Hollywood Is WASHED UP / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The most disturbing thing was that he compared turning on your car headlights with being injected with poison against your will.

  2. What a complete and utter COWARD a poor excuse of a real man something he will never have experienced in his pretend world of Hollywood shite a complete and compliant yes man for the Hollywood pharmaceutical propaganda machine a washed up drunk hanging on for dear life to his pathetic past Iā€™m glad these plastic sheeple are now being exposed for what they real are a far cry from the some of the Characters they play on set

  3. This hole insanity is great to see who is who. Thanks for engagement! āœØšŸ’–šŸ™

  4. why wopuld anyone listen what a court jester (and not a good ) say this guy is a nothing in my eyes just another hollywood indoctrinated dickhead that cant act for shit !!

  5. How can anyone in their right mind believe that any pharmaceutical product should be mandatory?
    Iā€™m afraid it really does wind me up.
    I cannot get over how surreal life is getting.
    I am disabled but seeing demonstrations around the world and listening to Hugo is keeping me sane.

  6. Sean Penn is certainly someone’s asset but not humanities.
    Funny thing is , these vax saviours say they care for others but would certainly do nasty things in camps to those that do not comply to their cult.
    Most are itching to be commandant.
    As fraud government whip them into a frenzy, that will not end well and started on deception.
    Yet there has been no enquiries and the experiment is not finished.
    It has to be asked where is their freedom and why, now vaxxed they do not mention that.
    Freedom and the vaxxed mindset means freedom is never discussed, in the msm, that is truly shocking that these cult members do not even realise they are supposedly safe now, so why agree with their own rights taken away still?
    Nothing is going to happen until they realise they have been had.
    Or are they incapable of rational thought?

  7. What a pathetic drip Penn is. By the way, putting headlights on when driving at night benefits everyone and prevents harm to all involved, you can see and be seen, win-win. Taking an mRNA jab, despite best efforts to convince me, does NOT! It’s like putting petrol in your diesel engine and expecting it to do what is was designed to do without breaking down. Amazing how I have been living “without my headlights on” in the dark for 18 months (i.e – unvaccinated) and I am still here, not a sniffle. The only ill people I know are jabbed. The “pandemic” was over late last year, the jabbed are cytotoxic spike protein factories and getting sick and maimed by the poison now, that’s the continuing “pandemic”.

  8. Even spouting his lies and being paid to do so , he still has the gall to do the SATANIC HAND SIGNS . How many more of these egotistical parasites , will be joining T Hanks and all those other satanic actors , in the PITS OF HELL ?
    They finally get to meet the DEVIL šŸ‘æ that they worshipped !!

  9. 0.03%, Sean, of the world’s population have succumbed to this piss-assed virus. The vaccine, too, kills, ask any mother who has lost a child to this vaccine and ask what she now fears most, the virus that didn’t kill her child or the vaccine that did.

  10. Ever since he was married to that ol slapper madonna hes been losing face…

  11. he’s right about one thing, this un-vaccinated guy know Sean Penn films are typically shite…

  12. People of integrity standing for bodily integrity will win, whatever happens don’t sell your soul for freedom it is your God given right.

  13. I don’t even know who Sean Penn is. Not much chance general public is going to take any notice of his incoherent ramblings.

  14. This guy has been a component of the deepstates apparatus for years. He like many of the other Hollywood elites have been involved in crimes against humanity. If you feel strongly I suggest you boycott any movie he is involved with. If you need any more info on these so called entities ask Mel Gibson, a true patriot.

  15. Apart from the sheer hypocrisy and selfish entitlement that emanates from this odious little man, the list of actors that I will never watch again has got so large that I only watch low budget films now so that I don’t know any of the actors in them.
    Wasn’t he baffing that sleazy scumbag Madonna at one time?

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