Gladys GONE #Corruption #Australia / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. She might be gone but the jab mandate goes on and affecting even more people

    • Albert, exactly!
      Just like the UK one bell end goes and gets replaced by another one who is worse.
      But the same see through agenda applies…

  2. She was a Horrible Entity and well rid but she will be replaced.
    We need ‘The General’ and the Hirearchy and they are very powerful extremely well known Figures to us all.

    • Yes, and here they are, no need to be afraid of revealing them:

      “No Rothschld is English… No Baruch, Morgenthau, Cohen, Lehman, Warburg, Kuhn-Loeb, Kahn, Schiff, Sieff or Solomon was ever born Anglo-Saxon. And it is for this filth that you fight. It is for this filth that you murdered your Empire. It is this filth that elects and selects your politicians.”

      — Ezra Pound, March 15, 1942 radio broadcast.

  3. Hoo bloody rah, let’s hope these black hearted wicked witches start to tumble like dominoes!!

  4. Hope the penny is now falling in the right direction. We have to hold on to something, hope gives life.
    Although hope is delayed disappointment.

  5. I’d like to have front row seats to see most of the world’s leaders hung drawn and quartered.

    • All I wanna hear is the preacher saying Lord forgive them for what they done and then Bam the sound of snapping necks

  6. That’s great that she’s gone but I wonder what the next piece of shit will be like that takes her place excuse me I mean its place.

    • There all corrupt bang the bitch up in a woman’s prison let the Aussie women punished it 👿

  7. Mr Global has something on all these tyrant puppets. Maybe aunty Gladys stepped out of line and had to be brought down. Or maybe some other tyrant puppet in a more sensitive position was threatening to blow the gaff and needed to be shown an example.

  8. Luckily over here in the UK we have a fantastic prime minister. He’s solving the obesity crisis via a food shortage, a climate crisis via a fuel shortage, and the pension crisis by killing all the old people. Genius.

  9. You all know that Mr Global (as its being termed by many) writes the script. If you find him you find the hornets nest.

    Best of luck.

  10. science has already proven that what a person looks like is he inside. you will never see a handsome person in politics.they are all looks disgusting…look at her😖😣

  11. Maybe I’ve watched too many of your vids Hugo but I smell many rats. Handcock was the fall guy once the time comes, it was her time to disappear. She’ll be back with her horns and talons later.

  12. Puts her Star Trek uniform on. Remember what the Ferengi rules of acquisition say………..

    76: Every once in a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.
    190: Hear all , trust nothing.

  13. The other MP who the media tried to shout down said a few days ago that she is pushing the jab mandates because another guy above her is being funded to the tune of 10’s of millions of dollars by AZ and Pfiz, and she’d been told she’d do it or be investigated for corruption. He blew that up so it couldn’t be hidden any more.

    They’ll just parachute another dictator in.

  14. Probably a law suit took her down or at least out for a while! We do not know of all the effort behind the scenes to bring this people to account.

    • Watching, there’s no effort.
      They are selected to do certain things & once it’s done they make up a cover story and get rid.
      If the people actually could vote people in & out, she would have gone a long time ago.

      If there was an honest vote for & against the jab in Aus…. We all know which side would win

  15. Is this thing even human? Straight out of the synagogue of satan. Whist looking at her ugly face I imagined a baseball bat crashing into its face smashing into the bridge of its nose, as it fell onto its knees screaming another thunderous blow came down on its head and on it went whist this thing screamed for mercy…then I thought about the children so allowed the battering to go on…and on and on. Try a similar vision and if enough of us did it maybe it can have an actual effect on the thing.

  16. Hugo, did you watch her speech? It didn’t sound like resignation to me. Allegedly, she said that that she is stepping down for as long as there’s a ongoing investigation. That very much sounds like she might be coming back once the investigation is over or because of lack of evidence or she is not found guilty.

  17. Hi Hugo, I absolutely agree that another tyrrant puppet will slot straight into her footsteps but on a lighter note, I have had a good day today! I felt somethign lift and felt much more positivity and found myself switched off from the constant bombardment in my head, of their evil agenda. When I saw this news from you, it made my day even better. So a massive thank you. And you made me chuckle again with your opening humour. Brilliant! Thank you Hugo. God bless you.

    • I feel something change too. Something happened behind the curtain I think. Suddenly today, I felt a lot more positive.

      • I feel a positive shift too, over the past couple of days.
        In January 2020, I felt a sense of dread and foreboding unlike anything else I have ever felt. It was like a thick black cloud of darkness had covered the experience we call life. It is my belief that this was when the spells of mass delusion were instigated which have fooled so many since March 2020.
        All of our concentrated efforts to be positive, all of our prayers, are being heard. Every one of these evil entities doing the bidding of fallen angels and executing the orders of the Globalist players, will suffer and burn for all eternity.
        Yes, she will be replaced, probably others too. There will be moments of despair and moments of victory, but the end game is that God wins, so we win too.

  18. I think I know why she’s gone so suddenly, so the fake investigation can go silent, so people will forget about it as she is no longer in the picture. So she can silently continue her life. I hope she will never be able to walk on the streeds without people spitting on her.

  19. Now she gone does what she said still stand until someone else takes over and changes it cos if thats the case they will long it out and by the time they sort it it will be to late

  20. You cut the head off the snake, it will just grow another head.

  21. You cut the head off the snake, it just grows another head.

  22. EVIL ! nasty coward!

    as you mentioned
    they will only replace her with some other Muppet
    that poor Australia then got once again listen to even more lying Shite!

  23. She won’t tell you the truth about why she is resigning! She will lie and cover up the truth! But the main thing is that this ugly woman is toast! And Australia is a much better place without her! 😂😂😂

  24. Bang on Hugo, just like Hancock in UK. The script must go something like this
    “If one of our puppets becomes too unpopular or hated in a country, sack them or get them to resign by any means. Replace with puppet number 2”
    This is getting soo predictable now. And you are right. Until the scriptwriter is uncovered or sacked, these mandates will continue, this is what we are fighting against.

  25. I live in NSW, I can tell you that this investigation of corruption has been brewing a while, as well as rumours her leadership was in trouble with backbenchers not happy with how the party was dealing with the “crisis”. Also her party, the Liberal Party has lost members and actual sitting members of parliament, to other parties, so they’ve been “bleeding” a while. Her resignation is not really a surprise, but definitely welcome, it also takes the media attention slightly off the fear mongering which helps to break the hypnotic trance people are in (from what I’ve seen about the psychology of what’s going on).
    I’ll also add that up until 6 months ago, Gladys was very moderate on the lockdown and vaccination measures and suddenly out of the blue she went all dictator overnight. My friends and I were shocked and suspicious that she “got the call”, so I’d like to believe she bowed out partly because she didn’t like what she was being forced to do,

    We are starting to see some interesting things in msm media here, a Nine News segment with a nurse talking about why she didn’t want the jab and on a radio station a nurse managed to get through a talk about the large numbers of people presenting to emergency with vaccine injuries. I’m hoping we’ll see the whole thing crumble but I’m not sure how long it will take.

    Australians love their summers and we are now in warm spring weather and people are obviously flouting the stay at home orders here (Vic is different, it’s an absolute police state there). Plus, we’re about to be let out of lockdown, vaccinated people on 11 Oct (I think) and unvaccinated on 1 Dec.

    NSW Police have announced they will not be checking vaccine status of customers in shops etc, it’s up to individual shops if they allow unvaccinated people in or not, I just can’t see it lasting. Of course there are people going along with this that are hardline, and shops that will discriminate but let’s see what happens to them over time.

    On a sad note, my friend has young children in primary school, she just received a group message on their fb page that the school is recommending masks and vaccination for all students. She was very vocal in her opposition to this online and comments were turned off after that, she was told there was “no room for extreme views” on their page! She is now basically having to remove her children from mainstream education because every other parent was supportive of these measures, which is going to be very difficult and potentially expensive.
    Hoping the world wakes soon.

    • Rachael. Thanks for sending out that great report from Oz. We need to be kept informed by local citizens of just what’s really happening in any given part of the globe (this is obviously a global cabal agenda). Keep up the fight, do not comply, good will win over evil. All the best from England.

  26. she looks like an uglier version of that witch from the wizard of oz.,another one that need depositing in the Icelandic volcano with Andrew’s,Morrison,fascist cops etc

  27. Gladys stepping aside, is damage limitation it is not cutting the head of the snake she is still controlled.
    Rothschild will install another of there assassins, just as in the Hancock affair.
    Vanguard lives to strike again but the head will fall eventually.

  28. It’s ALL planned to the Nth degree. Trouble is folk are seeing through it a tad early…

  29. It’s part of the plan; sack or let resign a few, so the people will believe there is still some control over their leaders. There is, but not from the people, but from the mob behind the NWO.

  30. Last week, the vile character Gladys Berejiklian was rumbled by mining magnate and Aussie politician Clive Palmer. He said she is in the pocket of Big Pharma and was/is being directed by a lobbyist from Sydney who is being paid by Astra Zeneca and by Pfizer tens of millions of dollars to get these policies through so as the vaccine is pushed and lockdowns continued.

    Clive Palmer – “Gladys Berejiklian is lying, she is under a corruption inquiry and therefor being pushed by a lobbyist, that also works for AstraZeneca and Pfizer, to mandate vaccinations and close-down family business to avoid her conviction in that inquiry.”

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