POLICEMAN Writes OPEN LETTER Let’s Stand AGAINST TYRANNY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Yeah well done D. Ive been saying for months that the most crucial section of society to get on board with whats really happening is the police & armed forces who will be roped in as the bad guys front line against the people should there soon be major dissent on the streets, & in truth the police are treated just as badly as all the rest of us ordinary citizens and once theyve done whatever the zillionaires require them to do theyll probably just get replaced with heartless A.I. robots.

      So its crucial that they know the real facts behind the establishment BBC and corporate media’s everyday propaganda, half-truths & omissions so that if Bojo and his treacherous chums want to put the people down then him and his horror show cabinet of sold-out “whats in it for me” selfish idiots will have to do it themselves, and I believe his fleet of worn-out 2nd hand water-cannon have all been flogged off for scrap now.

      Lets see police here do what they’ve been doing in Austria and France – joining in with the protesters theyre supposed to be putting down! And lets hope there are some in the army who know whats really going down, cos its scary to think what theyre capable of when theyre trained to just follow whatever orders theyre given without considering anything else.

    • There is a group called police against tyranny or police for freedom not sure which. Police from all over the world have joined.

  1. Did you see the nice little image Hugo made to go with this video? Got a printer? Hugo has some nice merchandise that says subscribe to the tribe Hugo Talks, I doubt he’d mind anyone printing off a copy? Im seriously considering taping a few copies to my local police notice board on my time off work. Could you imagine what an impact it might have if just one person in every town and city decided to do the same? My dilemma is im the only lady thats been walking round my local shop in a Hugo Talks T shirt but is sticking a flyer on a police notice board criminal damage? I’ll be sure to let you know if it is!

  2. Let us thank God for D. There has got to be a way out of this and men such as him are showing us. The tables are slowly turning. There are so may people standing up-getting of their knees. Hopefully soon we will be seeing this in main stream. How can it be held down forever? Everybody keep pushing this boulder up this hill. We will get to the top and let er roll.

  3. I think alot of the people in the police services are frustrated and just don’t know what to do at present, they just need to organise and they will get backup, realistically saying nothing is OK for a while but there comes a time of realisation when one has to act and decide what side you are on, there is only two sides right and wrong and even a child knows right from wrong.

  4. Bravoooo. A policeman with steel balls❤👏👏👏. 2 more of such bravery then we have arrived

  5. My brother who would stand as a Policeman for the people. There are millions who would stand with you and fight with you.

    Those who would stand for the people will be remembered as heroes in the times to come.

    Make the call. Plant the flag and you will have an army of those who would give their lives in defence of freedom!

    It is more important than any one man. It involves all of us equally and we all have a duty to fight for that.

    God will stand with those who stand for freedom.

  6. FFS! leave it out. Grammar freak. Learn to listen beyond your indoctrination, as it is like a disease, blocking.

  7. Thank you Hugo. Thank you Mr Policeman. You are so brave . I do my own rebellion in my own little way. I don’t wear a muzzle, I beam big smile at the people in the supermarket muzzled or not. I refuse to be tested to go to open air cider festival FFS really?!!!! In sleepy Dorset . The organisers will lose two lots of entrance fees plus our consumption. I refuse to be subjected to such mockery. There’s never been scamdemic ….so I refuse to fill billy goats Matty flatcocks eyc etc pockets and I refuse to be an experimental rat for something that has 99.8 percent survival rate. Christ almighty I don’t have a clue what my GP looks like because I have not seen her for good 11 years so why would I want to have my body jabbed with experimental concoction? Remember people they told us thalidomide was safe ….but was it ha???!!!

  8. Fighting for truth is always the right thing too do. How many police nurses doctors etc have stood by and let their fellow man suffer and die. you must choose a side no good sitting on the fence. one day very soon our world as we know it is coming to an end. This is a spiritual battle we must fight to stand against all evil even if it is death. we are promised eternal life from our Saviour. greater love has no man then he lay down his life for a friend.
    we are Gods children ,,,the evil that abounds has always been here.
    The cruelty that exists is heart rendering all these fires and floods are not natural no global warming .
    no pandemic just murder plain and simple we are nothing too these satanic followers
    people are being deceived believing the lie.
    I am 74 and not afraid no mask no jib jab my family and i will fight this evil, we need God more than ever.
    Stand up and be counted. fear no man.
    protect one another any way you can. not all people are on the side of God so we have to be vigil and strong.
    Thank you

  9. We need to be able to circulate this far and wide. Will share your video but are you able to provide a link to the letter as a PDF or web page or similar to share? I think that is important.

  10. Big Clap for this officer. This could all go away so simply if we have the Police and Milatery on side. Without the Strong Arm of the enforcement agencies (Police Milatery) the Government have NO one to enforce there power. All they need to do is stand a side. Let the people make citizen arrests of the people in power pushing all this foolishness and bring them in front of the courts…

    The Police are the Only organisation standing in the way currently. They can not fire all of u guys because then there is no police force, so that won’t happen. It’s easy. Just Stand down and let the people bring these criminals to justice. Job done…

    Thanking u office D. God Bless u and yours.

  11. I wish I’d never heard of covid. I envy the dead as they no longer have to listen to this bullshit.

  12. This fills me with hope, God bless you Officer D 🙏🏻 We thank you

  13. There has been a movement, “Police for liberty” here in Spain.
    I imagine if this could be turned into something international it would gather some real steam. You should try getting these groups in touch Hugo, I can help you with the Spanish.

    • It is partly international as there is Police for Freedom in Australia & I think in the Netherlands & Denmark. Henna Maria is the coordinator in Spain. She is near Malaga & is connected to World Freedom Alliance.

    • I’m there already.. time for the common man and woman to stand – I just wish the police would stand with us.

  14. Hugo, do you have absolute conclusive evidence that the author is a policeman? I am prepared for now to accept that he is, but nevertheless it is going to take more than anonymous letter writers hiding in the shadows if we are going to end this. Perhaps this policeman standing up at a protest, and addressing his fellow police officers and asking they do the right thing would be somewhat more effective.

    • Good point Storm Brewing, if he is as concerned as he is he has to put his head above the parapet. Being anon is no good anymore.

    • That is a mighty fine idea…. it will show if this (police)man is the real deal.

  15. I think most part of the police, healthworkers, soldiers, politician and the not brainwashed people feel the same as this policeman.
    I think it will be a nationell tribunal for each country in the world soon, and all the inwolved ministers and politician are going to spend the rest of there life in prison.

    Please listen to the lawyer Rainer Fuellmich and his videos and you can see that the trial coming soon against the Cabal.

    I hope you can read my “school English” 🤔

    Love from Sweden

  16. Thank you D and Hugo Talks for sharing this brave report. There are millions of us who will stand by your side and the other police officers – please put together a campaign so that we can all support you.

  17. its taken this anon copper 18 months to write an anon letter………………youre all being played ffs

  18. Amazing letter. Can we print it out. I’d like to pop a copy through our local police stations letterbox. Well done to this brave man! Wouldn’t it be great if this caught on with many other officers?

  19. Yep I was definitely nodding along during that letter. I would say I was surprised by what I heard but I wasn’t. It literally says the situation we are in.

  20. Good. The police are starting to come out against the tyranny they have up until now been supporting.

  21. I thank God for this brave and eloquent policeman who has laid out the situation in the UK as it truly is. It is clear that this brave man has spent hours on research and that combined with his twenty years experience in the field has resulted in this open letter which is concise factual and true. We need saviours at this time and I pray that all members of the Police Forces and Army listen.

  22. Another call for a printable copy of this letter here. I too think that every police station needs to see this.

  23. There are a few of us standing up to be counted and being trained to be peace constables because the police have failed us. When civilians have no option but to make their own police force because the regular police no longer protect and serve the people then things are dire indeed. They have come for the children now – it will not be tolerated. It is a step too far and we are willing to die to protect them – stand with us, stop enforcing tyrannical dictates from above and be ready to arrest the government, the CEOs and yes, even your bosses for enforcing genocide. When the jabbed realise they committed suicide there is going to be carnage but right now we HAVE to protect the children.

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