End Of Plastic Driving Licenses / DIGITAL TRAP Is CLOSING / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I don’t have a mobile phone, I have no wish to have a mobile phone, I will not buy or pay to maintain a mobile phone!

    • Mobile phones fail and there are still many blind regions – idiot idea

    • I don’t have one either. Eventually the powers that be will make life unliveable without a smartphone. Bit by bit, other options for paying bills, buying groceries, doing any kind of transactions, will be eroded and ultimately we’ll have no choice. It’s being foisted upon us very stealthily, but it’s happening, and so fast now. I see changes every day.

    • you have a computer so they will just tell you to check your emails to find you bank is empty coz you violated this and that

      • Forget emails they’ll be a thing of the past. It just be an automatic pop up notification telling you your fucked.

    • Me too. No cell phone. What are they going to do about people who have no phone, or can’t use a cell phone.

      • they are killing the elderly off so soon there will be few left. However many of us who are younger refuse smartphones but it will just be a case of use a smartphone or refused a licence. People need to refuse to complly with anything now, but most young people are complying it seems, so they are agreeing to their own slavery

  2. Tell them you don’t use a smartphone, as 4g causes cancer & is dangerous for your health

  3. Israel (population 9,227,700)
    78% age 12 and older fully vaccinated.
    7 day average cases per day = 6088.
    7 day average deaths = 21

    Egypt (population 102,000,000)
    11 x the population of Israel.
    2.1% age 12 and older fully vaccinated.
    7 day average cases per day = 16
    7 day average deaths = 0.73%

    Covid vaccination world tracker.

      • Will it stay on fake-book?? Or will the Fact Blockers delete it?

      • Will it stay on Fake Book or will it be deleted by the Fact Blockers?

    • Playing devil’s advocate for a second, I posted the info you gave (revised using Sept. 15 as a specific date) in response to a video about the so-called fourth wave on Youtube and received this response from someone: “The testing for Covid is much lower in Egypt. Unreliable data’, which got me thinking. After looking at the data on ourworldindata.org, I realised that there are too many factors (life expectancy, standard of living, healthcare system, diet, lifestyle etc.) involved for it to be useful in convincing people who buy the mainstream narrative. After looking up the data for several industrialised countries, I realised that Israel, the UK and the US (while they have vaccination rates above 60 per cent) stand out from the crowd in having fairly high reported COVID death rates.. Other industrialised countries with even higher vaccination rates have much lower (right down to zero) reported cases of deaths from COVID. Perhaps the most important factor that explains the discrepancies among these is how deaths are attributed. Indeed, at the top of the graph I looked at for death statistics it reads: ‘Limited testing and challenges in the attribution of the cause of death means that the number of confirmed deaths may not be an accurate count of the true number of deaths from COVID-19’.

      Fourth wave report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B-0zXsZo-o

  4. Next, you get chipped like a pet dog(if you haven’t been already), so you don’t even need your phone!
    How cool will that be…?

    Sadly people fall for this crap.

    The internet is an echo chamber for like minded individuals, there’s a need to wake up people on a local level…

    • Your not wrong mate, in Sweden there are companies chipping there employee’s in there hands, between the thumb and forefinger.
      They basically can scan drinks and food machines, to pay for the goods, being told its for convenience.

  5. I don’t think not owning a phone is the answer as they will give you one and say if you don’t use it then you lose the ability to do anything.

    • Mine’s about 15 years younger, but I still have no plans to switch.

      • They’ll tell you your photo likeness is out of date and suspend your licence until you update it. You’ll have to do it digitally of course and that will be your ‘implied’ acceptance.

      • You can use your passport photo for your driving licence 😀

  6. This will be the same for Online banking & Social media… No way!

    There’s no need to have everything stored on your phone

  7. Remember, you DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS.
    Say NO to Digital Domination. 📱🚫

    2025, the year of the beast awakening incoming…

  8. I’m beginning to get the feeling the kids may as well get the two Shots and the Super Booster as soon as possible because if one of the ‘super stars’ everybody follows does not manage to STOP these criminals then life will not be worth living!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

    • They’re no longer issued, but if you still have one (as I do), it’s quite legal.

    • No it wasn’t. I still have mine but I had changed address I would’ve had to submit it to be replaced by a plastic one.

      • Yeahhh, both myself and my wife have old paper ones. If you update any information then they charge you 7quid (?) for a plastic one. Therefore, I still have 3 points on mine since 1981! 😊👍😊

    • The counterpart accompanied the plastic card. That kept a record of your ‘endorsements’. But it was scrapped and replacement by a temporary code that you generate and give to say, a car rental firm, to look up your driving record. The paper ones are still valid but will be technically invalid (up to a £100 fine) if you have changed your address since issue. The plastic ones expire every ten years.

  9. Speaking of the digital trap, the other day I was wondering if the powers that be really are going to do away with cash completely. I happened to be looking at a banknote and it struck me just what great propaganda props they are. They’re like small flyers – only with the added benefit that you can do stuff with them. What the PTB might gain in control with a digital currency, they’d lose in the propaganda value that banknotes hold for the masses. Efficiency and convenience (while they might be good selling points for a digital replacement) aren’t likely to keep people spellbound for very long, as they tend to get bored easily.

  10. Harlot system it will be the smart phone app….Beast Kingdom it will be the implanted device linked to the internet of things that you can’t buy or sell without it (trade/function in society).

  11. Everything about you, all your info, your medical stuff, driving licence, phone numbers, banking, everything, will be centralised into a phone. But phones can be lost, stolen, damaged, hacked, etc, so eventually all your info will be implanted into your body to combat fraud etc. This is definitely the mark of the beast on its way. Hopefully lots more people will realise that the bible is true, because the 2000 year old predictions are coming true right now, in front of our eyes. It can’t be denied. Surely more and more unbelievers are beginning to see it.

    • David Rockefeller liked “you own nothing”…
      There the main core of this agenda…

    • Here some info to chew on – A Havard paper points out, the theoretical maximum data storage of DNA is 455 Exabytes per gram.

  12. They was chucking out cheap mobile phone contracts for months now to get people onto up to date phones…
    From the start its been about digital money etc as that nhs app was just a prototype for them jab passports…
    They want everybody on digital so they can track there spending and movements and like in china take charge of what you can spend and not spend…
    This whole “pandemic” was based for a digital society and reset yet people still now think its about a bloody virus🤦🏻‍♂️…
    Jabs are there every year to top up them passports…
    If you don’t have them they will restrict you…
    I heard all this last march and yet people thought i was insane saying it

  13. If they want to get rid of plastic driving licenses and instead have it on an app it makes no sense as their aim is to stop everyone driving cars anyway by 2025. They have already started by changing petrol fuel so it buggers up everyone’s car engines!

    • Yeah, bring back 4-star, this new sh!t doesn’t even smell like petrol, smells like moth balls….😋

      • Whenever someone says “bring back…” you can be sure it’s gone forever.

  14. Satellite phones are becoming more and more the phone of 1st choice.

      • Yep, I watching the movie ‘Everest’ a while back and to use the satellite phone from base-camp was something like £20 a second! 😀

  15. I went into Asda yesterday and went to pay for my things at the self checkouts. They had installed new machines where you’re actually watching a film of yourself putting your shopping through. Creepy.

    • Me too! I asked the girl whats this all about, oh just another security measure. I was raging.

  16. Can’t we keep our smart phone but just say NO! to the apps etc??

    • Videoman1959, If you have a smartphone you are already being tracked 24 hrs a day, all you say all you do, everywhere you go.
      On or off the story’s the same.
      That is what you are consenting to by having one and that is just the start of the information gathering!

      • Apple have a update that i believe entitles them to see your personal photos…
        Its the current one out now…
        Why would anyone think its needed to see personal photos…?

  17. apparently under common law (the law of the land) you dont need a driving license to travel on public roads,unless you are trading on them,check out A WARRIOR CALLS for incredible information guys

    • Keep in mind the final goal of this “great reset” is the MARK OF THE BEAST

    • Absolute balderdash! Try telling that to plod and a judge 😀 Falling for this horseshit could land you serious trouble. And if you are caught driving on public roads without a valid driving licence you WILL end up in trouble, make no mistake about that. A Warrior Calls is full of crap 😀

    • People are not prepared, they refuse to see the truth.
      This is a spiritual war, put on the armour of God!
      Life as we knew it is gone, we have allowed them to destroy everything that was the natural order of things.
      Time is up, “Jesus “is the only saviour find a good church that gives proper holy communion, go to traditional latin mass.
      Sacraments, sacraments without them we are lost.

      Truly! I tell you if you do not eat my body and drink my blood you have no life in you”
      I said from day one it will get worse, I’m going off with my tent in the wilderness to water fast and pray. Just me, nature and God.
      Hallelujah! God bless! Christ is lord?

  18. I still have a paper licence. Only reason I hadn’t submitted it to be replaced with a plastic one is because I remain at same address but mainly because when changeover happened I had heard that the DVLA lost a whole batch and those people were forced to take another test.

  19. Saying this once the networks go down all the networks by a unique event small solar flare or a new type of weapon, a “Super Worm” anything , we can live in hope.

  20. keep cutting my services off then ill be free. I’m becoming freer everyday. its over in my eyes. this transhumanism can do one. its not a phone anymore its a microchip. we are under attack that’s for sure. this soulless satanic crap has something to do with it. covid passport is mark of the beast and qr code. will we win this? I hope………..im just waiting for them to cut something off. and if i can not function, i will certainly be going of grid, and living like the animals that’s for sure…. its the life ive always wanted to live anyway. feel more connected to the land. then this shit im going through never felt so disconnected fuck that. be better living on the land away from it. im not there yet but its coming. all indications are pushing me to a off grid living by the day. this is going to go on and on. 18 months of this shit. and look where we are what happened to 23 June. were under attack.

    • No need for a chip – Your DNA will store more data than any known chip can – — just one gram can store 215 petabytes, or 215 million gigabytes People are to wrapped up in current tech to see the bigger issue.

  21. Canada is introducing these now. Won’t be able to get away from it.

    • You cannot get away from it. The wrath of God is upon us.
      We turned away from God at our peril, he will not be mocked.

      We are more worried about dying from an “imaginary virus” than we are about seeking “Jesus”

      Jesus words are the vine of life. Take heed to every word in the “gospels ”

      “if you save your life, you will lose it, but if you lose your life for my sake you will save it.” (your soul)

      If we” repent ” as a nation around the world in” sackcloth and ashes” and beg forgiveness. God will hear us and heal our lands.
      But people are too absorbed in themselves it will not happen.

      We chased after the things of this world, lust, fornication, sensual pleasure. Money self gratification

      Our downfall started in the 60s with the hippie movement.
      And all tradition was swept away.
      And were told we are free, you can do what you like. Lie! Lie! Lie!

      Forget God at your peril!
      Jesus is the only way!!, “repent and be saved”
      They the evil ones have turned this world upside down from the natural order of things.
      Feminism is from the bowels of hell to destroy the family unit.

      Here in England women have been promoted over men in all institutions, masqulinity has been derided and shamed.
      Turning the natural order upside down as was planned.

      Women are nurturers, men are hunter gatherers has always been this way.
      Now all I see is jelly fish, brainwashed to oblivion.” God is the” transcendant,” man was made in God’s image.”
      “Who do children run to for protection the father it’s natural instinct and for comfort to the mother.”
      Trying to pretend the opposite is a lie!
      People think they can change God’s law. No not never!!
      At the head of every wife is her husband, the head of everyman is Jesus, head of Jesus is God.

      Man wasn’t made for women, but women for man.
      Now we find the state we are in because we allowed our rulers to overturn the natural law and be all nice and fluffy to each other, regardless of sins we do.
      Our churches have been hijacked by the Liberal order who are more interested in social justice than saving souls.
      “The pope and archbishop of Canterbury are imposters”
      Welby is a jew (pharisee) you can see evil in his eyes! He is no man of God!revelation is coming into being before our very eyes.

      “Satan has a seat in rome”
      We see the traitor bishops prancing around in their finery. Treading on eggshells not to offend anyone. “True priests being ostracised and silenced all over the world” which the MSM remain silent on, because they are the narrative shapers for the stupid.
      “diabolical! But because we strayed so far from God, he has allowed it.and still people refuse to listen, they are so puffed up in themselves, when in reality without God they are nothing.
      And the veil has been lifted to the evil who rule us. We are surrounded by lies, confusion, deceit, and treachery.
      If you know Jesus you will know the truth! Seek” Jesus” in these shameful times.
      God bless! Christ is lord!

  22. I mentioned in the Nicki Menaj video yesterday how I’d noticed the phrase “peddling lies” being used by politicians and various media outlets a lot this past week; well here it is once again, uttered by this tyrannical POS who is ordering people to get jabbed or lose all their freedoms. He conveniently forgets to add that people are dying and becoming paralysed right after these jabs, and actually states that they are “safe and effective”. How he’s allowed to get away with such blatant lies angers me. He also states that covid is here to stay along with booster jabs.

  23. Unfortunately will be fine with this. Ppl are very short sighted and dont see how all these will lead to bad things in the long run. I’ve tried speaking to folk of all ages about using cash and what they they think about Brit coin. Unfortunately a lot think cashless is great. I dont drive so this wont affect me. What I’ve learned this last 19 months us ppl are gullible and easily led. I heard this is happening in Canada either this year or next. Thanks for this vid. Have shared w some normies, not sure it will sink in tho!!

    • It won’t sink in….. There is US, the Thinkers, and there is the sheep who are too frit to breathe fresh air. ‘ separate and divide’ , it’s a commonly known war strategy.

  24. Digital this. Digital that. This is not a world I want to live in. This has all come on a long way from washing hands. The woken ( not woke) cannot agree to any of this.

    • Wash hands and sing Happy Birthday!! 🙄😆🙄…. And what happened to the incessant COUGH that Doris and all Celebs apparently had??? 😄😄😄😄😄😷😄😄😄😄… Was that more BS?

      • Johnson and hancock went to hospital with yes just a sore throat and cough and tested positive and was putting it out they had “covid19” when they just had very mild symptons of the last bit of the flu…
        As they never had “covid 19” regardless

      • Fully agree my friend… But it had the desired effect on the sheep at the time. Didn’t the queen ‘ flee’ to Balmoral to escape the 2020 version of The Great Plague?? What a load of bollocks it has been!! Honestly, you couldn’t make it up!

  25. you are bang on you are witnessing the end of humanity….the only way to save us is no internet bact to the old day phone call and faxes

  26. Facebook was made/promoted/invested by Military for Psyops, Mark Zuch is just a Puppet for the Puppet Masters and paid wealthy for his job and in the beginning not knowing exactly who was promoting/investing but now radicalized and from there we have all the rest of social media crap

  27. Holiday coercion now…

    Unjabbed have to sit in a hotel out of there own pocket or in there house for 10 days and have the hopeless swab test..

    The jabbed have no “quarantine” or PCR useless test waste of money….

  28. They failed on Truck shortages creating Food Shortages, so there trying CO2 shortages, no meat production and no packaging or fizzy drinks.

    Phase 3 Get everyone HUNGRY Ready for the 5G to activate the Graphene Oxide and get people eating people!! ( Blamed on Sun Spot )

    Looking like December!! 1 Day population reduced to 500Mil or there abouts!!

    • It is obvious that there are evil entities trying to create wo/man-made food shortages. There are also, can’t really call them entities, out there trying to keep food on the shelves. I actually bought an iceberg lettuce the other day – Grown in the UK. Back in the day they were always from Spain. But all that stuff about 5G activating graphene oxide and turning people into people-eating zombies is completely nuts. As with your guff about the world ? population being brought down to 500 million by December 1 (2021?). Your comments are painful to read and sound as if they are being typed up by someone sat in a padded cell in some but house 😀 Either that or you are Government agent/77th Brigade put out there to make the rest of us who have genuine concerns about the government/fakestream media narrative nuts 😀

      • These jabs iin mice literally create with enough power ie 5g them to eat each other, why do you think they want food shortages get us half way there starving before they push the button.

        Sometimes actually most I think your a sheep in wolfs clothes.

        They’ve spent trillions world wide, killed leaders that aren’t joining in all to push a jab on a hoax virus, think about that for a bit.

        They’ll likely save the zombie button for last resort when we fight back.

        500mil is there population target, as they go by those stones.

        Just UK shortage, 3 of 5 plants shut down how long?

      • Another normie troll that likes being toxic to everyone that he meets that doesn’t not agree with his MSM narrative and be totally toxic. Stop trolling this comment section

    • I forgot to add. It is like a game of chess is being played with our food supply. We need to identify who these evil entities are.

  29. Yes, lose that smartphone and you have lost everything. Don’t have the smartphone and you have nothing to lose.

  30. They are getting desperate don’t let them get to you.. Keep on voicing your resistance on here out and about where ever. They are maniacal satanic nutcases without souls, direction or proper ideas. They just keep throwing more and more stupid things out there hoping people are gullible enough to swallow them, yes some do as they are normies and wont wake up until it is too late then moan why no one told them, as they get hostile and say we dont want to know to people that are trying to inform them now. Have to resist them all. They can’t win they already have to many good people against them so we must stay positive.


    Idaho Doctor Reports a ‘20 Times Increase’ of Cancer in Vaccinated Patients (brandnewtube.com)

    • Idaho Doctor Reports a ‘20 Times Increase’ of Cancer in Vaccinated Patients (brandnewtube.com)

      I don’t buy that. Cancer is a slower progression disease compared to the relatively short time the ‘vax-ceen’ programme has been in operation. Most cancer cases go undiagnosed until the cancer has spread too far to be treated. Every day we read about someone going to their doctor 50 times complaining of symptoms and begging for tests only to be ignored and subsequently dying from cancer. So to say that cancer rates are increasing since these ‘vax-ceens’ came into being has to be complete and utter horseshit 😀

      • And you are a doctor that knows what he is looking at i take it. Plus know how quickly cancer cells develop in the human body also the signs that show what you are looking for that leads to cancer. You do know what cancer is don’t you? Layman’s terms your own body attacking its self via white blood cells that don’t stop attacking your own body,, and what are they finding more and more in people? Blood doing weird and wonderful things after having the toxic jab, IT IS NOT A VACCINE!!! And why are you swearing? Are you a normie troll that likes to get angry when you hear something against your MSM narrative. At this moment in time not one person knows what this EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY JAB will do. It is not a vaccine, it alters your DNA

  31. Smartphone this, smartphone that, I have enough of all this digital crap. I ‘ ve read the fourth industrial revolution of Klaus Schwab and his envisioned system is full of crap. he wants to turn human beings in human data centers or human digital assets. The guy is insane.

  32. I have never even had a plastic one with my photo on. Mine is the ancient paper type which I shall hang on to for as long as possible. Time to get rid of the smartphone, I think.

  33. I noticed we haven’t heard anything from Hugo today this is very unusual I hope he is ok

  34. Re Hugo’s sudden and unexplained ‘disappearance’ 😀 I am giving it to high noon, then I am sending out a search party 😀

  35. here in ireland it’s already signing on online/medical card renewal, booking nct and so on. the noose is getting tighter.

  36. According to ‘official’ Government website, you can ‘be fined up to £1000 if you don’t tell DVLA you’ve changed your address…’. Anyone here been fined? If you report a change of address, they force you into plastic-card territory… just one step away from the digital agenda. They’ve been tinkering and tampering with the rules on ID and ‘ID cards’ for decades… they keep going in different directions, but they’re hell-bent on forcing you into the digital universe. I agree… do not comply, do not give them an inch.
    Stay strong, brothers and sisters. And thank you, Hugo, for being a voice.

    • I’m on your bus with this one mate! Font give them ANY information to control you, which is what they want! 👍😷👍

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