Adele Supports Segregation of Healthy People / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Having seen the hyped televised celebrity love fest of Adele in the USA and the UK, this comes as no surprise. At this level of fame you have a script that most dutifully recite.

  2. Like that impression hugo…couldn’t help but laugh lol πŸ˜‚…so they are all putting one hand over their eyes….think this is the sign of the illuminati !? Rags to riches….evil bitch…
    Just to add…my profile pic is completely πŸ™‚ keep strong πŸ’ͺ

    • Illuminati/freemasonry/Satan worship??? Symbolising The eye of horus I think. The eye at the top of The freemason pyramid. The rich/famous and those in powerful positions are all “in it together”. Sold their souls for worldly material rewards and power.

  3. Don’t like Adele, don’t like her music and she’s been supporting the narrative from the outset of this farce. Fuck her!!!

  4. Father-of-one died 11 days after receiving AstraZeneca vaccine

    A father-of-one died of a severe brain-bleed just 11 days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, an inquest has heard.

    Adam Bounds, 41, passed away at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth on May 31 this year after his Covid-19 vaccine caused a ‘very rare’ fatal side effect.

    Dr Wayne Thomas, a consultant haematologist at Derriford Hospital, told the Plymouth coroner Mr Bounds’ diagnosis was ‘vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia’.

    Senior coroner Ian Arrow said he would record a narrative conclusion stating that Mr Bounds had been vaccinated 11 days before his death against Covid 19.

    He explained: ‘On the balance of probabilities this created a vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia. That led to Adam having a low platelet count making him vulnerable to haemorrhage.

    ‘He was given platelets but sadly succumbed to a haemorrhage.’

    Before his death Mr Bounds, who lived in Bristol but originally came from Axminster in Devon, was found by his father after complaining of a headache.

    A CT scan revealed an acute right-frontal lobe haemorrhage that was causing compression of the brain stem. He was then transferred to Derriford Hospital for neurosurgery.

    During the operation the surgeon noted Mr Bounds brain was ‘very swollen and very tense’ and there was no improvement despite the removal of the blood.

    A decision was then taken by the neurosurgeon not to continue with the craniotomy further ‘due to futility’. He added: ‘The absence of response to the haematoma evacuation was associated with a negligible chance of survival and recovery.’

    A cause of death was given as intracerebral haemorrhage (operated). Consultant neuropathologist Dr Adity Shivane found a ‘massive intracerebral bleed’ during a post mortem examination.

    He could not find a tumour or cancer which could have caused such a large bleed and a toxicological examination was inconclusive.

    Dr Shivane said there was no evidence of a trauma or injury and the death was, on the balance of probability, caused by a ‘spontaneous bleed’.

    He said there was no evidence of a heart attack but he did note haemorrhaging in the right kidney and blood clots in the mesentery, a membrane attached to the abdominal wall.

    Dr Thomas said ‘vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia’ was associated with clots and not necessarily in the brain, but also in the abdomen, which Dr Shivani had noted in his report.

    • And I will bet that NONE of the sheep that I know will ever see this report or ANY if the 1000’s of similar reports of people dying. We need to stay strong and stay sane to help those unfortunate souls who believe in this BS.

      • This same thing happened to healthy doc in Miami early in the jab roll out. Being a doc he quickly recognised the tell tale signs of internal bleeding from marks on his feet and despite quick treatment for zero platelets he still died of stroke. His wife was fighting to prove the Pfizer jab did it because he was in such good health before, with proof from other tests to show it was nothing underlying.

      • Exactly!
        I thought same kind things when I read this earlier this morning

        Sad story so it is.
        Nothing Important gets out to the Public theses days only BS n fear which has been going on for years

        The veil is lifted

    • Massive brain bleed here too. Sounds like the same fate that Irish footballer, Roy Butler, suffered. I would imagine enhanced by the fact he’d just done physical activity. There must be many of these happening which we never hear about because they’re not televised. I run parkrun myself, but haven’t run in a year, through injury, and I only heard of this as it came up in my fb newsfeed as I’ve run in the same Conkers event.

      • 2 German footballers collapsed after their match over the weekend. They were playing in the same game!! It’s on Google but I can’t copy the link, sorry.

      • Yes, a match between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and Berliner AK. Looks like the fact check crew have been at it – one report says both men have only just freshly recovered from convid. I smell πŸ’©

  5. Realised over night to convient on xmas party timing, we are being played, nobody will follow the rules that don’t make sense anyway, deaths will go into the 1000s per day from common colds via no Immunity, from jabs and they’ll blame us for not following the bs rules..

    They want us to not follow the rules arseeeee!

    • Of course the masks are totally useless for the virus unless you have a flu or cold and you sneezed or coughed without a handkerchief. However, it is the obedience and conformity to our top-down commands which is crucial, that “everyone” wear one subject to government mandate or command. It is like a uniform to make everyone “uniform”. It is about instilling a sense of unity, conformity, obedience, and most of all “equality”.

      • Hi
        You make valid points

        Take care
        Stay strong

      • @Sanman Not so, they proved that colds and flu are not contagious through experiments they did back in 1918 on the so-called Spanish Flu. They put 100 flu sufferers with 100 healthy people in all manner of close contact ways and NONE of the healthy contracted the flu. Colds and flu are self-generated within our bodies to deal with toxic overloads and thereby cleanse our bodies of those toxins.

    • Yes, I agree these stories are shown to us for a reason, either to act as a distraction while other important stuff goes on, or to incite a particular reaction.

      • …and in fact what the media SHOULD be focusing on is the fact that Doris and his cronies DID NOT HAVE ANY FEAR of catching and dying of the Killer Virus, otherwise they would not have been at this party! If they thought they were in danger of their life, would they have gone? ‘ they didn’t follow the rules’ is just a cloak to mask the REAL truth! There’s no f’king killer virus for the majority of Brits!! But, who’s listening to we Thinkers? We’re just morons and weirdos who won’t have an experimental substance plunged into us! SMH time again!!

    • I’ve begun watching it, but it’ll have to be over a few days, and in stages.

  6. Everybody jabbed or not should boycott her concert, this is a disgusting kind of discrimination.
    I’ll say it again, I am done with these entities. No more concerts, theatres, cinema etc for me. I understand most cinemas are not taking cash now, another reason not to go.

  7. Of course the masks are totally useless for the virus unless you have a flu or cold and you sneezed or coughed without a handkerchief. However, it is the obedience and conformity to our top-down commands which is crucial, that “everyone” wear one subject to government mandate or command. It is like a uniform to make everyone “uniform”. It is about instilling a sense of unity, conformity, obedience, and most of all “equality”.

  8. Yet another trial balloon being sent up by the fake stream media

    ‘Should fines be issued to those who are not vaccinated against Covid? Tell us in our poll

    The Independent wants to hear your views on whether people who refuse to have a vaccine should face fines. Tell us your thoughts in the poll below’

    In other words the Government and the fake stream media are sounding out public opinion to determine what they can get away with. Don’t think I will bother telling the scum fake stream media my views.

    • Pole will go badly, prove we’ve had enough of this shit after 2 years.

      Can’t push us any more, take the long term jab deaths and be happy, then 2nd virus to repeat to reduce further, or something more fun,.

    • Okay its starting in Austria.. Feb 1st….but its going to happen everywhere !…mandates, fines …jail threats…. I wonder how many people will fold when this happens ?? People like me with no savings that have been forced on to UC.
      How determined will they be when they can’t feed them selves….(People like us obviously won’t relent)…I have food storage and am in an environment where I can hunt food ..NO PROBLEMO !
      But I wonder how many people will give up and get jabbed ? Maybe there’s 20 million of us if the truth be known :)….I guess there will be 7 million left ….

      • Jabbed have already started dying in the UK from compromised immune systems this is going to get worse quickly over the next 2 to 3 months, fortunately for us, they’ll blame Convid for as long as they can and everyone flaunting the restrictions, but this will put paid to the jabs, do what ever it takes, literally go live in the forest until it’s safe. Germany has this worse than us from the look of it, early reports, cold symptoms to dead within 24hours.

        Moronic is not going in there favour Putin ( love that guy ) just put a spanner in the works and said it’s basically a free live Vaccine LOL obviously it’s just a totally unrelated cold, but they’ve told us it’s Convid, therefore they have to keep playing along and they’ve just shot themselves in the foot, this won’t help there jab all mandates πŸ™‚

        My HGV Agency guy, is 1 of us, nice, his entire office is double/triple jabbed and thinks he’s nuts, only the nutty will survive!! πŸ™‚

        The game is a foot, stay strong, meet up with others in your area and work together, the survival of the human race depends on this.

      • Hi

        Last part your comment is Bang on

        Take care
        You stay strong to

      • Hi Turveyd
        Yea only the nutty will survive πŸ™‚ i should be okay then lol..Not long come back from living in the mountains in Portugal- I do love being off grid…….definitely will get easier off grid after a few years when there have been more fatalities…. I think they will be trying to round all the people living off grid up ! ….thats why I will avoid large groups…just me and bro….most importantly I have found a way to keep my campervan for the first year or two so that will help cushion the transition….luv them wheels πŸ™‚

      • Turveyd, C S Lewis once said something like ‘ when the whole world is running towards the cliff edge, the man running in the opposite direction appears to be the crazy one” Stay Sane, Stay Strong πŸ’ͺ

  9. We have Dr’s often with 3 degrees in relevant fields warning of trouble ahead with the vaccines, being silenced by media while Adele is free to coerce people to take it, her only qualification; she’s a singer and can drum up a crowd.
    I have no doubt It will come back to bite her, hard in the ass.

    Again I think it shows how desperate governments are to get this injection into people,, and soon !

    • Yo,

      If you don’t get a jab into everyone, and the jabbed only start dying of compromised immune systems like they are, then it’ll be pretty easy to spot what the cause is.

    • @Thetruthnotdoctrine – They have collaborated now apparently, yes! And Lady Gaga. “In it together” indeed. Just had a chill down my spine RE : Manchester concert disaster.

  10. Bet they’ve changed the Jab’s, time to immunity killed off, so the first jabbed, start dying same time as the more recent jabbed, that’s why reports of jab changes, if all the 80year olds start dying first it would be obvious as they had the jabs first.

    Which means the recently jabbed haven’t got 12-18months left, they’ve got till Feb, like everyone else.

    Clever, never underestimate your enemy.

  11. Why do these people have freedom of speech when we don’t. Why don’t they shut the eff up.

  12. Wouldn’t want to go see her anyway. Her voice is like nails scraping down a blackboard.

    • Or a Banshee ~ With a Soldering Iron shoved up it’s arse ……………

  13. And 1..2..3 all together now! Get your clot shot … blah blah blah! Singing from the same cult hymn sheet! I wonder what she says to her partner when she’s in bed?

    β€œHave you had your triple jab yet honey?”, asked Adel.
    β€œNo”, replied her partner.
    β€œWell get out of bed now! And get down to that local kebab shop! Their giving out free jabs and kebabs.”

  14. Never liked her anyway. all her songs are depressing. i’d come out feeling miserable if i saw her live

    • Lol
      The people seeing her live will be depressing so it’s an all rounder for the lot em !

      Take care
      Stay strong

  15. Weird story. On Dutch television in an interview she admitted she hasn’t been vaccinated herself, but was testing constantly during the day.
    So why would she ask this from her fans…

  16. Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet & actor) as well!! He reckons 90% in hospital dying of covid are UNVACCINATED, and says it’s not rocket science to GET VACCINATED!!!

  17. Telling us what to do while flashing her satanist hand signals. She can have MY jabs, & I WOULD tell her where to stick them as well

  18. Dr Tedros just keeps telling lies. The good,thing is that no one believes this puppet.

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