Creepy Woke Witch Twix Advert #SignOfTheTimes / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They’re sickos!so weird! as you say Hugo ! anything to push they’re agenda!

    • Hugo, you are not reading into it too much, you are absolutely right to point out to their satanic agenda. Disgusting!!!

    • I must admit I do like the odd Twix but it will not pass my lips ever again after this BS!

  2. Exactly what they are doing. Stirring and trouble. Its that time of the year & we need to ramp up the prayers. Its getting weirder and weirder.
    Hold on to the Almighty.
    If you don’t know Him, get to know Him quickly. He is coming very very soon🙏🏼🕊

  3. You are bang on the money Hugo .. I’m sick of this BS . The John Lewis advert was hideous . Horrible little git whatever he was dressed as. And this latest one ugh !! Please save us from snowflakes and the woke agenda 🙄

  4. Certainly goes against all Marketing Techniques I have ever been trained in. Really sinister and following a sinister narrative.
    Not a mention of Twix until the end ??😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I’m a gay woman but find this as outrageous and wrong as you do!

    • Likewise- a professional, law abiding, peace loving woman in a CP- who sees thru all of this division- stoking. It’s a distraction from the imminent global economic collapse. Shame, I used to like Twix.

  6. Be encouraged, for all this garbage is just a representation of Satan’s last days – his final fling, before his assured imprisonment for 1,000 years.

    • What he is only going to be imprisoned for a 1000 year’s I thought he would be gone not to be any more dead what happens when the 1000 year’s are up wtf

      • Revelation 20:7-10 (MCV) And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8 And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog, and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 9 And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. 10 And The Devil that deceived them was cast into The Lake of Fire and brimstone, where The Beast (Rothschilds and their Money Empire System) and The False Prophet (The Popes and all Religion) are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

        The New Earth and The New Heaven (Atmosphere) with the New Jerusalem will follow the end of The Millennium and The Father will come down out of Heaven to join Yashua Messiah and make His home with men. Then will follow The Second Resurrection and The Great White Throne Tribunal.

        Obviously with the arrival of Yashua Messiah (Jesus Christ) in the not too distant future the job will not be complete until the end of The Millennium, which will be 7,000 years on from Adam and Eve. Seven is God’s number for completion.

  7. I think this is all done to humiliate Christianity to go against the church.

    • I’ve said from day one of this covid hoax, what the real agenda is.
      It’s satanic about control of you and your thoughts.
      All media are puppets of the satanic jew world order! Rocker fellers, rothschilds banking monopoly of the world. We are slaves to” usury” credit.
      All media entertainment, movies, music are controlled by them.

      To induct and pervert your thinking. Everything that is good and moral. They despise God’s moral order. And replace it with the opposite as normal..
      For the baraindead who are still asleep at the wheel.
      If you haven’t found Jesus, yet!
      Or understand this is a spiritual war. Halloween is demonic!!
      Heaven and hell, Angels and demons are as real as you and I..

      We all have a divine equal soul!.
      Time to get straight with” Jesus ”
      Eternity is forever! Take heed or not? It’s your soul on the line.

      Put your house in order, the bible is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge.
      God bless! Christ is lord!!

  8. Hugo I agree with most of what you say and love your videos and rational in this increasingly nutty world. But in this video, I really do think they are just trying to discourage bullying/exclusion. It does appear a bit sinister but the witch is obviously there because of Halloween and witches aren’t real (just people who believe they are which isn’t the same thing.) So on that note, I don’t think they really mean harm to the child who is doing the bullying or to others who do the same. I do agree they could have just let an apology happen and then understanding perhaps to follow that. I do think here though, that they were just using creative influence to try and spread a little bit of acceptance for people who are different. I could be wrong but I don’t sense bad intent from this. Although I agree that you don’t see much about Twix at all and instead you are getting their beliefs and values. That doesn’t really allow for the diversity in views but bullying which the child is doing isn’t a view.

  9. blimmy!!

    … that was more like a Creepy strange film – not a ad

    O my my wtf!
    that was just for a biscuit with some toffee & bit chocolate
    on it !?!

    c r a z y

    cheers hugo

    • Go and buy the Lidl or Aldi equivalent!!! 👍🏿😉👍🏿😉👍🏿

      • Yeah, but it is probably made by the same company who make Twix © ™ ® 😀

  10. Everything around children is being politicised for social engineering. That is what is wrong. Children should be left to be children and being slammed with adult themes.


    These kinds of commercials pass by on the Dutch public broadcaster. The voice shouts who has been vaccinated and is gunshots.
    It is unfortunately in Dutch, but hope you see the meaning.

    • Thats Squid games, there playing keep still kr get shot, someones changed the subtitles which is easy just a text file.

  12. How come the comments are turned off on this video on your YouTube channel?
    Doesn’t YouTube censoring allow us to air our opinions on this issue?

  13. There was no social engineering. You read far too much into it. It’s a North America short film sponsored by Twix and not a particularly good one at that. Nothing is politicised. There is no LGBT agenda. Kids often dress up in the opposite sexes clothes. Are you so short of something meaningful to broadcast that you have to trawl through advertising material to make a comment? You talk about agendas; what exactly is your agenda?
    I thought it was to expose shortcomings, lies and deceit by those in government. Yet I see frequent references to the egotistical Dr Schraub (spelling?) and his ‘World Economic Forum’ think tank as if he actually controls anything – which he doesn’t – it’s a talking shop where self important people get together under the illusion that they influence governments’ policies. I am no supporter of PM Johnson, but he displayed unusually – dare I say uncharacteristic – good sense in forbidding any of his ministers from attending the last WEF meeting. Prince Charles is hardly the sharpest knife in the block and his comments and opinions are politely listened to because of his position, but not acted on. They’re largely ignored. This is perhaps where you veer off track and attempt to connect random incidents to an ‘agenda’ leading to a dystopian future of depopulation and control by the likes of Bill Gates and George Soros. I believe this to be far from the case.

  14. Reminds me of David Walliams book/tv showing on CBBC of “The Boy in the Dress”

  15. I have worked out the real purpose of the ad. It is actually a devious way to promote Twitter.

    Knock Knock
    Opens door
    Twix or tweeeeet !

  16. Never seen the John Lewis ad and certainly don’t want to see the twix one. Sick!
    Iike you say they could have had a much nicer ending instead of this creepy evil witch blowing the boy away. This has nothing to do with a chocolate bar just pushing an agenda. Don’t watch much tv anyway and any adverts we don’t’t like we switch off until adverts are over.
    If John Lewis took their advert off because of complaints maybe we should all write to the makers of twix and complain and hope they take this one off. They probably wouldn’t like too many complaints about it. Must look in the shops to see who makes twix so I can complain. Thanks for showing this Hugo.

  17. The so called tranny agenda seems twixsated on children more and more.

    • @Jerry “Give me a child till he’s 7, and I will show you the man.” — Aristotle and much later echoed by the Jewish founder of The Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola.

  18. It wouldn’t bother me, I mean, kids are kids, I really don’t care if they cross dress at seven years old, who gives a shit? I was a ninja turtle when I was a kid, I’m a perfectly heterosexual, but they are crossing the line by constantly pushing it all the sodding time, I mean, it feels as if they are purposely trying to sexually confuse children.

  19. Hey Hugo,
    In your piece you said, The Bully in the park said nasty things.

    I completely disagree with you there.
    Because you are suggesting that speaking Your mind and voicing Your opinion in now Bullying.

    Is that not what you are always saying,
    DON’T let them control your mind ?

  20. I wonder if the LGBT agenda is funded by the elite to normalise diverse sexual behaviour with the objective of introducing paedophilia at some point as just another option to be accepted by society?

  21. ive been dressing as a gir/woman for 55 years pissed of that now theyre all doing it ..i used to like being different ..mind you most of these youngsters have terrible taste ..especially that kid in the ad … anyway …Halloween…
    spare a thought for all the missing kids that’ll be undergoing satanic sexual abuse and then will be murdered by the elite..the rich powerful and famous
    .tho i dont think the queen will make it this year as she a bit poorly …tho nothing a bit of Adrenochrome charged blood drinking could cure ..want to know more..…theres 2 videos take your pick wont ever forget what these woman are saying ..its one the most sickening things ive heard ..please watch

  22. i heard 666 twice on the radio today …u could win £ 6 666..then a news story about someone that murderd some girl sin a park….they do like that number

  23. Are people aware what they’re consuming. Nestle, Cadbury, kraft, Campbell, coke, Pepsi, sprite, skimmed milk to name a few. They contain aborted kidney cells. It’s a natural sweetener. HEK = human embryonic kidney cells. Natural sweetener apparently. Ditch processed crap.

    • This is nonsense! And it is an old story 😀 ‘A biotech company ‘Senomyx has been accused of using fetal cells from aborted babies to test food additives.’ TESTing not AS a food additive. There are NO human embryonic kidney cells in chocolate bars 😀 Don’t be so stupid! Why do some people persist in posting utter nonsense? 😀

    • And another thing HEK 293 a cell culture line supposedly taken from an aborted fetus dating back to the 1970s 😀 It is like taking cuttings of off a plant to grow another one 😀 This is as stupid as the ‘foetal matter’ in ‘vax-ceens’ nonsense 😀 Just more disinformation to go with the rest of the crap put out there to make those of us who want no truck with these convid ‘vax-ceens’ look nuts 😀

  24. Not just the ads. Eastenders tonight = Stacey has married a woman! Yeah, like that scriptwriter really got to know the character before wading in (not). And there is a disproportionate ratio of gays to straights in the characters too, Mind manipulation unless one can see through it..

    • Is there not some token weirdo, oddball, perverted heterosexual couple in Eastenders? A biological man and a biological woman who go around Walford calling themselves husband and wife 😀

  25. Is their aim to make us sexless? Robots and AI are sexless, they need us to accept the sexless robots, so they criminalise those who would believe they are the sex they were born as. Once you have accepted transgender you will more easily accept AI robots among you.

  26. If he’s so trans, why is playing football? Shouldn’t he be doing girly stuff?

  27. I don’t think Hugo is looking into this to deeply. As he says it is “subtle” etc. The LGBT / Pedo movement seemed to have infiltrated everywhere now, which should be a concern to every right minded person.
    As for twix, no more for me, another one on the boycott list.

  28. Subtle LGB etc rainbow of sunlight glinting through the trees. LGB = Lets go Brandon, so the rainbow means that to me now.

  29. The further people have moved from God the more they have been willing to accept perversion.
    That’s where we are at now.
    Darkness and evail pervades.

  30. Halloween is the new Christmas. The obsession with it has never been more pronounced than this year. They are even making a whole weekend of it. It’s very disturbing.

    • This is Satan’s time so you must expect all this shit, just be thankful that his time is nearly up. Just keep The Faith and carry on witnessing.

  31. Subtle which this ad is not, is very effective so not a waste of time questioning it Hugo!

    Look at the jaw on the so called witch its a man – they are already all transgendered. Billy piper, Helena Bonham-cater are both easy to see transgender males.

    Royals, political leaders, tv presenters, singers, bands, actors, all of them are already trans. Look into it anatomy cannot be covered up no matter how many operations they have, voice coaching, taught how to walk and talk, move and stand as the opposite gender. Hormones, makeup, clothes and lighting all given a hard to see illusion.
    They are all liars.

  32. I think the transgender issue is to push non-sex. Non-gender. As in Ai. They wanna get that ball rolling. What’s in the shot? Sterilization. Transhuman chips. It has been noticed that jabbed up people aren’t quite right in their thinking and actions anymore. Notice that?

  33. hey Barb,love him or hate him,David Icke the ‘crazy one’ has been uncovering the transhumanist agenda for years and years now,just open one of his books and it is all too see;and for further reading check out bio digital convergence on Canadian policy horizons website……or maybe it’s all conspiracy theories🤥

  34. What’s more worrying is that they are using children to promote these perversions. Think back to what REALLY happened to Heather O’Rourke back in the 80’s.. Macaulay Culkin has some insight into that…

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