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  1. Ramping up fear again. I agree with you Hugo, yet another diversion tactic, you could call it more looney tunes! Texas, Florida, UK? The places with resistance perhaps.

      • Yes! Loved those too. Every time I see that wild haired Aryan fat boy I’ll be humming that tune from now on. But hoping it isn’t a case of “that’s all folks!”

    • I agree about Afghanistan – its a smokescreen for ‘something’ – after all – the pollies are killing their own people by the thousands – why would they suddenly want to ‘rescue’ thousands from elsewhere? Especially when its been a race shown no great affection in the past. And when they’ve given NO quarter to asylum seekers to date.

      And yes – just a distraction on TV – like the Olympics….

  2. What a great post. One flew over cuckoo’s nest is my all time favourite. We are living in a cuckoo’s nest now, that is for sure.

  3. They’re not tugging at my heart strings, they’d be safer staying where they are, we’re being murdered by the people we pay to look after us, why the hell would they be any safer here than there?

  4. The Elite have used Afghanistan to launder their money for years and now they also have the Worlds largest Heroin stockpile too. It’s also complete chaos which is why they are happy. This stinks of the Bill Gates Cabal. Look at Bojo the clowns remarks…..’Its all an illusion’ He knows it’s all bullshit. The Taliban are an illiterate band of thieves and rogues’. They will be removed after they have served their purpose.. Once the depopulation programme is almost complete, they will suddenly disappear.

  5. Goodoe Hugo. If you’ve watched the video “Europa The Last Battle” you’ll understand more what Afghanistan is about.

  6. Strongly suspect it’s a tactic to divert attention from the fraudulent election results to be exposed in the US. Hopefully that’s very soon, though there’s bound to be other diversion tactics in the meantime.

  7. Think getting a bit paranoid here 🙂

    The Governments are trying to save face, by pretending to do the right thing, in a few weeks time, strictly will be on the TV, everyone would of forgotten, the Afghans will already be dead and raped and nobody will care and the promises will disappear as always.

    It’s a good distraction for Covid on the increase and being obviously made worse by the jabs mind.

    Check Iceland


    Huge Cases increase, zero deaths mind, so better treatment, or there hiding deaths as they’ve all been jabbed!

  8. I’ve definitely noticed there aren’t any new films coming out. The film’s I’m seeing this year at the cinema are the ones that were meant to be in cinemas in 2020. Already seen fast 9 so just no time to die/Ghostbusters afterlife and top gun maverick to go. I see Ferguson is up to his old tricks again predicting thousands and thousands more cases just in time for when schools/unis/collages go back. Petty really. And I saw something online earlier about a 4th wave but I just ignored it I really couldn’t be arsed to read the bs.

    • Top Gun Maverick, been waiting for EVER literally, watch that, then I can die happy 🙂

      Bet it’s delayed to 2022 then 2023 then 2045 LOL

      It’s the 95th Wave I’m worried about!!

  9. Part of the UN2030 Agenda and WEF Great Reset is to do away with nationalism. Opening borders and using immigration to weaken national sovereignty. Using those with no allegiance against those who continue to hold fealty.

    • Yes, it’d be far more useful to the PTB for the armed forces to be full of foreigners who had no loyalty nor love for the indigenous people once they decided to implement martial law! They would be far more likely to agree to perpetrate injustices and brutal acts against us than would soldiers of our own nationalities and ethnicities.

  10. We need to find a way to break the spell, the hypnotic govt mind xontrol so that people can think rationally again and see what’s been in front of thier eyes the whole time

  11. This country is ruined now…
    Cannot see anyway forward…
    This so called “pandemic” has stuck the nail in the coffin…
    People have obeyed by these rules as they thought they was doing good for others but they just made things worse for themselves and others…
    Far as immigrants goes this country will sink eventually as its just way to overcrowded

  12. I agree with you 100% have you noticed all the pictures of men not any women or children only when it comes to serious problems we have the own police force abusing old women and old men stopping as for no reason whatsoever

    • Yes I noticed last night that in all the images of the chaos in Afghanistan, I could not see so much as one woman nor child! It was all men!

  13. Absolutely all of this can be traced to Rothschild Banking Cartel.

  14. Why are the Islamic countries not putting up their hands to take their co religionists?
    But of course we all know the answer. Thé UN Global Compact is committed to flooding Western countries with Moslems and undermining Judeo Christian values and the democratic government that hindered their complete Reset of the World as we knew it

    • Yes, the whole point is to destroy Christianity as it’s the only real obstacle in the way of globalism and a One World Government and I mean Christ in the hearts and minds of people, not the Ape of the Church presided over by anti-Pope Francis, who seems like a globalist and not much of a Catholic at all to me and to many Catholics.. I see Islam as just another tentacle of the Beast system, another weapon in the arsenal of the Luciferian globalists.

      • Brilliant post by not amused ,I’ve said it for years the people at the head of the church are as corrupt as the politicians.

  15. All of it can be attributed to the Rothschild Banking Cartel. Glad to hear 20,000 are coming to the UK, it will help restore the hole made in the population with the scamdemic, no doubt they will all have the death shot forced into them before arrival.

    • 11 per day over the next 5 years, if there not dead within ohhh they already are, forget that.

  16. The Taliban had talks with China on the 28th of July.
    That’s all the information anyone needs to know it’s all by design.

    • Keeping that video and sharing, sadly at the point, where everyone who’s going to get the jab will, so kinda late, maybe stop the ex jabbing the kids,arggghhhh!!

      So in 3 years, myself + Jess + Shan + Dan + Dave + Tom + Ryan + Neil are the only unjabbed people I can think of 🙁

  17. That body builder was either a Judas goat, or willing sheep.

    • Flippers, they pretend to be on our side then flip and pretend to be on there side when it suites them, lots of them around!!

      Dave up the road, talks my side to me, woman over the road 100% sheep mode, annoying!!

      • Yeah, the human instinct to go along to get along, is, and will continue to be, very strong for the majority.

        What I was really getting at was, the ‘Judas goat’ is a goat which would be trained by a slaughterhouse to lead other cattle to slaughter while itself would be spared. The story of the body builder complying seems very much like a Judas goat to me, but, he could be a willing sheep all the same.

  18. As anyone else noticed the images from Afghanistan and next to no one with masks on, no social distancing or lockdowns? I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because there’s no government or MSM ……. just saying.

    • Well spotted, ne’er a mask to be seen and they all on top of each other, literally falling on top of each other on that trampolene ( a bit “gay”, I thought!) I hadn’t copped onto it, so thanks!

  19. Anything displayed on Australian media, such as “body builder boy” is “complete Propaganda Guff” without a doubt!”

  20. For the last 6 months, I have had this song going through my head – The Eagles, “Hotel California” – “you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave”

  21. Thanks Hugo. Stay strong friend. I’m doing everything I can in my own small way, me and one friend; in the resistance.
    Surely, with the millions everywhere protesting, who will never give in ( once you KNOW what’s going down, you can’t go back), we will win.They can’t jail all these people. Businesses will be empty I’d they try to enforce vax passes.
    Why can’t we have these people charged and sued. The Health Officers, the government? There’s enough evidence. Is there a way?

  22. PS. I so love your saying Hugo, ” two cheeks of the same arse”.I might get a t-shirt printed with that 😂
    It will definitely be one of my memories from this whole bs, along with my dad dying (of the jab in my opinion) back in March.
    One makes me laugh, one makes me cry.

  23. Priming is for more flase flag terror attacks. Most likely cyber attacks and suicide bombers.

  24. What’s a few thousand more illegals in UKanistan (UK that was ), and who would tell the difference ??
    The Great Awakening is closing in , and all of the corrupt WEF , NWO governments worldwide will be
    TAKEN OUT PERMANENTLY , and l for one cannot wait to see it !!

  25. That photograph of the Taliban at 6.08 looks as if their standing altogether tripping on a magic carpet ride, then next their licking ice creams and riding dodgem cars, bouncing on trampolines celebrating the pre-planned invasion of asylum seekers.

    • Well, riding dodgems, playing on trampolines like children is the first thing one would do after taking back a country. The smaller details of actually running the country will just have to wait. 😂

  26. I’ve been feeling as f I am stepping into an open-air lunatic asylum every time I go outside my door for months now, so yes, I completely agree.
    When I was training to be a Registered Mental Nurse in the mid-80s, our tutor was dead set against institutionalisation and wanted us to be proper nurses who cared for our patients as individual human beings, not what he called “lunatic attendants”. I remember it was a big issue in mental health at the time and was even one of the questions on our State Final exam. I always tried to treat my patients as human beings first and foremost, but sadly, did come across one or two “Nurse Ratchet” types in my time. Our tutor also warned us “Be aware, psychiatric nursing attracts a lot of psychopaths, because of the power they can wield over vulnerable people!” I have never forgotten those words and I’m sure people will agree, this can apply to any position or occupation where power can be wielded over the vulnerable, including in politics and the in the realms of “the experts”!
    God bless you Hugo and all here!

  27. Taliban suppressed for 20 years, almost to almost non existence by the allied forces suddenly come back out of the caves armed to the teeth with new weapons and and transport and take over the country in less than a week? Yeah right!. So now Europe especially are to expect thousands of trained Afghan soldiers in our land. Could it be they have plans to use them here when the time comes. And I think the distractions comes at a time when the results of the jib jab start to to take effect for some.

    • Any soldier, especially an Afghan one comes knocking at my door will get a screwdriver in his fucking eye .

  28. It matters a hell of lot that the plane is real for goodness sake. People need to know they are being lied to.

  29. The Afghan situation as presented by the media (and the politicians) is most certainly theatre. People clinging to the outside of planes as they taxi ready for take-off, people crushed to death under landing gears and mothers throwing their babies over barbed wire fence? All these emotionally charged, ‘movie-like’ scenes and others like them are to sell the idea to the masses that there is an urgent humanitarian crisis rapidly unfolding and that something ‘must be done’. The Governments of the world weren’t interested in the repressive rule in Afghanistan prior to 9/11, but in the aftermath of that event an invasion suddenly became imperative. The recall of parliament was another piece of theatre. What is going to be accomplished re. Afghanistan by MP’s theatrically admonishing and shouting at each other in the Common’s? F’ all is the answer. We’ve been led to believe that the sitting Government have been acting as if a ‘dictatorship’ over the last 18 months or so, but now they want ‘full and open’ debate with the ‘opposition’? As Johnson said, and you pointed out Hugo, it’s all part of the illusion.

    Re, Kesey, there is an argument that he was an agent of sorts himself, but perhaps he was mostly led astray by malevolent forces as he claimed. He played a small part in handing out LSD during the ‘hippie’ era of the late 60’s- early 70’s, along with The Grateful Dead (who for a time during that period were managed by the father of Courtney Love), a ‘movement’ that was probably manufactured by the intelligence communities, just as we see ‘movements’ and ‘events’ which are manufactured by the same people today. Incidentally (or perhaps not) I believe the director of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest defected to the U.S. to help them in their Cold War fight. Read between the lines of the shooting of the film ‘Amadeus’, which I suspect was filmed in behind the iron curtain in Prague as a trojan horse for intelligence operations. You can learn a lot about what is going on today by looking back at the history of the Hollywood film industry.

    • How true. I watched Contagion for the first time last night. It was like watching a film about what’s going on right now.

      • Yes! They have used the script fir the film as a template for this BS Plandemic! It made me laugh at times at how this movie has been relived in REAL time! Had you ever heard about the R rate before this scam? They had it in this 2010 film!! We are heading into frightening times. 😟

  30. But, but, but Hugo…….I want to be Jennifer Aniston’s friend, so should I get the jab then?

  31. On BBC news today they are reporting that the Taliban are employing a public relations firm to get their message across. As all self respecting terror organisation would do!

    • Harry Truman once said ” if you can’t convince them, then confuse them” ! 😠

  32. Great clip Hugo, i have had a email from my MP re vaccine passports, which he said he Against them either going in to the pub and will vote against them and he does not believe mandatory vaccine for anyone. This because i signed the petition and copy him and writ my complaint about this discrimination against Human Right.

    Also today i was working when a random stranger said’ Have you had the jab ‘
    I look at him and said I’m not answering it has i’m against vaccine passports
    He said ok then he went on and said’ I have not had the jab and he healthy and does not want it however his girlfriend wants him to have we had a long chat it fell so great to talk a normal person then i told him i haven’t had it and won’t.
    As for girlfriend she lives long distance and hasn’t seen for the time of this BS i think his made his mind up.

    • Missed a trick with that Sky News screenshot, Hugo. One minute earlier and the time shown would have been 15:15.

    • It’s so good you found a like minded Thinker, my friend. Go on a Freedom March, there will be 1000’s of us there, all smiling, talking and hand shakes a-plenty. And you will NOT catch the Convid either! 👍👍👍😁👍👍👍

  33. Talking of an asylum how the hell did Drakeford and Sturgeon manage to get into power in the first place as they are registered insane

  34. Hugo this was a great post. And I agree with you one hundred percent everyone has Stockholm syndrome especially the highly intelligent population the liberals.
    When I saw the pictures coming out of Afganistan my first that was this was all planned and staged.
    Just a big distraction and as for the refugees the poor intelligent well educated people who helped the Americans and British will soon realize what weak dishonest Governments look like.The refugees will be given vaccines and put to work picking food in the fields and housing will mold invested and uninhabitable.
    Here in Vermont all housing has been brought up by wealthy people from New York and Massachusetts and California and first responders carnt afford housing or just carnt find housing

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