Dutch Restaurant Rallies Against Passports #Netherlands #Utrecht / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Seems legit.. Vegan soyboys fighting for our liberty. I certainly wouldn’t f**k with them!

    • I’m sorry but you are being divisive yourself. I’m vegan and I know plenty of other vegans who are the same as me. I’m actively opposing all the measures, like many others across the whole political and ideological groups around the world.
      I’m suspicious that the media is using the vegan movement as a pawn in this as they know it had already created quite a big divide. People, be careful and aware of your own prejudices, you can easily be manipulated.

      • Hi
        Fair comment
        I not a vegetarian or vegan myself, I only eat fish & dairy but I respect what you are saying & I respect how you wish to eat.

        That’s what I feel personally this is all about for Us to be Ourselves & doing what We feel is right
        Not complying,
        we all been bowing down to theses tyrant obsessed power people for so long they have lost their minds & given up thinking We are human, taking so much away from Us all causing unbearable fear, all for their greed,
        they want us to argue & be against one another I don’t want that to happen the world already hostile enough.

        cheers for your comment
        Take care

      • Never miss a chance to say ” I am a vegan!”

    • Lets not forget there a general attitude among Vegans toward health and chemicals and what they will put into there body.
      Allopathic medicine or chemicals are not high on the list of desires to say the least.
      A very high percentage of Vegans only eat organic food and are very health and lifestyle orientated they tend not to grace the doctors surgery often.
      A Vegan restaurant Insisting on the slow-kill vaccine would kill there business quicker than th
      e vaccine would kill the punters, I think their only option was to take the the stand they did, the McDonalds crowd want meat and gluten, not cabbage fruit and nuts. On the good side Vegans are usually very principled people and good at protesting for things they believe in, I don’t think we have heard the end of this, expect protests and large ones.

      • Things are getting more lar lar that’s for sure!
        least old horse face got sack & Australia not got look at that hideous being NO MORE

        Bless you Australia

  2. I’d rather eat a sandwich on the pavement outside your passport restaurant

  3. It is a setup and a symbolism of the NWO for two things. The phrase `you will be happy` and you will eat meat alternatives. The Waku Waku restaurant serves plant based food. The word Waku in Japanese means happiness or excitement. It is written as わくわく. If you ever watch the film `Demolition Man` the plate John Spartan is served at Taco Bell is very similar in design. https://emilycontois.com/2013/08/01/haute-taco-bell-underground-rat-burgers-food-in-demolition-man/

    • Im from the Netherlands. “Waku waku” was a famous quiz show in the Netherlands in the 90s based on questions about animals. Anyone from my generation will know it. Don’t think the name had anything to do with that, but I think Hugo is right.

  4. Dutchie here,
    You’re probably right assuming that this restaurant was made as an example to scare of other pubs and restaurants, Waku Waku was very vocal about not checking QR codes + they’re in the middle of the Netherlands so a perfect example to set!
    Other venues also were saying they didn’t were gonna check the QR slave codes and some of them got warnings (for now) so yeah, everything looks like this is the example to make.
    However there is a lare silent majority of venues where some venues pretend to check but don’t actually really do check. I’m not going to explain the specifics of the laws regarding this but basically the venue owner is responsible for checking and there are BOA’s (sort of fake/halfass cops) in this that need to check if the venue owner is checking.the QR codes. All in all a very leaky frame to operate within so we are seeing now already that some mayors are setting up eating/clubbing/pubs zones/area’s which you can only enter with your QR code/slave passport…
    Another fine example of wrong priorities by our government is that for 1,5 year there was no budget for scaling up healthcare personnel/IC units etcetera and we are being told that this QR BS is only temporarily and yet at the same time they are looking (and already committed the budget for) to recruit 5000 BOA’s for checking upon and rolling out this system so temporarily? Yeah right, just like the 4 weeks lockdown to flatten the curve…

    • Also a Dutchie here, i can backup Dennis his story. I live in Utrecht and have been watching several livestreams for days untill the protest got busted.
      There’s truth in the fact they made an example out of this restaurant. And also about some owners not scanning the codes but there are also alot of restaurants and pubs that do obey the rules strictly. Also the Dutch government spend billions on these measurements and basically 0 euro on health care. Only the health personel got 1% raise but with inflation going it wont be a raise at all……

  5. It’s the second restaurant that was closed after announcing that they would not implement QR checks. The first one was also in a left wing university city, Nijmegen, and it’s owner was of immigrant descent. So, I conclude that you are right, it was a set-up, but in Utrecht the authorities miscalculated and many more people showed up to protest than they had expected.

  6. I’m from the Netherlands. As Dennis already mentioned, this particular restaurant was very open about not checking the QR app. For this very reason, both the media and the police were trying to make a statement.

    The protest by the way, was very peacefull, but the mayor deamed it risky, and for that reason the police arrested over 100 “protestors” who were standing there. It was never a voilent protest, but this is how it works these days.

    @Hugo, a lot of restaurants in the Netherlands won’t want to work with the app. A little over 40% said that they won’t want to check there customers. In reality, that number will be a little lower, because some of them got scared, but i know a lot of restaurants in Almere (one of the bigger cities in the Netherlands) where they won’t check the app. I’ve been to one yesterday, and you can just walk right in. But there are dozens here, who silently, aren’t checking the app, so there are still lot’s of possibilities.

    It’s also impossible for the police/government to check all these restaurants and pubs, because there are simply to many.
    About Waku Waku, they started a crowdfunding, and already got over 130.000 euro to support them. Says enough about how the people really feel.

    • Waku waku are on wrong side. No heroes but controlled opposition. Look up. More now come to light. Also Martin Vrijland has info.Hugo was right to be suspicious

  7. On the same story i should be attending a function tonight, the venue wants a proof of having the vaccine, or have a test, I won’t be going and email them and told them.
    Some people will be excepting to see me there but there in for a surprise as this is the start of my one man mission as i know I’m biding my time that’s all I’m saying ?

  8. In the North of the Netherlands, in a busy university town is a family member who is not vaccinated; and no one wears masks (well you’d spot 1 person per day), free rein going into and out of restaurants etc. Nothing asked for. They’ve just brought in no masks needed in the universities. (The only place where masks worn is public transport). They are about to open nightclubs (until 12m/n). Family member feels very free there and living their best life and has NOT taken the experimental poison jab.

  9. Definitely used as an example.
    However, I feel sorry for Australians because the situation there has gone out of control. The jab is becoming mandatory for everyone. Daniel Andrews has announced today. What a shame this is.

    • Well they were warned ,Australia no more we pissed off ,just revolt or put up and shut up it really is that simple xx

  10. That is the first protest I have ever heard of in favour of the BS. Nice rainbow umbrella and what was the magic digit number on the road.

  11. This seems very similar to what happened in Toronto, Canada with Adamson’s BBQ (I was at that event). He openly stated that he would not comply with the rules and would serve people inside his restaurant and allow them to eat inside too. Then the establishment hit him hard with fines and his arrest followed by changing his locks and closing his business. All to set an example and put fear into other businesses thinking of doing the same.

  12. As you are all probably aware the UK government are trying to bring this about through the back door by issuing yet another consultation.

    It would be a tremendous help if as many people as possible respond to this consultation.
    Please follow the link below to get a guide to help you submit a #No CovidID consultation
    The consultation closes on 11th October.


  13. The name of the bar says it all to me personally ..

    Waku waku
    Just looked it up
    In Japanese to- ‘express the feelings of being excited’

    Or , just typed it again & also in quote;
    Meaning of waku waku – HiNative (spelt like that) (not Japanese meaning)

    Other in Japanese meaning quote;
    gush forth , to spring out, to surge, to appear, to feel emotions form .

    I only looked it up so don’t shoot messenger but I thought it quite interesting myself.

    Cheers Hugo

  14. I’m Dutch and this story is legit. The point is this restaurant announced on social media that they won’t use the health passport. Goverment officials (and the MSM) are particulary hunting on restaurants who announce on social media that they won’t respect the law. Offcourse there are more venues who don’t want the health passports, but as long they don’t share it on social media, they won’t have the attention from the goverment nor media, like waku waku.

    Protest groups decided to make waku waku like a example and inspiration for all other restaurants and supported this place and also the guests joined the protest group and so the crowd became bigger and bigger. Also they decided to bring it to court and lost the case.

    The woman with smiles at the picture, is nothing supicious about. The protesters are called ‘ wappies’ and are usually average, working class, some celebrities, but also academic people who fight for love, truth and freedom. They don’t believe in violent protests, but to protest in love and being together. They don’t give a crap when they got arrested, and will still make the best of it and being positive. As a matter of fact, Corona and freedom protests in the Netherlands, can be a great and joyful experience, its not violent like France or other countries, but its all about being together with a positive vibe. As is what Dutch do best, even the protests they make a party off, even when the issue is serious, like the plandemic.

    The fact that waku waku is VEGAN, probably made it a bit suspicious, as vegan is part of the agenda of the WEF. But, there are many vegan restaurants in the Netherlands and the owners of this venue are just normal people who stand up for their rights and their clients.

  15. Perhaps Waku Waku got paid off to be vocal about not scanning qr codes so they could be made a example of? I agree it seems odd for the focus to be on this one restaurant which is what makes me think they could be in kahoots. Just a thought.

  16. There is also a general Vegan attitude toward health and chemicals and what they will put into there body. Allopathic medicine or chemicals are not high on the list of desires to say the least. A very high percentage of vegas only eat organic food are very health and lifestyle orientated and do not need much medical attention. A Vegan restaurant Insisting on the slow-kill vaccine would kill there business, so no option they have to stand with there patrons, the McDonalds crowd want meat and gluten not cabbage fruit and nuts.

  17. I think you are onto something here Hugo. When I was still bothering to write to my useless scumbag MP to complain about the restrictions and the illogical, unscientific nonsense being imposed on us, one reply I did get back (apart from the boilerplate propaganda bollocks) was that I was ‘one of 3; people in his constituency to have written to him about it. I felt at the time that this was a deliberate ploy to make me feel like a fringe view nutcase, alone, isolated, a minority. This is the same thing – only one restaurant standing against passports so easy to crush.

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