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  1. Clearly a photoshopped image. No shadows from the deer’s body or feet? Everthing else in the street is casting shadows though.

    • This one is definitely fake news, but not because it is photoshopped but because the distressed animal is not a white stag; it is actually a white fallow deer buck and while not exactly common white fallow bucks are certainly not rare. White stags on the other hand, which would be white male red deer, are very very rare indeed. So rare in fact that this near legendary animal has its own name; “white hart”.
      I checked the newspaper article and they report the animal as a “white stag”; very poor reporting which seems to have caught a lot of people out.

      Anyway, it is unfortunate that such a beautiful creature had to end its days in distress, similar in some ways to farm production animals. However, it is very unlikely that the creature could have been safely captured without causing even more stress and injuries; unfortunately you have to get quite close to use a tranquilliser dart and under such urban circumstances this would have been practically impossible.
      In the UK it is presently the hunting season for fallow buck, and while everyone is is welcome to their hopefully informed option on that, as they say here in Germany I wish the police a very nice “Waidmannsheil”, because it sounds to me that they did their best for the poor animal under what were difficult circumstances.

      Greetings from Germany Hugo. Great work and great site, thanks.

      • Hello Germany! Great to have your company! The more the merrier!

    • The only dark areas I see are under cars which would be expected on a bright cloudy day. You need the sun for shadows.

    • I believe they are following the kabbalistic tree of life, path one represents innocence, the fool tarot, bozza and biden the fools, shooting represents advancement to the 2nd path, the empress leading to binar, death/new life or change.

    • Absolute Savages…Would rather the officer shot themselves…Karma will come back for Humanity..The most savage species ever to inhabit this beautiful planet.

  2. If they could shoot it, why couldn’t they Tranquillise it instead???

    • Yes…you don’t take its life…you tranquillise it and then carry it to safety

    • Maybe more to this then just a wild animal being put down
      But it gives me strength
      They want to kill that animal but I’m thinking about it
      Your feeling for it
      It’s memory lives and we didn’t ever know it
      That it’s a symbol of good and pure things I will promote that to friends and family
      Like seeing a white feather is a symbol of your guardian angel
      Positive from the negative

      • I totally agree “ the very fact “ one was seen and photographed in a UK town “ gives hope “and nothing less “

    • Spot on. This is just nuts . Why not shot it with a tranquilliser why kill it. What I want to no is how the fuck this poor animal ended up running around the streets like that on its own ? There’s 1 thing that has me puzzled and it’s about this government pet dog survey they have been pushing ? U can check it out on the government website and the dogs trust are on board they are now putting ads on TV. Why are they doing a survey on people’s pet dogs ? I did think dog licensing. I have noticed they have got rid of tons of RSPCA vets for not so well of people. 2 in parts of my area of London during lockdown. They need the land to build flats. It seems to me they have tried pushing the covid shit on to family pets at Xmas but it didn’t come across to well. Mind you I could see the fear in people when I to my dog for a walk. My dog could sense it and dragged me home. People were literally jumping in the road ? And he’s only a little dog. 1 guy was actually crossing himself ffs from across the road. That was a short lived things the msm put out and it was demanded it be taken down. So the powers that be gonna start on people’s pets again. Once they do this survey crap. A survey about what exactly dogs and covid ? They tried the scare tactics xmas just gone . So what now. Shoting random wild life in the streets of Liverpool. Fucking bonkers .

  3. Planted there – everything they do has to be in plain sight so we create joinder (accept the contract) by accepting the witchcraft simply by not contesting it – and they’re so sick they’ll happily sacrifice a white deer. Just as they’re now – and have always been – sacrificing kids (baby animals). All symbols.

    • Sorry should have said that the report ended, “….euthanise the deer”. It could be a message saying about euthenasing ‘the dear’ (people dear to us).

  4. There trying to say its ok to put something down if it indangers the public

  5. i hope and pray the people responsible for this have nothing but misery and death in their lives ..im sickened by this story .. i truly am …just when i thought the scum police had gone as low they could… may rot in hell u stinking arsewipe coppers ..

    • This is a warning to us all from heaven! It’s very spiritual.
      We have lost our innocence and purity. Many people scoff and mock these things,
      I truly believe this is a warning to us all, get off the broad road to destruction onto the narrow road to heaven.
      All creatures great and small are under God’s providence.
      The stag came into the town by the will of “God”.
      “Antlers signify the crown of thorns. White the purity of Jesus.”

      And what did the ignorant do, shoot it.! We are going to hell in a handcart, we shoot sacred things
      “Just amazes me how dead inside people have become”
      God bless!! Christ is lord!!

      • It also sums up how society is today- if something, or someone, is inconvenient, kill! No compassion, no reverence for the miracle of life, and certainly no awe of the sanctity of human life from conception to natural end, what with all the abortions and euthanasia since they was legalised in Soviet Russia around 100 years ago. A species that will kill it’s own young to the tune of over a billon, will easily kill a beautiful, rare and sacred creature like this without compunction because it has has lost it’s love and reverence for the Miracle of Life! We have become a culture of Death.

  6. Unwavering innocence it symbolises…
    Cant see how a deer that rare could be in a built up area…
    If it was in the countryside i get that but its strange being in a city

  7. The White Stag makes an appearance in Harry Potter as a Patronus Charm used by Harry Potter’s future self to guide Harry. Harry’s father is also known to use the same Patronus. Another use of the White Deer in Harry Potter was as a Patronus Charm used by Snape to guide Harry to the sword of Gryffindor. Lily Potter (harry’s mother) also used the same Patronus. The White Stag, known as Malorne …

  8. There’s definitely no stags in Bootle. You may get the odd few in Rimrose valley6 miles away but they don’t stray and are rarely seen. No one has even talked about seeing a White Stag before. The elites are heavily into symbolism and occult practices such as burning Notre Dame before this mess started. The sky in Liverpool this evening was unusually majestic, never seen such sunbeams before. They were like a Crown of Thorns right across the sky. I stopped a stranger and said ‘look at that.’
    Carl Jung once dreamt a dream where he was told Liverpool was the ‘Pool of Life.’
    It’s all a bit weird.

    • “Wow” amazing insight here. Pity the “sheep” aren’t awake!!

  9. Could there be CGI at play here to demoralise us with the Symbology of killing our pure hearts and goodness in following Christ by the satanic Lucifer worshipping cult. stand fast in God’s light and we will defeat this evil!

  10. I live in the woods in Kent and we have an albino deer in here that i’ve seen several times.

    • Yes. I think just a white deer roe but not a red deer stag. Just can’t believe such a thing would stray.

  11. A White Stag” is by far the best omen “ we’ve seen in 2 years “

  12. I’m surprised there’s no major video of this, considering the number of camera phones out there…

  13. Here are the signs to be ready for. No one can deny we are in the last days as there’s so much evil in the world. We all need to return to God.

      • We are! We are the original Christians, please research early Christian history especially the early Church fathers, the ones taught by the Apostles themselves. There would be no Holy Bible without the Catholic Church.
        Meanwhile, can we just put our differences to the side for the time being and stop arguing? The devil exploits divisions among Christians so we need to stop giving him opportunities to foment division and hatred and present a united front under the banner of Our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless and keep you, from a Catholic Christian, in Ireland.

    • After the Illumination of Conscience, which I’m both looking forward to and dreading at the same time, there is to be a Miracle, which can been seen with the naked eye, photographed and filmed and then the 3 Days of Darkness, which will cleanse the Earth and bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I can honestly say I’m only dreading that. I have our blessed candles and need to get some blinds for a couple of windows but many won’t know about this prophesy and the need for blessed candles, to cover all windows and stay indoors for those 3 days. It’ll be an ordeal but I can only pray that at least my loved ones will survive them and live to enjoy the peace and prosperity that Our Lady’s triumph will bring! I had also read that the final anti-Christ won’t come until after this period of peace and prosperity though, so I am a bit confused. We all need to stay faithful to Christ anyway, whichever order it occurs in!
      God bless you and all here. Christus Vincit!

  14. Just as rare as Black Swans,, amazing how 6 or them just turned up at the gate for Princess Diana’s little lake grave,, just turned up when her brother just thought the night before that 6 black swans would be nice. Amazing the symbology of the Black Swans,,and more scarce than hens back teeth.
    Amazing the little coincidences!
    Incidental it could have been easily darted with some ketamine and brought to safety it was small and not hard to shift,, but no, it was a public sacrifice and then advertised in my opinion.

  15. The white stag signifies purity , innocence and that a great change is about to happen. The ritual killing of it signifies that the old free roaming innocent life we have all had up until now is over. Our bodies are no longer pure due to the jabs and the great reset is upon us.

  16. visit unlockdown[dot]me to Chat (no Deep State surveillance like on Telegram, WhatsApp or Messenger)
    password: freedom4ever

  17. Beautiful white stag is mystical,sometimes called white Hart.
    In the 12th century King David the first of Scotland went on a hunt and encountered a white stag in the forest he chased after it when it turned and stopped, he fell down before it as it came forward to gorge him.
    Legend has it or by divine intervention silver cloud came over the stag and the antlers turned into a cross, and it turned run off.
    In a dream St Andrew the apostle of Scotland told him to build an abbey which is hollyrood Abbey.

  18. White stags have great symbology going way further back than Christianity, right back to Paganism and further and are even part of many tarot and oracle decks and again are symbolic of purity, innocence and change so I do think that as ithey span so many religions, faiths and spiritual practices the shooting of this poor animal who they could easily of tranquillised not killed is them attempting to knock us further by saying their darkness will win and out love and light won’t prevail but I refuse to believe that as this poor animal must of deliberately been put there thus making the symbology have no meaning as it’s the NATURAL spotting of such animals tjat is as important as the animal itself .
    They’re yet again simply proving how sick and vile they are by needlessly shooting such a rare and beautiful animal

  19. As you said in several of your other videos, it is all an illusion. There is absolutely no way this can be real it is yet another example of misinformation by the BBC, something they have been very good at in the last 18 months. For starters it is a PHOTOSHOP JOB, there are no shadows of the stag despite the fact the cars have them. There are a number of other features that make it 100% certain that it has been photoshopped as well. Second it is not likely to be a danger to motorists, rather the other way round.. In the video clip it looks like a white dog running along the pavement. And although police may shoot people it is very rare for them to shoot wild animals. As for the BBC, they should be stripped of their licence to broadcast as they have no place in modern society.

  20. A lot of unusual things happening in physical world; volcanic activity in La Palma, earthquake in Crete, v large earthquake near Melbourne and plague if mice in Australia. And this strange event.
    Maybe Jesus is saying something, God showing His displeasure with the enemy’s work in this world.

    • The end times are supposed to marked with lots of omens and signs, maybe that’s what it’s all about, if these stags have significance in a symbollic way and is supposed to represent Christ, then it’s showing us the cops/authorities are trying to/willing to kill God Himself.

      Jesus did say he came first as the lamb and would return as the lion. Isn’t the lion a symbol of the UK? Maybe it’s where JC MK II is going to make His Presence known?

  21. Well, this is wierd! The only people who could have released it onto the streets would have already chosen it to be a “sacrifice” which is downright cruel & out of order .. so if, instead, we are to believe it was a natural random happening then, yes, it is an omen.

    50 years! Liverpool .. the slave city .. an omen. Our civilisation stands at the crossroads. Will we halt the carnage? Or will we drift?

  22. It is all head games. If this is true and the police willingly shot it meaning they could have got their hands on tranquilisers and shot it that way proves they are shit bags! I hate the games of all in plain sight and it is sinister pathetic parody and in truth of semiotics means fuck all other than players pandering their vacuous egos. It is mind games and bullshit to screw with people’s heads! A lot of people attach superstition to a lot of things when it is all theatre and orchestrated for psychological and social engineering and assumptions of belief yanked on. It is pathetic! I find the all in plain sight games played sinister and done for no other reason than corrupt bullshit! If it is a declaration of all in plain sight and they symbolically want to destroy or kill someone then they are c@@@s! Playing games of symbolism is pathetic! When are the factions going to grow up if this is one of their games and ploys? WHEN? Mental the bloody lot of it!

  23. FFS FFS FFS FFS FFS FFS FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Army mobilising to deliver fuel is a lie it’s just a cover, there mobilising FULLY plan B to force jabs on all and covid passports has been announced, MARTIAL LAW incoming and fast, just like in Australia 🙁 This way they bypass our Courts and MP’s FFS!!!

    They want 100% jabbed and won’t be happy till then, we are waking up, there upping there game in response as expected FFS!!!

    Regretting giving guns away at this stage!!!!

  24. That diffo is a weird one with all the other bullshit they pump out of MSM they put that on really could have caught that without killing it now they have all the animal rights people shouting as if we haven’t got enough going on especially that one is rare more to that diffo

  25. Masochistic b studs really the police are that! Why could they not have used a sleep dart? F in so called human beings!

  26. 11th October to give Evidence, then 12th no doubt Army and Check point Britain is upon us, 2 weeks, same as fuel truck time line, by xmas no more going into McD to have a burger for us, so that’s something.

    Poor Stag, got / used to have not seen recently a White Female Dear or 2 in my local forest, lovely creatures, sure better way of handing such a creature, stop the traffic and herd it with a few people back into the country side, not rocket science.

  27. No RSPCA in Liverpool.. me thinks they should not of shot that , or is it a deep fake video like some of those in Australia..? Mind Games or Spiritual WAR.

  28. I live in B.C.,Canada;my foreman said he read an article on the weather channel,saying the white tailed deer are getting covid because people(hunters) are petting them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Why the hell kill the stag surly some was to sudate the animal its a. Discrase

  30. There is no symbolism here and yes you are reading too much into it Hugo. It is an escaped animal, it happens all the time, end of.
    Because it is so rare the Police need to be held account by the RSPCA for their actions, it should have been tranquilised. I suppose it is one less animal farting methane, the environmentalists will be happy.

  31. poor animal
    i hope it comes back & HAUNTS their Every living moments
    it’s disgusting
    i love animals, i still upset about that poor alpaka !

    cheers hugo
    have good day All

  32. B******S! This rare animal could have been saved with a skilled dart from a professional (Lateral thinking officers could have tried a Taser in an emergency situation) Modern RSPCA are useless. Some time ago a man killed a White Moose (Elg) in Scandinavia causing huge hassle even from normal hunting people. The reason provided to destruct this animal was endangering public and motorists but I am sure this won’t happen to the idiots from Insulate Britain who are walking onto the M25 and causing harm to humans. The area I am in is full of wildlife and nature.

    • Don’t hold your breath ,they will end up shooting anyone who dies not comply or fit thier agenda !

  33. I think they released it. As you said it’s rare to see a regular stag to run around on the streets so how low is the probability to see a white stag doing the same.
    They catched it in the forest and released it to take another piss of the public.
    It could be this rare stag comes from a big forest owned by some crypto-J*w banker.
    City Of London and Rothschild own a lot of forests in UK.
    It’s more likely the Elite use this symbolism to broadcast certain messages, signals.

  34. I think they released it. As you said it’s rare to see a regular stag to run around on the streets so how low is the probability to see a white stag doing the same.
    They catch it in the forest and released it to take another piss of the public.
    It could be this rare stag comes from a big forest owned by some crypto-J*w banker.
    City Of London and Rothschild own a lot of forests in UK.
    It’s more likely the Elite use this symbolism to broadcast certain messages, signals.

  35. Stock up on food, there trying to create food shortages to help put army on the streets for rationing, they’ve got 1000nds of ships world wide told they can’t dock to create this shortage fueled by panic buying soon ofcourse, when the government say don’t panic.

    After 2 months of peace and everyone thinks it’s over, boom this is about to turn nasty, they are coming for the unjabbed.

    Why do they want 100% compliance?

    • yeah i feel it too bigtime, being branded or killed one of the two.. the unjabbed know to much and know what there up to. that’s why they will come for us to stop the awakening. we might win this yet time will tell. what ever is in this jab is certainly not for our benefit. we are being treated like cattle. like we are there property. there days are numbered.

  36. Christ said there will be signs and omens in the End Times so I would certainly not write this off as coincidence. How on Earth would a deer of any sort, never mind this beautiful white stag, manage to get from it’s natural habitat into an urban area without being seen along the way before it got as far as the terraced houses that usually are the ones that surround UK city and town centres, because they were built during the 19th and early 20th Centuries? That meant had had to go through all the outskirts first and Liverpool is quite a big city so surely he’d have been seen long before they’re telling us? He was either planted or it’s something far less mundane!
    They could and should have tranquillised him and took him to an appropriate place, such as a farm vet’s, until he recovered then released him to his natural habitat, though. I do not believe they had no way of doing so and I don’t believe their excuses. It’s very sad to know they just destroyed such a beautiful creature needlessly. The excuses only make it worse!

  37. new slave world there bringing in. killing the old world. it will happen to us if we start thinking for our self’s by just stopping. the concrete jungles have got to go. fingers crossed this matrix ends.

  38. Why wasn’t this covered on the One Show with all the other bland Bollox they belf feed us.

  39. Anyone who kills a white stag or has a hand in it will incur a sinister curse upon themselves and their families!

  40. Meaning of a White Deer The Native Americans believed the occurrence of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy – a sign from the great spirit that a major shift in their world was to come. Usually, white animals were seen during soul-quests, or vision-quests. However, if one was seen during the normal course of day, this would cause a tremendous ripple among the tribe

  41. The Celts believed he brought messages from the spirit world. As well, he would appear as a moral reminder if person was veering off the path of righteousness.

    In the legends of King Arthur, the white stag represented the pursuit of a spiritual quest and in the following centuries, the conversion to Christianity. When White Stag strides into your life, the creature brings you a sense of great responsibility. You are moving into a time in your life where maturity matters most. White Stag is a sign you stand at the gateway to a whole new spiritual level of understanding. The White Stag’s appearance means you have Spirit Guides lending energetic support to you for the emotional or spiritual work ahead.

    White Stag also comes to remind you to walk with integrity and remain mindful of your thought-forms. The creature’s presence is an omen, signaling a time of manifestation. Here, your Animal Spirit Guide may carry the warning of watching what you wish for.” The Stag’s appearance in your awareness suggests it’s time to consider all potential outcomes associated with the fulfillment of your desires…. and am sure there is something to do with the spirit of the British Isles too.

  42. “Killing a white stag carries a harsh warning across many cultures, and is said to bring terrible luck to whoever slays it.”

  43. That wasn’t a stag ? Have you any idear how big stags are ? It looks quite young to me. Bless it. Bait pure bait.

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