NU Variant Pandemic Of The JABBED #botswana / Hugo Talks #lockdown


Media report from Botswana Government

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  1. No no no No…its the ….Yorkshire Pudding Variant!!!…..all the thousands of immigrant piling onto our shores..lts not surprising there are some ‘infection spike’….

  2. Here we go…project FEAR full barrels…another lockdown in the making…be reading people and dont comply this time…

  3. 🤣😂🤣 You just couldn’t make it up Hugo, variants of something they’ve still failed to isolate and prove exists beyond a computer model. I’m off for beers with me old mate the invisible man later; please don’t try and tell me he’s an imaginary friend, he’s just as real as the new variants and has feelings too you know!

    • It’s a religious cult. 99.99% of its membership have not actually verified the existence of the key tenet of the cult itself, simply deferring proof to the authority figures who, coincidentally, are the only ones capable of verifying it whilst also telling the members to be fearful.

      We’ve been here before, folks. Invisible demon? Hysteria? Burning or crucifying the infected/heretics? V is for virus. V is for Vatican.

    • I was supposed to meet him in a pub last week. I went in and looked around, but I couldn’t see him.

  4. Da ja Vue? Yep. Super Duper Variant! MSM GB news Dr Claire Craig is asking questions about the 10 000 deaths! 🤔

  5. What’s the point even explaining this shit show now. I’m not even bothered to tell people the truth.. only you alone can awaken. Stop to wasting energy on trying to awake people. Your ether awake or your sleeping. Leave them to it. Focus on how to get through this shit show.. your going along on the roller coaster ride with there bollock news reports. We all know here it’s all shit.

  6. The G agenda is moving along at speed and we need to realise what is here and will be exponentially increasing in coming weeks>months. It will get harder and harder to avoid the structures & protocols setup so to avoid termination. John O’Loony spoke it out loud in a recent interview with UK Column “they are going to k*** us”!

  7. A “new vaccine evading variant” is needed to blame the deaths of the double /triple jabbed on this winter,instead of blaming the jab itself. Bored now.

  8. Indeed there we go again to the next variant. It just doesn’t stop. Tonight in the Netherlands the clowns come back on TV to tell us what we are allowed and especially what we are not allowed to do. It is sad that so many of us cannot change this.

  9. What does it matter – jabbed /unjabbed?
    The feckin virus does not exist.
    Every part of the media, whether main stream or not, continues to promote the concept of a killer virus rampaging throughout the planet.
    Empty hospitals, lying “scientists” and “experts”, fake statistics etc etc.
    Surely by now most people are thinking “another variant? Ho hum”

  10. Unjabbedandfree thank you lovely for your wonderfully uplifting comment, you are absolutely right on the money and really made me laugh too!! I think I will have an invisible friend too, and we will go and eat yummy cupcakes together washed down with a nice cup of tea!!! Seriously though, this whole thing really is reaching new depths of complete insanity, and I absolutely despair of those who still believe it all! As I type this, my hubby’s watching a movie on Netflix and the actors are all wearing face masks! Arghhhhhhhhhh I give up!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone all around me here is just as bad, so I’m clinging onto you lovely people here in this forum for the sake of my own sanity!! Thank you dear Hugo for absolutely everything you’re doing for us, you’re an incredible guy who I think deserves real blessing for giving up your time to do something so incredibly difficult, but it’s because you care so very much about other people, so thank you!! Really wish I could give you a great big hug and everyone else here!! Have a good afternoon everyone and stay strong, keep fighting the good fight with all your might as the hymn says. Lots of love, Carolyn XXX

  11. Well said David Beattie, couldn’t put it better myself hun.

  12. None of my Christmases have been affected by their BS & it will continue that way! I almost spat my cuppa everywhere when I remember them stating NO HUGGING!! I mean WTaF!!
    No one has the right to tell you what you can or can’t do in your own home!!
    Variants…?? Really how is this possible when they haven’t even isolated this virus to begin with??

    • Covid don’t exist plain and simple you can not have a virus that can potentially kill you and be asymptomatic

      • This! I have always thought that, so bad you need a test AND a vaccine, but at the same time someone could of had it and not even realised. Mmmmmmmmm

  13. ffs santa is bringing us a NU variant for Xmas whoopee doo , by the way santa is an anagram of satan very fitting!

  14. My son & I heard this on the radio just before we came indoors. We both said that they’ll probably lock us down for xmas, I think we’re both right & we won’t be the only ones thinking the same thing. Absolute joke!!!!

  15. Maybe it’s because in Botswana it’s mainly the jabbed who are being tested. Jabbed or not, sick or not, you’re just as likely to get a completely meaningless positive result.

  16. Oh more scaremongering….
    More need for more jabs…
    More coercion..
    More bullshit….

    Just fuck off i say….
    Pathetic agenda is so transparent now its laughable to anybody whos brain has not been washed yet

  17. There’s right, step on down, roll up your sleeve, let’s do the Botswana boogaloo.

  18. Yea, if I was going to sequence a Nu virus , sorry, new virus I would want the words top laboratory in Botswanna.
    They say this strain has developed in AIDS victims. Which is strange as immuno compromised individuals don’t have viral escape velocity caused by a strong immune response forcing the virus to mutate. So an AIDS sufferer would be the last place a virus would mutate because there is No escape pressure because there’s little to know immune strength to cause it to mutate. So I’m calling bollocks on this.
    Lest we forget that these arse holes will not risk infection to themselves and need an useful excuse to hide vaccine injured people via spike protein damage and all deaths will be blamed on the Nu variant.

  19. With the deepest greatest respect to Band Aid from 1984. I think we need a new version.
    We could call it `Do they know it`s BS at all`.

    • Lol
      O I wish I could record us all making a version with that !!

      Thank you for cheering me up lol

      Have great evening

      • My pleasure Janie. All of us together. Now that would be awesome 🙂
        If you watch the original version though from 1984 and listen to the lyrics it would be perfect to tweak it actually……..

        It`s Christmastime , there`s no need to be afraid.
        At Christmastime , we let in light and we banish shade.

        But say a prayer , pray for the other ones ( ie the jabbed and brainwashed )

        There`s a world outside your window
        and it`s a world of dread and fear
        where the only waters flowing are the bitter sting of tears
        and the Christmas bells that ring there , are the clanging chimes of doom

        and there won`t be snow in Africa this Christmastime
        the greatest gift they`ll get this year is life ( true for the jabbed )

        etc etc etc.

    • I know now you wrote it out it sounds like we still back then!

      But be funny us all doing one with our own words
      Be hilarious because there are some very amusing people on here bless

      Take care now

  20. anyone still believing this garbage is just a pathetic excuse for a human…were better off without these people ..theyre a waste of the worlds limited resources..

  21. Ahh, The Talented Mr Nu? We’ve been expecting you. Come in sit down (shake hands), thankyou for coming at such short notice.
    Your $500bn 18 month contract with The WHO and Big Pharma is ready for you to read through……

  22. Of course….and besides, I remember having a conversation back in October and we said then that a Christmas lockdown was ‘pencilled in’ for December 17th, so they will need to have a new variant in place in time, or to report some other scare story like a ‘climate crisis’.

  23. These bunch of bastard charlatan shills must think we came up the Clyde on a bubble , it’s boring now it’s so predictable . They probably put this in the diary in the middle of July to release the panic news story in the run up to Christmas . Sheep will be wetting themselves and demanding lockdowns and mandatory masks to be worn in bed and in the bath .. and meanwhile the rest of us awake just shout F off at the radio and fake stream media . Completely over all this BS .. apologies .. as you can tell I’m very cross 🤣😡

  24. Enjoyed all of your comments, and also had a good laugh, from South Africa.

  25. Lying fucking CUNTS..why is it that the only people that can work this out is the people on here…the fucking human cunt bastard race are fucking cunting braindead fucking cunt sheep

  26. Funny how clever Covid is so that it is never around when the lying elites have to go on a jolly together. .It just fits it in nicely with their timetable every time. If I was a sceptic then I would think that they knew exactly when the variants were coming…

  27. Careful though, they said Africa has only 6% jabbed. Botswana could have higher or lower than the continent of Africa. But it’s odd(not) that all the double jabbed have the so called variant.

  28. LMAO – Its the super-duper-duper variant – fuck em Hugo! 🙂

  29. They know the new variant is from Africa because under the microscope it has black curly hair.

  30. A woman who died from complications and clotting due to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine was a “hero” for getting it, her husband said, as “lessons have been learned”.

    Michelle Barlow, 51, died 16 days after getting the coronavirus jab in March this year.

    A coroner found that mother-of-two Mrs Barlow died from the “consequences of the unrecognised, rare complications of a recently administered elective and necessary COVID-19 vaccination”.

    The multiple organ failure which led to her death was caused by blood clots as a result of vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) – a condition not recognised at the time of her death.

    Mrs Barlow got her Oxford-AstraZeneca dose at a mass vaccine centre in Wigan on 7 March, and slowly started to suffer side effects – including flu-like symptoms.

    When she was admitted to hospital, doctors thought she was suffering a gastro-enteritis infection.

    Matthew Barlow, one of her sons, said he found a link on Google showing that a doctor in Norway had “saved five lives” of patients suffering the same symptoms as his mother.

    “If I can do that, why can’t the doctors and nurses who were treating my mother? Just go on Google,” he told the inquest at Bolton Coroner’s Court.

    Dr Mian Ahmed, a consultant at Wigan Infirmary, said if he knew then what he did now, he would have prescribed haemoglobin, blood thinners and CT scans sooner.

    Once the CT scans were done, however, surgeon Dr Marius Paraoan said he judged the clots were not treatable with surgery, telling the coroner they were “not compatible with survival”.

    Mrs Barlow’s family were unable to see her in hospital during most of her stay due to COVID restrictions.

    On 22 March, her husband Ian was told to come in by the clinical team however.

    “I was told by Michelle they could not do anything for her. Then two doctors came in and explained,” he told the inquest.

    “I said, you have got to save her.”

    Speaking after Timothy Brennand, senior coroner for Greater Manchester West, gave his conclusion, Mr Barlow said: “I’m happy and sad. I’m sad Michelle is not here. I’m happy Michelle has got the answers to what we wanted.

    “It’s took eight months to get here, that it was the vax that took Michelle.

    “The COVID vaccine victims are forgotten heroes alongside the COVID victims because lessons have been learned.

    “I’ve had a close friend die of COVID and my wife has died from the vaccine.

    “I’m not saying don’t get the vax, I’m saying check it out first, if it’s right for you.”

    There have been 73 fatal cases of clotting from the 24.8 million people who have had at least one dose of the AstraZeneca jab in the UK – a rate of about 0.0002% – according to pathologist Dr Naveen Sharma.

    Dr Peter Kreppel, Mrs Barlow’s GP, who referred her to hospital, said he still would recommend she take the vaccine, as the risk of thrombosis was 100 times greater without the jab than when having taken it.

    The Barlows are seeking a judicial review into the vaccine rollout.

  31. FFS, what a load of fucking rubbish….its all bollocks… look after yourself, keep your vibration high and fuck the MSM…

  32. Variant A 123456789 buckle my shoe….

    Highly believable and targets vulnerable minded gullible mask wearing idiots…

    Enjoy your next boosters jab testers…

  33. I won’t be cancelling my Christmas !same as last Christmas!5 households together!Rabid Javid !,knows, what he can do ,with his mutant Christmas variant!it’s getting more ludicrous by the day!

  34. Keep jabbing the clueless as the number of heart attacks rise, our masters have not finished with us yet. It’s so we can all build back better. Let’s Go Brandon.

  35. This is from a guy called bad cattitude, I think he likes cats. A substack I think.

    “Nationally, infections in South Africa have surged tenfold from 100 per day to 1,100, after the variant was first detected in neighbouring Botswana on November 11.”

    i mean, a 10X jump! how horrible! what dire circumstance must south africa find itself in!?!

    oh, wait: none. yup. you head me. none.

    let’s look, shall we?

    here’s their raw case data:

    to make it easy to comp year on your, i plotted it overlaid:

    cases per million are 16 vs 44 on this date last year. this wild, dangerous superspreading variant as resulted in (wait for it) a 64% drop in cases vs a year ago!

  36. Apparently it’s way more deadly than the others oh what even more deadly than the 2020 variant which gave us the highest death rate? (Well to be fair that was the media that told us that we had the highest death rate) well I will be having Christmas just like last year. My trees going up on Wednesday can’t wait.

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