184 Comments on “Do CELEBRITIES Have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Yes this is good for people who know the truth to hear about. But let’s remember that if we don’t forgive these misled people (whether they are misled and misleading people or not) We have to forgive them. Or we will suffer, please read Matthew chapter 18 verses 15-35.
    You’ll be blessed if you read this and believe it and do it. God’s the judge.

    • The-Creator-has-no-need-for-Blood-Sacrifices-on-a-Cross!!—-Jesus-is-LUCIFER!!!—He-has-DECIEVED-YOU-ALL-and-now-your-souls-belong-to-him-and-HELL-will-be-your-reward!!!

      • Want to hang out?
        (Former werewolf but my bark is worse than my bite)

  2. I am so sorry for the family’s who loss they love ones all the celebrities they have blood on their hands pushing the evil Agenda thank you Hugo Talk for exposing the truth

  3. This was actually very difficult to watch as a parent of a soon to be 18 year old adamant on having the vaccine.
    Sadly my daughter lives with her mother and step father who are both jabbed and pro mask and nothing I say or show her, even these videos will change her mind! Even the fact her step father suffered a heart attack following his jab!
    The celebrities endorsing this lie and genocide need to rounded up and shot, simple as that.
    If my daughter is harmed or worse because of this insanity I honestly do not know what I may do.

    Keep up the good work Hugo.

    • my daughter took it too, twice, completely stockholmed by her bf and his family. and some singers that she admires. i tell myself that she got the placebo. it’s all so terrible 🙁

  4. I get so angry when I see celebs all endorsing this poison on TV. The propaganda is so obvious. It’s all one sided and there is no debate.
    You’d think we were all fighting Ebola!
    And are the celebs paid to say what they say? Have they ‘really” had the jab themselves, you see the pics of them having it? I doubt it, unless it’s just saline.
    My mum aged 90, believes it all. She is sure the Queen and the other Royals have had it. That if they’ve had it, it must be safe. I have tried to explain to her but she doesn’t believe me. I feel sad that she and my sisters have had it too.
    Only time will tell I suppose however, I will fight for our children to be left alone. It’s just all horrific.

  5. None of these lowlife celebs as you call them ever got a jab it was all theatrics why do we call them actors they certainly have blood on their hands hope I see karma for them in my lifetime

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