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  1. In the west we are used to many freedoms that will not be allowed, so obviously they must start with us as other poorer nations are already under the boot. This is about levelling down expectations, once everything is evened out then they will start on the other nations as well. There is NO overpopulation every nation is running at negative population replacement, less babies being born to replace those too old or dying, fact. The most important thing to remember is satan is twisting their minds so as many people as possible suffer and die before his time is up. They may feel they have a higher plan but is will just lead to catastrophe for them because some of the players will not want to go into the good night when told they are not longer required. This is when God will step in an punish those not in the peace of understanding and following his Laws.

    The Pittsburgh Paediatric Society in March of 1969. Dr.
    Lawrence Dunegan attended that meeting, and reveals the
    plans that were in place in 1969

    The strategy then would be not to diminish sex
    activity, but to increase sex activity, but in
    such a way that people won’t be having babies.
    Contraception would be very strongly encouraged, and it would be connected so closely in
    people’s minds with sex, that they would automatically think contraception when they were
    thinking or preparing for sex.
    The sex education was to get kids interested
    early, making the connection between sex and
    the need for contraception early in their
    …back in 1969, four years before Roe vs.
    Wade. He said, “Abortion will- no longer be a
    crime.” Abortion will be accepted as normal,
    and would be paid for by taxes…

    …food shortages could be created in a
    hurry and people would realize the
    dangers of overpopulation.
    …the food supply is to be brought under
    centralized_control so that people would
    have enough to be well-nourished but
    they would not have enough to support
    any fugitive from the new system.
    “We can or soon will be able to control
    the weather.” He said, “I’m not merely
    referring to dropping iodide crystals into
    the clouds to precipitate rain that’s
    already there, but REAL control.”
    …to determine the response you want you
    need only control the kind of data or
    information that they’re presented or the
    kinds of circumstance that they’re in; and
    being rational people they’ll do what you
    want them to do.

    …admitting that some scientific research data
    could be – and indeed has been – falsified in
    order to bring about desired results.
    …out of all of this was to come the New
    International Governing Body, probably to
    come through the U.N. and with a World Court,
    but not necessarily through those structures.
    …people would willingly give up national
    sovereignty in order to achieve peace, and
    thereby this would bring in the New
    International Political System….”If there were
    too many people in the right places who resisted
    this, there might be a need to use one or two –
    possibly more – nuclear weapons

    …basically the idea being to prevent
    people from accumulating any wealth
    which might have long range disruptive
    influence on the system.
    …the next step would be to replace the
    single card with a skin implant.
    …would be not losable or counterfeitable
    or transferrable to another person so you
    and your accounts would be identified
    without any possibility of error.

  2. And we have that POS Chris whitty telling all pregnant women that they should get the jab.. Murdering C**t.

    • that was allready an issue re flu shots and dtp over the last few years.

    • And going against the JCVI advice regarding children getting jabbed!

      • Hey Gina
        Your man has commented this morning with hopefully some help with advice he given as any advice is good.

        I thought I just mention Gina if it’s not help no problem,
        I have been suffering really bad of late so a doctor who is qualified in menopause is trying me on Oestrogel for my menopause & Ultrogestan (for my womb to prevent thickness of lining)
        It seems to have calmed my night sweats?
        But I early stages yet?

        Good luck – as menopause is extremely difficult to adjust.
        And it does affect migraine sufferers.

  3. I always see the woman in the blue dress on the left, Catriona Renton her name is, when I am out shopping. I won’t tell you which shop though. I know a lot of their dirty secrets.

  4. A good question to these people would be: Why are you not looking if it is maybe a new virus that’s attacking pregnant women or their babies? After all, that’s the story they are telling about the Wuhan virus, that there were a few patients with pneumonia, which for some though unclear reason they thought was ‘mysterious’, and somehow they decided that it is probably a new coronavirus that’s causing it. They looked and ‘Yes! We found it!.’ So, when do they decide that this is the right time to start looking for a ‘new virus’? My answer is: when they need a new ‘epidemic.’

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  6. there’ve been more before as well, but not reported/denied, and there’s probably more now as it’s estimated by another, can’t remember, or was it harvard, that only 1-10% of vax reactions are ever reported, most people don’t even know about the system,including doctors/nurses, or those don’t care to.

  7. My friend is 7 months pregnant and every time she goes for a check up the staff at the hospital keep hounding her to take this jab. She keeps refusing. Thank goodness.

    • Many seem to get the jab as soon as they give birth too, I hope she doesn’t do that either. Breastfeeding and some sort of toxin shedding in general is a possible danger to baby (as well as the risks to mum).

  8. This is truly sickening, these women discussing it know full well that it’s the jabs that are causing this and won’t even mention it for fear more people will wise up to the truth of what’s really going on with this fabricated virus.

  9. ‘A spke (protien) in the number of infant deaths’: truth slip there. How evil, telling women to do the oppositie to the evidence! These academics make me sick. All they care about are their careers, either that or they aren’t very bright. Money turns their brains into shredded wheat: you have to connect that to the ‘pandemic’ too.

  10. Janie, Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to make judgments like the one you made. You have to walk in someone else’s shoes before you can know how it feels. Circumstances alter cases. I didn’t write my experience to make enemies but to educate on vaccines. God is my judge. He knows me. You do not. But I wish you well. Christina

  11. Even the very main stream Dr John Coleman has a video called ‘Spontaneous abortion’
    Even the guys in the middle are starting to question this dangerous treatment.

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