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  1. So upsetting to watch. I live in hope that I will see the day the people behind all of this are brought to justice. I don’t see this getting sorted legally though, it will fall on us to take it into our own hands eventually.

    • More Nazi scum.

      NEVER forget these swine:

      Hier eine Liste der System-Musiker, die zum Impfen aufrufen:

      Culcha Candela
      Peter Maffay
      Roland Kaiser
      Sportfreunde Stiller
      Jeanette Biedermann
      Ben Zucker
      Jan Delay
      Toten Hosen
      Die Ärzte
      Sarah Connor
      Kerstin Ott
      Wir sind Helden
      Fury in the Slaughterhouse
      Kool Savas
      Milky Chance
      Howard Carpendale
      Max Herre

      • there’s a german singer/band [ wuppertal ? ] did a great song/vid a few years ago re don’t take the/a vaccine” wish i could remember

    • I’ve been waiting for Hugo (i know he’s very busy) to sell me some business cards, I’ve already bought the T shirt! I’m at the point of robbing his logo and making my own. I would cheerfully stand outside my local supermarkets, police station, fire brigade and hospital handing out cards that I bought with my own money. Charity begins at home and yes we may need to take this into our own hands. Much love to Hugo and the tribe x

    • I believe we all should ask our family doctor and our members of parliament ‘if one covid death is one too many, how many vaccine deaths is too many’? We have a right to know, though I suspect even that right may no longer be allowed.

  2. why are they all so afraid of the sniffles = coronavirus, kills reptilian shape shifters dead !!!

    • Everyone famous that has been filmed getting a jab have been given saline solution….I guarantee it 😡

    • It won’t happen to them because whatever they have been ‘jabbed’ with, it will most certainly not have been the actual vaccine, merely a dummy, probably saline soln.

    • They are stupid enough to believe they will be protected when infact they will exterminated when their usefulness is at an end.

  3. Moving, cried, Isn’t there anyone who works in the TV industry who can hack into a transmitter and play this over and over on every TV channel, it can’t be that difficult can it ? We need to get this out there, we are fighting a war against pure evil, WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER and save us all…….I don’t how to get organised with so much censorship on internet, any ideas please reply, We have to stop this insanity !!!!

    • load onto USB stick, go to nearest store that sells tv’s, insert into display tv USB port and play, repeat in nunerous stores. good watch for the sheep

  4. I don’t think celebrities have blood on their hands tbh. Let’s face it this is an intelligence test and a large portion of the public have failed miserably. Anyone who can’t work out for themselves what is going on and trusts the words of these false idols deserves everything they get. Natural selection at work

    • This is the exact philosophy of the people behind all this. They have contempt for most of the population, therefore require no conscience about deceiving them since as you say they failed the intelligence test. A lot of intelligent people have had the jab, because they misplaced trust in authority. I know people with the highest qualifications who can’t see through all this. We need empathy to be able to reach out to them; love conquers fear.

  5. Maybe revelation chapter 9 speaks about this abomination?

    • Been thinking this for quite a while. The bible calls it The obomination that makes DESOLATE. Is this where its going. Lots of people will just start dropping down dead. The world’s population will drop dramatically.

  6. This video had me crying whilst at the same time saying bastard bastard bastard

    • And me. At one stage I was roaring my guts out like I did when my parents died, as if I was grieving, especially when I saw about the 13 year-old boy who died. WHY oh why are parents allowing it? I was also calling those vile celebs lying *&^%s! How could they? None of the famous nor powerful will have had the real inoculations. I regard these people as monsters now!

  7. These celebrities make me want to puke. They are either complicit in this murder or incredibly stupid and reckless, I can’t truly say which. I suppose I would have to give them the benefit of the doubt. But it’s funny that none of them seem to be dying from the vaccine. Either they are lying about taking it or they’ve been given a placebo. I mean the evil overlords wouldn’t want people to see the celebrities dying now would they? However, I am 100% convinced that the government is in on this global genocide. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would be able to see that it would be a bad idea to inject the whole population of the planet earth with a first of its kind, hastily conceived, genetically modifying vaccine without the mandatory 7 years of testing on paid volunteers. There’s no way that intelligent politicians would be stupid enough to allow this, unless they were complicit in this horrendous global murder. And whilst a lot of people have swallowed their yarn , hook, line and sinker, there’s also a lot of people who just don’t buy it. And eventually, when the dust settles, I think capital punishment will be reinstated and these people like Boris Johnson and other world leaders and people like Bill Gates, klaus Schwab, doctor Fauci, and their killer scientists will swing from the gallows. Millions of people have already died and billions more might die. However, the irrefutable evidence is stacking up very quickly and I think that’s why they wanted everyone jabbed so quickly, before people could see all the deaths. And these deaths are only the short term, tip of the iceberg. I think the medium and long term side effects are going to cause death to every vaccinated person. Whatever you do people, don’t take the jab.

  8. I fucking hate these complicit celebs right now.
    Hope they enjoy their 70k payout (NOT)

  9. These so called famous people will have a tough time when the truth comes out. I will not forget their sick adverts.

  10. Firstly scripture jumps back to and fro in time.
    POSSIBLE interpretation from bible after prayer :-
    Revelation chapter 9 verse 1: Satan fell from heaven v2: smoke = people blinded from the light of day by filthy lies. v3 plutocrats giving their puppets power to kill via sting of poison vials. v4 = surgical way of depopulation compared with nuclear. v5 = vaccination kills but maims most people but some much later on. v6 = no medical help available as it gets worse. v7 =crowns of gold on the Kings of the earth, the plutocrats making war on people. v8 = coming across softly and gently and caring, a mostly feminine trait, (long hair) . Teeth like lions tearing up their prey mercilessly. V9 = see 10 = vaccination shot. v14/15, 4 nuclear weapons around river in Iraq (released later at battle of armageddon) v16 = China and the Western world getting ready for the battle of armageddon. v17, China,?? v18 all of the previous started by vaccination lies, v19, out of the mouths proceed power of LIES from the beginning of covert19.
    SCORPION STINGS ATTACK THE NERVOUS SYSTEM In MUCH THE SAME WAY AS YOU HAVE JUST SEEN. p.s my sister had a stroke a week after the jab.

    • Interesting analysis Mr Smith. Just thought you might consider the mention of crowns in this Bible passage as related to Corona perhaps, Corona meaning crown of course.

      • Yes I get that, my interpretation was quick and rough and requires some refining. Thanks for that SarahJ

      • Yes, those things that torment people are described by St. John as having the appearance of gold crowns on their heads. Corona-crown. The stings, as you say, could be the neurotoxins in the jabs! Lord have Mercy on us!

      • And in the days of these kings the God of heaven shall set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed….. Daniel chapter 2 verse 44.

      • Coronavirus is also an anagram of Carnivorous

  11. This makes me so angry,I hate the ones that have done this I hope they get what’s coming to them karma will come for you 😡

  12. Its Inhuman and an Eugenics agenda behind this Covid conspiracy as its all about Vaccinating the world population! People will follow this and perpetuate this agenda as they are in their brainwashed bubble and believe the media and governments! Time To Wake The F@#k UP!

  13. Great well put together Hugo thank you .

    The lady at the end is brilliant 🤩😂..👍💪

  14. Powerful vid, had me tearing up. There’s no effing way, my kids are taking this shit.

  15. I personally don’t know anyone who has been affected by this vaccine and most people I know, including pregnant women, have taken it. I’m not saying this vaccine is harmless, I will still never take it. I just don’t know ehat to believe anymore…

    • Me neither Robert since there’s so much lies and deceit.
      I made up my mind a while ago to just sit back, keep an open mind as it unfolds and just concentrate on my relationship with God and trying to be a good Christian. I honestly believe all this is out of our hands anyway because those evildoers in power have every eventuality covered for themselves. If this is the final spiritual battle then all we can do is stick to our moral principles by saying no, and trust in the Almighty.

      • Amen to that that. Following all of this, even before covid kicked off, researching how heavily under satanic law this world is has burnt me out. It does feel out of our hands for sure. Absolute spiritual warfare, and we know one of the devils tricks is fear and confusion. God bless sister.

      • Hey Sarah J….the elites, the scientists and all who have played ANY part in anything evil will soon get what they deserve and once the 1,000 years have ended so will Satan and his sick twisted demons, during the 1,000 years they will be locked in the abyss unable to do anything.
        Satan at present is the master puppeteer and has been for over 6,000 years but very soon Almighty God will take back rulership and his Son Jesus will break up all the works of the devil.
        Rev 20:1-3…Psa 37:10…Prov 2:22…1 John 5:19…1 John 3:8.

      • Spirits like frogs are coming out from the mouth of the dragon (the beast already), soon the other two beasts, the offshoots from this puppet master beast, the one who was and is not and yet is, and the one who comes up out of the earth, apparently from the Vatican (revelation chapter 17will be spewing out similar lying spirits…. Like frogs. Revelation chapter 16 verse 13. NOTE: About the Vatican, in verse 7 of chapter 17, the angel clearly states not to marvel because he will explain to the reader the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her.
        Blessings brothers and sisters in Christ

      • With you 100% Sarah, praying for the strength to endure what is to come. God be with you❤️

    • I watched my husband after his first zap dose of AZ one evening,a day or so after, his eyes just glazed over and he slowly pitched forward so that his head was on his knee. I asked if he was OK – his head was facing me, his eyes unblinking – which was very scary to see. Then I shouted because I thought he had died and said what are you doing! It seemed to shake him out of whatever it was and he just did a stupid half grin. I asked again what were you doing – he said I don’t know. He then went on and took his 2nd later. He didn’t fill in a yellow card the first time, didn’t know what it was then said it was no big deal. I didn’t notice anything after the second apart from him being increasingly and exceptionally clumsy. Now being a lifetime clumsy Clara myself, this man has never been so. He’s always dropping things and the best one was reversed into a car behind and said he didn’t see it the day after his second zap – I gather he wasn’t supposed to be out anyway let alone drive! He knows insurers are not interested if accidents happen after a zap, yet he did it anyway. He seems to have a personality change and is nest building of sorts. He thinks his immune system is good and now even better. I’m always clearing up after him – his OCD gone out of the window. I’m assuming it is a brain thing, once those cells break down, there is no stopping them and I believe dementia is going to get him over the next few months. I hope I am wrong.

  16. They have so much blood on their hands without the coercion to take the vaccine. These are not stars…they are a disasters!

  17. Celebrities not only have blood on their hands where you can see it they have worked for decades in their many different forms to help destroy us. Led by their handlers and their masonic lodges. Stop worshiping pampered, self servicing evil monsters because that is what they are. Every single one. Sports men and women tv presenters and actors. The lowest scum get the highest pay and respect. Stop respecting them they have no morals, or concern for us whom they see as cattle. How we have been led to the slaughter having these people enter our homes via a TV set mistaking them for humans who are just earning a living. They are not they are liars. Don’t respect Mr Cane or some so called comedian who will laugh you into your grave. There is a quote: make them laugh because if we told them the truth they would kill us. And if you understood who they are then you would want to to protect yourself.

  18. In the words of my own Dad, Hollywood is a CESSPIT! Anyone who would put their trust in one of these so called celebrities deserves all they get.
    Trust in Jesus Christ, He loves you.

  19. These evil rich so called celebrities do have blood on there hands they are pretending to have the poisonous jabs in the public eye but no they are being jab with saline water to convince Joe public to take the poisonous jabs God 🙏🏿 help you wicked shit head’s on judgement day. Amun Rastafari Amun

  20. Shame on these people pushing this shite. And unfortunately alot of people have fallen for the bullshit like the guy said at beginning of that video we are now going to witness the aftermath of this big experiment

  21. That was tough watching, ALL these over paid lackeys of the 1% are GUILTY OF GENOCIDE!!!! This needs to be seen by EVERYBODY!!!!

  22. Absolutely brilliant video Hugo, thank you. So so heartbreaking to watch…definitely makes you worry for the future for us all… so sad.

  23. yes so very very sad. the great deception is here.
    these evil people in holly wood will receive their due punishment God sees all.

    to think over the years we have watched and purchased movies from these scum bags and this is how they repay humanity. swear swear swear
    such a time we live in as never before no nor never has been. i am so sick of all the evil and sadness everywhere the only thing that keeps me going is my trust in God. there is nothing else too hold on too. nothing just His promise that He is coming again.

    it wll play out as planned nothing can stop it. Trust in your Saviour do not give up please .. may God be with all those who believe and those that are coming to Him..

  24. also holly wood owned by jews not real jews Gods people but the synagogue of satan who sacrificed their children to mollac and still doing it .
    why do you think they said herd immunity satan hates humanity. JORIS parents were into planned parenthood say no more.
    justice will be served

  25. I fully concur with the many remarks others have made on this thread, in which they speak of their sadness and despair over deaths and injury caused by these malfeasant experiments on human beings, but also of their great anger towards the celebrity cheerleaders and shills who sing their praises of the “jab”. I believe also, as some have commented, that there is a spiritual dimension at hand. We are at war with evil, with those who perpetrate it, and with those who cheer it on.

  26. Its our responsibility now to wake up every single family member, friend and the stranger outside ! This is the reality we leave in . They will go and we will stay grieving for them . Lets do the best we can . I believe in us . Love and truth will save us all !

  27. Check out Dr John Coleman saying multiple times the vaccine gives 29.2 times the protection over non vaccinated. The video’s title states 29.2 times protection, that would be 2920% in protection. It’s should say 29.2% increase in protection.
    There is a link to another video as evidence, they also state the 29.2 times protection.
    It is deliberate lies, and the survey finished in mid July when the vaccine still had a bit of efficacy left. It is now useless or dangerous. Anyway thought you should be aware. And they call us out for mis / disinformation.

  28. Omg I knew the vax death was getting high..but it’s off the dial! Well we tried to tell them..I screamed ..cried..shouted..persuaded got kicked off all the platforms and they went on anyway…there is some good news though…loads of us didnt take it

  29. So there seems to be some rogue vax shots randomly mixed with genuine ones and it’s unlucky dip if you get a bad one that kills.

  30. Hi All,
    Just have two points to make on that.
    (1) Ricky Gervias, who famously said ” I’ll never do adverts”
    (2) All those celebs & politicians featured in the montage getting j….d, all (in my humble opinion) where given the placebo. To further brainwash them into falling for the agenda, therefore making it easier for their dedicate consciences to believe they are correct to take the moral high ground….


  31. It saddens me that so many people are dying from these experimental vaccines. I am thankful that I have realized the impending danger but I am sad that others were not as fortunate. As a teenager, I honestly am not sure what to do when this vaccine becomes mandatory to attend school. My parents think I’m crazy and will not even bat an eye at the evidence I provide them. Damn, I wish I was an adult and lived on my own.

  32. check out Mark Devlin on YT, he has done a excellent vlog last week calling out the fake muso’s + the rare breed that are actually standing up

    • Mark Devlin has been exposing the lies and deceptions of the music and entertainment industry for many years. See his content on YouTube, (Mark Devlin), Facebook and Twitter. (@djmarkdevlin )
      Also highly recommended, his books, Musical Truth, Volumes 1 and 2. (Available from his website, as listed below.)
      All these will help you to join the dots regarding the use of celebrities and are relevant to the current situation which has been planned for years. His videos regarding the “virus” and it’s true intended purpose, (genocide), are also highly recommended.
      Mark’s website is Check it out.

  33. This is the 4th time now I’ve tried, in vain, to make this comment. I was saying that Derren Brown is also pushing the vaccine on his Facebook page, and his fan club, as fans seem to always do with celebrities, are fully behind him and ridiculing anyone who speaks against the narrative. I’ll try sending it without the link this time, as that may be what’s preventing it.

    • OK, re Derren Brown, it’s not going through when I add the link, so go to his Facebook page (it’s Public), and then go to “Derren Brown’s Photos” (NOT “Photos of Derren Brown”) and it’s the 3rd photo down on the left side (the photo of a masked nurse supposedly giving him his 2nd jab). There’s 1,000 comments (and most with numerous replies) and some of them are just insane in their support for him and the taking of the jab. You can see the power these celebrities have over their fans. If they say to get the vaccine, the fans will usually do likewise without question, which I guess is why they’ve been instructed to involve themselves in this way. Pretty pathetic really.

  34. It only took 40 pieces of silver for Judas to sell out one man. How much did they get to sell out the world?

    • It has been suggested that celebs in the UK have been paid £70,000 each for their services. They love money, that’s why they have sold their souls for fame and fortune.
      For those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear, we are on to you, you so called celebrities. (False idols.) Soon there will be nothing for you to celebrate, when the general public realises just what you have done.
      BTW, Derren Brown is a demonic deceiver, just the same as the rest of them.

  35. “You must take the vaccine to protect others”

    The logic behind that is; You must inject dirty heroin so the others around you can get high.

    Logic and reason started deteriorating around the time the feminist movement took off.

    Hey. Don’t shoot the messenger here.

  36. I feel sorry for anyone who is gullible enough to follow the advice from so-called Celebrities in any topic, simply on the basis that it comes from the mouths of Celebrities. I am however interested to read, watch or hear about different personal experiences, but still, the final decision lies with me, and with me only.

  37. As a layman, I make it a habit not to advise people to either take or not to take the vaccination, because if they are gullible enough to listen to me, it becomes my responsibility if something happens to them from either the vaccine or from Covid-19. I do share my personal thoughts about the topic, but I will never go any further than that.

  38. This video says it all. So sad all these lives lost. People brainwashed into thinking they are doing the right thing. Why are parents allowing their children to have this jab with the evidence here to show what is happening.

  39. Why would you endorse a ‘product’ when you have no idea what it contains or what it can do? Where is the integrity here? They certainly have the blood of my best friend on their hands. She died yesterday after 2nd jab and ‘a short illness’…

  40. There’s a reason why a vast majority of the most successful celebrities are in the funny handshakes and hand signals club: it’s crucial to have them all singing from the same sheet, since the agenda is at a critical point. Atliyan Childs has a five hour video about their club with secrets.

    After all this I will never look up to any celebrity. If I see anyone famous in London I ignore them; they’re just people. When this is all over and with all the carnage, no one will care about celebrities again.

  41. I know two died just week s after vaccine for their age group..I’m sure they would have taken. You can’t ask their family, too upsetting.
    My brother in Texas had his foot swell the “size of a football”, luckily he only lost a toe..
    In tears.. bravo hugo

  42. Gone are the people of substance like Harry Beachcomber, I actually found him on his hands and knees on the floor of a plane helping me pick up a bag of boiled sweets they were all over the place. He was the only one that got down to help, I made some funny remark and he started laughing,, it was the laugh I recognised, wonderful man one of substance and not the plastic we see today.

  43. ALL Celebrities are DEMONS who sold their soul to the Devil & will do ANYTHING Immoral to be Famous – They are SCUM!

  44. I don’t pay much attention to celebrities. Who the hell does?

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