Bloke Takes A Hammer To Notorious BBC Statue

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84 Comments on “Bloke Takes A Hammer To Notorious BBC Statue

    • Will be interesting to see if he walks out of court praised a hero by the MSM like those in Bristol. The court set a precedent, so he should walk free, but I bet he doesn’t.

    • He needed some bigger equipment up there, to finish the job off!

      • Need a excavator one them hydraulic jack hammers on attachment lol

    • As has been pointed out elsewhere – only this last week a court ruled that smashing up statues you don’t like because they offend you is not a crime. Interesting to see how this one goes.

    • A makita 40volt rotary hammer drill will make short work of that statue😁

    • This could also be a staged event as the police are doing nothing to stop him. Regardless if it is now legal to smash statues up or not they could easily find another reason to arrest him disturbing the peace or some other BS reason. The police selectively enforce the so called law well the unlawful acts of parliament I mean look at BLM protests and anti lockdown protests and how much respect the BLM mobs were given vs the police trying to provoke anti lockdown protesters. I’m not saying it definitely is a staged event but one has to be cautious plus even if it is above board one must wonder why the mainstream media are covering it such as the daily mail what narrative are they trying to spin?

      • @Kevin Gore “This could also be a staged event as the police are doing nothing to stop him.” LOL where have you been for the last 30 years – these muppets are not police constables, they’re spineless ‘elf n safety controlled, Common Purpose, thought crime revenue collectors = useless pieces of flesh in robo-cop outfits.

  1. Should of taken a cordless SDS drill up with him it would of been on the floor in minutes. Deserves a medal when he comes down, statue is a fucking disgrace.

      • You know the “person” who designed it raped his two daughter & the family dog don’t you?

    • Yes it is a disgrace and very disturbing too. What I can’t understand is how it was never complained about when it was first put up. I hadn’t even known it was there until recently but how, in the light of the child abuse at the BBC, was it allowed stay there? It should never have been put up in the first place! Horrible thing!

      • @Not Amused, All it tells you is that the Buggering British Children corporation has been a home to perverts, sodomites, pederasts, feminists, lesbians and paedophiles from its inception.

  2. Intersting. I’m sure Hugo is going to comment on how the police are standing around doing nothing and the event obviously occurs several times during the course of the day (bit fuzzy, but not even sure if it isn’t two different “bloke”s). Staged event?

    • Not quite sure what to make of this. The police, however, would be treating it as an incident at height and the protocol is a watching brief and not to get involved as there are health and safety implications for them and the man doing the damage.

  3. The Police were just watching probably thought he. Was Part of the BLM getting Paul d by Sorros.

  4. Good man.
    Nobody wants to give him a hand?
    Problem, with most statues like this, is that they are cast metals (usually), coated with a stone-slurry, or clay (usually stone.) So, dismantling them is a tough process. He does need a big drill, or a jackhammer, but that would be a hard think to carry up there.
    I did like that the cops were standing by, not trying to mess with the man, but seemingly looking on in admiration.

  5. Now start on Maximus when the pedo Eric Gill has gone.Maximus being the head of Vanguard Blackrock and State Street

    • @JANET PAYN, “Maximus being the head of Vanguard Blackrock and State Street.” I had no idea that The Rothschild Jews were known as Maximus. Thanks for that.

    • Definitely I don’t think anything symbolises the BBC more, than a statue of a naked man holding a naked child sculpted by a incestuous bestialist Pedophile rapist.

  6. The BBC have been all for BLM removing statues but they had no intention of doing this themselves. They are too busy revelling in their new retelling of the Savile story, where they no doubt whitewash the BBC to look innocent. The fact that while retelling this story though, that they continued with that statue outside says a lot about them.

  7. According to Wikipedia :
    Arthur Eric Rowton Gill ARA RDI (/ɡɪl/;[1] 22 February 1882 – 17 November 1940) was an English sculptor, typeface designer, and printmaker, who was associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. His religious views and subject matter contrast with his sexual behaviour, including his erotic art, and (as mentioned in his own diaries) his extramarital affairs and sexual abuse of his daughters, sisters, and dog.

  8. An unplanned, poorly executed, protest.
    Done right, that entire statue would have been in pieces, on the ground, in minutes.

      • doubt it. The BBC aren’t best known for being able to report on the news even if it is right outside their front door. My solo performance of ‘you can stick your covid passport up your arse’ wasn’t featured on the news and it wasn’t as if they didnt hear it lol

  9. Should have done it long ago, do the whole buildonh next.

  10. This is criminal damage. Why is this allowed to happen in broad daylight while the Police just gawp at it ?

  11. Didn’t achieve much damage by the looks of it. Poor sod will likely go to jai though (maybe in a straight jacket), for doing something that needed done.

  12. I don’t understand why BBC could have such a subliminal statue, hiding the pedophilia mind/philosophy. A clear indication of who their master is.

    • because the BBC is an organisation that actively encourages paedophiles. They employed Saville. SAY NO MORE!

  13. If this isn’t staged i don’t know what is, Criminal damage plain and simple and the old bill stand there and do sweet fuck all, Yet when lockdown protestors turn up they are ready for a good old fucking tear up



    • yes it does look staged but is good to see someone take a hammer to the building even so. Better still would be to see the BBC building blown up I suppose! It or the terrorist organisation who broadcast from it aren’t any use to anyone in the who lives in the UK after all.

  14. What a cupid stunt!
    He will need more than a toffee hammer to dent that statue.
    He would have been better off spray painting it for more effect.
    Looks like a staged event anyway.

  15. Lol… looks like it took him 3 hours to knock off a toe. What the fuck has he got… a rubber mallet? Come on lads; think it through before you embarrass yourself.

  16. News today…..

    There warning jabs will damage your immune system if they keep giving them, I’d bet toooo late!!

    EU didn’t watch entire 2hr film, but headline, EU admitting damaging immune system, Alex Jones on BNT if anyones got 2hours. ( what time if so pls )

    mRNA inventor found dead, there cleaning house. He was Anti these jabs with us.

  17. The statue suppose to represent a roman Catholic priest who was a paedophile and the bbc were asked a few yrs ago to remove it .Which they obviously didnt hence the 3 biggest names on tv rolf harris jimmy saville and stuart hall all worked for the bbc…That tells you all you need to know..

    • actually I am not too worried about the statue. What should be removed is the BBC who are one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations. Obviously, as you said, they employed Saville who, apart from being a paedophile, was a crap DJ anyway. They have no place in modern society and should be stripped of their licence to broadcast

  18. Need a group with makita 80volt or hilti demolition hammers sort the rest the building out or a mid size excavator

  19. Good to see. I was outside the bbc during the December London protest doing a live music performance of the song ‘we are the 99% and you can stick your covid passport up your arse’ song. With the additional verse ‘Vallance can stick Whitty up his arse’ (Vallance has built up a reputation for farting so this is quite appropriate). I CAN SING VERY LOUDLY IF NEEDED!! The original song was the official Christmas No1 recently but of course the beeb didnt say that as they wouldnt want to play it on TOTP on Christmas Day. They did their normal trick of banning the song

  20. It is a rather strange statue – I wonder what the “artistic justification” from the artist would be, for modelling / depicting what appears to be an unclothed and nude minor, being embraced by that shady looking figure?

    But then again, with all the controversy coming from the BBC and revelations about certain peoples in certain high places, I have my suspicions.

    Truly some abominable entities who’ve been operating in the highest places for far too long – and they’re slowly but surely being exposed, or should be, if there’s truly any justice left…

    So let justice speak, because now it’s about time to quench this evil and nasty sickness that’s been bubbling under the seething maggot pot called “high society”…

    Reveal them, and let the mighty sword of justice strike them asunder. And if the “sworn” upholders of justice be found to be corrupt also, then let the people prepare their instruments of justice for them…

    • The creator of the statue was rather too fond of his two daughters & the family dog.

  21. Doesn’t look like he made a dent on the obscenity. Still, it’s brought out all the supporters of slavery!

    Did it hurt your feelings a statue being dunked in his own harbour and moved?

  22. Everyone who supports this criminal act needs to stop and think. If you support this then you support BLM and the Taliban or anyone else who likes to commit criminal damage. You are supporting wanton destruction. Where does it end ? It is one thing to hate the statue and want it removed but this is not the way to do it.

  23. mart…your comment is fucking unbelievable…fucking tosh…wake up. I am a stonemason/carver by trade and you would think that I would be disgusted at this act but no, I create beauty from stone but to see this man doing this fills me with hope and joy, whoever you are well fucking done my friend,

  24. BLM got away with destroying the Bristol statue, so there is no offence being committed here.
    Look at the Police overkill, all of them for one bloke up a ladder, shameful.

  25. A few well placed sticks of dynamite should do the trick … better still, a targeted RAF air strike 👍

  26. Interestingly, you guys ask ‘Was it mentioned on The BBC’… ha ha? Well, it was, this morning (13th Jan), on Woman’s Hour, of all things (the ‘wokest’ programme on The BBC?). The programme presenter actually mentioned, albeit in passing, that blokey had been up there chipping away at their statue ‘in protest’ (but no further comment). This was in connection with a segment Woman’s Hour was doing on ‘protest’ and the new Police Bill that’s coming and which aims to shut down protests. They were interviewing Emmeline Pankhurst’s great-granddaughter about ‘the right to protest’ and the programme invited listeners to email their views, most of which were in favour of the right to protest. Oppose that bill, folks… it’s another step towards the jackboot. See you in London on 22nd January?

  27. Just a thought but the BBC knows everyone (well folks with any values) hates that statue but wouldn’t want to be seen to be backing down over public opinion and removing it. By letting the guy stay there for hours, maybe they thought he’d do enough damage that it would have to be taken down. The fact that nothing was done to stop him speaks volumes. They didn’t have to climb the ladder. They could have just ordered him down but they said nothing. Another theatre production.

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