Quarantine SIGNS Placed On Home FRONT DOOR #AUSTRALIA / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I have always found Australia going too far above on sanitation, quarantine and trying to ensure cleanliness. Australian entry points especially airports are nightmares. Its as if they only want pure clean visitors….the Australians should taste their own medicine.

    • This is very much like the CCP operating…the head of the Police has just been awarded a MASSIVE pay increase!…

      • I’ll have to use that as a sub heading to this video when I share it. Just like the CEO’s of all the health care trusts in the UK, they all got DOUBLE their salary in 2018, to get the right calibre of people! We know what that means, the ones who will carry out the establishment narrative, same with academies in education, they all get paid loadsa dosh at the top tier. It’s now obvious what they are doing.

    • The problem with all this is that awake people in Australia are having their rights compromised by the idiotic compliance of those who are asleep. I’m a Brit, was only visiting from the UK for my daughter’s major surgery but got cornered for having an Aussie passport as well, and 1.5 years, on I’m still living with this nightmare, having to apply for permission if I want to go home.
      However, the UK is currently a basket case in a different way. There’s NOTHING LIKE the vilification of the unvaxxed in Oz that there is in the UK, even if the Australian Government is doing its utmost to incite hatred of the unvaxxed.
      Major truck driver’s strike coming up next, to bring this country to its knees over vaxx mandates and to put pressure on Government. Aussies have had it in chunks, especially the treatment of the kids, and we are starting to rise up now. As for the signs on the houses… we’re a hair’s breadth from “Unvaccinated” signs on homes, Holocaust style, to incite civil tensions. The governments, at both state and federal level are thoroughly corrupt and evil and they deserve to be criminally tried.

  2. Everyone make their own signs and place them on their lawn in solidarity, let’s go Aussies!!!

    • They have gone lubulubulooo lala. I would say that horseshait vertical consumption , seated consumption, is similat to gobbldygook rules in uk. I think this is intetional. Uk at one point they said ‘this may seem confusing’.. i think this is deliberate, the breakdown of logic and common sense. It is the icing on the psy op. When nothing makes sense anymore they gain full control of your rational faculties

  3. Well….next level is ….in same household people to put signs on every door and not allowed to see each other in the family for 14 days can you imagine😉
    Yes hugo they are panicking cos they are exposed now….their heads and lives are on the line…..its us or them….no golden middle solution….we need brave people around the world


    • Say it like ‘true Aus!….he he……best wishes from UK…

  5. Everyone needs to practice peaceful non-compliance and stand firm. Don’t back down. Do not take this poison shot. Don’t let family, friends or your employer coerce you into taking it or complying with tyranny even if it disrupts your life. You may need to find a new job. You may lose relationships. It’s worth it. We are on the right side of history.

    This isn’t about the virus or the vaccine, it’s about the NWO CCP-style control system they are bringing in worldwide IF WE ALLOW IT. JUST SAY NO and remember, if they isolate you and try to make you feel alone, there are MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of us who stand with you.

    Good luck everyone.

  6. Also a Italian man as a tattoo of a QR on his arm to say he been jabbed.
    Now signs on front door them psycho’s laughing on the brainwashing news can Fuck off.
    If this comes here and some official put a sign on my door they will told to Fuck off and the sign thrown at them.

    Residents in NSW who live next door to anyone displaying a self isolating sign have been told they are at risk from catching the virus through the air bricks and open windows. They must wear a white bandana around their forehead with a health notice warning that they are in close contact with these people and that everyone should keep at least 3 meters from them at all times.

    I am only taking the proverbial. My post is not true. But I can well imagine that happening.

    • Army and Flame throwers would solve the issue!!

      Nobody would have a test ever again or whine about having Covid ever again, cough, no no just a cold.

      Worked for North Korea instant it’s gone!!

  8. The effect of the got Covid will turn you into a leaper, when I tell people early on chill I’ve had it, they’d look scared and back off LOL, when my 12year old had it, kids sending OMG you’ve killed us, that’s what that’s for.


    Ex has dropped me self isolating as her new BF only has 1 jab and she doesn’t want him to lose work LOL Interestingly she didn’t ring Jess who was with me and didn’t tell her to self isolate and is also anti jabs LOL Utter Madness, if your out side and mixing with others then it’s entirely your fault if you get and die from it, simple as that, especially as pretty much everyone is double jabbed LOL

  9. Aufmerksamkeit!

    Die SS haben dieses Haus gesperrt, nicht eingeben oder Sie werden erschossen!

    • Attention!

      The SS have locked this house, do not enter or you will be shot!


  10. The Corrupt dictatorship banana republic is next.
    Eeerie or whatever it calls itself was already there.
    Free(sic)state me arse.

  11. Vertical consumption hahaha , 2 square meters ,so many silly rules ,what a palaver,what a silly mess the world is in ,I hope them trucker heros manage to close down the streets/motorways and really disrupt these nasty brainwashed tyrants ,them hopefully some kind of chance will be implemented ,what’s next ,4 masks must be worn whilst having a wee in the toilet then nucular bio suit must be worn while ordering a lemonade at the bar hahahaHaha ,some funny shizzle that’s for sure lol

    • It’s crazy ffs. What about telling them to fuck right of ? I have no doubt in my mind that most of the ozzys I no would not b dealing with this shit. So who’s gonna police this crap ? It seems the people behind the fear porn are in fear themselfs. Are these people actually human ? This is how the nazi’s took control with fear. Do not back down do not listen to there shit. What’s the worst that can happen ? Ur not gonna die that’s for sure. Dragged to that train if u allow this to go on
      Nazi style.

      • They were handing out Star of David badges at the London march on June 26. I’ve been telling folk that we’ll be wearing striped pyjamas for the last year and guess what, I’ve been abused and vilified for saying such things. Conspiracy theories? Narghhhh! Just a spoiler for what’s coming, sadly. 😟

  12. remember its all for you safety. You may get the FLU…….lolololol

  13. The main thing is the Virus understands these rules:

    • Can’t infect anyone during vertical consumption. Got it!
    • Respect gatherings of 20 and below. They’re off limits. Got it!
    • Stay out of venues at 50% capacity. Got it!

    • Does it only come out after the pubs close at 10pm like this intelligent killer virus did in the UK during summer last year?

  14. Quarantining with something only a PCR swab that does not test for infections or sickness detects…
    Waste of time and they even charged people to “quarantine”…
    May as well flush the money down the toilet

  15. Only about 14% of Australians have had the jab, so you may be right Hugo; the puppet masters are demanding more from the Australian government, so the government ups the fear factor and will soon dangle the carrot of all the restrictions ending when 90% of the population have been jabbed.

  16. I am now 100% convinced there is zero hope for humanity. How anyone can fail to see through this utter bullshit is totally beyond my comprehension, yet I am surrounded by compliant, masked zombies everywhere I look. People seem content to go along with all these constantly changing rules and regulations without ever doing an ounce of research or questioning their slave masters agenda. I feel like I am living in my worst nightmare. Life has become unbearable. Is there no end to this hell on earth ? I have just about had enough of this shit show !

    • Hang on in there Bro. I dont see an end to this Scam either, due to the cowering masses who are frightened of breathing fresh air. I have no idea where it will end, but I have stocked-up on foodstuffs etc….. I will do my best and I will definitely FIGHT anyone who wants to take away my freedom and liberty. Stay Strong, go on a Freedom Rally and be with 100,000’s of like-minded souls. It is so uplifting!

    • I totally agree with you. Even in the uk u walk or drive down the street and u can see people are scared lol. Not scared of covid of each other now. It’s like some people have lost it and there’s no going back now. If these people were told tomorrow it’s all gone ur perfectly safe now they wouldn’t belive it. I think a lot of people are so brainwashed they would do anything to safe there own arsh. Please I don’t want to die from flu. Ffs have these people bin out there all along hiding in plan sight. Afraid of there own shadow. No one is gonna die from fake covid but there are many worse things u can die of. Get up stand up, stand up for your rights. Don’t give up the fight.

      • They are all suffering from a real illness called Illusory Truth Effect. It’s brought on by listening to too many lies and in the end their brain cannot accept truth, even if the liars tell them it’s all been lies. Can you believe this webpage is the BBC telling the TRUTH!! 😲😲😲https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20161026-how-liars-create-the-illusion-of-truth

    • Come live in the Netherlands, over here almost no one is scared of the C flu. Nobody is wearing masks anymore and a large group can see the lies now. Even people who are vaccinated don’t want a booster shot. France may also be a solution, will be a bumby ride, but at least people there are standing up. By the way, in the UK you guys have HUGE amounts of protestors, I assume they don’t wear muzzles and are not scared?

  17. These creature must be BroadCasting their spells from a bunker… they are purposely trying to tip people on both sides over the edge. How the zombie allowed them to get this far with their lies and barmy rules is a mystery.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  18. Did anyone notice the nazi style golden star on the news report, to identify the unvaccinated? We are dangerously close to letting History repeat itself….

    • Spot on how can people not see this is a morden day war ? Nazi style? Seriously anyone that’s not got there eye and ears wide open to this shit actually deserves to be kicked right up the arsh. Stupid twats. Like u would put a sign up on ur front door ffs. Who’s gonna make u ? Who’s even gonna no if u don’t do as there saying. Grasses can’t grass if u don’t let them no ur shit. Fuck em what’s gonna happen lol u gonna die ? Nope

  19. what utter Bullshit this compliance this all is !:)

  20. Anyone would think Covid was the Black Death! They put up crosses on peoples houses if occupants were infected during the Great Plague of 1665. The signs are kind of like that

  21. Basically they are trying to get people to GRASS on each other !!!!!!!

    People who Still asleep 🤦‍♀️😱 need to stop listening to theses muppets NOW stop giving the tests!! And…Stop grassing on your fella human beings!

    Thank you Hugo ..
    I managed sort a laptop 👍so I be….smashing the shite phone up next week… excited 😆

  22. Read :Gandhian Strategy – The exclusive mantra for solving problems in modern context – look to Gandhi and his achievement in India. When they start this nonsense here this winter – great idea about having massive yellow card signs of your own on the front of your house – shape of a star perhaps.

  23. I think you’re right Hugo. The feeling of desperation from those in government around the world seems to be growing. They have a deadline.
    I think they need to get everyone vaccinated before winter comes in the northern hemisphere, when the fact that the vaccines aren’t working will become blindingly obvious… or worse, that the vaccines are working as intended, and antibody dependent enhancement kicks in.
    They seem to be running different scripts in different countries, perhaps to see which is the most effective… strict lockdown in Australia, vaccine passports in France, a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” in the USA.
    It’s going to be a rough winter, i think.

  24. I lived in Australia as a child and am so glad my parents decided to come back to England after watching these videos. Absolute lunacy ! I thought we were bad enough till I saw these videos. All for no reason except evil puppetmasters.

  25. What Australia and New Zealand are doing a good example of “Lockstep”; see how far you can go in abusing people’s human rights in one country, and replicate it in others. People don’t seem to realise this is Commonwealth. The Queen could stop this abuse of “her people” in an instant – she ignores it and moves home from London to fortress Windsor Castle, where she’s safe when people finally wake up – I think we know who of the world’s Satanic globalist trillionaires is responsible for most of this !

  26. “Quarantine”😄…
    You only quarantine when your infected or sick with something….
    Not when your clearly not🤦🏻‍♂️…
    People are just too far gone to help now…
    Subservient Slaves basically…

  27. Hugo, your videos are amazing, super informative and cutting any BS out. Top man!

  28. Would it not be best to have a FINANCIAL(Business) approach to the matter?
    Is your home not YOUR home?
    If someone wants to place a sign at your home, would it not be best to simply CHARGE them
    $999 per hour to DO that for them?….and because you have NO-CONFIDENCE with them
    administrating YOUR Trust (the Trust is collapsed) payment must be with you immediately.
    Otherwise, simply remove the litter that others place on YOUR property.
    Please remember that THEY are NOT volunteers…..so why should YOU be?

  29. Putting signs on doors It’s like the plague where they put a cross on a door of people who had it. Outrageous.
    I would never want to visit Australia, but then I wouldn’t be allowed as I am not jabbed.
    Hope the truckers get support.

  30. Ridiculous amount of propaganda in Australia, I feel sorry for the people living there, soon they will be painting crosses on the doors if the people do not just get out there and do something.
    I believe that Dan Andrews will be tried as a war criminal and hung by the neck till dead, but he will not be on hiw

  31. Is this OTT tyranny a punishment? A desperate attempt to break people down into getting the jibjab as their uptake is very low?

    • Same in the uk but claim to have “90%” done…
      Probably not even half of that…

  32. Oh wow, so now medical privacy is completely overboard, your whole neighbourhood now knows you are DANGEROUS and perhaps INFECTED. This is probably a stepping stone to mandatory posters on your front door for Jews (read: unvaccinated). So everybody knows a Jew lives there. No more (medical) privacy and a warm welcome to vandalism.

  33. Hugo, this is nothing new. My Hungarian in laws told me months ago that in Hungary if you had to self isolate you had to put a red cross on your door

  34. I laughed til I cried…. haven’t they made it so easy for us to figure out? I remember the days when we used to watch comedy shows on TV. Now there are moments when we just live in one instead (but it is a dark one :\ )

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