THEY Are MOCKING US #BBC #Clowns Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • What about all the clowns in parliament including the health ministers and in government

  1. Never have I seen a clown anywhere in northern Ireland the circus maybe once a year arrives no jobs here for clowns as I said they can’t put the real news on protest everywere but they don’t put it on news they put jobs for clowns they are laughing at all the people they have put out of work do you still believe the groverment care about you wake up people please

  2. No need to apply, we the UK have many clowns in the government. Let them apply, they will hopefully be out of a job soon too.

    • WTF!!!!

      Putting invasion of the Body Snatchers back on the table.

      Seems legit, she’s freaked out!!


  3. They think they will win but they don’t know that they are playing with fire. Their master the devil will never tell them that they are playing a losing game.

    We are praying and our Lord Jesus Christ said to fear not for we have overcome the world and its systems .

    John 16:33

    New King James Version

    33 These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you a]” style=”font-size: 0.625em; line-height: normal; position: relative; vertical-align: text-top; top: auto; display: inline;”>[a]will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

  4. Norway, learning to live with convid, but 79.8% double jabbed and 90% single jab, so i guess job done and they’ll hand out boosters still, so really depopulation target hit!!!

    I think they are just calling us all clowns for falling for this shit, not all of us did, but most!!!

    Are we jabbed, enough they’ll leave us alone, or not find out 12th october ish!!!

    1 million more to lose there jobs and straight to basic shitty £20 less per week UC 🙁

    Watch out for people limping, not seen yet myself, but sign of blood clotts, legs first, brain or heart soon after 🙁 jabbed obviously!!

    • An acquaintance of mine has got blood clots in his foot and leg. Sepsis has set in and he said , on Wednesday, that they are thinking of what prosthetic limb he will need if they have to take his foot off! He’s had both vaxtermination jabs.

      • I’m sorry for your friend. I take no pleasure in people suffering nor dying from these jabs. I hope that he has copped-on for himself now though, and will refuse all the boosters? If he’s determined to continue accepting these experimental, abortion-tainted inoculations, he will be responsible for whatever further damage they may do to him. That said, I would still pity him. It’s a real life horror story, isn’t it? Lord have Mercy on them all! God help us!

      • A friend’s sister turned yellow 10 days ago and has been in hospital since for tests. ALL of her family are totally brainwashed and won’t hear a bad word against the vaccine/Lockdown/self isolate BS. She was diagnosed with autoimmune Hepatitis yesterday…. So I googled, COVID vaccine, autoimmune …. And guess what? It is one of the side effects.
        Of course, her illness will have nothing to do with the Vaxtermination jabs…. 😢

    • All the following are people personally known to me:
      A female who is in her forties, (double jabbed astrazeneca), has recently developed new severe pain in her right leg. She’s suffering from electric shock like pain plus aching and other symptoms. (Not sciatica.) The doctors can’t explain it (won’t explain it, imo), and have put her on strong painkillers, so she is now half asleep, and still in pain.
      Her husband, in his fifties, two heart attacks within a couple of weeks of the second dose of astrazeneca, requiring a hospital admission. Doctors cancelled a stent procedure. He now has to live with heart failure for the rest of his life, and walks very slowly with the aid of a walking stick. After he came out of hospital the job centre wanted him to apply for a job as a landscape gardener. No understanding at all.
      A forty-five year old male, keen amateur footballer, found dead in his flat after failing to turn up for work. Cause of death, massive heart attack. This happened eight days after his second dose of the vax. (Not sure which one he had.) Of course, no suggestion was ever made that the vax had anything to do with it.
      Female in her fifties, debilitating changes in her menstrual cycle, not liked to the menopause, after two doses of astrazeneca.
      How many more are there out there?

      • Last Sunday I heard of a crown green bowler who played on Thursday…. Dead by Sunday! Two weeks after jabs.
        Another elderly (82) bowler who I actually know had blood clots, survived and went on his holidays coz he’d had the jabs!
        Caretaker (55) of bowling green has sepsis ( I saw him last night) . Blood clots in his lower leg has caused them…he’s had both jabs. The NHS are showing him prosthetic limbs which he may need.
        My friends sister turner yellow, she’s 65. She’s been in hospital 10days now and expects to be in for weeks. She’s double jabbed of course! She’s got autoimmune Hepatitis, it’s a known reaction. NONE of these people have been assessed as a Vaccine Adverse Event as far as I know. The last one definitely is not as she is Queen Sheep who believes this BS is real!!! It’s hard to say but….. Serves them right!! Their body, their choice, their problem!

  5. They just have to watch Boris, Whitty and co to learn how to be clowns for Billy Goats circus.

  6. I don’t mind being a clown as long as the job doesn’t require vaccination

  7. BBC = BOLSHEVIK BULLSHITTING COMMISSION ! Doing what they do best, Spread Bullshit
    Do not forget the bbc are communists with a communist agenda spreading lies & missinformation constantly…..

    & have been scince WW11 & prob before it aswell…
    Lets Not Forget the Mad Cow Foot & Mouth that Thatcher ( the childrens milk snatcher ) brought about with her eec partners back in the 1980s & the bbc lies.
    That is just 1 thing they lied about & it has been a avalanche of lies on a constant level of bullshit,, they are the governments mouthpiece of propaganda
    Do Not Trust the Bolshevik Bullshitting Commission Ever !

    • Hey Floki.. Thatcher was a fantastic PM, she kept the Communists at bay. Is taking the milk out of schools all you’ve got? That’s retarded. Cow’s milk isn’t good for human consumption, but I’m sure someone as highly educated as yourself knows that already!

      • Cows milk is bad for you, My mum lived her childhood on a farm in Éire & my dad a farm in Scotland, used dairy all thier life & lived untill thier 90s & i have been eating dairy food all my life & have no problems, ….. & why was it banged out so much back in the 70s & before it as a good health drink Ect Ect by the government & so on same as egg’s,, are you saying all dairy food is bad for you ?
        Yeah the old ex army boot crushed the unions & thier communist control over the country,, But That is the only good thing old ex army boot done….
        Do You Not remember the poll tax propaganda & bullshit she forced upon us ?? riots & unrest accross the country,,,, But what she realy wanted is council tax implemented on us,, So she set up the poll tax to see the reaction & then TRY’D to calm things down with announcing council tax instead for the population to swallow & the old ex army boot got her way again !
        Creation ~ Reaction ~ Solution ………
        She only won the 1980s election because she said she would stop ( forced ) immigration ( displacement of people ) back then…….
        What did she do when she won ? SWEET FELICITY AUDRY … As Allways bullshit !
        & how much inheritance tax did her estate pay when she kicked the bucket ? A Great Big Fat ZERO ( £ 0 ) out of the millions she had,,, Enuff Said…………..

      • Actually, it’s the pasteurisation, homogenised process and bad dairy raising practices that make it not too good for human consumption. The pasteurisation procces is used to kill microorganisms, but in doing so it also rids the milk of beneficial enzymes. This is what can make people milk intolerant. A lot of people with a milk intolerance, if they used unpasteurised, unhomogenised dairy, (organic, grass fed is always better to go for too.) they wouldn’t have any reactions to it. We now have better health and safety regs, cleanliness regs and better disease testing to when this process was introduced, it should be re-evaluated. Homogenisation is a process that forces milk through tiny holes to separate fat globules and stop the cream from rising to the top. In recent studies it’s shown that the homogenisation of milk may raise cholesterol levels. Like I said also, organic, grass fed cows are far better. If cows are locked up indoors all year round and fed on grain, (this is not what they eat naturally.) you’re going to get sick cows. Which means pumping them with more antibiotics to keep them alive (which is adding to the rise of supper bugs.) and pumping them with non natural things that up milk production. All in all, non of this is good for us or the cows. You are what you eat and if you consume sick animal products you’ll just become sick yourself in the long run.

  8. It is to deride people and try and wear them down to control. They do not consider the lives of normal people worth anything. They do not only mock people, but they do not perceive the masses as human and concept of human rights is to them deemed a joke and they want gone. It is all psychological. They will consider the new unemployed merely more to mark for cull and not only them, but even people whom work. Name of the game. Numbers down by any and all means covert, corruption of policy and law to tailor it all to deliver progressive outcomes for agenda timetabled and it is all timetabled and structured that way.

  9. Peak membership of the world clown association was around 4,800 in the 1990’s. I can’t find any vacancies for professional clowns advertised in the UK and yet the BBC, a national broadcaster, think is is appropriate to highlight it as a career opportunity on the day 1,000,000 people that have had furlough withdrawn.
    My guess is a Google search would result in a figure of 66,600,000 clowns currently residing in the UK.

  10. Clowns are also the sheep…the idiots that believe its still about “the virus”…
    There welcome to have them jabs as far as i am concerned and can also stress themselves out over petrol as well💁🏻‍♂️…
    BBC is a corrupt propaganda machine like all media and these “clowns” hang on there every word…

    • I take no pleasure in the lost sheep destroying themselves.
      I knew from day 1 this was the beginning of the end.
      To usher in NWO under the guise of saving lives.
      When you look at the past 50yrs of governance, they care not one jot for the natives of these once glorious lands under GOD!
      Money, power lists of the flesh are their God’s.
      I pray for lost souls, who have been tricked and deceived.
      Jesus is the truth, life and the way.
      Without him people are of this world. Lost!

      God bless! Viva christo rey!

  11. Send boris johnson over there he’s a clown! Bojo the clown!

    • Oh NO, don’t send him over here to this island, please! We’ve far too many clowns as it is! Most of ’em can found gibbering bull’s crawn in Dáil Eirrean or in the RTÉ studios above in Dublin! That’s when they’re not getting langered on cheap booze or off on junkets paid for by the Irish taxpayer! No Boris, please NO, NO, NO!

  12. ha ha ha ,boris the clown!,remember last year when he got out of hospital,supposedly….,and he was thanking Luis from Portugal and Jenny from new Zealand for saving his life from the invisible enemy,what a fucking muppet he needs depositing in that Icelandic volcano,fuck you AUTHORITIES of this planet I will.never ever comply,hahahahaha👊👊👊👊👊

    • Yes mate…. He, they, Prince Charles, celebs, all the bull-sh*tters, they all made out they’d had Convid. Doris came out and told of the continual ‘ cough’ that this flu gives you. Oh really?? When was the last time you heard about ‘ the cough’ , where has that symptom gone??? They were having a laugh all that time ago…and it is continuing! ITS BEEN F’king BS since the very start!

      • Johnson and hancock tested positive with a cough😄..
        And anybody with a brain cell knows them swabs do not test for infection or sickness

  13. Well the BBC s full of em. And maybe people who are out of work could retrain as lorry drivers, as there’s such a huge problem, apparently.

  14. The best way to combat the BBC is to stop paying the licence fee, ditch your TV and do something more interesting with your time. I stopped watching TV in 2012 and don’t miss it one bit.

  15. She’s trying very hard to hold back her laughter. First class bitch.

  16. Hope nobody here gives this scummy government BS propaganda ‘news’ outlet the BBC so much as a penny for a tv licence? If so, you’re part of the problem.

  17. Thank god i don’t pay my tv licence then you clowns at the BBC

  18. The Clowns they talk of are NOT Circus Clowns guys & gals.. They are the Clowns In America, the CIA. Expect bombs going off on the border & blame it on Brexit AGAIN! You have to remember that the so-called Irish Freedom Fighters (The IRA/Sinn Fake) push the Nancy Pelosi agenda. Y’all remember their cries for self-determination? Today they insist that we be ruled over by the EU. Rememeber their cries for decades about Internment, only these days they are happy to place the whole country into lockdown with forced vaccine mandates, forced mask-wearing and vaccine passports.
    These traitors deserve the treatment reserved for their own traitors. Shot in the back of the head and dumped at the side of a road in South Armagh.

    Ever wonder why Sinn Fake was allowed to keep the huge sum of money left to them by some fake ass dead guy (that can’t be traced) when donations to parties in Ireland max out at £10,000? That money came from Nancy Pelosi.

    • I despise Fiánna Fáil, Fine Gael, the Greens and the Irish communist parties but Sinn Fein are the worst of the lot IMO, because they ran to Westminster to help them force the legalisation of the murder of unborn children on the 6 Counties. They had to do it if they wanted to legalise this evil, because unlike the sheep here in the post-Catholic Republic, the majority of the people above in the North still recognise that human life is sacred from conception to natural end. Plus, most of them have had more than enough of bloodshed! Sinn Fein have betrayed the Irish people, both in the North and here in the Republic, and the betrayal is particularly malicious because they did it so that the murder of tiny Irish boys and girls could be made legal! They issued a collective death warrant on the Irish men and women of the future!
      God help them if they EVER dare come to my door looking for my vote again!!!

  19. Once they said. “Learn to code”.

    Now they say. “Learn to clown”.

  20. There you go BBC and Bojo’s team.. Your big chance..!!! Its made for these muppets.. I mean Bojos already a hit on Spitting Image, I’m sure he could be a great reference for the muppets in the BBC… No shortage of friends then. Haaa.. Send in the clowns, aren’t you a pair…. La la la la la la… I can hear that lovely song since it first came out in the 70’s..oh Maggie how we miss you.. No BS Maggie.. Love her or hate her, she took NO CRAP or COMMIS !! But on that note.. Enjoy Krusty the Clown..

    With a tribute to all the scientist too who just love the money and maybe monkeys…


  21. Breaking news… Breaking news… Breaking news…

    Teary NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian QUITS from the state’s top job

    She will also step down as Willoughby MP and leave politics for good as soon as a byelection can take place after lockdown.

    ‘I’ve had to make a difficult decision overnight,’ Ms Berejiklian said today as she hastily read a prepared statement in front of the cameras before refusing to take questions.

    ‘It pains me to announce that I have no option but to resign from the Office of Premier.’

    The watchdog known as ICAC is investigating whether Ms Berejiklian encouraged or allowed corrupt conduct by her secret ex-boyfriend and former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire between 2012 and 2018.

    It will also probe whether she breached public trust by not reporting any suspicion of corrupt conduct.

    Mr Maguire is accused of abusing his public office after admitting being involved in a cash-for-visa scheme and seeking secret commissions linked to questionable land deals. He was forced to resign in 2018.

    Ms Berejiklian – who appeared to have been crying – denied any wrongdoing but said she had ‘no option’ but to step down to give the state certainty.

    • Satan head of the media taking so many for poor fool’s

  22. In medieval times, the Court Jester, a clown, was also referred to as “The Fool”! Millions of people around the world have certainly allowed themselves to be made fools of since last March anyway!

  23. There is no shortage of clowns just look at Westminster and the NHS

  24. The Clowns are all in Pollyticks with Borris being King of the Clowns.
    The BBC’s time is limited, it will like all large organisations go down fast and furious.

  25. Mocking us and trying to dumb down normals even further.
    I had always thought there was some kind of mind control factor underlying the BBC’s ‘red nose’ thang.
    Check out this vaccine dance routine on US TV, it is off the cringe scale. Wondering if the dancers and audience have been injected with something that causes them to lose their minds? (Menticide = killing of the mind):

  26. They can mock all they like . who is going get last laugh :::
    we are not all fools. God created us to think, unfortunately not all are thinking straight. sad times ahead for sure . do not be afraid trust in God always,, do not be persuaded be strong in Him.
    TAKE COURAGE even though things look so bleak and I must admit it is very hard to witness all this that is happening but it will get worse.
    so hard to take it all in some days. They waste money on all this convid crap and now putting everything up heating council tax etc.
    so many people without jobs homes enough too eat it is just the start, we cannot face this alone we need our Saviour to help us through it all
    I saw what was in vaccines it is HORRENDOUS:::: SATANIC TAKE OVER OF HUMAN DNA …

  27. We had a PC called Rob Banks, Andrew Drinkwater from water company, Sara Blizzard presenting the weather and Phil McCann at a petrol station. They really are taking the…

  28. Mockery is wit that belongth to that great deceiver, the devil.

    But trust rather in GOD.

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