NU Variant Pandemic Of The JABBED #botswana / Hugo Talks #lockdown


Media report from Botswana Government

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  1. SENGA,you should get in touch with mr Barlow and tell him to stop being a misinformation super spreader for saying “covid victims”,there isnt such a thing!! #human muppets

  2. ALBERT HALL, before you get too excited from your stats and data,take a few deep breaths then say to yourself ‘SARS-COV2 has never been proven to exist’ keep going until the penny drops……

  3. One of the people who was talking about this new ‘varient’ name is, Francois BALLOUX. I mean, seriously

  4. I do think a lot of people will say “get lost!!!” to another lockdown. Even the jabbed-up ones. I’ve heard them shout at the radio when it’s mentioned as a possibility. Enough is enough! How many hoops have people jumped through in 2 years only to end up back where we started??? Well, jumping through the hoops is what’s got us into this mess but from the sheep’s point of view their “doing the right thing” has been pointless and got them nowhere. They must be realising they’ve been played like a fiddle by now??

    • They should have realized that covid doesnt exist by April 2020! Lockdowns had absolutely nothing to do with public health, they were just a means to control the population

      • SO TRUE Pete, all to do with controlling, Culling people with the Jab! and putting fear into the hearts of people not forgetting to mention, Money Making Racket!

  5. ‘Project fear’ is apparently called

    Feckin names they come up with I shake my head !

    Bunch ov Donuts
    the Lot of them !

  6. The 77th Brigade/bot farms/ disinfo agents, whatever you want to call them, have been working their socks off today on Twitter and Quora. Today’s themes are:- Wear a damn mask!, close the schools!, lockdown!, lockdown!, lockdown! activate Plan B!, panic! fear! and GET THE JAB!

  7. How did the double jabbed manage to fly out of Botswana?
    And spread the new verint world wide ?

  8. Apparently the new variant may pose a significant risk to public health. Consequently it has been named the Hancock variant and is a mutant

  9. What a joke. Scientists baffled? Really? Then they must have cheated at their exams because if they can’t figure it out then they are crap scientists. A friend said she wondered how many would take notice if Boris decided we have to lockdown again. I replied I’ve had enough of their shit, so no, I’ll not comply and I’ll carry on as normal as is possible. It is unenforceable. She has ignored me since then – and so has the rest of that group of friends – pretty obvious really. This is the person who drives her car with her mask on. She’s been brainwashed so bad.
    At a wedding recently we have all since gone down with the same lurgy. Some tested positive, most negative because they are good little rams and ewes and must get tested. Husband says are you coming to the drive through? I told him not effing likely – if you are sick, then stay at home you don’t need a stick up your nose to decide if you are sick or not and with the mixed results it just proves the tests are a load of rubbish, but hey ho, scrape bacteria from your throat and stick it up your nose and wipe the germs onto that special nasal membrane – and don’t forget the anti-freeze! Plonker.

    • Kelly, anyone that wears a mask whilst driving should be banned from driving for life. No ifs, no buts. It is dangerous driving. And the scientists that are baffled are not real scientists. The real scientists know covid doesnt exist. Vallance and Whitty are fake scientists. They have no science qualifications and only got where they are today by backhanders to Boris and co

      • I agree – it is most definitely dangerous driving – this time of year she might get mask pneumonia if she doesn’t stop it. A recent photo and the ruddy mask is around her neck in her own house! There are no words to describe that. Also agree on the fake scientists. I think I’m more qualified than they are and I was ungraded for physics O level! LOL! Even that stupid arse with the crappy computer generated death tolls forecasts – yet they are still letting him carry on! Off with their heads.

    • I agree the method of swab testing is gross! Same swab for tonsils and nose, urghh. I’m with you Kelly, it’s all a farce! Your (ex) friend sounds way too far gone, shame. It’s as if they actually want to live their lives like this! Mask, test, isolate, lockdown, jab, repeat.

    • Kelly…just love your analogy on this ‘situation’….l needed a good laugh…thank you..

      • Glad I made you laugh – we all need a light interlude and some truthful observations of how absurd people are – the only thing we can do is laugh at them.

        GinaW – I have no tonsils, I imagine if I did, my mouth would be gaping open like a basking shark while they searched and scratched their heads. Most of these people are not qualified to do an invasive clinical test in any case.

    • Classic! And I just realised that mother-in-law is an anagram of “Hitler-woman”!

  10. Omicron !? Anagram ? MORONIC !! Yes, I think that’s quite a fair description !!

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