IKEA To Cut Sick Pay For Unjabbed / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Sorry Hugo, but you are wrong about taxes. Taxes are a nasty necessity that is part of living in a society.
    No man is an island anymore. No man will be an island in the future.
    SOCIETY! Learn it, live it, love it and learn to manipulate it to your own benefit.
    The WEF and others wouldn’t be able to manipulate society for their benefit if more people were engaged as they should be in society.

    • Nonsense, you need to widen your reading. All taxes are theft. Google anarcho capitalism, read Rothbard.

    • Exactly, people have been swindled by, parse syntax, look it up for more answers!!!

  2. Thank you dear Gina and thetruthnotdoctrine for your support and prayers, hugely appreciated. God bless you both and everybody here. Lots of love from Carolyn XXX

  3. I’ve just about given up on people. They are almost to a man morally and intellectually void. They will never wake up. I mean, what hope of educating these zombies about agenda 21, Build Back Better, social credit systems, carbon taxes, 5G, 4th Industrial revolution, vax passes, fluoride, chemtrails, etc, etc, etc when they are STILL wearing masks! It’s like playing Monopoly with 5 other people who have STILL to throw a double 6 to get started when you’ve already been around the board 100 times! I tell myself that this is some sort of spiritual kick up the backside in order to wake up humanity. By God if it is it’s a painfully slow process for those of us awake!

    • You’re so correct!! We have a restaurant chain called ‘Harvester’. You can access a ‘salad bar’ where you can pick your own salad items to compliment your main course. The main course is served to your table, you walk to the salad bar. Last week a local pharmacist was at his table with his family, chatting and drinking etc. They then all stood up to go to fetch their salad. Now this fella is a clever man, no doubt, he SHOULD understand about illnesses etc. But he and his family ALL put a face nappy on to walk the 15 paces to the salad bar and back again…… and then took these useless pieces of paper off their faces when they sat down! FFS! If it wasnt so pathetic it would be laughable! What did he THINK he was saving himself ( or others ) from??????? Like you say, until millions more start questioning why they are being so compliant we will ALL suffer, even the sheep. Stay Sane, Stay Strong everyone!

    • @Storn Brewing, “I tell myself that this is some sort of spiritual kick up the backside in order to wake up humanity”

      You’re right, for some it is a time of awakening (kicking up the backside) and time for a call from The Father. My blog to set you on the RIGHT PATH – THE NARROW PATH that only a few will find: Is The Father Calling You To His Son Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ)?:

  4. Just too warm you religious folks, all religions are fake there is only one true type of worship , I will share if I find what it was!

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