David Bowie OMICRON Video Game (1999) Nomad Soul / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo. Another great video. Thanks.
    You may want to look into this topic about nano “razor blades” in the shot as described by this Doctor who is (was) an expert in carbon and graphene. He has apparently just been killed having released this data.

    • This video is a must-watch. Assuming it is true (and it hard to believe otherwise, especially if you watch the linked video posted by his bereaved partner), it is truly horrible, and suggests that what is behind all this could be even worse than most of us ever imagined.

    • I just looked at that. It doesn’t appear to be credible. The pregnant wife at the end seemed like scripted acting. There was also another doctor with the same name in a similar story that was supposedly arrested mid you tube resistance podcast. It also didn’t seem credible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYsmk8OWP2M

      • I am afraid, if you look into what other scientists and doctors are saying about seeing graphene oxide in the injection material ( as taken from unopened vials and examined through microscope). There are many highly skilled and experienced doctors and scientists from around the world who have done this. They are horrified by what they see. Literally horrified.
        Because of censorship, they are not allowed to speak in the mainstream.
        From what I have come to know, not only is what this chemist says very credible, it is highly likely
        These jabs are not at all what we have been told they are. Not even slightly.

    • Hej Hugito, good info, check Quantum computers it’s conected, and not, here in 🇸🇪 we still not have the ship, only the dummies with mucho 💵💵💵
      God bless you and stay safe.

      • Hi Sofia Havvisto! What do you mean by we not having the ship in sweden?

    • It’s only other anagram is oncomir which, wait for it, is a form of microRNA involved in cancer!
      Couldn’t make this shit up.

    • The masses of sheep ARE spineless and lost all sense of context. They’ve been fooled by the media. They are past any help now …. They’ll be wearing a blue face nappy again, but MOST have never stopped wearing them!! I don’t know whether to 😂 or 😩!

      • Morning

        Someone told me earlier that they want the napkins back on the faces of people in public transport & shops…
        Because OmiCon!

        Ooo who would have guessed
        Bill ain’t wrong they think.. think we are stupid..

        Have great day Every one

  2. Isn’t it rumoured that Bowie is the bastard son of Aleister Crowley?

    • Robert, I always thought it was supposedly Barbara Bush who was the demon seed of Crowley. I suppose he could have had bastards all over the World, with all the debauchery he and all the Aristocracy thrive on.

    • You cnt help who your parents are! It’s rumoured Bowie is still alive

    • I knew Aleister Crowley’s last Scarlet Woman, a broken down aristocrat who drank whisky by the gallon. He destroyed her . however, she gave birth to his only son. Surprisingly called Aleister!. Crowley was called the wickedest man in the world, but by comparison to Bill Gates and satanic henchmen, he was an amateur.

    • Barbara Bush was the daughter of Alister Crowley, married to George H.W. Bush, 41st president of the United States! Pure Evil! President Trump took him out! I never knew how corrupt the world was till President Trump became Pres. All in the name of SRA. Andrenochrome, CS Trafficking.. and now another fake variant. Thank God for the expose..

  3. im very sure bowie was into the occult and kinds of magic, witchcraft etc as so many artists were and are. the whole record industry including record companies, film etc etc is based on it and derives its inspiration from it and it forwards the evil agenda. im affraid the devil has used alot of very talented people over so many years to lull us and distract us into all kinds of perverse and debauched thinking. whatever this ‘game’ is i would stear clear.

    • Lots of play on words in there.

      Astraea, or Astrea star-maiden” or “starry night who required child/ infant sacrifices.

      Adrenochrome. Look up Adrenochrome harvesting.

      • Is that for real ? Looks like someone’s made it up on home computer. My son plays a lot of computer games wow that’s gotta be the worst graff iv ever seen. Terriable. These vid games are far more realistic then that shit. Its a wind up 😂🤣😂

      • http://www.thelawoffrequencies.com

        This is the reason why we are having Covid. Someone outsmarted the system. A cure from this slavery has been found. And this is what they are trying to stop. If they cannot they will proceed with the harvest in March 2022. 10 independent sources point at 3.3.22 like with 9/12

    • You’re correct! I discovered this a good few yrs ago. Stopped listening to his stuff. The music industry is awash with satanic symbolism.. One eye sign etc!

      Plus TV, don’t watch it anymore..
      Full on brainwashing in how to think..
      Now I read my bible, follow the gospels of christ. They are so relevant to what’s happening today.

      “Ye shall know them by the fruits they bear”
      We can see all around us. Lies lies lies about pretty much everything
      Living in an occult matrix, the unaware are easy pickings..
      God bless! Christ is lord!

  4. Monday’s front pages are dominated by the latest developments surrounding the Omicron coronavirus variant. The Guardian says the Covid booster vaccination scheme could be significantly expanded. The UK’s vaccine advisory body, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, could advise the use of boosters for younger people, and cut the six-month wait between second jabs and booster shots, the paper understands.

    • That’s always been their target, child sacrifice, that and soul harvesting…

    • They where talking about this last week. Old news . Omicron is the new name is it ? Please anything to get those younger ones jabbed up. What a load of old bollocks

      • Put omicron David Bowie in your search field. The video game was made in 1999 and this particular video was posted on line in 2016. It’s very real

  5. “He uses Omicron to attract souls. He asks players to put their spirit into a body in order to enter our dimension. As soon as the soul has come here, it only takes a demon to catch it, and take it to Asteroth, who condemns it for all eternity, which very nearly happened to you. Know, unfortunately, as long as your soul is a prisoner in Omicron, you run the risk of being caught by a demon and thrown into the reservoir. The only way to save your soul is to kill Asteroth, but nobody knows where he hides, or how to go about killing him.”

    Anyone care to decipher?

    • He uses the actual name of a very high ranking demon; there is real occult knowledge there. John Dee was downloading masses of information from the demons and he had to recruit others all across Europe to help him. Nothing is free, so he asked them what they wanted in return: they replied ‘ we want blood’. All the blood shed and wars since then have provided that. Children are the most perfect sacrifice. These people are mad. Why on earth do children need a ‘vaccine’ for something that doesn’t affect them? Maybe that is the answer/

  6. Hugo this is a must see video I have linked, It is called “Patterns Of Deployment Of Toxic Covid Vaccine Batches” BY CRAIG PAARDEKOOPER
    This is based on VEARS as the us adverse reporting software actually shows batch numbers of each vaxx used. It is not accidental as we all know, but this guy proves it is 100% deliberate.
    I follow the guy who’s website this link is from. Just scroll down past all the sections in the black box and it is directly beneath. Everybody should see this, truly chilling indeed.


  7. I’m 64 you know… 😉
    meaning, I was a Bowie fan, I had all his albums…
    but this… just confuses me…
    is it pro vax or anti vax???
    Me, still not interested in the vax, my well travelled immune system will protect me…
    and I wonder, does my use of cannabis, both homegrown and prescribed Sativex, does that also help protect me???
    Still, I am confused by this video

    • Good for you but I sometimes think David Bowie was part of these evil people but like his sexality, (bisexuality) he would feel sorry and try to educate us knowing our ignorance.

      As for the cannabis yes it helps a lot. My dad died at 89 and he was a cannabis user all his life and I don’t remember him falling ill that easily….enjoy your travels.

    • We are being told, givern clues. It’s the Karma thing Huga talked about. Remember Hunky Dory ‘Quicksand’: ‘I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
      Immersed in Crowley’s uniform’. I saw an old interview where someone asked about his interests and one of them he said was Satanism; he said it lightheartedy but he definately had fllirted with it. There was also Aladinsane as well with the Andronegy and liightning bolt; he also mentions Himmler on Hunky Dory. I think a lot of them flirted with it, most notably Jimmy Page’ and others in Prog Rock, if you believe in the spiritual realm, then that would be enough to be inlfluenced.

      When I was young I looked up to these artists, but where are they now; none of them, barr Claption and Morrision, are speaking up at all. They were always self serving, never trully anti establishment.

      • We no the how and why there jabbing people up but this vid is really stupid and getting I to real conspiracy land now. I’m no conspiracy nut just don’t and won’t comply

    • Totally agree with you. I’m not confused as the vid looks shit made up bollocks. I grow up with Bowie and this looks like a home made vid. Not an actual computer game of today. No youngsters in there right minds would be playing this lol. The games of today are far to life like. Iv seen my sons playing them. Adult sons lol mainly football fifa games. .this looks crap.

      • I remember when this game came out so it’s not made up…. Adjust ur thinking

      • The game is real. Look into it. It was made 22 years ago-that’s why the graphics aren’t great.

      • I actually remember graphics looking like this back in the day.

  8. As predicted in Revelations the river Euphrates is drying up, also predicted in Revelations the mark of the beast, in the hand where you won’t be able to buy or sell
    without their rfid chip < now being tested in Sweden…. Only one religion has been accurate in its prophecies and that’s Christianity, ALL the others are false and deny Jesus Christ as God the Fathers Son. As Jesus Christ said in Matthew only through
    HIM can anyone be with Our Father. Don’t be fooled people….

  9. Suppose I’m too old to understand this s##te but don’t be fool they ain’t that clever, they can be stopped. Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s some sort of magic, it’s not magic it’s greed. They are not unearthly they can be stopped.

  10. Guys I’m not sure about the sound frequencies on the backing of this game?? It really effected my head! I had to stop watching before the end

  11. The games, has exactly what’s going on in it LOL

    Masks and stupid people are back in full scared force again already, for a Flu being described as very mild, but can create blood clots and heart problems LOL can’t make this shit up can you. IT’S THE JABS!!!

    The Jabbed can no longer create antibodies to fight viruses, well takes 11 – 14months for this effect, some have started, 11months after jabs started here, more will follow, A LOT MORE!!! Watch the none convid deaths keep increasing, that’s what this is ADE!!!

  12. Has anyone else noticed that the natwest mobile app already includes credit score and carbon footprint?? 😀😀😀

  13. More brainwashing and scaremongering with this “variant” now and more jabs coming out for it…
    People will buy into it but i dont care a toss for them types…
    They can get jabbed to death all i care now

  14. got to the Thomas Sheridan you tube channel , if still up Time Loop Turbulence

  15. My mother said “no booster then your not coming over for xmas day”..
    I said “fine ill have neither then”…
    No wonder its splits familys up all this crap…
    One half is brainwashed and the other has a brain left…
    I know what i rather have…

  16. The video game is spelt with a K
    Omikron – The Nomad Soul.
    It’s about transferring you soul to the character in the game so you can control that player. A bit like the metaverse will be or possibly how we ended up in the simulation we are currently in!

    At the beginning of this video the guy playing says he feels like his soul has actually been transferred to the character in the game 😱

    He has been playing for over 8 hours to get to this stage though 🙈

  17. Never did rate that faggot Bowie, just another debauched degenerate fairy like Jagger. Both were agents or pawns of (((the deep state))) and used to lead my generation astray via booze, drugs and promiscuity.

  18. Omicron Nanotechnology Ltd hasn’t government a contract with them ?

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