WORLD WAR III PART 2 / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. There are a lot of things forthcoming in the coming decade. All done to ensure the survival of the elite and the destruction of those that are no use to them. Deaths will occur from all sorts different means. They will do all they can to reduce the population. But, not everything that happens is in their control. All they are aware of what is to come. For Mother Earth will fight back. A pole shift will occur between 2925-2032. It is so important right now to keep strong stay alert and support each other for what is to come.

    The light will prevail and defeat the darkness 👼

    • The light will prevail after they kill half the population. Prepare by establishing sub communities… do not depend on an employer, but rather start your own business… turn your backyard into a farm… get others to do so… convert a movable storage unit in your back yard set up an off grid solar powered cabin … learn to collect water … a 1000 sf surface can collect 800 gals of water on 1” of rain … find others who are on board … stop whining and trying to convince… plant seeds in peoples mind, love them and let God do the rest

      • Did you know that rain and soil might be poisened by the fallout of chemtrails?

    • Need to create a resistance movement, when the internet goes down, that’s when this will turn nasty, we need to go out in small groups and destroy 5G towers all over the UK.

      Drill a hole into then use Salt Water to fry the electrics on the big towers, Drones and Explosives to take out the 1s on top of buildings.

  2. Well said dear Susan! As one Christian to another, I send much love and sincere thanks to you. We all got to stick together to beat this evil!!

  3. Hugo I have to say a massive thank you to you for everything you’re doing to help raise awareness of what is going on. You’re absolutely amazing!! Much love to you from Carolyn. Xxx

  4. Spending TRILLIONS all over the world to push people into getting a jab for a virus that doesn’t really exist or the first virus was just a Flu and there still naming any upcoming cold/flu covid for more FEAR!!! With No increased deaths 2020, so 100% HOAX!!

    Soldier working on 5G whistle blowed, 5G power + Graphene Oxide will cook the jabbed from inside ( they’ll blame on Solar Storm there hyping ), might not get Zombies 🙁 ( super hungry alive people that are so hungry from the 5G affecting there brain they’ll attack and eat other people, until the 5G is stopped, via the Graphene Oxide )

    I expect huge depopulation, quick or over the next 2 – 3 years, then who’s left will be controlled and turned into slaves Hunger Games Style!!

    WW3 has started!!! But don’t need Jab to turn you into QR Code and Enslave you, didn’t in China, only reason is depopulation sadly.

      • 22Mil sounds high, Deagle was 25Mil area, Boris’s dad wants 10Mil UK and therefore so will Boris.

        Might get there by xmas, world totally ripped apart ready to build back better.

      • I agree that they don’t necessarily need the jab to turn you into a QR code. However I don’t agree that the jab is just for depopulation but that definitely is one of the main objectives of the jab. I think they have multiple reasons for the jab as they do for a Lot of manufactured problems and things they want to do. Also just because they don’t need the jab to turn you into a QR code (they could also use another manufactured problem) does not mean they are not using it to help turn you into a QR code as it does help justify vaccine passports which is a stepping stone to the mark of the beast. Another objective is to set a president for and normalise mandating what goes into your body for the so called greater good. Also if the injections genetically modified you who then owns you Monsanto was trying to sue farmers who had their farmland contaminated with GMO from other farms for infringing their patents. Also could the jab or future jabs not be a way to reduce our humanity and block us off from the devine and also hook us more tightly up to the matrix. As hugo said they need us unjabbed for the thesis antithesis synthesis jabbed vs unjabbed synthesis vaccine passports. So as hugo said we need to try and find common ground with the vaxed and avoid or reduce the level of divide and conquer. Though unfortunately there will always be some agent provocateurs and controlled opposition so there will be division created whatever we do though we can minimise the division. Anyhow it’s just some of my thoughts not necessarily completely right.

      • The prime objective of the jab is definitely depopulation, those that they want will be given placebos, but not informed. This mass genocide is driven by the green lobby who worship the creation and hate people – otherwise known as The Pale (Green) Horse of Revelation. David Attenborough being a perfect example of this rabid lunacy. The Georgia Guidestones in America also speak of a massive population reduction to 500,000,000 worldwide instead of the current 7 billion+.

        With cash withdrawal from our system and replaced with digital currency they will have us by the balls anyway, whether we are jabbed or not jabbed. The Beast of Revelation is the Rothschild Worldwide Money Empire, so if anyone wants to trade using their money they will have to receive a mark in order to do so – jabbed or not jabbed.

        The only escape from this is divine intervention = with God all things are possible, including protection from the soon coming satanic onslaught.

    • Hi
      Listen to Mike Adams on Brighteon September 23rd, MERS is being combined with other viruses to be aerosol sprayed causing 30% death rate.
      The plan is to spray into the bat caves so when the bats are eaten then this virus will spread via humans.

  5. With you all the way Hugo, definitely aligned through every step. We go out each week on Saturday to protest in Shaftesbury or Gillingham, Dorset. We receive abuse, apathy and support. it is hard and not for everybody…. I do wonder at those that call us selfish for not being Vaccinated. They don’t seem to have any kind of consideration that we don’t wish to spend our time on the road at the weekend, we are doing it for them not us and we will be OK because we have an immune system.
    We have love, many of us pray and are spiritual, although none of us now subscribe to organised religion, we have our own faith and we are at peace with ourselves. Fear and stress are the greatest contributors to long term ill health. Raising your own vibration is more important than many people realise. I LOVE MY TRIBE

  6. I am 62 year old male who was dumb enough to get the jab but my eyes are open now and I now see what is going on. I hope and pray the rest wake up in time to stop this shit from happening.

    • hi Dave

      least you finally saw sense bless you
      as you say lets hope MORE WAKE UP … NOW!!!


  7. In London there were armed police with sub-machine guns in all the underground stations. Bit concerning as I walked through!

  8. I think you are right but also I know the jabbed don’t have a long time to live. They probably almost all have had some sort of adverse reaction by now. I’ve found out they are giving the jab in four different strengths..the last one being a saline solution. It is a mass clinical trial after all. I’m worried about there being enough of society left to still have a society. I tried to come up with an herbal concoction for them but what it’s done I don’t believe that’s possible. I’ve seen doctors capitalize on it though. I find that disgusting. They also all have such wide variability. Some their blood is gel like, some their blood cells are miss sharpened like Huntington’s, and some it just rips up their capillaries. The reason I believe is because substance have different effects at different doses. It’s impossible to know who go what and how much. All I can do I feel is pray for them.

    • Nikkip424 Hey what more info can give me about the capillaries? Unfortunately the mother of my lad had a stroke with being double jabbed and she mentioned something about missing capillarity arteries.

  9. There now building a super morgue in the North West in the countryside away from prying eye’s.
    Abit like oswiecim !! Or Treblinka what will they say next hurry up the water is getting cold oh sorry oswiecim in German is Auswitch! How many bodies what cynicism this is for mass disposal!!!
    May God help us all.

  10. I find it really hard not to feel hatred and anger, not at the jabbed, but at the jabbed cretins who are comine online and laughing at the unjabbed with partonising comments and/or angrily blaming them for….. well read some of the comments on the public fbook posts with totally clueless idiots who have no interest in the truth saying their piece. Obviously posts originated by awakened people will not be dominated by such types, but the public posts just make me so angry. And then there’s those accusing the awakened ones of lacking an ability to think critically for themselves about things – “I didn’t know you had a medical degree” type of patronising comments which keep coming up as if the user actually thinks no one will realise it’s as original and funny as diarrhoea. Fuck em!!!! Sorry, but these cunts get no love from me!!!!

    • Oh my god I totally get this I was reading all the comments under the news story on Facebook about Michael gove calling the unvaccinated selfish and it was infuriating!! These self righteous idiots repeating what they’ve heard on the TV, preaching on about how they got the vaccine to protect everyone else and how selfless they are and how selfish we are for not having it! People also saying the unvaccinated are on the same level as pedophiles!! What these idiots fail to acknowledge is the fact they can still catch and spread it, and because they’re all going out maskless and going to festivals etc enjoying their new found freedom they are actually spreading it faster how SELFISH of them!!!

  11. I agree love over hatred there is a number of controlled opposition groups who incite division: white nationalists (refugees, foreigners, any Jew and without going into any details), Nazi sympathizers (refugees, people of colour, foreigners), Israelis (non-J*ws), Evangelists and other Christian combatant groups who base their understanding of faith on Pharisaic ideology .
    I admit I said a lot of bad things about J*ws but it’s not really about an average J*w who is confused enough but wants to severe his ties with racist Talmudic Judaism. The others are filthy rich crypto-J*ws who use to mobilize other J*ws and Shabbos Goyim for their dirty jobs.

  12. I sometimes wonder if Hugo represents some sort of division in the establishment.

  13. Hugo thank you for all the beautiful images of nature that accompanied this video, it makes it much easier to listen to this kind of information while viewing something peaceful. Your channel is one of a handful that keeps me grounded thanks to your humour and the fact that no matter happens what you are never defeatist about it. A strong spirit is exactly what we need and it’s very much appreciated!

  14. It is obvious that the western economies are in collapse along with the dollar. The world reserve currency.
    Oil replaced gold as the backing for the dollar. Non oil counties needed to hold dollars to purchase the oil they needed.
    But with the oil supply having passed peak in about 2006, they realised that the dollar as a reserve currency days were numbered.
    The virus was the answer.
    I agree, combined with depopulation, a cashless society and a controlled populous via vaccine passports.
    The direction is abandoning oil, reducing air travel, reducing oil consuming cars, oil consuming plastics, reducing consumption, reducing global transport of goods, food, and people.
    They have been debasing all fiat ccurrencies by massive printing. The cabal have been buying up as many assets as possible using cheap money (land, property, gold and silver etc.) to preserve and concentrate the remaining wealth in the hands of the few before the system collapses.
    It is WW3. And so far we are losing.
    Sun Tzu “the art of war” in essence
    win a war without a battle but by using deception.

  15. I think the missing piece in this jigsaw is the robots, they are absolutely lethal and untouchable, easily computer controlled to kill multiple times with precision. If you google it you will see they are virtually indestructible, I do believe that those we thought were in power are clearly not, it is all to do with Schwab, Gates, Soros and Davos and heads of government are being blackmailed, threatened and rewarded, the same tactics and gaslighting the government is using on us. They want a mass revolt then the police and army can get rid of the plebs, then the robots will destroy the police and army and likely most of the governments, Z listers and royalty. They don’t need us to build, grow and pick crops, make cars, wine, foods etc., they have robots that can be programmed to do anything and can now create human life if wanted without the use of a human body.

  16. Hey guys hope you’re all ok and hanging in there tonight. I could do with some advice and help please as I face a huge dilemma which is really seriously troubling me. I’ve been told that I need major surgery urgently, but it occurred to me that because of this I may be told to have the death jab which I have so far completely avoided. How can I get out of this? Does anyone here know whether I would have to have it in order to have the surgery? I have a life threatening condition, so this is very scary!!!! If anyone can advise me here, I would be very grateful to have my mind put at rest. Thank you lots. Much love from Carolyn

    • Carolyn, I am waiting for surgery too. I was asked by the surgeon if I had taken the jab – I said no. He said, then don’t have it at least Two weeks before your operation. He wasn’t the slightest bit concerned that I hadn’t taken it. At my pre-op consultation I was asked if I had been jabbed, I said no, I have adverse reactions to vaccines (which I don’t) . His reply was: “Oh, O.K”. I’m currently waiting on a date for my op. My advice – tell them whatever you need to. Good luck my friend and I hope this helps. stay strong

  17. Thank you to One-eyed man in a blind world for your reassurance and guidance so hugely appreciated! This is a weight off my mind indeed, and I will do exactly the same as you so I can avoid this awful death jab. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!!!!

  18. I hear that farmers are destroying perfectly good crops that cannot be delivered – this makes no sense, why don’t they invite people to come along and take what they need for free to clear the fields or at the very least charge a small amount..

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