WORLD WAR III PART 2 / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. If i cant have freedom then i don’t want your corrupt controlling slavery new norm.

    • “Freedom ” without fight just doesn’t exist!
      There is a time to live and a time to die, a time for peace, a time for war.
      Freedom without sacrifice, doesn’t exist. Truth! Brothers and sisters!
      Nothing good comes easy.
      Time for Christian warriors to put on the armour of God! With righteous anger, To put these evil one’s to the sword!
      God bless! Christ is king!

    • Hugo, the vaxxed might realise themselves what they got i to once they are asked to take another shot after 6 months , and another , and another.. or their pass will be cancelled. It is incredible how some people don’t think. But I do believe that we have to fight and protest these measures, and the fact it’s happening all over the world and they are silencing the news tells you a lot. Also, I am positive that amazing Dr Reiner Fullmich and many other humanity Fighters are starting Corona Committee soon, and even though that takes time there is always hope. We live in a rotten and corrupt system. Rotten to the core. People have been asleep for way too long. And fixing that now is jot an easy job. But there is not much option- either fix it or slowly drown in tyranny. What are we leaving to our kids???

  2. Hostile Governments, Hostile police, Hostile Media all weaponized against the people of course it’s a war!
    Over my dead body will the fuckers control me!

  3. it has nothing to do with our governments , this is the global elite who are in power now and they control our governments . UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 2030 . the GREAT RESET . . everybody should look this up .

    • 100% Dave C, yet people still blind to it through a mixture of fear, laziness and ignorance. Sadly, unless they wake up soon, we’ll all go down in the rotting ship!!!

    • Dave Cad, it has plenty to do with the Governments, it is the Governments that are responsible, it is the Governments that signed the forms, it is the governments that made the decisions and secretly. It is treason at the highest level and those in government knew exactly what they were doing, the subterfuge and lies they used over the last years prove there deceit, there is no excuse. They were not acting in the interests of the people who elected them. There actions are inexcusable they are not our masters but our servants.

      • Government’s are puppets for the system behind all this…Rockefeller foundation, bill and melinda gates foundation, george soros, Klaus schwab to name a few…

      • Thetruth is spot on!
        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        It’s always who’s going to carry out the plan that gets the job.
        Think Blair and why he was in power.

    • the gov are just puppets they pass the word down to the local councils who run everything from permits to the police the courts and prisons and even the death jabs ….correct me if im wrong

    • So at what point do people rise up ? A lot of people I no r all for this digital shit. I’m in shock at just how many people agree with this. People I thought were smart. The only thing my so called friend are smart on is there smart phones. There welcoming this. God help us all. X

  4. The quiet war has begun, with silent weapons and the newest slavery is to keep the people poor and stupid.

    • I agree and I also agree that we need to be kind to those who are not with us on this.
      I attended a meeting in Manchester yesterday about vaccine passports. Some very good speakers. The audience were, as always, a mix of decent people of all ages, cultures and ethnicity. We are all concerned about what is happening.
      “Rebels on roundabouts” and “Holding the line” representatives were there and they reported that their actions were working, people are coming over and asking questions. They ARE waking up. They have been sucked into MSM and are now realising there is something happening. We need to stain together on this. None of us want digital ID’s. We can unite with love and patience.

      • Great to hear Viv. I have thought about joining Rebels on Roundabouts as well as leafleting my area.

  5. This actually makes a lot of sense. We are ALL Wonderful Human Beings, Jabbed or not.
    We All need to come together to make this Shit Show Stop.

  6. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen for months that the next part is famine level food shortages, worldwide (watch Ice Age Farmers last 2 vids for excellent research on this) – well look at the news now predicting meat shortages – that is the tip of the iceberg, it’s going to be EVERYTHING.

    And the simpletons just bleat on about how it’s lies, it’s Brexit, it’s the pingdemic.

    No, it’s because crops have been destroyed and any that has been harvested not allowed to be shipped, all around the world.

    Control the food you control the people. No coincidence that Gates has already bought up loads of agricultural land and is invested in lab grown meat.

    • The latest thing is a probable gas shortage in the coming months!

    • You gotta see his video from June 2021 called global famine : why ? Bioengineered tiny humans for a zero carbon future.

  7. yes you are right in what your saying but there is alot more coming out then they would like… i would say its the start of the revolution and im sure about that as the numbers this winter will have alot of nurses and doctors turning there heads as they are going to try and down play the deaths

  8. All been very cleverly planned for decades..Aaron Russo predicted this yrs ago as shat he was told by one of the Rothchilds.

    • Johnsons wife has a influence as well as she worked at the WHO and Rockefeller foundation..maybe a plant?…who knows but wouldnt surprise me if they have a hold over him…

  9. my thoughts and beyond…good point that they need dissenters or there’d be no need for the vaccine passport…thank you for what you’re doing

  10. The MSM are telling 3exactly what’s to come, but nobody’s listening!
    The media have gone from telling us about past events, to telling us what the future holds!
    How does fleet street know?
    They know because they’re told!
    Nothing happens by accident, it’s all done by consent, deliberately, and under control!
    As the process unfolds, information is drip fed to us, as and when required!
    Back that up with the constant fear pandemic, and you’ve got a way to mentally break down the public!
    There’s many different psychological techniques being used here, and they’re affecting EVERYONE, regardless if they consider themselves, “awake ” or not!
    We are ALL being played, we literally are pawns on a chess board!
    Do what YOU need to do to try to stay sane, and healthy!

  11. Really good video Hugo disturbed that by not having the vac I am still participating in their plan. All great comments too

  12. Hi I’ve been thinking this for a long time I think this has started that this is a war against this all all brought on from last war I believe I get to be proved right but that’s my theory and thanks very much for your comments and you’re showing on the net as it’s very interesting someone thinking very same as what I do

  13. they want as many jabbed as soon as poss before they wake up around 20 october and find all the money has gone no pensions for the police lol.

  14. The problem is you can`t reach or reason with the jabbed, remember these people bought into the narrative, they have allowed, and in most cases welcomed being experimented on. Even those that now may question their actions are unlikely to stand against the regime.

    • Yes, they get angry if you try to put your opinion across. I’ve been turned on by workmates round the lunch table, they all jabbed, me not, people l thought were my friends. Suddenly seen them in a different light.

      • Mya, just ask if they can explain what’s in it?
        And did they get the side effects advice before or after the jab?

        That normally gets them thinking…

      • Yep they BELIEVE and that’s the end of that and they literally BELIEVE everything there told and Politicians can’t lie to us, there not allowed to, LOL that’s all they have ever done that’s there job FFS.

        People I’ve known all my life, no just fuck off your too stupid!!

        They point at me in the town, stay away stay away your not jabbed, WTF is with this level of crazy!!

  15. Is the truth only coming from controlled opposition ? Although I agree generally with your thesis Hugo, I don’t believe YOU are part of the controlled opposition. There are a growing number of truly awake people, including the Jabbed. I agree Love is all you need !

    • Who are the controlled opposition? It’s difficult to know as they all sound genuine. Are they talking about People like Alex Jones and David Icke? Or tucker Carlson and doctors and scientist that have been banned from MSM? I listen to a lot of information that they have researched.

      • Hugo has a good point. Controlled opposition or not, the ‘elites’ knew long before that a small amount of awakened people would keep themselves busy with searching for truth on the internet and that the illuminati need a controllable amount of them for dividing we the people.

      • There are TWO GOLDEN RULES to sussing out who is and, who is not, controlled. 1) If they’re silent on the Jews then you know they are controlled it’s as simple as that. 2) If they say it’s the Fascists this, and the Fascists that, then you KNOW 100% for sure that they’re controlled.

  16. Could this be any more nefarious??? Yes, Hugo, I do believe the People of the world must unite and help one another. This division they are trying to create can lead to our demise. Thank you for this explanation… it makes perfect sense. We are dealing with dark, evil forces. And they will play dirty. It is war.

  17. A slight amendment to your comments Hugo. I don’t think they NEED opposition to the jab and have orchestrated this side of it, i think instead that they know it is inevitable that some will see through the lies and they have planned for that inevitability. But like you say, they don’t want our side to get too big, and platforms like talkradio and BG news aim to catch the people who question things but try to lead them off in the wrong direction. For example they never talk about the yellow card system or VAERS.

    This strategy is used all the time in the world of “conspiracy theories”. The best examples of this being very successful are the 9/11 truth movements who gather truth seekers into believing it was bombs, thermite or nukes, or that the videos were fake. They accurately point out why the official narrative doesn’t work, but they lead people away from the truth. The truth about 9/11 can be found on also and Chris Hampton’s other 9/11 alchemy movies.

    9/11 Finding the Truth: This free ebook by Andrew Johnson explains perfectly how controlled opposition works:

    There is also a sequel, 9/11 Holding the Truth (also free):

    These are essential reading. Please read and share the info.

    • Connect, I think it’s about MSM believers and non believers.

      If people can honestly say that MSM and governments didn’t lie about WMD and 911 then they probably couldn’t get jabbed quick enough.

      We on the other hand will dig a bit further to get the facts.

      I think there are some people who spread an alternative view but not fully backed by facts an figures. We should all do our own research either way.

      As Hugo’s message… The main thing is not to fall for the division!
      Learn to separate emotions from the facts.

  18. This might be the best analysis of our current situation. Well done!

  19. Government has declared war on its people.
    Sadly the vast majority just don’t realise it yet…

    • Interesting thoughts Hugo and the unjabbed and jabbed absolutely have to come together. In an ideal world though, for them, they don’t want any opposition. Remember they want to take us to China asap. They just have to create these divisions as a necessary tool because not everyone was going to buy the narrative. And they want the passports regardless for so much more than vaccination status as you’ve explained so well in your videos.

  20. You’re right Hugo. I’ve had conversations with two separate customer care staff at a big supermarket chain, one chap that came to read my gas and electric, and a delivery person in the last four days, and every single one of them agreed with the take we have on things, and a few weeks back a customer service person for a big mobile phone network, they too were very sceptical about what’s going on. There are those who simply don’t speak out who had the treatment and I’ve been trying to get them to burn the idea of passports along with those who haven’t yet taken the treatment. They thanked me as they felt better after chatting. I told them to have these conversations, we’ve a lot to lose if we don’t. Now that the UK have allowed hydroxychloraquine to be used in the NHS, only found that out today, I’m wondering if that too is a ploy, they simply let those on the drug die, or it’s a placebo, and then it’s shelved again with an ‘I told you so’ attached. I’ve never felt this level of confusion in my life before, maybe that’s what they want.

    • I had chats with people and actually they are surprised whats really going on…
      More so about the PCR test fraud…
      Which is the elephant in the room driving the figures..
      I showed them info on them things and they said after “they can shove the lot of it now”…and they was suspicious before as well

      • And the entire pandemic is actually built on a test that is not fit for purpose. It certainly cannot be used for diagnosis. That much we all know.

        Whatever they were after, it certainly was not corona. Could it truly have been a DNA collection? Does anyone know more about this.

  21. Thank you Hugo once again to bring back the thought/force/power that can UNITE vs widen the chasms.
    some call is Love, some Compassion, some Understanding, some Faith . whatever one chooses to call it – use it as a tool to unite.
    Release your end of the rope in this ‘tug of war’.
    I for one am not out there, trying to ‘convince’ anyone. As i don’t appreciate/enjoy any attempts by others to convince me of anything. (car-salesmen anyone?) Am greatly adverse to any ‘convince-bullying’.

    I have often responded with: We don’t need to be of the same view/opinion in order to get along! We can still converse with another, no?
    – that usually causes a startled pause.
    seems to be an entirely foreign premise/concept.
    i emphasise then again how important it is that we keep talking to/with each other. if we stop meeting, conversing, experiencing each other, we shall be in serious trouble, as proven plenty a times via history.

    instead of trying to pull ‘the other’ onto our side of the river-bank, aka being ‘right’, … can we not remember that we can swim all in the same river, together, without whacking each other over the head or clamour for a better “piece” of the river?
    we need each other to assist each other in that journey down that river – which is the great unknown mystery called life.

    be OK with not-knowing what’s behind the next bend, be OK with uncertaintity, be willing to be kind to yourself, then it will be easier for you to be kind to someone else who might need assistance, understanding, compassion, a smile.

    can recommend this channel, just for kicks
    this is the latest one –
    a friend in the US turned me onto this channel.
    such a treat

    and – if i may , one last thought: many years ago i worked in police stations (non-sworn officer situation) – and I remember once a Sgt responding to something we discussed about certain changes needed to be made, etc, with: “Yeah, but the system here does not …. etc etc”
    to which i responded, quite impromptu as I had never thought of it consciouly before: “A system never gets up in the morning an has caffe’, individual people do within that system – and with those one has to connect.”
    He was telling me about the bureaucy in the department, all the reason why i could not do this or that, to which again I responded “Bureaucrazy doesn’t get up in the morning, prepares itself some breakfast. People within the bureacrazy though do … and to THOSE i need to relate, need to approach, ask, etc. –
    anyway, that usually has always worked for me . one can always hide behind “but the system ….” .
    There are always people who are the ones signing off on any given policy, order etc… and to those i want to talk, encounter, relate to.
    well – this worked thus far.
    what will happen if those AI / humans infiltrate the populace, is anyones guess.
    but right now – we always have choices still.

    never give up.
    stay strong.
    and know you have COURAGE. we all already do have courage! (courage comes from the french word coeur = heart ) I love the expression “take heart’ ie. be courageous. We all have it, because we all have a heart.
    Touch your heart, Courage!

  22. I have respect for good people that think outside the box that do not want to give up there freedoms over a fear epidemic…
    The other lot i just cannot be around as they will drag us down with them…
    I always been a free spirit and i am glad i am instead of a brainwashed virtual signalling fool that is blinded by there own ignorance and belief in media and news…

  23. This is our apocalypse – The Veils are being ripped away by the Globalists and their Puppet Govt Minions.
    The Globalists have got the govts of the world to set fire to their house of cards and everyday more and more fuel is being added by the Globalists Minions the world’s Govts.
    The C0NV!D$CAM is opening so many more peoples eyes to the CL!MATE$CAM – Their house is on fire and they are terrified.

  24. An example of duplicit and controlled media is evident from what Max Igan said after his interview with John O’ Looney an undertaker from Milton Keynes. He said John told him that RT offered £85, 000 if he kept silent. RT have presented themselves in a certain light: a bit out of the main stream willing to have discussions other channels and filming and reporting of events others omit to cover. They filmed the Trafalgar Square demonstrations and many used this feed to watch the demonstrations online. They have journalists such a John Pilger who criticise government agendas. They appear to be alternative, but only up to a point. It’s very carefully managed and therefore controlled opposition.

    The same for other channels on youtube like Talkradio; they had many criticising the lockdown but the real crunch was that they all in the end, including Peter Hitchins, endorsed having the Jab for whatever reason. If it’s on youtube after all this time, it’s more than likely controlled opposition.

    This attempted bribe by RT also demonstrates how global the media agenda truly is.

  25. In Northern Ireland we have the High Street Voucher Scheme coming up, giving every adult a card loaded with £100 to spend as you please. I’ve been very suspicious about this. Lot of personal details needed to apply for it.

  26. Respect over peoples thought and wishes but in return they should respect your. Keep your energy lite and don’t buy into anger and hatred .

  27. Divide and rule is a maxim as old as the emergence of consciousness in human history….

    The ultimate goal is trans-humanism, for which the faceless man is one of the first steps. Here masks play their role. Then the lobotomised man, partly due to a substance injected into him – Rudolf Steiner spoke in these terms already in 1917 – and a brutal campaign of social engineering.. Then the great fusion announced by the principles of the World Economic Forum: the fusion of physical, biological and digital man. Here the soul, the spiritual, the transcendental in man would already be erased. Man is connected only to the machine, nothing is said of his higher self . Finally, that which transcends the human, the machine. This is trans -humanism. Man finally appears as a waste product of evolution.

    Divide and rule. To create tensions in the population in order to promise to overcome them by a central power. A large part of the population, lobotomised, mainly because of social engineering and by the substance injected into its body, devours the small dissenting part. The ring of digitalisation to rule them all.

    This is the script of the play according to the wishes of those for whom humanity is annoying, more than annoying, it is the enemy to be defeated. Quiet wars with silent weapons.

    The other side of the story is the strength of the human conscience ……. Every awakened mind writes it.The game is still being played and we are all in it. We have a lot at stake, perhaps everything.

  28. This whole thing has been 50 years in the planning and it is going to be another 4 years before we move on from it .

    • Yes. Not away from it rather deeper into it as the some of the agenda would have been fulfilled with a depopulated, tracked and further controlled society and concentration camps normalised so public can watch tv to applaud the “ant-vaxers” getting their medicine. All will be cheered on, as of course, its for the benefit of public health!

  29. were not antivaxxers were freedom fighters and we get laughed at. they wont be laughing soon. i know if we submit to getting the jab its game over, your excepting the digital nightmare that’s coming and consenting, that’s why were in this mess. the vaxxed cart see it, there hypnotized. they are waking up more and more which is great news. so obvious, look what freedom they took away from us already. cart fly, cart go night club next month without your smartphone etc etc. fuck off……. you want to live like this. stop complying and it will all be over. the next lockdown will be punishment for not comply… you want to live like this all the time, 18 months down the drain so far for nothing. no memories being created, no romantic story’s to tell…………………………………………………

  30. Great video Hugo, thanks! I think you may have nailed it. I hadn’t thought that maybe they didn’t want everyone to get jabbed so they could divide us even further, but it makes sense. And it’s the perfect reason for the vaccine passports, that’s true. I’ve been trying to see the middle ground because I do see a lot of jumping to conclusions on both sides. Thanks for your insight, as always, it is insightful and well-reasoned.

  31. We need to stop using the labels of jabbed and unjabbed cos we are all people and lots of these pepple are your neighbours friends ect if we don’t do what this country has done in the past we have won wars we should never of won all because we stuck together are great grandparents would be turning in there graves people need to start being people again cos this is a shit show

  32. I put up comment/shout-out for A WARRIOR CALLS,the know-all called ‘trev’ came back calling it all balderdash and saying plod and judge would land you in big trouble for not having a driver’s license,I agree with you trev,but mr plod and mr judge only exist in the LEGAL world,not the common law world;There are live common law cases being moved through courts at present,like the tobacco farmers in Ontario,Canada;Being bullied and harassed by the authorities trying to put them out of business of course,they didnt renew there trading license with the authorities(LEGAL)and now identify as lawful man/woman under common law.

    • So does that mean that you can drive a taxi, run an ice-cream van, run a fast-food stall without a permit from the town hall so long as you identify as a common wo/man? 😀 Only asking because I don’t know it all 😀

  33. The ultimate goal is NOT the digital slavery. One World Religion is ( Satanism). They will make life unbearable for everyone to the point that people will ask to be “saved” from the tyranny, then they will trick people by staging an event, the crowning of the Antichrist ” the saviour” and the masses (whoever is left) will fall for it. Nobody talks about this because is the real agenda and I believe it will happen by 2025. Also is about creating a new hybrid as the image of Baphomet, the Divine Androgynous, half male and half female, transhuman

    • yes he is brilliant a good man.This is spiritual nothing else Gods people verses satan . all predicted in bible. it will happen nothing can stop it now.
      chose a side. .

    • Saw it, very brave man with a true heart. May God bless him!!
      I knew we were dealing with evil(satanists) from day one.
      My siblings (laughed), not anymore! This is a spiritual war, many are being possessed by demons..
      Just look when you see a street preacher, preaching the gospel of Jesus and how they scream abuse..
      Then you know mens hearts have been hardened. Wickedness runs rampant.
      God bless! Viva christo rey!!!

  34. He’s absolutely right. It’s an age old concept that’s why there is a saying- Divide and Conquer. My 2 cents, I believe the virus is real and I have been double jabbed. Had I known the actual severity of disease for someone my age and the fact it’s transmissible regardless of being jabbed I would have refused. They’re now talking about third jabs and jabs for kids going against recommendations from ‘respected’ bodies. It’s now clear to me the worldwide digital ID is being pushed by Bill Gates and his mates. They spend their lives accruing ridiculous amounts of money and then become ‘philanthropists’, I believe they really think they are making the world better. They want to use IT to control everything and big tech is obviously on board. Sadly not sure of the solution, personally I know I will lose my job, house from this but I have accepted it as I know declining the digital ID may help my fellow man and the future of human rights.

  35. So shall we get the jab to stop the division and the need for passports?

    • David, do what’s right for you… Bearing in mind knowing what you know.
      Personally it’s hell no!

      There are two sets of people:
      Those who believe everything being fed by the media
      Those who do research and make a decision based on looking at both sides of the argument.

      Who’s responsible for any sides effects?
      Not the pharma companies or the government so go figure…

  36. Rik Mayall said, “Love is the answer, love IS the answer” in his acceptance speech at the University of Exeter in 2008 upon receiving an honorary doctorate. He also acted in the film “One by One” about waking up to the New World Order conspiracy in 2014, which was released the same year as his untimely death.

  37. We all have the key the secret within us, even for those we think don’t deserve it too.
    Hate is a vibration they can always manage secretly, loving them when they are exposed openly is like garlic to a bloodline.
    Love is the weapon within you if you hear what l’m saying , they cannot defeat us, as ‘IT’ is void of that ability,


    Yes let the Love, Understanding and Peace of Hugotalks grow in us One Day at a Time. Thanks Hugo for all your service for mankind.

    -Together We will make it.
    -There’s strength in numbers.
    -“If God is for us who can be against us.”

    God is still in control. Allowing it for a reason. God has won the battle between good and evil with Jesus’ death on the cross.

    We are on the winning side. Stick with the winners!

  39. You make yourself clear – beautifully. Thanks so much Hugo for these excellent videos

  40. Russel Brand appears to be controlled opposition. Do not understand how he can say all the things he does which others are banned for and yet there he is, day after day whining about the system.

    • I was thinking the same…seems that they do want us to know (to some exrent) what is going on…?

    • Same with Altiyan Childs revealing the Freemason’s secrets on youtube, despite being sworn to secrecy as a Mason himself (now turned to Jesus) and facing fatal penalties for doing so. The video remains on youtube with tens of thousands of views. Makes me think he is a plant for them, they want the masses to know these things now?

  41. Nothing to.add Hugo, spot on. I recently spoke to a person who is jabbed 3 x now , says that she understands what the governments are doing and is happy to lose her freedom as she likes comfort….what comfort??? of being a puppet? 🙃

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