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  1. I thought the second half of American Horror Stories series 10 was dull but then I realised that it is very cleverly pointing out exactly this. Did Marilyn Monroe know too much about what was happening at The White House (also taken over by aliens) so was then killed by them?

  2. The Sun just ran a story, army guy watched ufo down 10 nukes only read headline.

    Saw 30years ago, big 1 up close so I believe.

    Saw 1, 8 weeks back it was there pulled car over got out gone, a mates mate had photo’d same thing few says earlier, over the rocket making base, I’d bet direction wise.

    I too expected fake invasion, maybe more sinister ALIEN things going on, so much crazy lets not rule anything out.

    UC crippled my local town at night, dead dead dead, this will create a recession, most including me though 411 crap but it’ll do, where as 86 less = doomed!

  3. There was a photo leaked recently of some kind of weird craft with no engines or propulsion system on the back of an army truck in USA. One theory is its a deliberate leak to say to Chinese you might think you have hi tech weapons but look what we’ve got – start and we’ll annihilate you. Alternatively it might be a big load of bollocks and a prop for the alien have invaded phase of madness were about to enter.

  4. Prep for the coming Demonic invasion. The fallen deceiver spirits coming to reek unfathomable darkness. Get ready, stay prayed up.

  5. “The final terror card in the deck” is what I remember reading once about the elites plans for a possible fake alien invasion. It could alternatively be dressed up as an alien salvation. Anything to frighten or get the population to fall into line and accept more centralisation of power and ultimately a one world government. We’ll need to keep our radars very sharp to filter truth from fiction on this one.

  6. I think Gary Mckinnon’s speil about what he found in Nasa’s databases was fed to him by the CIA. “Tell them you found this and we won’t have you expidited and locked up for hacking our computers” I think he accepted a deal. Look at what happened to Assange, the USA doesn’t let anyone off the hook unless they’ve done a deal.

  7. today such a substitution of concepts in all areas😳looks like they want to completely drive people crazy. fear drives people. governments in all countries want to join the ranks of our defenders🙄🤮 this is another reason to show people that they will save us supposedly🙄 how they save us from fancy flu,for the last 2 years🙄something like that…..could be.

  8. Forget these fake celebs and what they say, the tall whites are actually REAL, not that normies would ever believe it, which is why they’re presented to them through film and stories and news articles, they simply wouldn’t be able to accept it – it is too shocking for normies. The Covid CON is too shocking for them, which is why they must stay fast asleep and never awaken. Check out ‘Unacknowledged: An Expose Of The World’s Greatest Secret’ on Sky History. Listen to the old weather reporter who talks openly about his encounters with the tall whites and short greys when he worked at the Area 51 – 55. Few normies could accept it, that they’re here as part of a technology-exchange programme in return for sanctuary, food and rare earth elements. Look at our technology and ask yourself the Q Are We Really This Intelligent? Answer is NO

  9. Do not forget the other aspect to Project Bluebeam, as described by Serge Monast, was an induced insanity via a worldwide Satanic manifestation using the same technologies.

  10. Have a look at the film or the book ‘Unacknowledged’ by Dr Stephen Greer. He seems to provide evidence that ETs and UFOs do exist and the Deep State has been learning from them for years while denying their existence, ever wonder where the ‘Stealth’ bomber appeared from? Doesn’t look like any other plane before or since. More recently he predicted before the recent change to know acknowledging UFOs. He then provides evidence that there is a plan to have an ‘alien’ invasion which will not involve any ETs but will display how much the DS has learnt to be able to make and fly UFOs while the propaganda will tell you they have no idea how UFOs work, so they must be aliens. Have a look at and make your own mind up as you like. Stephen believes from his own experiences that ETs not only mean mankind no harm but also have no interest in invading or attacking earth. So it suggests that it will be just another step up from viruses, to climate change, to energy and food shortages to an alien invasion to terrify as many sheeple as possible to believe only a one world reset government can save them. May love and kindness allow you to find a way to survive the ride and maybe even have some fun…….

  11. The irony is that many who are interested in this phenomenon, the ET hypothesis is old hat. Things have moved on.

  12. Some UFOs are real. That’s a fact. If you spend some time researching you’ll find credible intelligent people talking about their experiences. They are labelled tin foil hat wearers as is anyone who goes against the jab.

  13. Lies and deception, Satan is a busy demon, he knows his time is short and will deceive BILLIONS! If you’ve got the Truth – JESUS CHRIST – you can see right through this. Its time to get right with our Lord and Saviour folks. Get yourselves a Bible and get with the Word of God

  14. Do you want to see what l know Hugo? it’s something to do behind a bloodline true …ekcidviad knows what l know too

  15. They, the governments and leaders, are definitely up to something. They’ve mocked people for decades who believe in UFO’s and aliens but now they have deemed it a possibility. Why??

    It’s long been touted that they are in relations with certain alien factions, the malevolent type, who probably have a plan to screw us as well. I’m reluctant to believe there is this big disclosure coz the people asked it without there being some kind of agenda the world leaders want to further use against us.

    I have been wondering about the show ‘Ancient Aliens’ also. Is allowing to show that on the Tele for some negative reason?? With what’s happening now, and how we are being lied to, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I don’t trust these b***ards one bit. God these people hate us.

  16. They are real alright….they push everything in your face, so that you get used to these things….

  17. Attention all Globe Earth blind faith belief disciples, defenders & truth-deniers – €10,000 Globe-Earth-Proving Challenge (or any other amount you specify above this minimum amount) which I will personally donate to the charity of your choice – in exchange for the 10 necessarily required globe-earth-proof challenges listed, that all blind faith disciples of the proofless globe-earth blind faith religion will embarrass themselves forever failing to provide the required proofs for

    Simply provide the 10 necessarily required empirical (observable, testable, repeatable, verifiable by anyone for themsleves) globe earth proofs requested, (not excuses for their absence) which should be the easiest proofs in the world to provide, if the Globe Earth is reality, and easily raise much needed funds to support any of the many needy causes worldwide that could do with what should be your so easy to provide donation by providing the empirical proofs requested.

    Anyone who accepts this challenge, when they inevitably fail same as all in history before them, must donate the agreed amount instead to myself (David J Caron), which I may then donate to the charity of my choice, . Who has the courage to attempt to prove the globe to support the charity of their choice?

      • OMG i have exposed you as you can’t even answer the truth, go to your nazi shine in your back room
        It’s proven what you are NEVER comment on any of my posts your probably a foreigner claming our taxes
        Your shite will be ignored LOL

      • I have answered all of your posts, but with you being a self obsessed narcissistic egotist it makes you blind to everything other than your own ignorant uneducated opinions. All you do is whinge and whine like a wimp. Now I am still waiting for you to tell me what you know about the German National Socialists.

        Here’s some more education for you:

        “I am going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.”

        — The Jew, George Soros, in an interview with Germany’s BILD, September 2014

    • Nurse! Nurse! One of our patientest hasn’t taken their medication 😀

  18. I believe that UFOs and aliens are the work of the Nephilim. Whether real or just a deception it is part of the dark side. The late preacher Chuck Missler spoke a not about this.

    • Nothing as exotic as that, just advanced US military space craft developed from the German National Socialists who were working on these craft during WW2. “Operation Paper Clip” look it up.

  19. If aliens… extra-terrestrials were proven to be real that would prove that ALL religions were built upon a lie 😀 Something we already know anyway 😀

  20. If the guvmint was to announce that aliens… scratch that… extra-terrestrials had landed I can only imagine how fast toilet paper would fly off the shelves 😀

  21. In my humble opinion I think it will be likely that The Harpazo or commonly known as the Rapture which is a catching away of believers in Christ will be blamed on Alien abduction. The Bible tells us that in the end times the false prophet and the anti christ (man of perdition ID number of his name 666) will perform many lying wonders to deceive even the elect of God if that were possible.
    Jesus will save all who believe in Him and repent and put their trust in Him. Best do it now and get a reservation for the Rapture flight 777 outta here! I would not want to be here for the time of God’s wrath poured out.

    • There is no pretrib ‘rapture’ , I would love to believe it though and once did. The trib is not God’s wrath but the devil’s wrath.We are not saved from tribulation and never have been.Brethren around the world are now under persecution/ tribulation in Asia,Middle East and Africa.
      After the ‘rapture’ ( which Jesus says is AFTER ” those days” .. Matt 24: 27-33) comes Gods wrath. Very clear
      He only comes back once …to destroy His enemies before the millennium.Every eye will see Him, no ‘secret rapture’.

      • I suggest you watch the video by Tiff Shuttlesworth about The Rapture

      • Have you watched any of Brenda Weltners Video’s on youtube? She goes into great detail about the book of revelation prophecies . to explain how the Bible reveals that there are in fact 3 rapture events in the book of Revelation :- 1 the faithful church and 2nd the 144,000 first fruits and and then 3rd of tribulation saints coming just before the day of the Lord (the wrath of God), then the second coming of Christ to stand on the Earth and to rule and reign 1,000 yrs. Brenda agrees the tribulation period is not all the wrath of God and shows clearly where it is occurs on the timeline. It is very thought provoking and helped me to reconsider a lot of what I had previously been taught. I agree the 7 yr tribulation period is Not all the wrath of God but is made up of the Harlot system NWO (current system), Then the Beast Kingdom (coming after and destroys the Harlot), then Jesus Christs second coming at the battle of Armageddon and for His millennium reign, then comes the final rebellion that Satan leads against The Lord but is conquered and destroyed by Jesus and then this
        Earth is finally destroyed by fire and the new heavens and the new earth are given to the redeemed of God, all who’s name is written in the Lamb’s book of life,
        Brenda has studied the book of Revelation over years and explains in easier to understand terms her findings as they relate to the main events. I don’t necessarily believe she has the full picture and disagree on some points for example who the 24 elders are but we are all still looking through a glass dimly and she offers her own findings and is willing to be challenged.

  22. The religion bit has been in the open for a while , tony Blair’s Chrisalm well documented ( and ridiculed as conspiracy tin foil hat brigade nonsense
    The allien bit could be used to cover the Marburg outbreak that has been documented linked to the ricin attack , might have some merit as the doctor who videoed it was attacked at his home but like the threats to Dr R Malone ? Who knows the only thing we can do is be aware .
    The food/fuel and flu outbreak are the next big ones to cover the growing number of vaxxed that are dying ( PHS even shows it ? )
    Tie that in with the break up of the USA that Biden’s pushing for and the mental state of Australia , Covid passports for a virus that when jabbed seems to be more transmutable and increasing mutation and the end game doesn’t look great !
    On the bright side alcohol is still available 😉

  23. Just so happens I was deeply into looking into The Disclosure Project in the months which led up to the 9/11 false flag. I had got partial access to the internet via cable TV, and was looking into it. So what are my thoughts NOW?? O personally have had a very powerful OBE years ago, before all that, where I felt I was out of the body looking at myself sleeping ont bed, and there were two humanoid looking people on each side of my sleeping body. Cutting story short, later in this VERY real experience I have a dramatic encounter with two people close to me who apparently were wearing human masks and then they took them off looked like mythical Satyrs!!! SO, after an experience like THAT you become a bit more sympathetic to others who relate weird experiences!
    One of the most powerful UFO encounters I have seen happened to a full school of children in South Africa where they say and had telepathic communication with aliens!!
    So I think people really have seen UFOs, and had encounters, BUT which is real aliens and which possible man-made it gets murky. We know this parasitical cabal will appropriate movements to their agenda, and this very could be the UFO phenomena. VERy likely they have advanced technology they keep secret so as to have power over ‘the profane’. There’s good evidence they used it on 9/11. So, after all that has happened, NOTHING would surprise me what these fiends would try on us all!! but people like you and me are free enough to see through their BS and expose it!

    • When i saw the ones i saw they was real 100%…never forget that…
      Major weird experience

    • Have you looked closely of the footage of 9/11 where the plane ‘crashes into the first tower ? When you zoom in on the footage, the ‘plane’ slices into the tower as if its a hot knife going through butter. The wings would break on impact, where did the engines go ? I believe they used Project Blue Beam holograms to make it look as if planes hit the buildings.

      Remember all the dust ? Remember how the buildings went straight down like they were part of a controlled explosion? Take a look at the wreckage at groundlevel after the towers collapsed ? They lobby structure wreckage was still standing, where did the rest go ? Where was the debris from two planes ?

      There was some funky technology used in the 9/11catastrophe. The Pentagon, another hologram and a ballistic missile to create the damage ?
      Who really knows? Why was there so much smoking dust and no flames, wouldn’t the jet fuel explode ? One day it will all be revealed. Governments are NOT to be trusted.
      There are benevolent species of ET beings, many of which are humanoid, not all black eyed ‘Greys’. . When we are ready they will reveal themselves to the public. but we have to mature enough that we don’t try to blow them out of the skies !!

  24. UFO’s are real as i have seen them first hand and more real than this fake “pandemic”….People have taken this piss out of what i saw one night but it was real and they was nothing i ever seen before and no explanation behind them…
    Public would rather be brainwashed by bullshit and virus rubbish but not look into things that are actually more realistic…

      • What i saw was not advanced space craft from here…besides they was static in the sky except one…
        Cant really explain it but they was nothing from the technology on this planet…

      • Yep, I have heard the top echelons of the US Government are now using Windows 12 just as Windows 11 is released to the public 😉 The top brass of the US Government get all the advanced technology 😉 They even have digital watches 😀 Which we all know are alien technology just like Windows 😀

      • @thetruthnotdoctrine i think i have a clue but you always seem to think you are right all time…nobody knows everything….what i saw was real and was not from the U.S etc….
        I probably know more about this subject than you because i researched it for years…Stop being a bloody know it all…

      • If I KNOW, how can I be anything but RIGHT? I also KNOW my enemies and who they are and how they operate, may I suggest that you don’t.
        UFOs, like flat earth, is a psy-op industry designed to make money out of dupes silly enough to believe their crap. For UFOs and flat earth look no further than the CIA = 100% distractions.

      • So lets see if you can answer this one.
        The Nazis who was cowards flew over London dropping doodie bugs on innocent Men, Women and Children and babies killing them.
        Londoners having to go to underground stations to be protected.
        My own Grandfather was a Air Raid Warden and told me what he witnessed by the Nazis.

      • @Darren W Who declared war, and on whom, in 1939 and for what bogus reason? Who deliberately provoked Herr Hitler in August 1940, for the whole month, with the bombing of civilian targets in Berlin?

  25. They are definitely planning something, whether this is being used as a distraction or the build up to something that only time will tell but nothing the mainstream promote is there without the powers that be placing it there to either prime, normalise or distract.

    • Possibly a project blue beam plan?
      They can actually pre plan a event to scare others in advance…
      Rumour has it this “pandemic” is one of them

  26. For anybody to think that the human race as we know it is the only ‘people like’ species in the Universe is, at best arrogance. Of course their are other life forms on other planets, it’s nothing to be scared of either.
    I believe people that think there are no other life forms are frightened that they will be superior to us. I doubt they rape and murder each other like we do. NANU NANU to you earthlings reading this x

    • There are/were life-forms on Mars 😀 There are life-forms present in the oceans of Europa, one of the Moons of Jupiter. Interestingly, it was Europa from where the alien intelligence was emanating from in A Space Odyssey 😀

  27. Government already has alien technology found in our oceans, scientists have said World War 3 will be a ufo war, it wouldn’t surprise me if government started one, people will blame the “Aliens” who haven’t bothered us for thousands of years, if vaccine doesn’t kill the masses the drone war will, Biden said ww3 will be a drone war.

  28. I think it’s a pure distraction so people feel uneasy even more. This is what they want!
    But look the mainstream is consuming this content and the opposition inadvertently consumes it too.
    Crowley was an occultist but following Miles Mathis all the occultists were and are spies basically.

    Most likely the faithless majority of people will see them as aliens and faithful people will identify them as daemons.
    It could be that these nightmares will come true but who knows.
    The Abu Dhabi idea will not work because it’s like trying to mix fire with water.
    United Nations is a mess so I imagine United Religions becoming a disaster.

    The elites are waging a psychological warfare on the population since the beginning.
    I think we are just entering another dimension of psychological warfare where they want to mix the realty with virtual, cloud and “smart”.

  29. Put Demi in a rocket and fire her into space ,ffs what a total dickhead 🙄

  30. The “bad guys” might attempt to unite all the people of the Earth against the invasion of evil aliens (“Independence Day” movie), or unite the people in worshiping the “wise and benevolent” ETs that came to solve all our problems (“V” TV mini series).

  31. Yes Hugo I had similar thoughts about Crowley’s demon Lam. Are they about to introduce the demons to us as aliens from afar? How is the grey alien model is the only likeness featured for decades. No one has any other vision on how an alien may look like? The Earth is seemingly being prepared for another species with the climate bs. Blocking the sun. No meat consumption. Fake GM foods. So many changes coming our way & is it all for control of humanity? Fascinating!

  32. They certainly are leading up to something, the Rapture of the church, when millions of people vanish very very soon they will blame it on alien abduction, aliens are fallen angels, they can present themselves in any image they want. Don’t believe the lies you’ll be told. Read the bible: thessalonians and Matthew 24 tells u a lot about the ‘catching away’ the rapture of the church before the 7 year tribulation, we are coming right up to the trib now: 1 world order, 1 world religion , 1 world currency, its all in revelations! Check out youtube generation2434 or watchmanonthewall88

    • I was thinking the same thing Amanda. The NWO would need a convincing cover story to maintain their deception if the harapazo does indeed manifest in the physical disappearance of believers

  33. So calling an ET an alien is the same as calling a black person the N word?

  34. It started over a year ago. The number of tv shows and news reports has been escalating for years.

  35. Maybe the puppet masters of the peeka boo club finally want to reveal themselves when the new world order is complete.

  36. Chrislam Tony Blair and the Vatican are behind it one world relgion google it its all out there.

  37. I believe this is part of the Blue beam project which is part of the great reset you should research project Blue beam as I understand it they have holographic technology that they will use to project video and images into the sky that we will all see and this will be used to cause panic in the population and for everyone to then turn to the governments and say help save us this will then allow the powers to bring in emergency measures to lock us all down and for a one world government to step in and for us to accept it now I am not saying aliens and UFOs are not real in general at all but right now they are using this to again frighten everybody and of course the holographic technology they have and are going to use is real but what we will actually see and be looking at will be CGI computer generated it will all work in conjunction with 5G technology and people who have had the covid jab that have graphine oxide in it amongst other things they are manipulating us .

    • The advanced holographic technology that was to be used by Project Blue Beam still exists, but the ‘plan’ to scare the bejayus out of everyone by giant demons striding along the motorways or fleets of alien spacecraft in our skies has been ‘retired’, it won’t happen. There are teams of , .lets call them Good guys’ working to ensure that future Off world ‘disclosures’ will not cause panic.

      How can we be so arrogant to believe that Humans are the most advanced species in multiple Universes ? We just need to keep an open mind and a sense of child like curiosity. As for Demi Lovato’s sill comment about what we call the ET’s I’m sure they have a good laugh at how ridiculous humans can be.

  38. All Hollywood and area 51. There are no Aliens, just another Brainwashing to frighten you
    Take no notice and do not comply

    • The only aliens are the global elites,who have no human empathy.

    • Will respectfully disagree with you there Robert. Maybe you should reframe from commenting on subjects you know jack shit about. Do you really believe if they were real this agenda machine we are in would allow that story to surface? Just because you don’t see flying saucers around or green aliens walking there dogs doesn’t mean there isn’t a different specie out there. Maybe you should take some time out an find out for yourself instead of assuming what you’ve been told to believe. That could be the problem in this world for everything.

      • The universe teams with life, but it’s all far too far away for them ever to get here or we there.

      • The only other ‘life form’ out there is the Spiritual heavenly realm of The Godhead and the angels. WE are made in God’s image and WE are the pinnacle of His creation. Therefore there are no other life forms out there in the aether – He would have no need to create them.

      • You’re not actually respectful in any way, shape or form. Anyway, why should anyone believe you?!

    • How do you explain the ones that was found at roswell…
      They was proven to be genuine..
      Besides a race from another system would not want to integrate with this rubbish species on this planet…
      They just use the humans as lab rats anyway…

      • US advanced space craft developed from the craft that the German National Socialists were working on during WW2. The fake Apollo missions were just a BS distraction.

      • What you saying? That we never landed on the Moon? The Neil Armstrong Misson was a bit suspect but what about all those follow missions, including the ill-fated Apollo 13 where Tom Hanks had to ‘sling-shot’ around the Moon to get back to Earth, were they the real deal? And if no, what was the point?

      • CIA/FBI fairytales. That’s all the alien/ufo narrative has been.


      • Ahhh yes, it’ll be there coming, we have until 2030 to unite and beat them.

        Makes as much sense as anything else these days lol

      • When you hear them talking about 1 world gov. you can be sure its head, the Antichrist, is about to take over.

    • Perhaps globalists planning an EMP attack which can then be blamed on extra terrestrials as they are now in our conscious minds from all the media attention.

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