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  1. What are they smiling about surely people don’t believe all this

  2. What a coincidence just as they push the vaccine on pregnant women we see a spike in baby deaths. You really could not make this up. If it was due to the pandemic we would have seen this during wave 1 and 2. These people are really quite thick.

    • In 1965/66 there was a polio epidemic and everyone was told to be vaccinated. I was one of those who queued up for one. I was pregnant at the time. My baby was born weighing 8Ib 12 ozs and looked perfect, but two and a half hours later he was struggling to breathe and died. An Autopsy found that his heart was damaged and told me that the polio vaccine was the most likely cause as he was one of many babies who had died with some sort of congenital defect after their mothers had the polio vaccine. I still grieve for him and wish I had not had it. I would not advise anyone who is pregnant to have a vaccine, regardless of the government saying it will not harm the unborn child.

      • There will be a resurrection of the dead for all mankind, and rest assured your baby will be resurrected in the second resurrection in good health and you will be reunited with your son – I trust that that will give you some hope and comfort in these distressing times.

      • Since Thalidomide, nothing is tested on, or given to pregnant women, not even a massage let alone an untested jab. The medical profession is ultimately responsible for this massacre. Following orders will not get you off the hook for this!

      • Thank you for sharing what happened to you and your child ….. I hope people will learn from you !

      • I had that vaccine in 65 in school I had just turned 13 … months later I became permanently disabled from it… 10 month in hospital came out on crutches

      • I would like to thank those among you who have sent me heartfelt replies to my post. A later post from Janie did upset me, because she said any decent caring pregnant woman would not do anything to harm their unborn child and were selfish. But in the early sixties we didn’t have the knowledge that is available today, we had no scans and were told to eat enough for two, which was bad advice, as we now know a healthy normal diet is the best way. No one knew the damage that Thalidomide would cause. Women trusted what their GP prescribed for the morning sickness they were having. Those mothers who did take take Thalidomide would never have taken it had they known the outcome. They were decent caring mothers, not the opposite , and certainly not selfish as Janie suggested. Knowledge is a good thing to have when it’s given to you in the first place. When the polio epidemic occurred we thought we were doing the right thing when we had the vaccine. Now in later life I do question things that I didn’t do 59 years ago, I just trusted the medical profession. That doesn’t make me selfish or not decent. I think of my son every day,I still grieve for him, but although I wish I hadn’t had the polio vaccine I don’t blame myself, I believed the medical profession. It would be a good thing if we were gifted with hindsight. Thanks again to Gina W and the Truthdoctrine and any others who have been kind enough to offer condolences. I appreciate it very much Christina

      • Hello Christina
        I am on here as freedom of speech.

        If you don’t like my comments that’s fine.

      • Christina, I’m sure most of us here have been duped by big pharma and brainwashing at some point in our lives. I’m only just freshly awake to all this myself. We are literally bombarded with it from a young age, “vaccination saves lives” etc. Rima Laibow spoke of what’s going on years ago with alarming accuracy. We are brought up to trust doctors and pharmacy companies but essentially it’s a big scam
        ££. The lies go so deep!!! History is manipulated to fool and brainwash us too. You’ve suffered unimaginably from your loss, I have every faith you will be with your son again one day. Take care x

    • There is a hospital in BC that had 15 still births in 24 hours, they said typically they might see one still birth a month. All mothers were fully vaccinated against covid. This vaccine is still being pushed as safe and effective but clearly it does not seem to be either. BC has roughly an 80% vaccination rate.

  3. The UK media’s decision to completely avoid even discussing any possibility that these deaths are a side effect of the untested jabs is all you need to know.

  4. I wonder how much those bwitches are getting paid to spout this nonsense, shame on you bbc.

      • They’re all corporations within The UK Corporation and all controlled by The Rothschilds via their investment arm Vanguard. All media employees are vetted by them before they’re offered a job, same with MPs.

    • How they can stand there and lie like this. These lies I hope all come back and bite you.

  5. Disgusting journalistic propaganda! How do they sleep at night. Any one of them on the vid will know full well the jab is the main cause but instead tell women to go and get jabbed up and in effect, potentially kill their own little ones. I know they want to reduce the size of the population but do they need to quite so effing obvious!!!

    • The masses of sheep believe this BS, they don’t need to hide their lies any longer. The sheep and their kids are lost, sadly. Look after yourself. The sheep do not want to know the truth, they have been fooled and they are frightened of what they’ve done. They’ll argue with YOU, the messenger, not with the people who administered the jungle juice. We Thinkers all said it would be like this, but they wouldn’t listen.

      • Until everyone understands this …STILL A TRIAL….until May 2023….no Law culpability..but….just wait….damages will be won…and this Global ‘thing’ exposed….LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE….

  6. I honestly was scared at the beginning, can’t lie, but now I actually am not scared of ‘covid’ anymore, not at all. I am terrorfied of all these brain dead twats who can’t put 2 and 2 together. One question I always ponder is if and or when a real pandemic happens, what’s going to happen? No one is gonna trust anybody

    • God hates child sacrifice…anyone complicit with this crime against humanity might think it is no big thing to just keep their mouths shut and hide the truth…big mistake ….HUGE!
      Isaiah 8:11-13 This is what the LORD says to me with his strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people: “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread.

      • Some God, if you have to fear him. Drop the old testament and read the sayings of Jesus, who spoke the truth.

      • @Alethia I agree that as born of God Christians we should not fear God, for love casts out all fear, but for the lost and unsaved it’s a different story and God’s Law is still upon them, so if they are wise they should fear God and behave accordingly.

        Yashua Messiah also said this: Luke 19:27 (MVC) But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them as their King, bring hither, and slay them before me.

  7. I think in the BBC ‘delivery/announcement….what is not being said…speaks volumes…EVERYBODY KNOWS!!….but won’t talk…The ‘Lockdown..’Propaganda’ being spewed’ for this l think , percolating down to us ‘little people’…l am praying free thinking people will see through this Pandemic…put a STOP to all of this…just vulnerable people …if THEY wish it…

  8. Just another day in Covid Covid Vaccine Vaccine land, you can see it on the blonde woman’s face, in her eyes that she knows what she is doing is wrong, yet she is just another coward in the BBC, compliance determines alliance! They have chosen their sides through there own choices, but it’s never too late to tell the truth, that’s if you have any humanity left inside that “organisation”, my path is already chosen, and many others have chosen to resist around the globe. The house of cards is falling, fast! at last

  9. yes, no mention of the jab, there hiding it, telling pregnant woman to get the jab to protect from covid, when the jab is the virus if its even a virus at all, there’s something in it that,s very nasty. we will get to the bottom if it soon. i read something once a man got manipulated to need a drug and if it wasnt replaced in a certain time the body world start to dye, i.E the booster shots you never know? could be depopulating the planet, feel something really bad is going on. i feel this death everywhere and under attack don’t think i’m far away from the truth. if it was a cure people would be jumping for joy and having it. no sign of that at all. forced on us because its doing something else.

    • I don’t believe in this depopulation nonsense. There are a lot more quicker and efficient ways to go it anyway. And riddle me this, if Billy Gates ‘convid tracker’ is to be believed why do the large centres of population have very low ‘vaccine’ uptakes? Places like Africa, India, Pakistan, no data for China. These places are in the single figures, some one or two per cent. What is the point of killing of 50 million of the UK population in 4 years like that stupid deagal prediction that the bsdoctrine keeps spouting and leaving the large population areas intact? It does not make sense. Care to explain? Thought not!

      • I don’t know about the depopulation agenda either, but if i was to have a guess it would be because they want to destroy white nations because they are the ones that defeated communism before, we have things like liberty and freedom. Once they kill us they will replace us with low IQ 3rd world populations that will be welfare dependant and accept a global communist dictatorship. I do think its suspect to accept an injection from people that have links to depopulation and eugenics, people that want to reduce C02 emissions, that human breath out, and carbon footprint, people are made up of carbon. Also we are moving to a time when machines will do allot of tasks, a large workforce will not be needed so people will demand taxing these companies that profit from it for a UBI, the same companies that our members of the WEF that do not want to pay taxes to feed useless eaters. If people are just funded with everything they need they will have more children which would make the problem of sustainability worse, more mouths to feed, again something that would cost more profit for these groups and go against the sustainability goals they claim to care about. Once they remove white people they would start with 3rd worlders, it’s about managing and controlling the global population, reducing the population does seem to fit into their agenda.

      • It is obvious that they are trying to change the population demographics in order to wipe out the white population. It is impossible to hide. Just go outside your front door. Take a look around our towns and cities. I have a fear that the white population will one day be rounded up by these third worlders. There are just so many of them flooding in. And the breed like rabbits. I can’t see any depopulation there. I find it truly scary. You know at some point you won’t be welcome in your own village, town, city country. What is happening right in front of our eyes is straight out of one of those the art of warfare books. The white population are paying for and cheering on there own demise.

      • Just 50 million? You do know that it’s not just the UK it’s happening in? Europe is a population of nearly 750 million people, and that’s the ones we know about, it’s problaby more close to one billion if you class the illegal immigrants swarming the lands also. America is over 300 million. Then you take in to account most other countries. We are talking about a few billion at least without counting the largest populated countries. So yeah it does make sense to wipe out the most liberal and human rights countries first, as they are the only resists to stop this madness, if only the would just wake up. Theirs no point in wiping china’s population out, they are already controlling the birth rates and have complete authority over the population anyway.

      • Have you not read about the 5 African presidents who have been murdered because they would not authorise the jab for their people. Replaced with pro-vaxxers.

      • Of course there are quicker and easier ways to depopulate but they’ve got to have plausible deniability and look like they are saving people. This won’t happen in a matter of a few months. It will take several years and most people won’t suspect it’s going on unless they wake the fuck up.
        The thing that puzzles me is the amount of people I know who think politicians are lying, underhand scumbags but believe everything they say about convid. That’s what fear does to people, they can’t see the wood for the trees.

      • Or Der Wald vor lauter Bäumen as we Germans say, and a very fine German movie I may add.

      • @Henrich “Directed by Maren Ade. With Eva Löbau, Daniela Holtz, Jan Neumann, Ilona Schulz. As an awkward idealistic high school teacher begins her first job in the city, things turn out to be much tougher than she had imagined.”

        Would you mind telling me a little more about the film?

      • Tricky!

        Not just white people. Black people in Africa are being culled vis jabs wayyyy worse than people in the uk.

        The none hugh jab areas have low population rates compared to area and most live eco friendly lives unlike us westerners.

        There is no other reason to spend trillions world wide, scaring all into getting a jab for a hoax that obviously can’t work as it’s a hoax.

        I’m sure they’ll have other plans ie wars for none compliant areas.

      • I don’t believe vaccination is low in these countries, it’s another ploy to confuse and blow you off course. I have seen in India elderly being held by family members to have jab, people trying to climb on roofs etc in rural places being caught. Nothing is to be believed right now, dark forces are rampant!

      • David Chippendale…. I know a former nurse who I’ve attempted to ‘think’ about the supposed pandemic. Last week she said, ‘ I don’t believe all the figures and I’m not sure they’re being truthful about lots if things’….. So I asked her why she had the jabs… ‘ I thought that I’d do my bit’ !!!!! FFS!! If she didn’t believe the f’king first round of lies ( Convid death numbers ) how can you believe anything afterwards??????…. ‘ doing her bit’…. FFS!!!! 😠

      • I have been thinking about this quite a bit. The 1% aren’t stupid, if they wanted to have a mass cull they couldn’t make it that obvious as to jab people and they die several months later. What if they developed something that gradually killed your immune system? That would affect people at different times and the deaths would be of numerous different causes. You could never prove that it was attributed to the jab, just a thought.

      • What s happening now is more about population control and tracking. Depopulation will be more or less achieved through a WW3

      • @ thetruthdoctrine It is a movie for lovers of all things German. Goes well with a fine German beer.

  10. I’m afraid if it can’t been seen while in such plain sight, the sheeple have absolutely no hope, this is all so evil!

  11. Covid-19 has not been isolated so how on earth can the so called professional know that a mother contracting it could cause baby death 😤 Poor little souls 😢

  12. I’ve never yearned for the end of existance as mush as I do now.

  13. At the very other end of the age range breaking news is coming out of Scotland today that Millbrae Care Home in Coatbridge appears to have ( or at least had at the time ) a guardian angel in their midst. At the very start of the jab roll out many months ago someone switched the jabs with 100% saline solution. The authorities call it an `alarming error`. I call it something else. Unfortunately the report also says that the poor residents were re-jabbed with the correct jab the same day after they realised. Damn 🙁

    I know this is old news to most people , but in the report above there is also a link which takes you to an STV news page containing a breakdown of all the Covid related deaths in all the individual care homes across Scotland. It was released back in May 2021 after initially being withheld by the Care Inspectorate and the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

  14. If it was the virus rather than the vaccine the figures would be similar for 2020. 2.1 per 1000 in 2020. 4.9 now. The only correlation is vaccinating pregnant women.

  15. I listened to a radio programme online and the the spike protein in the jab attacks the placenta drs are discovering.

    • Yes,it’s been said a while ago by Dr Yeadon that the spikes the jab creates are very similar to the Sycetin-1 protein which is used in placenta production. If true, it’s all very sinister. But believable. It’s been done before with HCT in a vaccine caused infertility to African women and those that did conceive had deformed babies.

  16. A bit of good news people the Governor of California , has signed a mandate to stop people being forcefully jabbed and also a mandate to stop wearing masks !

  17. You can tell by their shifty body language that they know they are spouting a narrative which obfuscates the truth, even if you turned the sound down.

  18. They are pure evil!would them evil bitches!,be so willing too push that poison,if it was they’re families!,in the firing line!?

  19. This is why I don’t pay for a tv license they keep on knocking but you can’t come in 😂

    • You don’t have to let some oaf into your home to go searching for a TV and knocking over and breaking your priceless Ming dynasty vases in the process. Besides there is no requirement to pay for a ‘tv licence’ in order to own a TV. You do not require a ‘TV licence’. Just ignore them. The golden rule: No contact. They have never got a penny out of me and never will.

  20. Patient: Doctor Doctor, it hurts when I do

    Doctor: Then don’t do it

  21. Thats right blame this non existent virus on it…
    Like every other bloody natural death on the planet…
    If people believe that then as per usual i give them a wide birth…
    Or they can keep having the fucking jabs and drop dead with a bit of luck from them…
    Sick of these gullible wankers society has got in it…

  22. Some upbeat news

    Lorraine Kelly has thanked the NHS after receiving her Covid-19 booster jag yesterday.

  23. I predicted that this would happen, back in January/February when the jabs were started to be given to younger age groups.
    I said at the time that we were just storing up issues, and that in September we would begin to see birth rates falling.
    Well, there you go, but it’s too late to do anything about it now because a huge percentage of women of childbirth age have been jabbed – this is only the beginning.
    Much like when you see a tsunami approaching, it will keep on coming and there’s nothing that can be done about it.
    The unvaccinated will be inheriting the world.

  24. covid-19 vaccine contains the active ingredient(s): Covid-19 vaccine.
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  25. It’s due to jabs NOT “Covid”, it’s clear that the vaccine is causing the problems. BBC and MSM totally corrupt.

  26. Vaccine protesters came to the school i work in and tried to inform people of the dangers such as increased baby deaths. I didn’t start my shift until they had gone, but when my colleagues were discussing the protesters’ claims, one shouted, “it’s a load of sh!t, a load of sh!t”. I challenged her by saying, “Do you KNOW it’s a load of sh!t for a fact? Have you looked into the data yourself?” She laughed. Ignorant to the end! People are so far gone, they will not even entertain the idea that they may be mislead in their beliefs. Why would baby deaths come out by people as a lie for a start? It’s going to get a little tense when they realise I haven’t had a single jab, or jabs become mandated for all school staff. Although I will be going if the latter happens.
    Whoever knows these vaccines are a major risk to life and deaths are inevitable (especially the young, healthy life of innocent children) and is still complicit in their continued roll out to younger and younger age groups (and is covering up the truth) is destined for the lake of fire!
    Under 12s are due to be speared in the spring in uk! This is evil!

  27. In 1965/66 there was a polio epidemic and everyone queued for the vaccine. I was pregnant and I had the vaccine too. When my son was born he weighed 8lb 12ozs and was gorgeous and looked perfect. But he died suddenly nearly three hours later. A post-mortem revealed his heart was badly damaged ,and I was told that the most likely cause was the vaccine . My Doctor told me that many babies had been born with some kind of congenital condition after their mother’s had the vaccine. The Government are pushing pregnant women to have the Covid jab, saying it will not harm the unborn child. I speak from experience. No one can be 100% certain with that statement. I urge all pregnant women NOT to be vaccinated, and also urge the rest of the people to do likewise.

  28. 5 year olds are having the jab in the Spring, the NHS will start a campaign for this then Gina!!!! I saw it in the Daily Mail yesterday! The horrors of this continue! Killing little kids aged 5!!!!!! This is the work of Satan, and the Day of the Lord is coming soon with all this evil! Those people responsible for what is happening in the world today are sick, evil and completely twisted pieces of garbage who should be shot by firing squad!

    • It’s horrifying, Carolyn. But I will guard my own two small children with my life! It makes me sick to think of this damaging gene therapy in a 5 year old’s body! My two will be in the firing line in spring and they will only be jabbed with mRNA over my dead body! A child under 12 cannot be Gillick competent so that’s something for now! They don’t get speared without a parent’s say-so. I didn’t consent to their flu spray vaccine last month either. Thankfully my husband is not jabbed and sees the scams too. I have become wide awake since 2019 (unfortunately not sooner and lots to learn now). I trust Jesus Christ to protect us and have put all my belief and faith in Him. If I’m beheaded in The end for my beliefs, so be it. The prophecy must play out…

      • Gina, I bought a book called “End times and a thousand years peace” Melissa Redpill the World who also has a rumble channel. Been awake for some years (2017) and still couldn’t convince people around me. I don’t agree with all I learn, but trust I take what I need. I don’t fear death as there isn’t any and I can’t stop people euthanising themselves though I tried ….But for a couple of pounds the book is worth a read. I’m sure you’ll be keeping your head. I think it’s the end of them, not us but like all wars, there will be loss. When we all realise we are thinking and feeling all this into reality, as Jesus tried to tell us (Book of Thomas, I think? But likely edited out.) we can start to believe we have won. When we see that we are ruled by fear entirely, even through religion (behave or hell) we can trust our own inner connection to our creator, where we don’t sit and wait to be saved or believe a preacher who is working from a doctored version or his idea of the book…but use our inner connection (intuition, instinct, soul, creator sourced into our DNA) to turn away from it all and rise when we need to. That’s why we have those gifts. We forgot to use them and trusted others to tell us what to believe. No book I didn’t see written and no person who sees it in their own way can override inner knowing straight from source. Trust it and…We win. The sheer panic and speeding up of their agenda is likely proof we have already won. Even the vaxxed round here are waking up. I have hope.🙏

      • Thank you DjuneR for your message and you’re quite right, corruption of the Bible in translation and in the church over the centuries has tried to make us live in fear to control us and impede our understanding of Jesus Christ’s will. Thankfully I haven’t been a part of that to become brainwashed and petrified of God/hell/my past sins and lesser than the church “leaders” etc. I’ll give that book a whirl, thanks.

      • Yup; and last year flu failed to show up statistically…normally thousands die of flu especially over 80’s………so…..Dr Chetty in S Africa says covid=flu…he should know, he’s cured over 7,000 without oxygen/hospitalisations/jabs…but then he’s a real doc….all his patients he says he’s friends with….i’me 75, I can recall in 1950’s my family doc was always a phone call away night or day….a true friend! The official advice to isolate at home, do nothing, wait and see what happens to symptoms then maybe need oxygen in hospital is what’s setting folks upto die! Chetty treats day one with the very medications Fauci blocked!! EVIL INCARNATE!

    • It cannot be diagnosed properly…
      Only by the swab test which is not designed to test for infection….
      Was never contained for a jab either…

      All this is about is digital society and control…
      The wheels are loosening a bit now for them

  29. You’d think with all of the resources available to our government that this “conundrum” would be easy to unravel.
    What is the difference in rates (abortion per million pregnancies) between the cohorts of mums jabbed vs. unjabbed?
    Shouldn’t be hard to do.
    Until people wake up to the fact that these measures (lockdowns, masks, jabs, where you can work…) have NOTHING to do with our health, they’ll always be getting duped. Unfortunately, so many of our populace seem to not only approve of these measures, but actively provoke them.
    Some people wouldn’t know tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, enacted the biggest wealth transfer in history, censored them, made them show their papers and force medicated them.


  30. This falls in line with the statements made by the funeral director whistle blower who reported huge numbers of baby deaths. Pretty clear that it’s down to the jab – yet the BBC try to blame covid – they are disgusting.

  31. Covid: Huge protests across Europe over new restrictions

    Tens of thousands of people have been marching in the Belgian capital, Brussels, to protest against anti-Covid measures.

    Some protesters threw fireworks at police officers, who intervened with tear gas and water cannon.

    Demonstrators are mainly opposed to the use of Covid passes, which stops the unvaccinated from entering venues such as restaurants or bars.

    This comes after fresh protests in the Netherlands against new lockdown rules.

    On Saturday, people hurled fireworks at police and set fire to bicycles in The Hague, one night after protests in Rotterdam turned violent and police fired gunshots.

    Thousands of demonstrators also took to the streets in Austria, Croatia and Italy as anger mounted over new curbs.

    In Belgium, rules on face masks have been tightened, including in places such as restaurants where Covid passes are already required, and most Belgians will also have to work from home four days a week until mid-December. There are also plans to make vaccinations for health workers compulsory.

  32. I am a mother & when I carried I wasn’t even advised to take a paracetamol !
    Cough medicine, anything really is forbidden when you carrying, well was back when I was.
    I suffer with migraines I had many when I were pregnant I did have to call doctors once as I was so sick
    I was concerned
    but I was told again anything I take could harm the baby
    I got flu as well it was 24years ago but I was also advised take Nothing for that either, ride it out with water & vitamins I was told so,s not to harm my baby.

    So WHY Johnson are you & your jabs Gang
    injecting pregnant women with a lethal concoction that is causing reverse reactions!?! & death.
    last & WHY would a pregnant ‘decent’ woman knowing full well the injection be harmful to theses poor new human lives go ahead & chance the life of that child she carrying! that makes me upset !!!
    this is Awful & upsetting because some people can’t even have children bless them
    but theses people are willing to take chances on new life’s!
    That’s shameful.

    I got be up early so night all & cheers Hugo
    People are so gullible & pure selfish

    • I am one of those women who can`t have children Janie. But I have 5 year olds and under in the family. I have tried my damnedest to be a royal pain the arse with the rest of the family over the past several months to wake them all up. I just hope I have done enough.

      • Hi Tanya good evening,
        I am sorry to hear this I truly am & thank you for sharing your one of the people who Would love a baby of your own bless you
        that’s why I angry at theses Selfish MF,s who are taking chances & it’s now proven ending so sadly it really has upset me

        I know I never met you Tanya
        I don’t need to because I sense Strongly your a very strong & un-selfish proud lady (with great sense humour 🙂 )
        I sad you can’t be a mum because you would make a Blinding one for sure x theses people should feel what you have had to feel my dear
        maybe they might think again!

        All the best Tanya
        Take care

      • Thank you Janie. That is very kind of you to say love. I do love being around children and I have held several babies. They all seem to take to me 🙂 As for these people who are doing this to children and unborn babies , let alone us adults. They are like those Daleks in Dr Who. They do not have any concept of pity or remorse. They are cold automatons and devoid of any feelings. Life , any life , is alien to them. It is not in their programming. And we know what Daleks do. At least that is how I think of them.

      • Your not wrong I remember as kid they scared me lol
        But yes the brain alive & not a human body was very strange stuff for it’s time

        Control is so dangerous in any manner
        everything should be equal in my mind
        but theses NWO lot have lost the plot!
        It’s all mind control & until the people we have mentioned do finally see that
        we are still going live like we are, divided & now poor innocent unborn children sadly passing away its heart breaking & as said
        must be so much harder for yourself bless you.

        Kids love kindness Tanya it’s why they drawn to you
        Keep strong – keep positive

        All the best now

    • Hi Janie, I get migraines too, and the early pregnancy hormone spike gave me the worst belter I’ve ever had but I didn’t want to risk painkillers in that first trimester especially when the most crucial formations are made in baby. It was worth it though wasn’t it? I had an awful thought that any ladies who were in early pregnancy around May time when their age groups could get jabbed, and they got jabbed, it would be interesting to see if their babies are healthy and well as they will be born around Dec/Jan. I pray they are ok, and in the meantime pregnant women see the warning signs that the jabs are not safe!!! Some are abstaining but getting jabbed as soon as they have given birth – but there are lots of horror stories about breastfeeding spike proteins into baby and shedding toxins onto them. It’s so sad! I hope your warnings have stayed with your family members, Tanya! Even a tiny seed of doubt is sometimes enough to stop them walking blindly into things.

      • Hi Gina
        Absolutely agree with you
        It’s so sad it’s tough to take in but we can’t afford to stay behind with the people who are getting more brainwashed & now doing this to themselves & their unborn children
        Like you also said Tanya doing only what she can to just Try at least to hope people we love & care for realise we are not out for a argument
        it’s not just because we are ‘being feckin awkward!’ , as I been told few times lol
        but laughing uncontrollably soon won the day there!

        I am saying No because i have a right to, & the constant persuasive ways of governments & MSM are just confusing theses already confused & brainwashed people

        So for us happy & awakened souls it’s….
        On n upwards Gina !!
        keep strong my dear take care now

      • Re migraines I used to get belters with chronic nausea and sickness and discovered a histamine connection. I stopped eating bananas and they went away – never had a migraine since. We’re all different, I know, but it might work for you.

      • Thanks for that nugget, truthnotdoctrine! I don’t seem to have triggers with food. I’ve had migraines from a young age (could easily be a pre-school childhood vaccination neurological side effect now I think more critically but who could ever prove that!). Thankfully now they are almost purely hormone related and predictable with the monthly cycle. I’m annoyed I need pain relief (I don’t trust pharma anymore) as they are very bad without it (get to vomiting stage and it’s game over and have to ride it out/lose a whole day) but one a month if I’m lucky is far less than many poor souls have. I don’t get any “aura” either. I am more recently on triptan to catch the attack before it gets going because painkillers don’t touch a hormonal migraine (in my case). I hate being reliant on it but keep it to bare minimum (once a month) and don’t intake other toxins like cigs, alcohol etc. I’ve done intermittent fasting too to detox and maintain a healthy weight. Migraine is one of the cruellest forms of pain isn’t it – if you knew it wasn’t coming to an end soon you would shoot yourself!

      • @GinaW You want to be very careful with those symptoms, and I am not saying this to scare you, but my mother displayed very similar menstrual cycle symptoms as yours before she had a severe stroke at age 47 which left her completely paralysed down her left side for the rest of her life. I would suggest that you seek help from a naturopath like Dr Amanda Vollmer, she is VERY knowledgeable re natural remedies and overall health issues. The body WILL heal itself if given the chance.

        With my migraines they involved me taking many different pain killers which eventually destroyed my gut flora and damaged my liver and it’s taken me 3-4 years to heal them and it’s still a work in progress. The liver can be 85% destroyed and still recover if it’s given the chance.

      • Thanks Janie, stay strong too! This push, push, push is just making people more determined not to give in I think.

      • Hi Gina
        Yes indeed I mean look at his speech shared today
        This man was chosen to do right by the people
        But he stands mocking instead
        What a leader! SMH!!

        I also see your comment about your medicine
        Don’t worry Gina I am very ill to with few other things & migraines & its not your fault you need this medication because I suffer the Nasty things & they are like your brain is being crushed it’s Awful
        So I on meds to I don’t like it but like you I have no choice unfortunately

        Keeping your self as stress free as you possibly can helps, I know easier said than done Gina but I find stress brings on an ‘attack’ more quickly.

        Hope you well
        Take care

      • Truthnotdoctrine – thank you for the info. I’m sorry to hear about your mum! I know migraine sufferers are at an increased risk of strokes but without aura I thought I’m not so high risk as than others? A risk is still a risk though obviously! I will heed your warnings and look into it!
        Janie, I hope you get yours sorted – I must admit I dread menopause time. Thanks for your replies.

      • Morning Gina

        That’s ok.
        Thank you i am finding solutions I am trying natural ways as well, its just about finding the right thing with menopause.

        Same as migraines they are such a life changer so I wish you well ok.

  33. Hugo I think the BBC are trying to hide something in plain sight there because listen to the words at teh beginning when they say spike in death they emphasise the word spike which is odd, hint that it is the spike protein in the vax that has killed these babies

    • I am no wordsmith but how else could they have phrased it? A sharp increase? Two words instead of one. No. Goes against editorial and plain language guidelines. How would YOU have phrased it?

    • Yes the wording is important, and gives much signalling. Sometimes in devil’s mockery, or it’s obvious intentions! How appealing was ‘jabs in arms!’ bring your crusty uncle out of the basement I believe Trudeau said, they don’t care and call it out blatantly 😱

    • Clanger that’s exactly what I thought? Hidden in plain view. To mock the profane, or afflicted is part of their order.

  34. The so called experts are denying the facts on foetal death and the jab but at the same time confirming that most of the “vaccines” were not tested on pregnant women. In the risk assessments on the EMA site it is listed as missing information due to being monitored until 2024.
    Sadly another case of people not having the full facts in order to give informed consent. Mothers and babies are being used in this experiment without being aware.

  35. Why do you think Bill Gates Foundation gave 620 million dollars to mainstream media around the world? Hugo don’t worry we are sharing your amazing videos with real news!

  36. Those two evil women will go down with the rest of them. May they be haunted for life, by the blatant lies they are telling.

    • I don’t know whether the Normies will attribute blame to anyone. They’ll never know the truth about this genocide because the BBC will never connect the deaths, myocarditis, blood clots or heart problems with the vaccine… They’ve been told not to! And if BBC don’t say it, then it ain’t true is it? 😂…

  37. Given the amount of censorship
    that’s been going on. Why hasn’t
    this site been shutdown. Vaers.

  38. Given the amount of censorship that’s been going on. Why or how
    is a site going against the MSM
    narrative allowed to continue?

    • Which site? The US-based Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) or Hugo Talks or both?

  39. These women, the fat ugly one on the left and the shifty blond on the right, deserve a special place in hell for their lies and disinformation. Pregnant women were not part of the limited trial groups for this poison. Even if they were, the evidence in data from vaers confirms the worst. For Satan’s little helpers the end is coming soon. Especially for the fat one, there is going to be no running from the wrath of the awakened.

    • What people need to understand is that no matter what the “overpopulation” numbers are, baby killings are still a demonic work .

  40. “Vaccination in women can protect pregancy” WOW! It’s clear the jabs are causing this, this is full on genocide or should I say Domicide.
    Only a fool would believe there is NOT adepopulation / steralisation plan underway.

  41. How come the year before when there were so many infections, including pregnant women, there was no spike? What is the difference between last year and this year? One obvious variable?

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