBC Licence Fee To Be Added To COUNCIL TAX! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Not on our watch they won’t beritbear; they’re panicking because they, like CNN, are on life support for viewing figures now!

      • Has this web site got one scintilla of credibility?

        What This Article is About: ‘Myths’ About Salt in Food

        Salt is Good, not Harmful.
        Countering False Memes of ‘Harmful’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Excess’ Salt in Food.
        Salt is Anti-Cancer.

        “I think that this is the single most important issue in human health at present. I subscribe to the view that practically all illness is nutritionally related and that poor nutrition results from inadequate salt intake. Salt is the raw material which the body uses to drive all the processes of life. The Human Autonomic System has been designed to cope with pretty much any level of salt intake, and the benefits of high salt intake include improved circulation of blood to the fine capillaries which restores and maintains sight, hearing, touch, taste and feel. My further view is that the 1% p.a. increase in cancer deaths in Australia is entirely because of a reduction in the salt intake of the general population.

        With that in mind, I have the view that is essential to keep the piece cleanly focussed on the physiological purposes of salt in humans and animals.”
        – Frank McManus Feb 2014

  1. What for not everyone watches the BBC and it’s repeats from 1950 without the magic round about bunch of pedos !
    Really who gives a fuck about the BBC we can watch android TV for free 😂

  2. The Dutch government did this in 2000. And now they are considering to bring it back.
    Thanks Hugo, and cheers

  3. And we all suggest that Dimbleby sticks his idea up his arse, and then go fuck himself when he’s done.

    In other news, going back to the vid of the NHS call Hugo posted the other day, with the call handler advising NOT to get any more jabs; I found out today that the girl who called is a friend of a friend and absolutely legit.

    • I got a ban for 28 days for posting that on FB , so we all know that is true now.:)

      • Wow Shane, I got kicked off last April for sustained truth bombardment over a period of time. That’s well militant just for one post!! But as you say… 🙂

    • Well done with that last bit of info mate…so they are finally realising their days are numbered in more ways than one!!Yippee!!

  4. Can anyone tell me why on earth would or should we pay for a repetitive less than short of half decent TV when you can get so much more corrupted TV from Amazon or Netflix and the later is marathons ahead of bribe BC it’s called BC cos its as outdated as before Christ times
    Just my opinion .
    Also btw. I saw just the other day ministers in parliament claiming they won’t be allowing what the Beeb wanted to make the fee over £150 and the mp claimed they wasn’t allowing it to happen for a few years yet they were still allowing billions in public hard earnt cash as a govt and the great public of Britain to still give them all that money instead. This forced payment crap we’ve all endured since kids needs to be scrapped or alt BBC clearly needs to evolve into a better monster than Amazons beast and Netflix creature.

  5. That would just more people to refuse paying the illegal council tax until it is removed, I’m not paying for a product I do not use.

  6. When the masses find out what the Mocking Bird BBC have been doing to the population, the licence fee will be the last thing on their minds. NUREMBURG 2.O

    • Well said Teresa we must get this message out there as we only have social media as the british parasitic class (soviet britain) don’t want the truth heard by all the sheople otherwise they’d really wake up with a bang!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjkCXupzQIk
      We’re not left or right but follow the rule of law & we give you the people back your inalienable rights that NO ONE can remove…even the british who control England…England the last significant colony of the british empire and after 2 years of non stop coercion people need to realise we MUST stop paying for their exorbitant life styles as the parasites controlling us live in the wrong world and are nothing whatsoever close to “common people” that should be running England…notice we are now called british people and Trump said a while back “what’s happened to England? We don’t hear much about England anymore” That’s because, by design England is being illegally being changed into regions (of the EU!!) and I for one am happy with our English counties, cities, towns and villages!! Time for change and not ANY of the controlled opposition parties to give the socialists further control of our England!!

  7. It’s with the council tax here in France. What a lot of people don’t realise is that you just have to declare you have no TV and they remove it.

  8. They move the tax collection so we don’t have a choice as we do now. Too many are catching on & not paying for licence. They will never give up this revenue unless we collectively say STOP. Good as it is as we can opt out or BETTER when we make them scrap it.

  9. So that will make Council Tax even more unlawful than it already is. Time to get your CT rebuttal notices into your local council offices as and when they put their notices in the local papers.

  10. So desperate for our money aren’t they. Disgusting piles of excrement that they are. 💩

  11. Ha Ha !! He has got be kidding !! This chap is part of the PROBLEM !! I’m sorry Mr DIM Blah Blah you have NO chance whatsoever !! Probably one of your sillier brain farts !! Bye now !

  12. If they ever try to introduce this, people will take to the streets in huge numbers as they absolutely despise the bbc

    • I really don’t know anymore geordie, years ago I would have totally agreed back then but tbh I didn’t think the masses would have allowed the laws to be passed taking away stacks of our old rights as well as lockdowns I mean its like the un awakened are in seriously deep sleep and they cannot seem to see hear or even bother it’s like me ultra on steroids and vexed are acting eve weirder in my opinion and from my perception. I hope they will wake up and say fork this enough is enuf ….let’s hope.

    • I mean really does anyone actually watch it anymore? And if he’s anything to go by lol, wtf is gonna leave listen to what he’s saying just to line his own pockets 😂

  13. Ye I can see the rich paying this theft I mean tax can’t you! They will already,be working on a dodge strategy!pull the other one!🤣

  14. It’s time now to learn common law an so on. It’s about time people invest there time into getting out this scam of affairs that’s be put on his since birth. The law of the land & sea. The game is to keep the people in debt to what ever means. The bankers leaned the money out to the government an people to usually always get interest on top.. the government do as little as possible to fix any problems while lining there own pockets from our tax money an so on. Maybe you need highlight more on this Hugo so people are even aware of what’s going on.. instead of complaining about there actions that will never change.. let’s change our actions an thoughts an get ourselfs out of this debt scam for good. I am seeking information on where to start right now.

    • @Max Study Commercial Law and learn how to draft a Commercial Lien (An Affidavit of Truth) and serve it on any that dishonour your presentments and notices. More powerful than any other document known to man.

  15. If he wants too add it to HIS council tax bill that’s up to him.

  16. Oh for goodness sake, what a bloody stupid thing to say, get real, there’s only one thing to do here, the BBC should be made commercial tv like it should have been years ago

    • Why? The BBC run countless numbers of adverts already. They dont need to make more money from advertising than they do at present. The ONLY real solution would be to ABOLISH the BBC in the interests of the UK and its population.

  17. Let David and his beloved BBC open a Patreon account. Then they will get to see directly how much they are beloved by the nation 😉

  18. It’s getting that blatant now I truly think we’re being baited. That said you have to be paying attention to be baited.

  19. Off topic but important

    Swiss researchers launch trial for COVID “patch” vaccine
    Cecile Mantovani
    Wed, 19 January 2022, 4:52 pm

    ‘LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) – Swiss medical researchers said on Wednesday they have launched an early-stage study to test a next-generation COVID-19 vaccine candidate which would be administered via an arm patch, the latest to look at alternative methods of giving injections.’

    ‘The possible vaccine will be administered via micro-needles in the patch that are less than one millimetre deep that they hope will provide long-term immunity from COVID-19 and do away with the need for seasonal booster shots.’




    So what you say, well at the beginning of the covid crime I found a site that stated Bill Gates had teamed up with MIT to create a ‘vaxx patch’ that not only delivered a ‘vaxx’ but also implanted into your skin an invisible personal marker of bioluminescent dots that when scanned would link directly to a digital account listing all your personal data. Interestingly the name of this bioluminescent enzyme is lucifer-ase, no connection I am sure. This information gained traction on the internet so much so they edited the MIT news page to include this statement

    ‘Editor’s note: This article has been updated to clarify that this research was developed to help avoid preventable deaths in parts of the world where paper or digital systems for storing patients’ vaccination records aren’t available. Many vaccines require multiple doses spaced out at certain intervals; without accurate records, people may not receive all of the necessary doses. The method is still in an experimental stage and is not being used for any current vaccinations, including Covid-19 vaccines.’



    Well I wonder how this swiss firm has got hold of the micro-needle technology funded Bill Gates and developed by MIT and does it contain luciferase? Oh and are the fact checkers now going to say it is set for use against ‘covid19’?

  20. We need to consider the corrupt BBC may be seeking to achieve different forms of revenue at this time to prop up the decline in the licence fee.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Change.org contributes in their direction, but more likely, through the alleged rigged lottery. Delve into this one Hugo and the 666 National Lottery logo!

    How many rollovers have there been since covid kicked in; I’ve lost count! Most weeks now it’s a rollover. All very suspicious. An analysis would no doubt be very revealing. The other week the Euro jackpot was 33 million with number 33 coming up in the winning numbers … the magical masonic number …. and quelle surprise … that week it was a rollover! Seemingly a form of tax on We The People you may say; contributing to their ‘fund’ to keep them afloat and fighting in this war. Look at the laughing lady on the National Lottery website – She is not someone celebrating, but who is laughing at YOU!

  21. How much did ald Dave get paid to put this out for the Beeeb..
    Sly AF & greedy,
    so probably a nice few quid!

    No one I know watches the bbc crap anyways
    They crazy All of them

    • Hi Janie,
      Hopefully we can get rid of the BBC soon, I don’t see how they can survive after all the lies their news has put out.
      Take care x.

  22. Richard Dimbleby died at only 52. Usually these types live to a ripe old age.

  23. @Senga the Commie scum bag, “Has this web site got one scintilla of credibility?” Have you got one scintilla of credibility? Being a lying Commie troll, not a chance.

    Not all Jewish hijacked names are common, more than a few are very uncommon. E.g.s Dimbleby, Gompertz, Schama, Sebag Montefiore.

    “Salt is Good, not Harmful.” Yet more plug ignorance. It all depends on what kind of salt: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/_xlWMDyuuk8Humcv.html

    • I was talking about your big lies about the Jews website trying to tell us that high-salt diets are good for us. I would take that site with a large truckload of salt. Geddit?

      • @Senga the Commie scum bag. What Jew’s web site? Good salt is essential to our bodies along with potassium with both in balance. Geddit? Bad salt lacking all the minerals in a high salt diet is bad for us. Geddit?

    • Another one of these bs videos with hardly any views. I only watched a few seconds. The gist was that table salt is a by-product of the petroleum industry. Maybe he is selling Himalayan rock salt. Anyway, excess salt causes water retention in the blood leading to high blood pressure and and the attendant ill health . Some people are more sensitive to its effects than others. We get more than enough salt in our diets; we do not need ‘salt supplements’ or to be passing around the salt cellar.

      • @Senga the Commie scum bag, The only BS here is your libtard Commie troll comments. As for salt being harmful you better check out how hospitals immediately use saline solutions when treating accident victims.

      • And what I am saying is that you don’t need to add salt to your diet. It is the added sugar and salt in processed foods that is causing ill health.

      • @Senga The shabbos goy useful idiot. I add unrefined organic sea salt to my diet all the time, for I KNOW that it’s good for me. I don’t eat crap ‘food’ with poisonous salt and sugar already added to it.

  24. Too many people have been objecting to the BBC, they don’t trust it or want it. As for the Poll tax is atrocious, it is an tax on breathing,
    Where do these shills get off,, he’s probably on the list for a Knighthood now!

  25. …to be paid by the affluent full-stop. It’s their propaganda private channel after all

  26. A much better solution to the problem that the UK currently has with regard to its media would be to ABOLISH THE BBC, not just the licence fee. They have no place in modern society.

    • With what I’ve heard lately I think all propaganda needs removing not just the beeb but all the other channels as well! None of them tell the truth it’s all made up to sound good but they’re all lying through their back teeth and the gullible brainless idiots are taking everyone else down with them….End the lot I say and it can’t come soon enough…I haven’t watched a tv for around 4 years now and have never missed it in fact I’ve lifted one big weight off my mind…

  27. So people paying for useless police force and pointless roadworks etc and corrupt bbc…
    Yeah i think ill skip on that idea…
    Or stick it up your arse in straight forward language

  28. I’ve been saying this for ages. Then everybody will pay whether you watch TV or not.

    • It’s more like ef all when referring to anything british elite wise!! Cos that’s what we English get back…

  29. 43p a day, to be brainwashed and lied to, cheap, if you like that sort of thing.

    • My stepson unfortunately thinks that like this parasitic communist government in England they would never lie to the people…you can’t make this s**t up…where did we go wrong???

      • @bill By letting the Jews back in under that treacherous bastard Cromwell, when King Edward I had booted the Serpent Seed vermin out in 1290.

  30. I jave no issue paying my council tax even though much of it is wasted, however I believe there is a legal way of getting out of paying it which I will explore if the licence fee was ever added to the CT.

  31. Cancel your licence upon renewal, move your TV away from where it can be seen and urge others to do so. This way the BBC can be brought down within months.

  32. Thank I don’t pay but if they put on council taxes I still wouldn’t pay I think a lot of people would refuse especially now thank u Hugo God bless you and your family ❤️

  33. I think the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation licence fee (after having been closed down) should be used for filling pot holes and resurfacing our third world cart track roads.

    • Yes I agree
      Our roads here were I am are Disgraceful to

      Pot holes in main roads & smaller side roads even worse!

      • Oh I third that too! I gather someone has taken the council to task to pay damages after finding a sneaky water filled pothole that was really deep. They are awful round here. Then they throw down loose chippings and expect Joe public to do the flattening for them! A day after that the tractors have already gouged half the road chippings away anyway! Roads get closed for days but only little patches filled! A bit down the road from here are two areas of subsidence too! A not too close neighbour told us we should complain about the pothole outside our property – but it is a drain and a gully, he’s lived here longer than us, so he should know by now. Oh how that water pours down and gets blocked up with crud, so we go out in our wellies to clear it. Never see the council apart from the bin men and they are great guys.

  34. I’ve not owned a TV (BBC propaganda box) for around 20 years, nor do I intend to buy one now. Absolutely have zero intent to be a part of their crowd funding licence fee.

  35. What an absolute idiot! what on earth would this have to be to do with what we pay for all our local services and what council is going to want to administer this! Just another ridiculous shill spouting rubbish. Ps what tv licence! 😂

    • Absolutely ridiculous! I don’t support the bought BBC. I have no need for a license for something I don’t watch and want absolutely nothing to do with. Which is why I cancelled my license long ago. I refuse to pay for fear mongering, propaganda and psychological manipulation. It would be a better move to defund the BBC completely. We would be a mentally healthier, and inclusive country as a result.

  36. Yes, the Marrano, Dimbleby is also a Nimby – he blocked 500 houses from being built near his £1.5 million home. He spent all his life in Television and this is what the BBC license gets him. He even had money left over to send one of his sons (Henry Richard Melville Dimbleby), to Eton (about £30,000 a year) and then Henry went on to Oxford to study Physics & Philosophy. So when he left college his first job was as a commis chef with Michelin-starred chef Bruno Loubet (as you do when you have had no training in the culinary arts). And so his very second job was at The Daily Telegraph as a food columnist (because he chopped up carrots in a restaurant) .
    Did Daddy giving him a leg up? We are all equal!
    BTW: David Dumbledore was also member of the elite Bullingdon Club (along with Cameron, Osborne and BoJo)

  37. Council tax is based on property values from valuation date in 1991. Utterly inequitable (and no government in England and Scotland has attempted a domestic property revaluation -“ rubbish” areas have gentrified and the bands applied in 1991 look askew in a different time – …commercial “rates” property is given a fresh look every 5 years-now 3 years
    Now new legislation in place, why not domestic ? ) …and now propose to add a fake media charge? They would never be able to back it up / realistically collect with the bands in place , The ctax system is a riot in itself , already.

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