N.IRELAND DOCTOR SUSPENDED For Speaking Out On Vaccine Blood Clots Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. This Tosser Crawley knows nothing about Kary Mullis. Kary said the test should Not be used to detect viruses, he said you can find anything you want with a PCR test, he was filmed saying it. They use 45 cycles and more, no wonder a goat tested positive. The ones spreading the ‘fear’ is the BBC and MSM with their constant propaganda that there is a pandemic. We know no one who died of covid let alone had it. We do know five people who died from the so-called vaccines.
    Well said Ann you were correct in everything you said.

  2. Well done Anne McCloskey. You were superb.

    I do not know how you kept your temper, given the abuse, insults and bullying. The lack of balance from a supposed “public broadcaster” is deeply concerning. The license fee needs to be looked at.

    Well done, Anne!

  3. Anyone know the interviewer’s name? I only caught William. He should be exposed for this disgusting performance.

    • Who is this absolute idiot of a interviewer? He is rude and does not let her answer her points. He also does not know that Fauci said in an interview last year in March that masks do not work in this plandemic and just serve to make people feel safe…no other use.
      Also, the who changed their minds as to mask wearing, no doubt once Bill Gates told them that the fear factor needs to be continued till the jabs can be pushed…what a terrible bias interview, trying to discredit her and all of her statements, which are based on actual peer reviewed studies…
      I am furious..

    • ———- Forwarded message ———
      From: Jannette Pierson
      Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021, 05:36
      Subject: Fwd: Official complaint.

      Mary Canning
      President Royal Irish Academy and Chair of the Governing Authority
      The Royal Irish Academy
      19 Dawson Street,
      Dublin 2, D02 HH58
      +353 1 609 0600

      Dear Ms Canning

      The people hate Willam Hugh Galloway Crawley.

      Yours sincerely,

      Hadrian Coulton.

      ———- Forwarded message ———
      From: Jannette Pierson
      Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2021, 05:24
      Subject: Official complaint.

      BBC Radio Ulster
      Broadcasting House
      Ormeau Avenue
      Belfast BT2 8HQ
      03030 80 55 55

      Dear Sir / Madam,

      This is an official complaint against the employers and managers of William Hugh Galloway Crawley.

      Below are 56 descriptions of him, for his interview of Dr Mary Anne MCCLOSKEY, GMC reference no: 2725923

      Yours faithfully,

      Riverside House
      2a Southwark Bridge Road
      London SE1 9HA

      WHGC, described by Britons as:
      * complete sell out, Dirty rotten f ing SCUMBAG
      * I will Knock the living shit out of him for lying
      * f ing cringe worthy
      * Bent Broken Corrupt, sociopath
      * cunt, lies, shit bag
      * Smug bastard, fart sniffing
      * teleprompter fool
      * viscious cunt, schill, war criminal against humanity, baarf worthy
      * false
      * idiot
      * arsehole, absolute disgrace, rotten, propaganda, arrest for Crimes Against Humanity
      * Regime Lackey, traitorous Scum, genocider
      * coerced, bribed, bullied
      * unspeakable evil
      * close-minded, belligerent ignoramus
      * tool for corporate propaganda and fake news
      * murderer, and nothing more, poison pusher
      * word monger
      * hit man
      * Criminal Cabal
      * Inquisitor
      * Psychopath
      * Prick
      * Gaslighter, parasite, abuser
      * Smarmy, wants punching
      * Snotty arsehole
      * Hitler like
      * should be jailed and hung
      * spewing lies and deception
      * bastard, hatchet job, makes me want to vomit
      * cunt, burn in hell
      * ignorant clown
      * Enemy
      * He’s dead
      * Bastard
      * Mouthpiece, firmly attached to the balls and asshole of the establishment dictators
      * Cunt
      * Smarmy
      * Bag of shite
      * Ambush journalist, snake, shameless arrogant prick, sexist
      * Bully, makes me want to choke him till he sleeps
      * WATERBOARD him
      * Bringing the evil out in me, gullible twat
      * Fecker earning nails in his coffin
      * Should be charged with crimes against humanity. PART of genocide cabal
      * Scum
      * Milking scammer
      * Operationor to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals
      * OK People lose their jobs. Made up
      * Cunt, f ing animal, needs a ffin hiding
      * Cunt
      * Hang the DJ
      * Liar, should be shut down
      * Bog shite, cnt
      * Baldieman64

  4. Who does that dick of a presenter think he’s talking to I really think she knows a lot more about it than he does And the out of hours and GP surgeries still not opened that’s why the hospitals are struggling These tests are flawed this is what the governments are putting their hopes on and they know this virus is a scam

  5. Dr Hoffe in BC, Canada suspended for speaking out about exactly the same thing – blood clots in 6 of his patients. This censorship of ethical doctors is everywhere.

  6. She is AMAZING! She did so well!!! Such a brave lady a true HERO!!! 🙏 I could have never kept my cool with these insane IDIOTS! They were bullying and belittling her with their agenda, pitting three powerful men against her – they denied her a voice and not one asked her about what she was seeing in her patients, which was the whole point of her speaking out!! And of course Prof Gabriel Scally is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR, by you guessed it, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    “Prof Gabriel Scally is Visiting Chair at the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England Total Funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at both universities where Professor Scally works is $19,168,802 of which $549,972 is for vaccines”


    • I think its about time more Doctors & Nurses started to speak out, like this Brave Doctor, she understands an abide by her Hippocratic oath, not just take big Phama money an be silent.
      Stand up for this Brave Doctor as she has stood up for us.
      This Lady should be carried on are shoulders an praised for SPEAKING OUT this is a Doctor OF integrity

    • Vaccine Bonds help ensure predictable funding and more efficient operations. In addition, Gavi can frontload funds when necessary for rapid roll-out of new and underused vaccines VACCINE BONDS, SUKUK FINANCE, look them up.

  7. Who are these wankers talking down to this brave doctor.

    • I googled the interviewer. His name is William Crawley from Belfast.

      • It’s time we stop looking at the bbc as one whole unit! Same with government. Let’s start calling out individuals now as they are complicit in murder! We need to start taking it personal. Let them know their corporate masters cannot protect them at all times.

  8. I guess the good Professor has never heard of vaccine induced polio which is now a bigger problem than the natural strain in India.

  9. Fast forward a couple of years and these presenters will be begging for an interview with people like this doctor.. the truth talkers.. the people who tried to get the word out.. and they will be eating their words.. while hopefully awaiting trial!!

  10. Well done. So brave, completely bullied she stood up and made a good argument.

  11. Shame on these so called professors, who are still trying to peddle a “snake oil cure” on a population who know a scam when they hear one. They are getting so desperate that they have to bully and gang up on this lovely doctor who had retired but who returned to work because of a shortage of doctors for weekend coverage. Why was the panel unbalanced? Two pro vax and a biased presenter against one doctor trying to get the truth out. They deliberately tried to give the impression she was unfit to work in that capacity. I would think it’s only fair the bbc get Doctor Vernon Coleman and Professor Cahill on next time but I bet they dare not.!

    • Rest assured Willy, Dr Clarke and Co
      You are on the ever growing list of culpable criminals.

  12. The gallows will be required for these people.
    Just saying “they were doing their job” will not be an excuse for this crime against humanity

    • Agree entirely! Am frothing listening to these bastards bully this doctor with “misinformation”.

  13. Is there anyone else out there that would be interested in contributing to a fund to re-educate this obnoxious interviewer?

  14. How awful, 3 men bullying one woman. Their language such as “nonsence” and “what planet are you on”, was disgusting.
    She was so knowledgeable and was able to back up her information presented with research studies and facts, the 3 men were unable to do this.

    I’d imagine if their wife’s, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, who were previously healthy experienced a life threatening stroke after the jib jab, then they would not be saying it was unrelated.

    Its a sad world when the fear of losing our jobs makes us unable to speak out. This woman is so brave and it will be such a loss if she is unable to continue to practise.

    Could we start a petition to have her reinstated?

  15. This is a prime example of the British Bullshit Corporation being totally biased & with a bullying stance, not allowing another point of view from a highly qualified Doctor who is trying to put the facts out there. I feel gutted for Anne as the interviewer isnt letting her speak. But, well done Anne! We’ve got to keep trying. When is the MSM going to be taken down?? Who is listening to this BS??
    Thanks Hugo.

  16. What a lunacy…..so if you see people dying then dont speak……iidiots…..we all have to stand in her defence and support otherwise these lunatics will think we are helpless

  17. Couldn’t finish the interview, she was awful. Set our cause back quite a bit.

  18. Wow that cunt needs taking off air, what a fucking empty suit. absolutely disgusting behaviour. What is he 7yrs old?

  19. Has this post worked. Can’t get into the comments section for love nor money.

  20. 3 against 1 This is like the Brexit ‘debates’! No balanced panels, biased interviewers. Patronising, condescending, bullies and that is being polite. This plandemic is serious and doesn’t compare to Brexit of course. This scamdemic is life or death. All MSM have been bought, its plain as the nose on your face! I know of 5 cases where people have died within a week to three weeks of getting the first jab or second jab. No narrative is allowed on MSM, . The censorship across big tech’ is daily. Thousands of doctors and experts in the related fields are censored, ridiculed, sacked or silenced. !!!

  21. These annoying twats bullying this doctor make me fucking puke. Take a closer look at the ‘approval’ for the so called vaccine by the FDA which is 75% funded by the pharmaceutical companies, the rats are effectively in charge of the cheese larder. I don’t need convincing this vaccine is poison. Hang em high in my view.

  22. What a brave doctor Anne is. Crawley kept interrupting aggressively wouldn’t let her talk. Then 3 ganged up on her. In Australia it’s unlawful for doctors to advise patients against the vax and are gagged. The interview is the best example of the gap between those who have taken the red pill or blue pill (Matrix). If people don’t listen to truth it’s too late.

  23. When he said society, remember as far as they concerned.as society actually,means the dominant people of the population, not the population . IE government and the rich. Not one answered a question fully couldn’t even give any current figures, one pompous ignoramus was so called on another call.then said everything she said was nonsense ,how the fuck would he know if he was on call. You only need to look at how they speak to down at her. They want a great rest let’s give them one ,a total reset. Common Man has worked and died for centuries,for the rich, following the false promises,be the from kings our queen’s, governments,ect. I’d rather die than bend to any authority should be every man’s new Moto. Good luck world

  24. The best point she makes is one I have considered in that there was a point last year when we got down to zero Covid deaths and the deaths started going up as people were vaccinated.

  25. When the presenter talks about ‘fact checking’ we know that the people who are doing the checking cancel anything that is against the narrative whether it is right or wrong.
    The Doctor was clearly ganged up against here three to one, we should never give in to bullies. I too have done a lot of research and know that a lot of what the men were saying is just not true, to be polite.
    I found this broadcast disturbing for a lot of reasons, it is a percfect example of why nobody should ever take the jab.

  26. As the French chemist ,Bechamp once alluded to,vaccines can never be effective for everyone as everyone’s internal micro environment is different,this is why they can cause side effects,when you take a vaccine it bypasses a persons natural defence system such as mucous membranes to mount a defence against incoming invaders,vaccines effectiveness is only 40 % at best,I say to people, it’s not the virus we should be afraid of,it how they are using it as a tool to reshape the world and to erode our rights and freedoms so they can take control of us,as for the argument it does for the greater good,tell that to the one person that dies from a vaccine reaction,every life is precious,I say if you want the vaccine take it,don’t frown on me because I don’t want that garbage in my body,what do you have to be afraid of if you have had the vaccine,your protected…….

    • Just heard on national news that children as young as 12 could be jabbed at school without parental consent. I suppose they will use Gillick competence as a test of capacity to weigh up pros and cons. Adults can’t even do that 🤷‍♂️

  27. Well done Anne ..these experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injections have killed more people than all the other so called vaccines combined…yet these pompous wankers are still pushing the Clot shot

  28. In Poland that’s happening on daily basis good doctors are loosing their licences everyday

  29. Wow, what a hostile interview. Anyone who understand the nature of deception would recognise when someone has an agenda and consistently speaks over the person they are interviewing. So many straw men being used that this interview must be a fire hazard!

  30. Rude, uninformed interviewer ! When the misinformation is coming in from scientists we are supposed to trust you can guess how deep the deception is !! I found the article unhelpful and dangerous. PCR tests withdrawn by the CDC as it gives up to 90% false positive ! Most masks available to the public DO NOT work !

  31. Who talking over her needs a fucking kick in his head.a can’t listen 2 no more of him butting in every time she open her mouth..A could knock him clean out a could…fuck the VACCINATION simple as that✊🏽

  32. Thank you Ann for your courage, knowledge and compassion. We need more physicians like you who speak out. I feel sorry for all of the people who have been misguided into taking this experimental jab. Hopefully they won’t be effected by antibody dependent enhancement. Looking at the data out of Israel makes one wonder. Thank you again for speaking out. I am a Registered nurse in the USA and share your concerns

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