Operation Fortitude (Inflatable Aircraft?)


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  1. Why’d you cut that video I wanted to see the rest I am confused

      • because it is. military people compare it to a real one and there was no doubt about it. This is another step on NWO agenda

  2. Some say that plane is fake (no glass in the cockpit windows) and point out the number on it -1109…

  3. Oh I can see that is a fake plain and I can see Kenny eveiots generally bomb the bastard’s just had to stop and think for a minute get it now

  4. I see dole is about to be reduced £86 per month, that’ll annoy a lot and reduce spending, as soooo many are on the Dole currently ouch!!!

    Me included, been 26years since I was last on the damn dole, now poorer than ever 🙁

    I think convert to Muslim and go join the Taliban, atleast there having fun 🙁

    • Hang around, UK set to become an Islamic state in 5….4……3…..

    • Hi morning

      Yes the unemployment has been hardly hit , it’s always the feckin same .. each time theses power freak fools decision to have “Another” …‘financial crisis’ the poor suffer the most
      It’s disgusting !

      Take care 💪

  5. I should probably stop commenting on this site I think it is a generation gap most people probably don’t know who Kenny Everett is let alone his carector general e bomb the bastard’s but the man by the plane with his hands in the air reminded me of him

    • I vaguely remember, 50 here, just act 12, stick around, we need the numbers, damn we need the number!!

      • I’m 43 and remember Kenny Everit fondly. As well as Russ Abbott.

    • Ahhhh Cuddly Ken. One of my all time favourite comedians. I used to love all his characters he did. Those ridiculously long medals on his shoulders for his general , priceless. All the laughter you hear on the show is actually the crew because the BBC , or Beeb as he nicknamed it refused to allow any audience laughter for the show. The funny thing is with all these beards with the Taliban. Kenny always said his idea of hell was being covered head to toe in fake beard and hair.

      • Just turned 50 myself & I remember him to
        .. he used do Cupid Stunt 😅 Captain cheeseburger 🤣

    • Who’s Kenny Everett?. You just sound like a Cupid stunt. 😂

  6. Oh and he also reminds me of qupid stunt in which case they are qupid stunts play on words

    • Just looked at the photos they look like a balloon to wtf

  7. Oh and I noticed the 9.11 reference to night going to bed now

  8. The system always has the same playbook everything’s fine then they do a messy pull out leading to a take over..of course the public are now full of predictable outrage…no talk of jailing boris or hancock and crew..no looking at the audit..they’re faking a war that will have real consequences..if only people said I dont care..and stop buying news papers or watch msm…let my last words haunt you….there were NO world wars till we had world news!

  9. I’ve worked with C17 Aircraft as ground crew and you wouldn’t be running behind those engines so easily not to mention losing your hat running in front of the intakes.

    • Those guys holding onto their hats stood in front in front of a huge military taking off has to be fake. When I was a young lass I stood in front of a 737 with the engines ticking over and my skirt got pulled over me head. Luckily I was wearing knickers at the time. It could have been a lot worse.

  10. There are a number of clips, including the one of the USAF aircraft apparently taxying down the runway, which feature young men some of whom appear to be laughing or cheering at the camera. Why would they be laughing? Without trying to diminish in any way shape or form what is happening in Afghanistan, it strikes me that there is something phoney about these particular images.

    • When I saw the video with them all on the dodgems the Banana Splits music started playing in head. Bam bam ba bam ba bam ba , one banana , two banana 🙂

      • I was expecting the Benny Hill theme tune to start up. That is probably going as far back as Kenny Everett. My old gran had a collection of Benny and Kenny’s shows on video cassette. One of Kenny’s character had a woman who kept opening her legs like Sharon Stone. Can’t for the life of me remember what her catchphrase was but it will come back to me. My gran said something about Kenny appearing at the Tory party conference joking about bombing, nuking the Russians. That kind of put her off him.

      • @Maggie Her name was Cupid Stunt who was supposed to be a film star and her catchphrase was “it`s all done in the best possible taste”.
        There are more comments on here about Kenny than the airplane lol.

    • There’s also no propellers in the engines (the round things 😂) and the front wheels would have run those people over. Nose is too high in comparison to the real one.Though I wonder if the previous president of Afghanistan was a cabal baddie and these guys are not what we think. The maga hat on their bookcase in their interview from the former president office, makes me wonder if someone left a clue. None of it’s real.

  11. Oh so funny or banana to banana three banana 🍌 for tralar tralala lar larla lar lar lar lar

  12. what with all the fake actors and the Good Morning TV photo fakery and now this, I’m beginning to think nowt’s real on t’ telly anymore! (including that clown from 10 Downing St)

  13. Maggie her catch phrase was it was all done in the best possible tast

  14. Oh I don’t know why all this commady shot is coming to my mind maybe it is because we are all so very depressed at the moment and need to go back to more Inercent times

    • I think you are correct. I maintain my sanity by watching Last of the Summer Wine videos (mainly). Not a hint of the madness going on today, and if you really listen, you can learn a lot! I think they should be compulsory viewing for all married couples. (Or prospective ones!)

  15. Deflection of attention from co failure. All is not what you see neither from the mainstream nor from the alternative.

  16. There are quite a few people sitting on the undercarriage doors, so I would think it’s a real aircraft, but as others have said, nothing is what it seems these days. All done to confuse and unsettle the population.

  17. convenient timing to pull all of the military out of Afghanistan, wouldnt be bacuse they need to be back on home soil to enforce this plandemic would it? very alarming

  18. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12
    English Standard Version
    9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

    Its time to get right with God.

  19. Not sure if plane is real or not. The point is that the Talib4n are being portrayed as having won the War on Terror. All they need now is a millionaire benefactor from the gulf states (patsy) and we are back to 2001.

  20. Just one question – If they are all desperately trying to leave why do they look so happy ? The whole Afghanistan event is a diversion tactic – President Harris to be installed soon what it means for the UK – not sure yet

    • US withdrawal is the open door for China’s intervention in Afghanistan. It’s all planned!

      Anyhooo, we don’t need to be there. It is now being portrayed by MSM as another fear campaign. Nothing to fear as far as I am concerned!

  21. Legend! You’re on the up and up about this. So few are. Even people that claim to be against the narrative.
    I’m not saying it’s fake but it sure all looks it.

  22. Brilliant – the world is indeed a stage.
    Funny how nobody got sucked into the propellers. people in the middle are clearly weighing down the inflatable and they don’t show the actual plane taking off from that scene – probably because inflatable planes can’t fly.

  23. I’m pretty sure it would not be possible to run along behind a C17 with its engines running at any significant thrust. The force would simply blow people away. Also, how is it possible in this day and age that such poor quality video can be taken in broad daylight? Curious how this is so often the case on controversial videos! One might suspect that full 1080p or 4K video (standard on mobiles for years) would give the game away somewhat. I wouldn’t even know how to take such a shit quality video if I tried!

    • Where is the heat haze from the Engine? Even at tick over the gases are hundreds if degrees.

    • Where do I begin with your ignorant comment.

      First off the plane is taxiing to the runway, there are strict regulations on speed globally.

      Afghanistan is a 3rd world nation with very little economic resources.

  24. There’s not even an engine 😂
    Makes you wonder how much of anything you’ve seen on MSM over the years has been real…
    With all these actors and no apparent disclosures so many things would have been much easier to fake.

  25. Also the plane is far too low, the landing gear would raise the bottom of any large plane above head height, its low because its probably being pushed along on a shopping trolley, why else would people run in front of the wheels except to cover up the asda trolley?

  26. I’ve just compared a snap shot from the highest definition video of this I could find with multiple low quality pictures of the same type of cargo plane, roughly at the same angle in poor light, then used Photoshop’s curve tool to increase the output on a RGB channel to reveal what’s hidden in the dark area of the turbine engines. The low quality pictures of the other aircraft revealed the turbine blades, the HD snapshots taken from this media news video revealed no turbine blades but only dark empty holes.

  27. Where do I begin with people’s ignorant comments.

    The plane is REAL, it’s a C-17 Globemaster 3 built by Boeing.

    Planes taxiing to the runway have to adhere to IATA regulations.

    The footage is awful because afghanistan is a 3rd world country with very little economic resources.

    Some people on here are buying into Hugo’s rubbish without thinking logically

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