ADELE You Reap What you Sow / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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      • You an idiot if you’re still paying to see ANY celebrity. You deserve what you get. They GI e not one fuck about YOU !!

  1. Perhaps ticket sales were not as strong as she expected? Is she ‘ sorry’ because she isn’t as popular as she once was ….and of course as we’ve seen during the past two years of BS, they can cancel anything and blame the old Con-or-a-virus!

    • I love it when karma strikes. Hope the sellout to satan is happy with her never being a sellout lol

  2. Pride comes before a fall. Anyone who brags about the vaxxes or insists that people take them will get their comeuppance. Jesus is Lord

  3. “Saturn worshiping”? Yes, that is correct as they do indulge but closer to the point would be “satan worshiping”!

  4. Well there you go…. her staff must have been jabbed up, now they are ill, no surprise there. Treating fans so awful saying they should be jabbed and tested. Now look what has happened she has let her fans down. Like you say Hugo “ you reap what you sow”. Well to be honest I couldn’t care about Adele anyway.

  5. Yeah seen her on the telly this morning flexing her irrelevance with the crocodile tears of a clown.

  6. I’d agree with the comment regarding poor ticket sales. Vegas shows normally for acts on the way down looking for a last big payday.
    She’s mediocre.

  7. Meat loaf was against jabs and now being touted as dying of covid 19 when he didnt…
    There making a example out of him which is disgusting…
    He had many underlying health issues and parkinsons…
    Whole scam is sick and twisted like the bastard idiots that believed it all in the first place

    • Oh how sad, I loved Meatloaf. Just goes to show how much of MSM I see – none! I like him even more now that he refused the stupid shoot up sessions. RIP ML – you caused many a hoarse throat after long car journeys – and a few funny looks from other vehicles at stops or traffic jams! LOL!

      • You’re not wrong there gal! It was always singalong time when meat loaf was played on my car cassette player! Don’t be sad….. Two out of three ain’t bad 👍. RIP Meat.

      • Ah yes, another good song, Viddy. He’s in a better place now – hopefully not zipping around on a wheely chair doing anything for love! LOL! Was first introduced to him with a cassette from my Canadian relatives. Not sure my mum enjoyed me taking the player in the bathroom with me – steam didn’t do the cassette any favours but surprisingly the player still worked and I still have it! Ah the good old normal days!

      • “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” 💉💉💉

  8. Its exactly what I thought Hugo when I saw her crocodile tears, false, in a video this morning. Don’t like her

  9. bad karma springs to mind with this vid, she got what she deserved, creating division a few months ago, going against natures ways, guess she will have to learn the hard way, like everyone else complying at the moment. she still has not learnt her lesson, this plandemic is exposing these so called celebs and so called leaders most of them have got mental health, natures ways will prevail in the end, its like holding a ball under water it will surface eventually, this karma thing really works, gets you eventually, that’s why you need to be kind to everyone, don’t go against natures ways, stay with truth, love, harmony, compassion, gratitude, authenticity, etc etc, or karma will get you good.

  10. the picture side by side says a thousand words, as reality kicks in.

  11. Letting your life be controlled leaves you open for abuse.
    She is sitting in what looks like pure luxury to me,
    So Those kind things, the flash cars, walking in shops being treated as only royalty would is & are far more important to theses one/eye stars that become Controlled,
    she doesn’t do much now because she is such big name she only needs to show up to go on stage.

    It was never going ahead let’s face it.

    So I feel her Acting skills she had to learn for her videos ect, have come in handy I see,
    To let down people who have clearly been loyal to her & even have had poison put into themselves in the mean time – just to go & support making her further rich & comfortable.

    More to add to the Shit show lol

      • Cheers
        thank you

        By way we should still need meet for that coffee n a grin someday in the future.

        Take care for now
        Hopefully you enjoying each day best you can
        Best wishes Chris

      • yes Janie, I’ve not forgot lol, yes still up for coming down there, about two hrs down there in the car, be good to chat to someone like you that’s on the same page, i’ve not met anyone awake in real life up here, most are still stone cold asleep, i go into the shop and straight away people are looking at my mouth to see if its covered and they run a mile, fear has definitely got them, my dads getting it slowly because I’m helping him see it, starting to feel alienated out here lol, be good for a chat and a few coffees i love a good coffee 😉 i will let you know, will need to arrange a meet somewhere nearer the time, take care Janie x have a good night

      • Chris it sounds good to me
        I drive to
        so no problem meeting

        I am looking forward to it my friend
        I been very isolated myself to
        because I can’t be in negative company you know.
        Keep in touch
        I had idea by way,
        If one day you wanted a phone number I could give you one for you to text then straight after we have contacted at that point
        I bin it & use my own sim again
        as they only a £1 to buy.
        Just a idea
        as we were saying not giving personal details on here.

        Yes you to have a pleasant evening & take care Chris
        All the best now

    • yes Janie, if you can get a working number going, ill text you on it, and then bin it, is a great idea, why didn’t i think of that lol. when ever your ready, let us know on here Janie on this video, take care now x

      • Good morning

        Reason you never thought of it is….
        I am ..very big headed and clever that’s why Chris LOL XX

        Joking I can’t believe I am laughing at myself being a nob lol

        Cool I am keeping this message link in my inbox so I can reply with the number
        But I will comment, wait for your reply & give u number at that point ok
        Then I can rid it immediately after I have yours & I reply with mine after
        Job done 🙂
        I be I touch ok Chris

        Spring is here nearly!
        I Love spring

        Have great day now
        Take care yourself

      • Good morning sounds good to me Janie, yep springs on the way, the weather is getting warmer, very nice today, let us know, have a good day now x

  12. Yet another spoilt brat finds life doesn’t always go her way – suck it up, Buttercup!

  13. Great reimburse all those people. People need to start suing individuals and that goes for everyone in this evil agenda. The trouble is evil owns the legal system and judiciary.

  14. Well she traded all her lives for this one, the all seeing eye lot better enjoy the sun while it shines because it’s about to go down.

  15. And that’s just the way it is, not everything is as it looks…
    Yes and the fans may be dying for them but yes now you know what she is capable of.

  16. Hope her staff get better soon. Covid is not joke!. But I don’t feel sorry for her as her God is mammon. So she has to repeat narrative.

    • Covid is a joke, it’s just another name for a cold. Probably all false posiytive tests, I don’t think you get this.

    • Covid is a joke s sick yeisted ka baal joke.
      Ot doesnt exist .its colds flus pneumonia any illmess with symptoms or none !!! Reframed and renamed.judt like fuckbook suddenly became meat.

      • It’s flu

        They just gave it a name to do exactly what it has,

        Scare the shite out people!
        And get what they wanted.

        It’s killed my grandmother & I was talking to her only 2 weeks before she died instantly!
        Then they wouldn’t give us her body – it took nearly 2&half months to finally put her to rest ..bless her soul all
        because we refused to let them put her down as a death …with that name!
        That wasn’t happening!

        I miss her terribly

  17. Sell your soul to the devil, fame, and fortune that’s the payoff, whilst he rules the earth, he hates her as much now, as he did before she turned into the unrecognisable mediocrat that she is! He hates all, whether you worship him or not.
    Earthly life is but a blink of the eye in comparison to GIVING your spirit to the Lord, you will reap your rewards for your BEST life in eternity when you return HOME.
    Satan never forgives, unlike our wonderful Saviour Christ, we should pray for their torrid souls to turn to the Lord before its too late!

  18. Bang on Hugo plain an simple! We see these entities thanks to you!

  19. $30k per ticket, this show wasn’t for us, it was for billionaires, so it’s billionaires she’s upset, LOL and LOL works for me!!

  20. I wouldn’t be bothered too,go and listen to her !even if she was singing, in my back garden!

  21. I watched this on Brighteon, it has hundreds more views than any other in last 3 hrs

  22. She’s warbling in Hyde Park at the beginning of July. Tickets start at about £650. Unbelievable. You can see Tamar Korn or Andrea Motis on YT. Real talent, and send them a tip. I think I am out of touch…

  23. Adele the puppet sold her soul so she could become famous – did nobody tell her she can lose it just as quick ….. what a muppet !

  24. Adele had NEVER ANY INTENTION of doing the concerts. She just advertised them so she could take the money off her fans and run. In any case to say she had lost half her musicians etc just doesnt wash. Presumably this is because they tested positive so were isolating. But she could have said ‘dont bother with all that isolating nonsense’ After all as one of the so called elite SHE KNOWS COVID DOESNT EXIST

  25. Unfortunately her staff that are needed to support her act have got COVID, therefore can’t provide the professional support to her act …. It’s not difficult

    • no they haven’t. It is impossible for anyone to get covid as covid only exists in Hancock’s warped imagination. They have probably tested positive which is a completely different thing entirely as the PCR test is not capable of testing for a virus

    • I bet they have side effects from the jab…she’s too emotional, it’s dodgy. There you go little demon, it’s your downfall

  26. Ohh didums poor girl has pay out money for others…
    All that money she has she feels hard done by…
    Another “celeb” who is looking for attention…
    She was a dumpy old trollope one time and should of had her brain made over as well at the same time…
    They probably sucked her brain out when all the lard got drained away…

  27. Hi all, years ago Adele appeared in MSM saying that her three y old son dressed up in Frozen/princess costumes, promoting the satanic transgender agenda.

    We are living the times described in the books of Daniel and Revelations. The signs in the sky for Revelations 12 appeared on 23 September 2017…Let’s pray and fast, repent of our sins, turn to Yahusha (wrongly named Jesus Christ), obey the commands of our Father YAHUAH.

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