The UFO Agenda / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. They will push the Alien invasion deception to create there false God..just as you mention in this video.the captured German rocket scientist that then worked for NASA warned us of this.

  2. Well that got make some kind tv ! It’s all bollocks so why not make a bit more! Lol ..they love Wasting cash!!!

    as no fecker sane would be watching this Crap!

    Cheers Hugo

  3. Yes I used to follow Steven Greer a Jewish trauma surgeon. He quit his job to do ET full time. The penny dropped he was reporting to the Rothschild’s.
    The Zionist’s want a one world government run by them and using the alien threat to fool us into uniting under them with this fake threat

  4. Hugo that an excuse to justify a world government that can save the earth from aliens and all the world’s military will all combined into one that’s gonna use it for use it in an excuse to confined it into one global economy under one world government system with a one world army and police force

  5. Worrying if they use new technology and weapons to attack civilians though and pass it off as an alien invasion. Imagine massive advanced predator drones flying through the sky and using directed energy weapons on the people……most would believe it was an alien invasion easily.

    • Hi
      Yes exactly

      Cause anyone with a brain cell
      Knows this is…Brainwashing to the max.

      Love a Diversion don’t they! lol..

      Have great day

    • At least we won’t be terrified and know it’s just their agenda !

  6. We all should take it serious. When they push things, its because something is about to happen. “FALLEN ANGELS”
    This is along with the “antichrist” and the “beast system.”
    All this is very very serious. That’s why ALL should call on the Almighty, believe in Him & be saved before its too late. God is giving us all extended time to repent.
    Please take heed & REPENT. God bless you all🙏🏼🕊

  7. Let’s not forget the whole mambo jambo revolves around the event of the Jews receiving their ” messiah” – the Antichrist. The church fathers identify aliens and UFO s as demons. Check Fr. Seraphim Rose’s “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future” and this very interesting video from Fr. Spyridon Bailey about the religion of the Antichrist.

  8. I have always said that I could believe in ‘aliens’ if the depictions of them gave any indication they had the strength to even pick up a screwdriver let alone use one to construct the huge spacecraft they are supposed to fly around in. That said, ‘aliens’ or similar are recorded in myth, legend and rock art from thousands of years ago. I have witnessed a strange ball of light in the sky that had no obvious explanation and whether you or I want to believe in travellers from other galaxies or not, there are amongst the weird accounts credible sightings by reputable observers. So I will remain sitting on the fence.

  9. Crowley was a drug-addled degenerate messing around with forces that he only half understood, but he was unquestionably successful in his aim to breach the veil between worlds.

  10. I think its definitely building up…..and one very possible scenario these lunatics to use it for is…..will say we are attacked by them,so we need total lockdown and military on streets 24/7…..till they do no good somewhere

  11. This excellent booklet thoroughly debunks the UFO hoax.

    It’s called “UFOs: Demonic Activity and Elaborate Hoaxes Meant to Deceive Mankind” by Bro. Michel Dimond OSB.

    The booklet can be purchased for $5 as a hardcopy or it can be read free of charge online:

    Probably the very best book to get the full story and to learn what it’s all about.

  12. One world religion! It’s coming just as prophesied in the bible. There’s no stopping this.
    Aliens more likely to be demonic. Or are they just going to send some of those holograms to frighten the life out of folk!!! Nothing surprises me anymore. Never thought we’d be living in times like these. I just want to go back to 2019 😞 wish I hadn’t taken things for granted.

  13. Crowley worked for the Intelligence Services, all his occult bs was fake.

    • Not so, Satanism is rife within Rothschild circles, and that includes MI5/MI6, and the BBC, which are run by The Rothschilds – hence all the paedophilia and most likely child sacrificing and blood drinking – a very Jewish thing – research it.

  14. Watch amazing discoveries absolute onslaught by Prof. Walter Veith…his series discusses everything that is going on today, but published back in 2004…

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