White Stag OMEN? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. There are members of the police force that would have been falling over each other to get the shot to fulfil the ambition to demonstrate their prowess – I bet the head was cut off and now hangs over the fire place of some itchy fingered jack booted thug.

  2. Reminds me of “I am Legend” with deer and even lions roaming free in the city.

  3. tHEY ARE DEFINitely indicating something with stags in general , check out Utopia, Dennis kelly series which predicts all this shit and the vaccine armageddon. The character Wilson Wilson has a stag on his T shirt, same series seems to warn us of that vile smiley face that is on the logo ( not the emoji) but the specific logo on the stand in pk telegram group, perhaps because it is a psyop

  4. Impossible it happened by accident. So either it’s more made up media nonsense and we’re surrounded by killer clowns who will lose because they’re clown. Or we have access to spiritual assistance and the evil killers clowns will lose because they’re evil.
    All in all good news, apart from for the stag if it was real.

  5. White Stag. What were the odds there were 3 sightings and 2 slayings weeks and counties apart?



    Hang on a minute:



    WTF they’re everywhere!

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