Canada TAX For EVERYONE Not Just UNJABBED / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. They’re crazy. I really don’t get how people are so blind. I also just saw the doctor that contradicted the UK health minister in an 30 minutes interview. He seems rather genuine in what he says and logical

  2. In Quebec it’s a tax on unvaxxed hospital patients. And it’s being strongly opposed by.

    • and they’ve been spying on 33 million Canadians…shame shame…Conservative MPs discuss Canada’s public health agency tracking mobile devices – January 10, 2022 We are really getting tired of these big daddies. I lived in Qc all my life, never ever have I seen this.

    • Know this doesn’t really apply to many people here but…

      If you’ve had a jab from any of the Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson therapies or a booster these links take you to a database of the deadly vax batch numbers still in circulation. Go to Pfizer/Moderna/Johnson (outside USA).

      The batch codes that were hacked from the pharmaceutical companies’ databases. This data was instrumental in providing the evidence that Dr Mike Yeadon references. VAERS as you may know is the American equivalent of our NHS yellow card scheme for reporting adverse events although far more formalised and reliable. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a United States program for vaccine safety, co-managed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a postmarketing surveillance program, collecting information about adverse events that occur after administration of vaccines to ascertain whether the risk–benefit ratio is high enough to justify continued use of any particular vaccine.

      Thanks… take care and stay safe!

  3. If you see a Vax center report it as a CRIME ……………… with this Crime No. 6029679/21
    CRIME IN PROGRESS, CALL 999 they MUST respond !

    • There’s posts going round saying the police are not going to investigate mark sextons claims have you seen any?

      • @DC – Crime reference number. 6029679/21
        For Misconduct in public office and Gross negligent manslaughter made at Hammersmith police station on Monday the 20th of December 2021.

  4. Heard kids talking masks and social distancing today on the bus…
    And saw a huge jab centre in a city centre..
    It was a eyesore and needs a boozaka launching at it

  5. Sheeple of Canada, aside from waking the fuck up, how about you all inundate TPTB with requests for independently peer-reviewed proof that the non-jabbed are causing more of a strain on your health services than the jabbed.

    If they dare try pulling this shit in the UK, they can stick it up their sphincter in return for an agreement that states “I [name] hereby confirm that should I become ill with Convid 19, in return for declining your offer of an experimental gene manipulation shot, I will take my chances at home rather than risk being murdered in an NHS hospital by the wrong treatment you’re so fond of giving old people, the disabled and the disobedient to ramp up your death numbers”.

    • I fired the NHS last year. Their neglect and abuse of me is over. 100% lack of trust in them.

    • people are tricked into believing that antibiotics are bad . And they are only for bacterial infection. they also regulate immune system from going into overrun . people are left alone in houses and told to take paracetamol. before 2020 if symptoms were bad doctors always were kin to prescribe antibiotics. even drugs against gut parasites will do the job to calm down immune system. that is the whole secret of this epidemics 100 after the introducing antibiotics .

    • That’s how they killed my grandad, he only went hospital because he fell over.
      Then they would not let him leave, pretending he had covid stuck him on a respirator and killed him.
      It was definitely not his time to go Im certain it was mistreatment.
      Was it true they received money for every covid related death, like we heard at the begging of this shit.

  6. You might be shocked at how many of those accounts are not fake. Canadians have been particularly susceptible to propaganda, possibly because until now there has been little obvious reason to distrust the government. I have lost several friends, people I actually know and up until now have socialized with. These people think the unjabbed don’t deserve treatment, should not be allowed to take up space in ICU. People who were very strong for the BLM movement, even going so far as declaring their white privilege, now completely turning their backs on the unjabbed, who in this country are majority visual minorities and economically disadvantaged. It’s disgusting! Trudeau in 2020 said Canada was not the kind of country that forced people with strong convictions to undergo a medical procedure. In September to get elected he said we are not going to allow unjabbed to put vaxxed in danger in planes and trains. Ridiculous! Now he’s calling them extremists, racists and misogynists. I think it’s criminal and hope one day he will be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity. God only knows how this will play out.

  7. This isn’t even the final government game yet, as the cleaned out mock the clean thinking, believing Bill’s mates , are on their side.

  8. how they going to know if I’ve have the jab if i have not got a smartphone no one knows unless you sign up to the track and trace vaccine passport qr code bull etc etc ill be a unknown as im a very private person, protecting myself from these energy vampires, they cut my services off and ill be free. like no jab no job bull ill be done, that’s my line in the sand. then like i say don’t tell anyone, its the only way out, walk away from jobs that ask for jab status qr codes for shops don’t go in, stay private as possible, don’t give yourself away, walk away into nature with your dignity intact, don’t fall the digital trap. after watching this video, you know exactly where this is going for the ones who are awake. carbon footprint tax, social credit system, metaverse shit, i can here people now years down the line i wish i had stayed organic and biologically human, massive regret. there destroying the organic world, and bringing in there robot shit here, in china i heard lately they have made artificial trees and a artificial sun nuclear powered, if that’s not a bad sign of things to come i don’t know what is, there destroying our organic world, animals, plants, trees, so obvious what there doing. still think its about a virus. there’s no virus, computer generated virus yeah and media, radio, papers, jab, etc etc. omicron (computer game) computer software, each jab and booster is a component doing different jobs. makes sense to me, a cure for a virus does not fit with what’s going on, because there’s no organic virus. because it don’t exist. the jabs are doing something, that’s the million dollar question what.

    • their HAZLABS and everything that goes with has got to be the worse polluters on the earth. They will fall into their own traps…little do people know that this planet will eventually burn, as Peter foretold in 2 Peter 3:9-13 (but here is a snippet in vs 10-11: “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of person ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness” To be godly only means you are saved by the Lamb of God etc. it has nothing to do with you as a person, all about the Son of God…So yes, they will fall in their own traps…

  9. Hugo, you are right on it.

    As a Irish Canadian and True Blood.

    Looks like we will be sending out an SOS.

    Lost most of my friends here and can’t get a job.

    They will get us before April 30 tax filing deadline when we can’t show their code.

  10. I know these people exist they really cannot see through the lies, they really think there is Virus waiting to get them if they go out without a Mask on the face.

  11. What is the difference between a Jabbed and a Unjabbed …..Answer nothing Neither will be fully JABBED!

  12. Good call Hugo, great summary and video!

    Another unnecessary burden on the people …Prime Minister, Boris (1 rule for them, none for me) Johnson?
    Invites to the Conservative Party, the party of ‘Parties’ are now on hold for the festive season, whilst they extricate themselves from the crock of shite.

    What the nprmies don’t realise is they could have all these parties and social gatherings because they know it’s a scam, there is no deadly virus, just the modified influenza strain they’ve called covid-19… or the common cold as we used to call it!

    These spineless fuckwits would never risk their miserable skins if there was the remotest risk of actual harm!

  13. I don’t pay my TV Licence ( which is a hidden tax) so won’t pay this either.😂

  14. So. Yeah. So far that is only in Quebec. Huge opposition.
    The True North covers this very well. Western Canada has openly opposed mandatory vaccinations.

    However, it is par for the course.
    Look up Reiner Feullmich. He has some compelling statements to make. He is filing a crime against humanity claim against pfizer and Bill Gates.

    They have intentionally harmed people.
    Every booster creates the potential for death or IDS IMMUNE DEFICIANCY SYNDROME.

    • AIDS, Auto Immune Deficiancy Syndrome to be more precise, or possibly ADE, maybe others I’ve forgotten about to.

      They’ve suddenly started saying no more jabs, bad for the above, like they care, no more jabs needed they are all screwed.

  15. The vaccinated are one refused booster away from being invaccinated

  16. Already taxed for my health – paid into it ever since I started earning. I reckon they owe me my money back as they are now deducting it fraudulently. National Insurance. Give my money back and I’ll go private. Perhaps we should sue for theft.

    • First the passport, then the chip, then the Mark of the Beast. Looks like it’s not too far off now.
      Come Lord Jesus come.

  17. Here in BC if you die after 21 days having had 2 jabs & or booster you are classed as un jabbed. It helps their numbers propaganda.

  18. Just saw a comment on Utube where someone referred to those of us sane people who are not vaxed as…… jabby dodgers…….
    You have to laugh or you’d cry..

      • Let’s continue to “Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.” Like the dodgeball film!

      • Bagsy be Pirate Steve! Yarrr!
        Sleep well, I will after this little time out of fun! xx

  19. A must read for everyone in UK
    An open letter written to The House of Lords on Jan 3rd from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance
    I link it here below loads of information to take up with your own mp’s doctors etc etc.


  20. Thanks for the heads up, Hugo re. the super mutant Yorkshire pudding variant. Could definitely be the most virulent and transmissible of them all !!!

  21. Hey Hugo, always taking in your vids… But today you have to forgive me as I could not stop laughing in my lorry cab… Why… {Gov says} … ( Oh that’s the New Super Mutant Ninja Yorkshire Pudding Variant)… I do take all your video’s seriously and shared them but the humour near the end of the video is a killer 😆🤣😆😅… Sorry just had to…

    • Hi
      Sorry I commented before seeing your s lol

      Made me laugh to !

      Have great day now

  22. Yorkshire pudding variant

    It’s why we Adore you Hugo lol

    Thank you your a gezza!

  23. Already happening in Greece. Unvaxxed over 60’s will be fined 100 euros per month from 16th January. Also the same, no booster = unvaxxed.

    • Beverley Stellas Will taxing them make them no longer a health threat to the jabbed and whose jabs don’t protect them anyway. LOL Here’s hoping the Greeks stand up and fight this farcical joke.

  24. My favourite bit: Super Mutant ninja Yorkshire Pudding Variant haha

  25. I was left the following by a friend who due to draconian measures has lost her job and has time to reflect on current issues. Please feel free to comment on her viewpoints. I for one agree with her on most of what she writes. NOT ALL. Though she does provide a good argument with some of the points referenced.

    Why must Quebec ALWAYS stand in the way and hold the rest of the country hostage time and time again! Our dollar had been devalued for decades because of the ‘uncertainty’ surrounding Quebec and its endless referendums on separating from Canada. This upper and lower Canada mindset must be nothing more than a distant and blurred memory. With Alberta looking to join the USA and Ontario bordering many states perhaps it is time to jettison Quebec and put an end to their tyrannical ways of holding Canadians hostage. Realizing as history will record, at this time we require sovereignty more so than divisiveness.

    I wonder if the Francophone leadership has thoroughly thought through the idea of yet another tax increase in the most over taxed country on the planet. If they plan on seeing this diabolical plan implemented, then perhaps the monies stolen in the form of provincial and federal taxes should be refunded. Monies which was used to erect public buildings for all to use and not just the chosen.

    Implementing another tax puts us on the path to a 2 tier health care system. One that has been vehemently opposed by Canadians for decades. Will the governments be ready to refund the pure bloods (UNVAXXED) their money as quickly as governments are to take it. Staying within these pay per user fees, would governments be eager to refund cash to senior citizens who do not have children in a school. Should taxes used to ensure fire, police and paramedics show up when needed be returned to those who didn’t use either of these services. This also applies to sports facilities, parks, art galleries, libraries etc. etc. I know of many people who plan on NOT filing their taxes this year due to the bullying and tyrannical measures Justin Trudeau and his henchmen have equipped themselves with.

    The great reset as dreamt by the Oligarchy has definitely achieved at least 1 of their lofty goals to establish a NWO. It has woken the citizens of the world. As a collective we are tired of mistreatment by our so called elected officials and will no longer stand for it.

    So before this incredibly nauseating and hastily thought tax designed merely to create another schism between differing viewpoints gathers any momentum, we need to put an end to such discriminatory words. Hate speech is criminal and punishable no matter who engages in it.

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