Alter Ego / THEY Want To Take YOU Away From YOURSELF / Hugo Talks #lockdown

48 Comments on “Alter Ego / THEY Want To Take YOU Away From YOURSELF / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Very sick generation if they believe in this s*** I’m glad I’m old

  2. When you thought the shit pile couldn’t get any higher…..

  3. Thanks Hugo I would rather look how I do with no voice box than hid behind 1 of them things

  4. The sad part is,most of the youger Generation will like this shite? and I know some ( or did ) 🙂

  5. Once people accept the implants that link them to AI and the internet of things , they will no longer be fully human, no longer made in the likeness of God but corrupted….Human+AI……transhumans….. Dammed!

    • Check out the latest movie Amazon has to offer called ‘Singularity’ A total dystopian A.I. nightmare world

    • Satan is working hard at mocking people – God’s creation and made in God’s image- everey day in every way. This kind of show only more technologically advanced will be put out by the Anti Christ and taken for ” miracles”….

    • What a bag of shite that is.
      I’d sooner count grains of sand on a beach on a cold wet day in just a pair of y-fronts for an hour than endure that!
      Seriously though, anybody who finds that ‘show’ entertaining must have a few screws loose.

  6. It’s like on the last stroke of midnight New Years Eve 2019 the earth and it’s inhabitants were split from reality and spun off into an alternative universe of madness and insanity and the spiralling descent into Hell is accelerating.

    • There have been certain signs in 2019 as well…We can remember the image of Notre Dame spire collapsing in flames…Last year the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople was turned in a mosque again…

  7. Last two comments. Fantastic. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Transhuman = nonhuman no longer recognised by God.

  8. Transhumanism this is what its about altering the code of God. Nothing left to say except the end is near.

  9. Ha! Ha! Darwinism is satanism, utter garbage to trick the masses away from God. We are in a spiritual war, it’s all about tricking your soul.
    We are from the seed of Adam and eve, everything else is a lie.
    We are ruled by the satanic globalist Jews. They own all communications to keep the sheep trapped in a false reality(matrix)
    Pretending to be oh so progressive (regressive).
    “Jesus is lord” sooner or later every eternal soul will know it,
    God bless! Viva christo rey!!

    • Praise God that one day soon all Israel shall be saved (Romans 11:26), redeemed from their present unbelief and be restored to the favour of God as they look on Jesus, their Messiah. Maranatha!

  10. Trashhumanism more like. I can understand the evolutionary progress, Inventing new, building new, It’s the way society has always worked.

    But this Gen Xer would gladly go back to the pre internet, mobile phone days, he says while watching Hugo on a desktop.

  11. When i was a kid and a teenager and even later i didnt own a social media thing with a phone added to it and i used to just meet up with people based on trust and a landline call…
    Nowadays people are just digitally enhanced brain wise…
    Its not a way forward by any means….
    I hope a huge solar flare comes by and wipes all the satellites out and power grids…
    That is actually something that could happen anytime…
    Then the planet would have no communication or anything at all internet wise etc

  12. Yes living via a surrogate or avatar. I remember in the film Surrogates iirc, it cut to that fat unhealthy pleb sitting in a shit hole room controlling his beautiful surrogate, urrggh! I’m a xennial, so not exactly “old” but I think it’s sad when people are at a concert or witnessing some amazing scene right in front of them but they film it on their phone and view it through the screen as it happens!!! Just enjoy the moment and put the phone away!!! Back in the day we used to talk to each other in person and describe experiences we’d had to each other without video evidence, imagine that! Or a couple sitting at a cafe table both engrossed in their phones instead of talking to eachother. Sad! We are doomed! I’d happily go back to having less tech, we survived ok! People don’t realise it is insidious…

  13. What the f@#k! That is sickening, I am so glad I have been able to know a real life, pre technology oh how I miss the good old days.

  14. Just like ‘Ready Player One’. Exactly how they want us to live…

  15. Dire is putting it mildly. If that’s the future, beam me up now Scotty!! LOL

  16. Check out the latest movie from Amazon, ‘Singularity’ about life after a dystopian A.I. take over war. It just keeps on get pushed and push this agenda

  17. I don´t think this will work for the majority. I think during all these lockdowns people have realized that the virtual world is no replacement for real contacts to actual human beings.

    • Let’s hope that’s a mistake the perpetrators made in their plans. There are so many pretentious and “fake” people, I’m fear this entirely plausible, I know one person in her 40’s that cannot deal with meeting people in person, seems content to live a virtual life through social media due to what I have determined is severe lack of self esteem. I think we’re about to break into two distinct ways of living. Technology can be great but if I have to chose, I’d gladly leave it behind.

  18. Roll up, Roll up! Who wants to Alter their Ego on the Ego Altar ?

  19. Hugo mate you need to chill out,there is no need for 4/5 videos per day just relax mate ,I love your work I really fo,you are an insperation and a free spirit like myself but I feel you letting the media take control of you mate , just chill try and relax and do less videos ,sometimes if you try to hard the quality is less 👊🏻

  20. The programme has an escapist entertainment value for some. It is of zero interest to me and I fail to see any relevance it might have to influence to the direction that serious minded people are heading.
    Am I missing something? A subliminal message?

  21. I don’t understand how the the digital App can accommodate 7,5 billion people on it without crushing

  22. Hugo the new music is rubbish and stinks of nut case conspiracy theorist, If its not broken don’t fix it ,please give us the old music back .

    • “‘Conspiracy Theorist’ – a derogatory put-down term dreamt up by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the official narrative of the JFK assassination.”

      — Kevin S. Shipp – former CIA agent.

      “‘Conspiracy Theory’ – a ruling class pejorative term for class consciousness. Anyone and everyone who deploys the conspiracy theory slur is a reactionary enemy of revolutionary science and Truth and/or a juvenile screen damaged imbecile – with absolutely no exceptions.”

      — Phil Greaves

  23. In the year 5555
    Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
    Your legs got nothin’ to do
    Some machine’s doin’ that for you

    • The Film: Metropolis.1927……. Should be 2022 & that machine…….

  24. This reminds me of Black Mirror. This is madness

  25. Hi Hugo yes this is crazy and the idolirty of a hologram could hereald the gullable to worshiping the beast.

    However saw this today and many young europeans are using stage makeip to disgusie their faces from facial recognition.

    In Europe, young people have been experimenting with stage makeup and found designs that baffle face recognition software that cost billions to develop. Police are upset since when apprehended, they simply say that this is the way they like to express themselves. Women can wear customised false beards and mustaches that also help though strands of hair/hair extensions worn across the face work best to confuse the A.I.

  26. What a pile of steaming dogshit. I watched it & got as far as the 3rd contestant ??? & as i said at start here….
    It looks to me as they are playing with & useing peoples mental illnesses, insecurity ect,, & the way they knock a contestant off a sort of diamond pedastil thingy making the last contestant feel,Humiliation methinks IT LOOKS 1 BIG SET UP
    & as plastic as the presenters so called judges that dickhead outa the bbc’s voice total Fart as well
    You Will See This Shit Come Over Here,, & will prob be on the – BOLSHEVIK BULLSHITTING COMMISSION – On a saturday replacing the voce
    Wait for it, A.I. Farthuman alter egotistic steaming dogshit

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