Lockdown News Roundup IRELAND / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. soothing employees/parents by lifting their restrictions so they will more easily comply with masking and vaccinating their children. The war against children is still on, just a simple strategic move. Nothing has changed.

  2. if these evil bastards cared about the people surely theyd say look theres been this terrible pandimic pls dont forget this, go out now but be carefull, dont mingle too much.. and basically slowly wean us off the masks, distancing etc but theyre not. theyre saying go!! forget everything and actively encouraging everyone to mix. even with us the dreaded unjabbed all of a sudden! they want weakend immune system jabbed folk out catching all kinds of corrona viruses i.e. common colds etc etc. they want the next huge phase of the shit show including sheading to us unjabbed happening. then theyll blame it on the unjabbed again u watch. boris will have served his time and he will go i think. replaced by the next puppet mis-leader.

  3. Thanks again Hugo, me and my friends, family etc etc are on the same page us I’m from Scotland and have passed the video’s to as many people as possible, your site has opened the door to all of the above thank you and be safe, fae Paul lol (FAE) Dundee lingo haha keep up the good work 👌

  4. This is not going away, just end of round 1..us purebloods in Ireland have been banned from everywhere because of the apartheid pass and cases, not deaths. Case numbers have gone through the roof..so their narritive is failing, now we are ” allowed ” frequent bars and restaurents we will be blamed on future rises, again in cases not deaths.
    But another thing in all their speeches they are just waiting for the next varient.
    Don’t forget masks and apartheid pass is still there.
    Most sheep can not see futher than the end of next week so are happy in their zombie bliss.
    This is far from over.

    • @Tasha01 You’re right. I would suggest that they haven’t even got going yet – they’re still in first gear. However their time will be short, and their plans will come to nothing.

      • I just feel they are ‘marked men’….best wishes from UK…

      • @Ericka, Rest assured that they are all in God’s fiery frame, so they’re already fenced off and earmarked for the appropriate punishments – just a matter of when, not if. There will be no escape. We just have to hang on and weather the storm. In the Holy Scriptures it is likened to the intensity of pain of a woman in travail, before she gives birth.

    • 3 Jabs, out mission accomplished, sit back and watch millions die, they’ll claim of long convid, no the jabs there 100% safe.

      War ie Ukraine, Taiwan and Hyper Inflation and energy and food shortages to distract the sheep so much they don’t realise there all dying.

      Passes going, masks going soon, everyone still using today mind, but pleb MSM lags ours by a few days/weeks.

      Do you think the sheep will realise, they’ve been forced jabs, they really did not ever need ever?? LOL

  5. I knew they’d drop all and say the reason is the jabs are so great LOL despite all evidence they have a negative effect.

    Bet all the Irish unjabbed are partying tomorrow night 🙂 yeeeeehaaaaaa!!!

    Safe for children, 5 – 11, HELL NO!!!

    Yep, AIDS by end of Feb, so drop all and the common cold will start wiping them out massively. Too soon maybe the early and 2 boosters group will start to die soon.

    It’s mainly there busted, agenda collapse and 3 jabs enough for the depopulation.

    Definately a TRAP, heads down, don’t get complacent people!!

  6. The vaxxines “Were” effective, therefore vaxxines “Are” effective…

    And if I keep telling myself a lie, eventually I’ll believe it.

    • @Grandma Got Jabbed, Yes vaccines were/are very effective in maiming and killing people, therefore vaccines are VERY effective – it’s all about perspective and which side you’re on.

  7. “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see” Richard D. Hall

    I think you are more suspicious than I am but this is good.
    I didn’t consider the possibility that they want on purpose to expose the jabbed people whose bodies were tempered with poison.
    The Elite wants them to mingle in the middle of winter when usually people get sick. It could be a long hospitalization or death for the jabbed.
    It surprising that they didn’t do it before Christmas then they could also blame the Christians.

    Remain suspicious as you are. You are on the right track.

    • I think they are expecting to see jabbed people to start dropping in bigger numbers but because they lifted the restrictions they want to prove the sheeple that this is the result of freedom. It could be they want to create another precedence so they can impose restrictions for good or come up with some new tiers and indicators they can rig every so often like the terrorist risk levels back in the days.
      I think this is what Hugo has also indicated.

      • It is good to ‘think outside the box’ at this time …..trust nine if them….’Puppets of a higher order’…

    • Actually it was Edgar Allan Poe not RDH who said that originally.

  8. Agree with what you say. Bet once ppl start mingling there’ll be an uptick in cases & another lockdown will be implemented. There’s certainly more to this, as it’s odd that they’ve all decided this suddenly. The other thought is that they’ll start the climate change rubbish & push that as a way to limit our movements. Either way they’ll keep trying till they get their way.

    • Certainly something a bit dodgy…just wired up that way now….

    • Well if there was going to be another lockdown that’s the end of the democracy world. And the world as we know it but they still haven’t won yet it’s still need to fight on.

    • President Uganda or somewhere similar, read out the entire agenda from start to finish on live TV and told everyone to share it, there all running scared and backing everything off.

      Masks increase the spread of colds/flus so they’ll be a reduction, if anyone ever takes there masks off.

      • Where did you see about the president of Uganda would love to see it I watched stew peters on telegram and they are killing patients in the hospitals then they put on the death certificates died from complications of covid its horrendous some whistleblowers nurses are coming out and telling as it is and they want to remain anonymous

      • Yes heard that as well. Good for him he’s not take in by all the lies & hype.

    • People mingling doesn’t cause an uptick in cases. More testing does, and the results, positive or negative are meaningless.

  9. Round 2 – immune system compromised , check , 5G in place ,check , let the peasants run free , check , ramp up the mm waves , check , fill the Hospital’s , check , Midazolam ready , check , blame the uninfected , check , start all over again and let the sheeple do our work for us , check. Prepare for round 3 – imprisonment plan for the warriors etc.

    • Had enough of Convid, expect Small Pox outbreak!

      But yeah, the BS will go on and on for ever 🙁

  10. P.s no-one has mentioned 5 nurses sitting doing nothing as the Hospitals are allegedly bursting at the seam when thicko Javed arrived. Just an observation.

    • Haven’t had more than a mild cold in 4 years, since August I’ve been ill ill and ill, and I’ve suffered with shedding a few times and proven that as being real, even forgot I saw the client who sheds when I pretty much collapsed later with lethargy and eat 5K cal’s like a zombie.

      So suspect shedding has screwed me over, but hey I’ll rock on, with sneezing and coughing.

      • Apparently there’s a possibility of contamination via intimate contact with a jabbed person. Unsure if it’s true. It could another lie to spread panic and division.

  11. Thank you for that I like Vernon coleman I watched it

  12. Vernoncoleman.org the wake up video, need to shorten it to just the points and share that around, I suggest we all do that ASAP.

    Pretty much over, but good preperation from when it’s back.

  13. We all know the injection is a disaster and they are still pushing it. I’m certain this guy will swing!

  14. On a different note. I’m on a disciplinary hearing at work on Thursday for refusing to wear a mask and refusing to take lateral flow tests. I’m taking in a union rep but our union is all for these crazy rules.
    Anyone got any advice. Thank you.

      • There is something not quite right here, the lie is being perpetrated as being a success, hope all stay well.
        Something not right..

      • If I leave then they have won and these mandates will continue. My instinct is to fight and get these mandates rescinded.

    • Go to saveusnow.org and download form to show this is illegal. Email them if you are having problems. Look up and download ” what is in the masks ” the team from almeria in Spain are good too. There are 91 peer studies showing masks to be harmful but NONE showing them to be safe. Stand firm , good luck.

    • @Dave Chippendale 1) Challenge them on THE LAW! Mandates are NOT LAWS, they’re Adhesion Contracts, so they have no lawful foundation to their rules and regulations. Watch this video and learn: https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/_ok9WeYefeNlASlC.html

      2) Do you have an employment contract with them? If so, where does it stipulate the wearing of masks and taking lateral flow tests within that contract? If there’s no stipulation then they are in breach of contract.

      • Morning to you

        I hope more people in dave’s situation use this advice
        they can’t get away with such nonsense – it’s a waste of time
        That time that Dave could be at work instead of having that Ridiculous appointment!

        Take care

      • Hi Janie. The criminals also KNOW that they have no laws, hence there’s so much bluffing and BS going on. They just play on the people’s ignorance and capitalise on it, as any criminal con-man would.

      • Exactly

        We as a family Did own business
        but theses greedy….s ruined that!
        They sink so low
        just for gain, to benefit them.

      • @Janie Everything under a usury money system is stacked against us. It’s like the game of musical chairs, someone MUST lose each year, every time.

        It was once described to me like this: Take an imaginary new town which borrows £10 million pounds at 10% interest to finance its affairs, so all it has is the £10 million in circulation. At the end of the year the bank wants its 10%, that is, £1 million. Where does that £1 million come from when there’s only £10 million in circulation?

      • Yes i like the way that’s put
        it makes it a little easier to try to get my head around.

        The banks have got us all in the trouble before & always will
        I know & i say it a lot but,
        it’s pure GREED at the end of the day.

      • And a Vast amount to not a doubt.
        They wouldn’t live in the luxury they do would they,
        without doing ‘outright’
        day light robbing
        on the less fortunate folk.

      • O my goodness Brilliant

        Interesting & intelligent gentleman
        Get the message out!

        Great great stuff !!
        I watching as I type

      • It’s a private story to my mother so I wouldn’t go on to it on here for her & respect for her.
        But I resonate big time as the 80,s one nearly killed me mother off basically.

      • Ok nice one
        Thank you
        It’s very interesting
        Great shares

      • Sorry to hear that
        They are sick simple as
        they did & still are breaking people,
        so we won’t be the last sadly x

        theses guys are getting out the message Fair play to theses gentlemen.

      • @Janie All part of the learning curve. I wouldn’t know what I know today had I not gone through it all. As for Michael, he’s like a dog with a bone with these issues and once his teeth are in he never lets go. LOL

      • It’s true
        You can not understand things
        unless you have experienced it the self.
        Again – unfortunately.

      • Indeed
        People don’t get anywhere unless they ‘get their teeth into it’
        Lol… so true

    • Dave Chippendale, is there a solicitor working against these rules you could contact? Even a solicitor from EU or US (some may offer assistance for free or a lower cost).

      If you are on your own, say these are mandates not law. Perhaps you can’t say this is all a hoax cos they may push the ‘mental health assessment’ trick.

    • Have they asked if your medically exempt.
      Just say they give you anxiety attacks, you feel you can’t breathe in them which triggers that attack.
      Also this gives you good excuse to take as many 5 minute breaks as reasonable during interrogation.
      I would be inclined to covertly record it as well, especially if union isn’t backing you fully. Just casually ask/state this is being recorded then, pointing to their note books.
      You have announced your recording this without them being aware you have your own device hidden away, so legally admissable, whilst letting them to relax thinking they are the only ones with a record that can be altered to their own ends.

    • Hi Dave,
      Just a thought the mandate ends Thursday I believe, so get the union rep to get a copy of your contract and see if mask wearing is in there.
      If not you are just being used as an example, as we all know.
      If you have a full time contract, then surely if the union rep has a bit of empathy for you, you cannot lose your job.
      If they are a jabbed up fool and do nothing you lose your job
      if you have house insurance, read that contract and see if it covers legal fees and go and see an employment solicitor and sue for unfair dismissal.
      As you have done nothing wrong.
      I was lucky enough to have my solicitor costs covered and won a case at tribunal and never paid a penny.
      Though it will go down as a claim on your house insurance.
      It will be under something like job loss and ability to pay a mortgage.
      Good luck.

  15. Ohhhh FFS FFS FFS for FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!! Arrseeee!!!

    Uganda President Leaked the plan, there was mention of a 30% fatality rate virus they’d leak if they had to, hoped it was a follow my plan or we’ll kill 30%, but no…………

    100 Monkeys escape going to CDC for small pox testing, what’s the betting they’ve already been infected off site then transported safely as too soon to spread LOL ie all planned as always.

    Guess what the fatality rate of small pox is, yep 30% FFS FFS FFS!!!

    Calm before the STORM indeed, with the reduced immune system of the jabbed, guess Small Pox becomes a 90%+ fatality rate.

    Spread method, masks and even those plastic BS shields might work, as not airborne virus.

    Only 30% not enough to scare me, rock on!!

    • I’m with you on this 100%, Lots of info been talked about small pox. The freak known as Bill Gates even talked about it last year. Pfizer CEO has been talking about a new vaccine that will be ready for end of March 2022. I know most people I’m talking to feel the same, they are up to something. I would suggest people who have had any jabs, try to boost you immune system with a high dose of vitamin D3 4000iu Vitamin C and Zinc (high dose, to start off with) Melatonin 1 per day at night.
      Hugo your spot on as usual. X

      • This is what I heard that nuct say, our IT system is in place now and our bio weapon 💉has worked better than we expected so go out now and drop dead. Thank you for your stupidity.

      • Yep, 99% that’s the next, EU Medical people just said, too many jabs will cause Aids, is 2 or 3 the magic number or 4 or 5, depends on your health I guess, I think 3 will do for many.

        Atleast the masks and the shields will work against Small Pox, this last 2 years has been a dry run hasn’t it, 30% not 0.01% as it’s turned upto will really SCARE people into submission.

        Going to modify 1 of those snorkle full face masks single units, but move the snorkle to underneath so gravity on my side and put a filter in there to stop water droplets getting sucked into it, small pox spreads in water drop lets, ie sneezing.

        BOIL all water aswell, cause it’ll survive in the water system possibly.

        Hole day off, before solving other issues to survive, good job I like solving issues.

    • Hmmm….yea that sounds about right ! A REAL panademic-
      They could still stick there vax where the sun don’t shine !!!!
      I’ll be going off grid at that point….

      • If they do release smallpox it will only get the weak ! ….
        nothing for us to worry about …
        Im just looking 4ward to going off grid anyway ….lol

    • @Turveyd – Funny that about the monkey escape. Apparently a truck carrying 100 monkeys to a laboratory crashed in Pennysylvania and 4 escaped on Friday. Now captured and accounted for.

      • @Turveyd – is that the “monkey escape” you’re on about?

  16. Totally suspicious its narcissist abusive manipulation behaviour NOTHING is goin back to normal this is continuing onwards upwards to agenda continuing onwards more bigger shit to come ! A distractions as always !

  17. gut feeling it is bluff, there lying, because they have not dropped the mandates for the nhs workers, supposed powers that be said there not dropping it. so where no way out of this till they drop these mandates. the pressure is so massively on still more the ever, they still want every body jabbed, if we lose this one, we know what’s coming next no jab no job for everyone. where at that line in the sand. forget about the small amount of up lifting of restrictions coming at the moment, for now lol, that’s just the distraction, this is more important to win. will see how this materializes hopefully win this one, then where on track, we win this it will be a good sign. i feel its a bluff easing of restrictions next week don’t make sense is to why. i feel a whooping lie coming on…..

  18. This is my thought

    I feel the reason they doing all this is because they want a coronation of a royal. because queen can’t rule now her age & health
    So I feel they want everyone all happy & jolly to think it’s over..
    Then people will attend the event they plan
    (Which is again is all tax payer’s monies)
    then only knows what they do to us next .
    Call me doom & gloom i couldn’t care a less
    I am a realist & I have my opinion &
    I may be wrong?
    But I wouldn’t put it past them.

    Just a thought
    As this all stinks to me

    • Oh something afoot for sure, and it has all been planned in advance. Someone on here said narcissistic approach – and yes, agree with that too. More gaslighting. Dunno about doom and gloom – I call that being realistic Janie. But while we know it is doom and gloom, we still have the gumption to lift ourselves up because we are all in agreement here and we are no longer alone. Even the poor people who are now waking up need us to support them too because the more, the merrier!

      • A very good morning to you my darling Kelly

        Yes they up to something thank you x

        They tried to divide us but if people can now say no as you said we may be able to get through this “together “
        No one should be forced into Anything!
        It’s a Narc alert lol
        from the people who expect us to believe the “Hype!”

        Not for me
        as I said I am a realist
        And I think for myself & I hope like you say to
        people have the strength to be in control of their own lives & decisions
        We do most of what they drive upon as it is but
        This is Extreme & could ruin humanity as we know it.
        They always are planning something to “suit” them.
        Greed & power Doesn’t drive me Kelly xxxx

        Have fantastic Sunday x

      • Hi
        By way I hope your son doing ok & everything gets sorted for him soon

        Also I had a listen to that pod you suggested
        Really interesting I enjoyed that
        I pottered as I listened lol x

        Take care

      • You are welcome. I’m not usually into podcasts – prefer visual, but that’s a good one and I listen to that while doing jigsaw puzzles! A good way to relax even if the news is a bit “oh dear gawd whatever next”!!!
        Thanks for asking after the boy – he’s got a job, a new home to go to next month and is in a really good state of mind. Nice to see him positive at last. He did say he wasted his college years and it’s come back to bite him in the bum. Resisted urge to say we told you so. But all good and he’s planning his future – such as it is – I think we must all do that in our own ways regardless of who is dictating what and seek out what makes us happy – ’cause happy ain’t what the cabal want us to be!
        Blooming cold out there! If I was a bloke I wouldn’t need a gene therapy stab to make my nuts drop off!

      • I am really pleased about your son Good for him tell him don’t look back now.. move it forward bless him.

        And your end of comment made me laugh so much Kelly
        You a brilliant sense humour

        Have nice afternoon
        Blessings to you darling

    • I hope you are all wrong. My feeling too much truth is coming out on msm. Something has happened in the background. I dont know what. But if the jags are as deadly as some are saying then it is possible. I just hope thats not the case REALLY.

      • Hi
        Sorry what are jags?
        Thank you

        And who knows what they are up to
        I don’t really care to be honest with you as I get on with my day to you know,
        if they are going ahead with anything
        It normally turns out to be something stupid & outrageously annoying & devastating to people who they don’t care..it affects.

        Take care

    • Hi Janie, Allow me to present to you a new angle. Britain is True Israel, and QE II sits on King David’s throne and Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) is coming to take His throne as promised to Him by His Father:

      Luke 1:32 He shall be Great, and shall be called The Son of The Highest: and The Lord God shall give unto Him The Throne of His father David:

      Charlie boy cannot come to the throne due to his blasphemous multi-faiths idea – plus his Mrs is an adulteress – echoes of Wallis Simpson. Willie and Harry both have suspect parentage, therefore all I can see is God keeping QE II alive until Yashua Messiah comes and she will hand her throne and Kingdom to Him.

      In the meantime the other royals will take over the Queen’s duties.

      • Hi ya good evening

        O they another lot who have always just been a group of people I don’t want to understand
        They interbreeding didn’t they?
        That’s against they law in common folk.
        I could go on & on with them,
        I love history but they Corrupt that as well lol so who knows the truth with anything with them!

        Getting a tad annoyed aren’t I lol
        They are just strange people to me .

        Hope you well
        Have great evening

  19. The last two years were like an earthquake; we are now at the point where the tide goes out before the tsunami. They haven’t spent the last 60 years creating the perfect storm to let it all fall apart now. I think Hugo has called it correctly; expect a pandemic of the vaccinated.

  20. Definitely something nefarious going on, it could also be part of their psyops too.
    Doing the opposite to what many people expected, this creates more confusion, while they’re working on what’s really to come over the next year.
    I noticed the masonic floor pattern that the he was stood on too.
    Where there’s freemasonry, there’s trouble!

  21. What surprise a new variant is out…
    “Stealth omnicrap”…

    Well that didnt take long did it…
    Ill let the brainwashed soak up the fear and compliance and do the jabs on my behalf…

    • O don’t worry YT had a advert today I see come up this morning
      of all different actor type people
      pulling the sleeves up
      with a voice giving the people a dose of more brainwashing!

      Hopefully Mike
      Hopefully .. people will look & turn off & forget it was on there as I did.

  22. Its obvious. They are hoping the jab deaths will now kick in at the same time they give us freedom, therefore linking danger and death to freedom.

    • Yep, GNEws mentioned Aids, too many jabs will cause aids, is 3 to many ? I’d bet so for a lot of people, not all, got shut down fast and told off LOL

      So yes, I fully expect the deaths to sky rocket over the next 2 months.

  23. Farage is being allowed to stay stuff, nobody else on GBNews would be allowed to say, he’s being setup to be the guy that told them the truth, figure he’ll be next in charge, then he’ll screw us all over ofcourse.

    They on GBNews said ” too many jabs will cause Aids ” early, I’ve been on about for 2months+, got very very quickly shut down, there trying to hide that news aren’t they and they tried to leak it LOL

    I’m guess 2 will be enough, given enough time, 3 just speeds up the process, but the jabs keep working for ever, slowly erasing your immune system don’t they.

    trust me, Smallpox, Hoax or Real can’t tell yet, but lots building this up, planting the fear seeds.

  24. Hugo, I think you are spot on, sorry to agree with you in your gut feeling there.. Canada also has accquired millions of those new pfizer anticovid pills that are “great and safe and effective” for people for early treatment.. And I wouldn’t take one of those, not for any reason. I just have no fucking trust or faith in govt or the drug companies whatsoever. Fuckem.

  25. This disgrace of a man urging people to get their children jabed and saying it’s safe has just secured his rope on the gallows.

    • I haven’t had the jab I’m 56, have underlying conditions, chrohns disease, on a shed load of meds and I was at a funeral 80% got it, Xmas in my sistets80% got it, I didn’t get a sniffle 🤷‍♂️

      • Hi Julie, i know what you mean, everyone i know that’s had it they are ill all the time, my dads had the booster and he’s moody all the time. jab, test, self isolate, track and trace, booking of appointments, queuing, etc etc, i can find better things to do with my day. its never ends once you start. ive not been ill for over 20yrs and i’ve not had the jab, there’s something in the jabs causing something bad, wouldn’t let my worst enemy have it, i will never trust these people with all this digital technology about, its all connected, i just cart put my finger on what these jabs are doing, i have my suspicions, time will tell. i will never take, they will have to chase me down the field push comes to shove, its the biggest attack on humanity ive ever known.

      • Good morning Chris

        Sorry to hear your Dad suffering like this it’s upsetting I do understand as
        I unfortunately have a couple of elders who have taken it through the ‘fear factor’ that they kept threatening the elderly with
        It’s sad when it’s someone so close to Chris, hang in there x

        How you on me still getting that number sorted this week?
        I been a bit busy as I not seen my mum for months & I Hopefully, hands together, am seeing her this week!
        I am excited as she has been so unwell this is her first trip out alone lol bless since her illness
        so it’s going be great hopefully
        So if you still want me to sort the number, I grab a sim next time I pop out.

        Until then chin up as always
        And to you Julie who commented
        I wish you both a Lovely day now x

      • Hi Janie, yes if you can sort a number out, its a bit tricky, if you cart i will have another go, ive tried it today, and cart a get a sim registered, so you might have the same problem. if not will try something else. hope your mums better and you get to see her this week, will be good for you both, im sending good energy out to you both take care x

      • Hey Chris

        No worries, leave it with me I got this lol
        I seeing Mum tomorrow for couple days all going ok & I be back on with no. soon.
        As I said it be from a previous share page Chris when I message then I wait for your reply on that day- then exchange no.
        And I rid it straight after see.

        Thank you for your kind wishes & words Chris
        I am excited to see her tomorrow bless.

        Have great evening
        I be in touch soon x
        Take care now

      • Hi Janie, hope you have some great quality time with your Mum, yes let us know on that old video i said Janie, take care now x

      • Good morning – Chris, that’s so kind thank you

        Yes mum arrived I am gassed!! 😉

        I haven’t seen her
        as I say in some months
        so I am Loving it lol x

        I contact with number soon I should have all sorted by weekend fingers crossed, if not be early in week
        Have fantastic day
        Take care now x

      • Hi Janie, yes send us those digits when your ready 😉 hope you had a good day with your Mum, it has been a while since you seen your mum, i’m sure you had lots to talk about, take care now x

      • Hi morning

        Yes I have been having a giggle n a grin with her it’s lovely she goes my sister today for couple days then back to me for another one or two
        So I will sort this no. And I comment as I said & wait for your reply then we go from there.. whoop whoop lol 😉

        Have great day
        Chris x

      • Hi Chris
        I be going sort a no. tomorrow or Monday ok
        I be back in touch here soon

        Hopefully you keeping good
        Take care x

      • Mornin Janie, hope things are going well with your mum. Ok Janie if you can sort num out, might be a bit tricky. have a good day now x

      • No I will sort it don’t you worry
        I have had a word with a male family friend he going do it let me use number & we going to rid it he all together he sound to help.

        He a great friend so we be sweet ok Chris
        I be out tomorrow to sort things.

        Mum great thank you she off see my sister as I say & she back for another day so, I really feel great energy as not seen her for a long time because all this BS been going on!

        Have great day it’s so beautiful sunny cold n crisp
        Take care Chris

      • Hi Chris
        Not forget
        I had few things to do as you know , fam ect
        So I be back in touch with you tomorrow

        Hopefully you doing good
        And take care for now x

      • Mornin Janie, hope things are going well with your mum, I’m doing really well thanks, never felt better, hope your feeling good also, if can sort num out that would be great and leave on that old video, I’ll pick up from there, I’ll check in later. I’m of into town now for a couple of coffees have a good day now x

      • Morning!

        I got a no. whoop!

        Comment back so I know u online at same time ok
        Then I pass number over then
        If you can please text it
        then I going text off another private no. straight
        to us ok.

        Let me know x

      • alright Janie well done let us know on that video we talked about, send us eleven letters with A being zero to J being nine, b being one c being two etc, if you know what i mean Janie. if you don’t get what i mean, just send it lol, and ill get back to you straight away x

      • Hiya Chris
        Mental lol
        I am just catching up on Hugo s vids & comments as been busy for few days & u popped up great
        Right I give it when you ready?
        I send it as a number then if u text it asap I respond from another number & the sim with number will be destroyed ok.

        Let’s me know when you ready ok Chris

        Thank you x

      • Lol I was on comp having ganda anyways


        I will text you back remember off a total different No.

        Whoop whoop lol
        Let’s do this x

    • I have chrohns on immune suppressives 🤷‍♂️Been at a funeral 80% got it??,xmas family dinner 80% got it?, I didn’t, jab free, so ?? Am I immune😂😂😂😂

  26. Hugo, with you been a central hub of current affairs, I’m wondering if you are aware of people passing out?
    My daughter has been flaking out a lot since the jabs started. She’s unjabbed. I’m wondering if this is a wider issue?

    • Hi
      Your daughter does have a right to ask her gp of that.
      That’s if she feels like asking the question.

      Be interesting see what your doctor s say,
      as it doesn’t sound to healthy
      for your dear daughter what ever it is?
      I hope you find out the issues & your daughter be ok.

      Take care

    • Depends in her age, when i was a teen, i blacked out and fainted a lot due to anemia, from growing at a fast rate.

  27. 1918 Spanish flu tactics all over again. It must a 100yr anniversary!
    Get them infected and send them to war!

    • So called Spanish flu deaths were cause by the millions of meningitis vaxxs issued
      Sound familiar? Viruses have never made anyone ill, Pasteur lied, paid by Bismarch
      the 1% know and have used the same fraud for 150 years

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