DO AS YOUR TOLD OR ELSE! #Squid #Game / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Personally I loved the show and there is a lot that’s good that comes from it. The main character does fight the system.

    • Really so everything what Hugo is telling you is worthless and that’s how you see society in the future

      • It was a story of how shallow and horrible humans can be but there love and hope and doing the right thing. It was a lesson NOT to be those things, not glorifying them

    • This is an email I’m sending out to all on my contacts list.
      Feel free to copy and share!

      Dear friends,

      I trust you are all keeping well.

      Government led Covid Passport Consultation

      You may or may not have seen the Government has ‘quietly’ opened a 3rd ‘consultation’ about Vaccine Passports in England, although they claim that they are not going to impose Covid IDs and they are merely a ‘Plan B’ reserve policy.

      The consultation does not appear to be designed to genuinely seek views on whether Covid passports should be imposed or not, but to garner statistical support for the Government’s pre-existing plans for a mandatory scheme. It is very one sided and heavily loaded with biased questions presuming agreement with certification.

      All responses are due by 11 October ’21 so there isn’t a great deal of time to reply.

      You know that “Plan B” can quite easily become “Plan A” as we currently see in Scotland. If we do not voice opposition and stop them they would change our way of life forever. Already care workers in the UK are being coerced into having the jab or lose their job, despite medical coercion being in contravention of the Nuremberg code.

      Whether you are jabbed or not, or happy with Covid passports or not …the UK Government looks to be forging ahead with measures that will ultimately lead us all into a dystopian existence where there are controls on the freedoms that we currently take for granted.

      Let’s be clear I would rather be spending my time in any other way than writing this letter, but disturbing events over the last 18 months have compelled me to do so as an act of conscience. The ‘people’ need to wake up before it is too late and there is no way back.

      All the covid jabs are experimental. They are modified gene therapy not a conventional ‘vaccine’. One sacrosanct rule is that pregnant women should not be given untested medicine, yet the Government are actively encouraging just that and now coming after children. The Government are actively suppressing all reports of adverse reaction too. Any report that does mention adverse events is tagged with the word ‘rare’ whereas nothing could be further from the truth. There are 1000s of adverse reactions including deaths, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, paralysis, bell’s palsy, the list goes on and all buried on the NHS yellow card reporting system.

      Don’t you find it strange that there is absolutely no negative media coverage? …The Government label any adverse comments as mis-information, whereas it is the Government which is guilty of exactly just that.

      There is an act of desperation about these events that should, in all honesty, lead people to wonder what is going on? Never before have people been encouraged to have a medical procedure with the promise of free beef burgers, lottery tickets, prison sentences cut etc., However, when you appreciate that there is no objective impartial scientific advice as all the Government advisory panels are staffed by people with links the the large corporate pharmaceutical companies that produce the jabs, it becomes obvious, particularly as all liabilities are suspended and everyone is indemnified.

      Anyway if you’ve bothered to read this far, you’re probably thinking this is a conspiracy theory or the meanderings of a deluded mind. But for those of you who want their freedoms to continue in a way that we would wish, I have posted this link which will help you to respond to the Government’s consultation and should only take a few minutes to complete!

      Thanks and regards


      • If someone reads to “Anyway if you’ve bothered to read this far, you’re probably thinking this is a conspiracy theory or the meanderings of a deluded mind”
        they agree with every word you have said.
        Hold the line Marty.

      • Nice One Marty it’s brilliant

        thank you very much

      • This is brilliant ! I hope your contacts fill in the form! I filled it in a while ago

      • In your answers do not respond with “I don’t know”, select another answer or don’t answer at all. There are comment sections to put your say as to why you don’t agree with this for any reason. If you want a copy, print it out before submitting, as with all Govt websites, it doesn’t work as it should.

      • Thanks Mark I filled the form out and passed the link on to my contacts The government still trying to sneak policies through. Shame on them.

  2. I watch Netflix but I only watch the old old films nothing new they are producing nowadays this is sick in my grandson wants to watch it it but we are refusing for him to use the TV to watch this bulshit

  3. No I haven’t seen the show as I don’t have Netflix. And it looks like I’m not missing anything , other than paying to have my kids programmed and brainwashed by this garbage.

  4. You are not crazy & correct in the evaluation once again. Your audience are awake & the minority. The masses are being played easily & nothing can awaken them. Their hostility is to the truth messenger via programmed thoughts & given phrases. Keep going! Hold the line!

  5. Your reading way to far into it lol, its just a tv program lol,and netflix is awsome ,by you making this video they must be winning then as it has obviously effected you , you should just watch netflix and enjoy the films and calm yourself Hugo lol!!!!

    • Jay you are quite wrong, it is not just a program. It seems obvious that your just so far gone you are no longer able to think critically about what is on the box, a hypnotic state is reached, and the more TV you watch the more you accept without question, it’s a phenomenon well known about.
      Read the book: The Glass Teat by Harlan Ellison, it’s eye opening.

  6. Hugo you saw it just as I saw it . A sick program to feed to the people. Point blank shootings of hundreds men and woman in first episode , gas chamber burnings of bodies. Organs harvested as you said. Best bit , I think it’s a 15 not even an 18 so teenagers can watch this shit. Time to cancel Netflix sub. Screw em.

  7. Hugo, I haven’t watched the show and won’t just as I don’t watch Netflixs anymore.

    I love your videos thank you.

    I was feeling angry at the topics on Netflixs this past two years and even Crave

  8. This reminds me of the original version of the film The Running Man with Arnie.

    In the future it is the nation`s biggest and only game show. Prizes are even given out by a pompous game show host and the public can vote on which criminals will survive all the ultra gory death / combat zones. He even starts each show with the line “Who do you love , and who loves you ?”. Then we have the giant tv screens outside broadcasting it with ads such as “Remember kids , November is bonus month. Earn double points by reporting a family member”. It is a great film , but thinking about it it`s actually pretty twisted.

  9. I watched this yesterday, with my mother who is 64… she said exactly the same thing you just said Hugo..

    I was very proud to call her my mum, as she won’t normally go along with anything that isn’t in the MSM.

  10. Netflix is a total propaganda thought and behaviour control and modification machine.
    It almost dose not matter the program it is all about control of the mind.

      • Without good grammar there can be no detail, and without attention to detail, BIG mistakes are made, which you are the living proof of.

  11. I have said from day one we are ruled by (synogogue of Satan)

    The covid hoax & Agenda 2030
    Are the culmination of a long term communist plot.
    Run by organized jewry and freemasonry, and funded by the rothschilds banking cartel situated in the (city of London)
    They have bought everyone in high office and everything their ultimate goal is to expand their control over our credit to a monopoly over literally everything,
    Including thought and movement.

    This communist brainwashing manual has proven very effective over the sheep.
    This cabal is behind communism, zionism, Liberalism, socialism, freemasonry and feminism.

    These isms play a part in undermining the four pillars of human identity and solidarity

    Nation, race, religion and family.
    Ite all outlined in the
    “Protocols of the elders of zion”
    The new world order dictatorship
    Depends on our obedience, convincing us that truth is whatever they say it is.

    We have lost sight of” God ”
    And the natural moral order.
    Communists are satanists their goal is the destruction of Christian civilization and our total dispossession by turning reality on its head.(immigration) to overrun us
    In short stupid is smart, evil is good, unnatural is natural, and falsehood is truth.
    They are re engineering humanity as their slaves(cattle)
    By first destroying the four legs of human identity
    Race, religion (God) nation(patriotism) and family(gender confusion).

    All these things have been achieved over a long period of time. Slowly, slowly boil the frog.
    Before people wake up.

    God bless! Christ is lord!

  12. Only Hellflix would produce such a show. Someone should do some research and find out about the background of the people in charge of Netflix. Who their ‘God’ actually is. Covert Satanists?

  13. Being wealthy is like being a drug addict, always chasing the the original high. Sooner or later money has no meaning, power has become boring, so it’s logical to move on to wanting to control other people’s lives, until the ultimate of deciding who lives or dies.

  14. Have a jab in Melbourne and you get put into a million pound lottery draw…
    Yeah this is medical reasons surely🧐

  15. take a look at edward bernays wiki and you will find cornell Uni , look who funds it ??

  16. I have protected my mind and heart and spirit for very many years by walking in Christ’s footsteps, reading the word of God the Bible and not being moulded by this world and it’s vile filth, governments, propaganda and perverted sexual deviants that do not know their very souls are a haven for Satan!! Laugh and scorn as much as the ‘sophisticates’ want, just look around you and open your eyes to the murdering filthy people running the show!! Breath in the world’s ‘air’ and any decent soul would throw up!!!! Mark Jesus’ words well, “the Devil is the ruler of the world” and he has no hold on the righteous in Christ. No, I am not a religious ‘nut’ but I am not blind!! Throw out your T.V. get out your Bible and get on your knees to the Father in heaven before he sweeps this Earth clean of the evil on it!!!!! Nigel Moore. England.

    • yes all truth i agree. I have a tv but only watch u tube occasional dvd .. my doggies love music with birds etc. i watch nature what it was before being locked up and nowhere to go. LOOKS like a modern gladiator arena.. be Christians and non vaxxers for real soon ,,,,
      God help us and give us strength ..

  17. Hi Hugo. I’m seriously thinking about becoming a moderator , whenever I’m reading the hateful postings of that one ffing troll…

  18. Surprised no one (I don’t think) has mentioned Netflix’s series ‘Cuties’. Would anyone pay this satanic company that appears to exist only to get humanity to sink to even lower depths? It appears they would.

  19. Hugo, it is no coincidence that you have discovered this. The Light is revealing the truth…

  20. I got super bored after 30 minutes and went back to watching Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on the cooking channel

  21. have look at Logic before authority u tube very informative..

  22. I have noticed that all the streaming platforms are showing movies/series with some queer character somewhere in the show. All of the ones that I have watched. The sci-fi will be transhumanism where in the end everything turns out ok. See – you can be transhuman and still love. Sure – they are sticking to the agenda. I do wonder about the queer characters – maybe producers are co-erced into this content in order to have the show released?

  23. I was going to make some comments but won’t as Hugo covered virtually all of them.
    There is nothing good to come from this, it is all about priming and the desensitization of viloence which has been happening on our mainstream channels since the 70’s.
    Nobody needs Netflix either, plenty of stuff on the free channels

  24. Nobody commented on Facebook and pretty much all social media killed yet, surprised.

    Combination of Whistle Blowing Nurses there trying to shut up, or something from the data breach on the Elites data yesterday.


    Hoping Bill Gates dead, use him as scapegoat for the hoax and all back to normal, we’ll see.

  25. I haven´t seen the show because I stopped watching television years ago completely, but I agree that it is intended to lead people to think and feel in a certain way. Very much everything that is happening at the moment is evil. You only have to look in the faces of these politicians and you know who you are dealing with, they all have this hard, empty look in their eyes. This force is as old as the world. It is envious of humans because it has no soul, no consciousness of it´s own. I think human society will split up soon. Those who will follow this road to transhumanism, and those of us who return to a more simpler life. The road for the first group will be a pretty short one i´m afraid, because that system won´t take long before it destroys itself. But at least the rest will have the chance to create something really worthy this time.

  26. The best is yet to come! Make sure you’re on the winning side.

  27. netflix took of anything worth
    i missed Only Fools & Horses least it used least make me laugh!
    shite flippin YT only play clips, not full episodes

    so netflix– YA CRAP! & cancelled
    & YT you are arse lickers!

    take care All
    cheers hugo

  28. Ordering chaos
    The free mason motto
    Order out of chaos
    Don’t need to look far to see who’s agenda it us

  29. Honestly I don’t have time or interest in anything on television. Like the old book says it’s a plug-in drug.

  30. As usual Higo, you are very discerning and right.
    As a catholic, I can inform you that these are the end times, a time where the luciferian jews of the synagogue of satan ate reaching the goal they’ve planned more than 200 years ago: global dictatorship … all the values are being reversed and the fabric of society totally destroyed.
    This is the result of the ‘enlightnenment’ of the 17th century, all based on the ‘light’ of Lucifer. Google what David Spangler said if a person wants to ‘enter the New World Order’, enter the ‘New Age’… a ritual of Initiation into luciferianism.
    The entire media – including Netflix – is a huge vehicle of mass Indoctrination.

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