ENERGY HARVESTING / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. HT community… Keep using cash, and stay away from the venom ! and we should make it through this wave of deluded puppet tyrants. When is the next fecking General election.. Oops I meant General selection !

  2. Pity you used that pedo on your cover page, the 🐑🐏🐑are leaving their pens and when one moves the rest follow, the comjooist agenda is over

  3. Taking the piss literally. Contradictions to mix up messages. Anyone listening?

  4. The rewards are offered by multinational corporations that are part of the scam.

    • A few years ago, I was working part time for a major chemical company, on maintenence work. It was a horrible culture: they actually rewarded, via a points system, anyone who snitched on someone they saw acting unsafely. One day, I was constructing a partition in the conference room. I was using a battery circular saw in what they deemed an ‘unsafe’ manner (even though I’ve been using circular saws a lot bigger than that for nearly fifty years, at that point.) One @r$ehole spotted me through the glass in the door and ran straight up to the firm’s head of gestapo to report me. I think they expected me to apologise. I didn’t: I balled out the little shit who was trying to reprimand me, finished the day by doing bugger all more work, then never set foot in the place again. I didn’t tell them I was leaving (but I had a refurb on a house to start, the next day, so it didn’t bother me,) I just left them in the lurch. AS far as I know – though they wanted that partition finished by the end of the week, it took months to get it done, because they couldn’t set someone on, until they knew for certain I’d left. It took them nearly six months to sack me – and for all that time, I’d been working on sites around town.

      • Hi
        That’s awful
        I can’t stand a grass.
        It’s why the world so hostile because theses governments ect have encouraged idiotic people to screw one another over!

        Good for you standing your ground
        I wouldn’t put up with that sly crap either!

        Have good day John

      • That was one of ‘life’s little victories’ as Fletch would say in Porridge 👍 good man!!

  5. Yes 750,000,, save our NHS while all the cancer victims clapped there own demise!

  6. Just like the first lockdown. You couldn’t drive to exercise but you could drive to a McDonald’s. I knew immediately at that point that the whole covid propaganda was about control, not health. Love and peace to you all.

    • Oh so true, well, to those of us who can think for ourselves I guess. Another strange thing, why oh why are those unvaccinated who’ve recovered from Covid and now have strong natural antibodies being ignored. Surely when you consider the number of unvaccinated care and medical workers who’ve got over this too, there would be no crisis of staff shortages if their recovery was taken into account??! Most countries also accept travel and no restrictions from people who’ve been vaccinated OR recovered from Covid….with a few notable exceptions – the UK, Canada and New Zealand ( very odd)

  7. Sorry for using you as an example here Hugo , but I think you will appreciate the spirit of it.
    To misquote the scene from Total Recall as in your screen image for the video………….

    Hugo picks up his Iphone and suddenly Siri speaks to him.
    Siri “Hugo , hunny , you wouldn`t hurt me , would you sweetheart ?”.
    Hugo looks at the hammer in his other hand.
    Siri “Sweatheart , be reasonable , after all , we`re married !”.
    Hugo ………..whack ! “Consider that a divorce”.

  8. Doris will be seen sticking on the bit-bit app, hopefully it will make him loose weight, he’s just one big bag of blubber!

  9. Because they are producing so much negative energy

    We must continue to keep producing POSITIVE energy.

    Yes Red..
    peace & love everyone

    The bears .. nature so Amazing
    Cheers Hugo

  10. So angry right now ,GPs in England told to concentrate more on jabs and less on care ,says it all .

    • Yeah, and the G.P. ‘s are going to get/getting £15+ for each jab! Sadly I don’t think there has been much care in the NHS for a long while.All this money could and should imo go elsewhere within the NHS – not on admin though!

      • There’s never been any care in the NHS. All they do is stick you on pills and potions to suppress symptoms, they don’t cure anything. That’s not care, that’s a money making scam. More like the NSS to be fair. Then to add insult to injury, the very junk they put you on is toxic as hell. That coupled with the fact they’re just symptom suppressing makes you more sick, needing more medication in the long run. They kill you off slowly so they can make enough money off you before you pop your clogs. People don’t even realise that if you’re sick it’s because your body is toxic and the last thing you need is more toxic crap on top. Word to the wise, if you’re ill get your arse to a naturopath. They’re curing people with all sorts of chronic illnesses, even terminal cancer. But they can’t tell you that because the government have put laws in place so alternative health practitioners can’t say certain things, use certain words. Even banning certain amazingly effective herbal/alternative remedies that haven’t had any ill effects on patients. It’s just recently coming to light more how things are censored, alternative health has been censored for years. I wonder why?

  11. Something just occurred to me, what if in UK instead of saying ‘unless you get fully vaccinated you will be locked down’ they use a cleverer trick. They say because people are not wearing mask or getting the booster etc (divide and conquer) ‘we will have to lockdown’, then they say ‘you can’t come out of lockdown unless you get the passport’. This way you are already in lockdown with only one perceived way out.

    • You will only be in lockdown if you want to be. I took no notice of it last time and have no intention of doing as they say! Just say no to all of it we must all stand firm.

    • So what, who cares? Either way sucks.

    • I don’t give a shit what rules they make up.
      I just haven’t taken any notice.

  12. I been thinking about all the Burger franchises popped up in Stockholm that have even taking over lots of “normal” restaurants ? How come they want us to stop eat meat but they pushing for Burgers ? There is something Fishy about this and have to check if they get some tax reductions from the government or some other benefits coz they cant manage even the coming winter when they gonna close everything and lots of restaurants will get bankcruptcy ? Maybe this is the plan that only these franchises is left and they can control our eating and even poison us through them like that guy showed how San Pellegrino water bottle had this same Graphene oxide. So they on already to poison us with food through these Multinational corporations like Nestle ,why i dont drink Coke or anything produced by these big companies. Just local stuff.

  13. Mine just keeps buffering at the stitches bit, about 90 secs in 🙁

  14. 10 usa states and belgium jab mandates just got over turned, rare wins these days!

    Still no data on excess non convud deaths, ie ADE, flooding everything with to much Moronuc.

    When everyone gets Moronic and nobody dies like delta common cold, do you think they’ll get it? Thought they twigged with Delta but no memory 🙁

    DNS attack going on to this site?

    • Least them US & other county’s mentioned are giving it some.
      Fair play & as u say Rare at the present time’s.

  15. lots of people are so dam stupid that even after whats been going on, they’ll just love that they have a new app for their smartfone that’ll give them money off junk food ..thats all they’ll see..they cant think beyond that because the jabs and the masks and all the other crap we’re bombarded with has destroyed much of their brain

  16. Wouldnt it be great if they set us all free tomorrow, no days of the week, free to do what we want, I will be coming back as a animal or a dog or bird in the next lifetime, no digital covid pass required for them, I say to my pets wheres your jab passport 🙂 as I walk in nature everyday I’ve spotted recently qr codes on footpaths, the mark of the beast I call it. Yeah I’m really going to give away my location if they have another lock down ffs we know where this leads fines for breaking lock down rules. We’ll I’m not daft enough to have a smartphone with this pindemic shit which seems to be coming back again, why people download the app blows me away. Tracking and tracing you personal information ffs

    • Hi Chris
      The track & trace & people downloading it is something they have done before so the governments know this as they have monitored ‘Everything’ we do for years
      So I feel they know people in the past have downloaded apps But… as people don’t realise as We all do
      Apps are dangerous & in time
      as the people Stupid enough to do this will see to late ..
      They will be Controlled by every move they make.

      If people can’t see this
      They are obviously just weak & unable to think for themselves anymore
      Which is 70% I guess of the younger generation for sure because they want back what they think is freedom- which again we know won’t happen with theses maniacs in control!

      I have masked people trying make eye contact to give me Evil eye lol
      So I wait then I look back at them eventually & get a smile in before they get a chance to throw the evil eye lol
      They think they trying intimidate me !
      I actually pity them people
      Because I enjoy smiling

      Take care
      Keep strong Always

      • Hi Janie, its mental out there. its the new religion jab and unjabbed, its all a lie everything beyond the walls of the matrix, and we seriously need to exit it fast before we lose our minds and get sucked in and cart get out of this digital trap. i pray we win the spiritual warfare. boycotting the city’s is the only way now, there not going to stop, we need to find alternative ways of living growing food etc etc, its a silent war we are in. stay strong Janie Take Care now

      • You to chris- Keep Strong

        I don’t use town now i do anything i can to stay away from it
        I have not worn a mask & have had the most filthy attitudes & stares i won’t use large supermarkets
        they are like prisons to!
        it’s not my need to be around people who are so rude & mindless your right it’s gone Nuts lol
        i use music,art nature as my outlet, i think for myself i always have,
        shame so many people are stilling thinking this BS is normal?!!

        I hope you keeping well
        thank you for uplifting comment & you take care out there to.
        many blessings

      • i have some garden area i will be starting to get cleared hopefully in spring then hopefully i will be able to grow veg for first time in my life
        so if anything comes out well i can re grow & ect
        i have No idea were to start lol but come spring i have think.

        take care chris

  17. Slimming world really works for wait loss but you have to eat so much healthy food which the average person just can’t afford so if they really cared about your health they would reward you with free fruit and veg

    • Breakfast only, high protein yogurt / drink if I’ve been to the gym pm, loses me loads, easy, cheap and fast, get through day 2 and 3 and it’s easy, slip up and suffer day 2 and 3 again lol

      • Yes you might think the gym is cheap but a run round the park is free lol

  18. Any of you guys watch the P.I.N.A.C. (Photography Is Not A Crime) Auditors on youtube?,they go to police stations,prisons,jabby centers and exercise their rights,ooooh and these so called “authority’s” hate it when the PINAC guys turn up and know their stuff,the cops often try abusing section 43 of the terrorism act to try to stop them filming in public!,check out: AUDITING BRITAIN,TO PLOD OR NOT TO PLOD,NOBODY POOR,LIVE FREE,YARDLEY SKI,MARTI BLAGBOROUGH,NEWS NOW YORKSHIRE;


    All of this “modern technology”, smart phones, laptops, tablets, titbits, whatever, is just ancient technology in a fancy new packet.
    It’s purpose has always been the same, to harvest your “vital energy” (yin energy for anybody into Taoism).
    That’s why the world gets more fat and depressed as more of this shite is pumped out.
    Did you know 67% of British adults are on some form of anti depression/anxiety drugs? Scary thought, and more £££ for big pharma.

    Anyway, who cares. It’s all just vibrations anyway.

    • I read a book before this fake planademic called “agenda 21″Glenn beck
      In that they described a dystopian future of ENERGY harvesting…bit like the matrix I suppose….still wana watch that new matrix lol…my bad. But getting back to the point of 67% of people getting prescribed depression/anxiety meds….that doesn’t surprise me..yea maybe…..I think all medication has been designed to keep you perpetually ill….a form of slow kill…I think all medication destroys ur natural immune defences and I also think there is a correlation between meds snd cardio vascular diseases….tbh I have only really woken recently to the shit the establishment has been upto….Its only when it affected me directly….now I am awake !

      • Do people know!
        Pharmakia, (chemist, pharmacy) their logo outside the shop is a serpent around a bowl.. Do not be deceived!

        Pharmakia the Greek dictionary defines it as witchcraft, magic often involving drugs or magic spell.
        It is a fact that witchcraft and magic in the Greek world often involved the use of drugs, potions by the witch or the one whom the magic is worked.

        Revelation chapter 18
        And the light of a candle shall shine in no more at all in thee and the voice of the bridegroom (jesus) and of the bride (church) shall be heard no more at all in thee for thy
        Merchants were the great men of the earth for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived..

        “these are the times we are living in” do not be deceived by those in power!!
        Cleanse your temple of the poisons you are hooked on..

        People need to turn to Jesus!!
        Let the healing waters of Jesus cleanse you. Time is short!
        God have mercy on us!!
        Christ is king!!

  20. beem banned from FB for a week for posting the video about Dr Andreas Noack’s talk about his revealing how the injections contain graphene hydroxid which are like razor blades. Their reason, check the dark irony, because it ‘harms the community’!! He ended up dead soon after this talk!!! Anyhow see this VERy important video dedicated to him: GRAPHENE HIDROXIDE IN THE COVID VACCINES – DR ANDREAS NOACK Our organisms are also electromolecular 47:29 …”The heart beats because there’s a magnetic field that creates, subsequently, the electricity for pumping and everything else.
    And, therefore, what graphene is doing is that it’s completely altering our electromagnetic field. Something that has never happened before. And, let’s say, what we’re seeing is something ‘in vivo’ with some dramatic effects. To understand more, we have also been watching a lot of videos of people who are dying after being vaccinated. You see people spasming. These spasms have, for example, very specific frequencies, and they are bascially the same in all kinds of spasms. These spasms, clearly indicate that there is a disruption of the human electromagnetic fields.”

    • Can’t rule lut we are being prepared for something, mass dying is just a side effect of this process,what is the question.

      Alien body snatchers
      Survive in a different atmosphere
      Survive an event there not telling us about yet
      Might be for a good reason and we are on the wrong side.

      What ever is going on its big, it’s important to them and nothing is getting in there way

  21. another great PINAC Auditor is mat12128 a very experienced Auditor who sends the cops on their “walk of shame” lmao!

    • You could watch AB. He’s also an auditor, and livefree too. All on Yoo Toob… And a new geezer from my area, DJ Audit I think it is called. 😉

  22. The big problem the psychos have is that they have put their trust in useless Politicians who can’t tie their own laces. Everything Boris touches turns to ratshit.

  23. Desperate imagination, that consumer perks conquer all deceptions. Just wear the fitbit mannacle for your junk

  24. 🤣🤣🤣omg that jus made me laugh… rewards are junk food and cake you jus couldn’t make this shit up its hilarious

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