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    • Hollyoaks now running a story about a ‘conspiracy theorist’

    • And the fact it looks like he is himself is wearing some kind of creepy mask….
      His neck/chest is darker than his face???

      • Dan fell down the stairs a few months ago, though it’s been said he was beaten up. He was unseen and unheard of for over two months. As you can see, Demon Dan has returned, however, I see a sort of neck shift, as if he’s unable to lift his head up.

    • It does make me wonder how these people got elected in the first place as clearly he has no intelligence. Talking of drinking whilst wearing a mask I did see someone in the UK doing that during the spring lockdown. Boy did she make a mess of her clothes. It went everywhere!

  1. The world is biblical. Jesus Christ is Lord. Get saved.

    • If God has plans to save either us or the planet, I wish he would get on with the job.

      • And She wishes you’d see her in a REAL sense instead of something that can’t be reached until death – God is a God of the living so be alive in her mind, we’re all in the same place with one boss, so how can anyone be better or tell you what you should do, think, feel, take – no-one trusts life anymore – imagine if everyone just gave them all their paperwork back, for the houses, the cars, the bills, all of it, render unto caeser what is caesars and all that, a war of peace is what’s needed yet they push for civil war and disobedience everywhere, nothing they do is for love, it’s all about their survival at the detriment to everyone else, when all they had to do was tell everyone that God’s real and knowable, no middlemen, a direct mind link that each one of us has with Her personally, they want to wipe that knowledge from the planet, silly bastards, how can they when we all reside in the mind of God.

      • would not mind a real pandemic at this stage, or a meteor 🙁

      • God will do it in His perfect time! Just sit back and Trust in Him!

    • “Illuminati” cabalist Jews (satanic)
      They believe they are gods and we mere cattle. They fear the white man, all white nations are to be consumed by immigrants. Their culture and history trashed. This has been in the planning since the 1st World War.
      Our brave lads on both sides died for what? We see now! So the bankers could get richer and christendom depleted and
      vulnerable. They truly hate and want to exterminate us from the face of the earth. They hate Jesus!
      They own the wealth of the world.
      All our institutions are subverted.

      English race do not exist in their eyes they depleted us off all government forms we are classed as British.
      Turn to” Jesus” he is the truth, life and the way. Before it’s too late we are in a spiritual battle for our souls, do not be tricked.
      God bless all truthseekers!! Viva christo rey! Christ is king!

      • Well said. I am English, not British. Those old enough might remember, “I’m Backing Britain,” in the 60’s. Always the mantra of 3. Today, we have Build Back Better. It’s everywhere, from leaflets from the local Conservative council to a booklet from Christian Aid, picked up recently at a Church of England church. This demonic agenda has leached into every aspect of life, all by design.
        But, greater is He that is in me, than he who is in the world. Make sure you belong to the winning side, while there is still time.

  2. We already have a direct link to God, it’s called the mind, they know and that’s why they’re fucking up peoples minds as it stops them realising the connection – you’re alive in the mind of God and they are scared shitless that the planet wakes up to that cos they are here in the same mind as the rest of us so they can go fuck themselves if they think I’ll be masking, vaxxing etc – there but for the Grace of God go I, not Gates or Fauci, or schwabb – trust your mind and your life, you are alive for real xx

    • Before all of this crap started, I had learned the ability to be able to think for myself. The enigma for me then was, there are too many Gods, out there, WHICH should be the ‘real’ one to follow?

      • God is one for us all. It doesn’t matter the name, call Him how you want, He owns all the names. No name is also the name. Just listen to your heart to be sure you calling the God, not evil.

      • Jesus christ is the son of God,
        One God, one Christ, one truth, one faith.
        If you confess with your mouth Jesus died on the cross, so that we may be saved through “repentance”
        And believe in your heart God raised him on the third day from the dead. He is sitting at the right hand side of the father in heaven. You will be saved! Believe and it will be so.
        “Christ is king” viva christo rey!!

  3. Hugo you missed the Australian prime-ministers face as he spoke of Afghanistan. He was on the verge of hysterics his dupers delight was so evident 😂🤦‍♀️

  4. Collective madness.
    Hitler would no longer appear so deranged around this lot.

    • Talking of Hitler …all of the MSM editorial staff, GPs and NHS staff that are complicit and stay silent about what is really happening are no better than the Nazi guards …only following orders your honour!

      People like Jeremy Vine who could speak out, but choose not to are as guilty as big pharma and the rest.

      Frankly you are a disgrace.

      • and the medicals might as well be working with mengele in KZ

      • I totally agree ,as far as I am concerned they are all guilty
        when the day of reckoning comes
        ” I was just following orders” aint gonna cut it !

  5. The man is a complete cock-penis…and frankly, needs to be sectioned and committed to a psychiatric ward for observation and treatment both for his own safety and that of others.
    He is a danger to society and must be institutionalised immediately.

  6. Bless you, Hugo, this is indeed a spiritual battle and the entities currently running this world could not be darker. Far from not believing in spiritual things though, they worship at the feet of the fallen angels. They have sided with evil.

    Pure Christianity (accepting that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for you, and loves you, and that He who has seen Christ has seen the Father) is the only event in history which ended differently. Jesus’s willing death on the cross defeated Satan and opened the door to Infinite Love.

    • From what I recall, it wasn’t a ‘willing’ death !

      “Father, why hast thou forsaken me”?

      • In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus asked His Father to “take this cup from me” if possible, because He was aware of the suffering that He would have to endure to pay the price for all the sins of humanity. But He then said “not My will but Thine be done”. Christ accepted God’s will and made it His own.

        During His terrible suffering on the Cross His statement reflecting the spiritual agony that He was experiencing because He could not feel God’s presence illustrates that this was an integral part of the weight that He must have felt while He carried the penalty for all the wicked, selfish things that humans have ever and would ever do to each other. We can only be saved because Jesus and His Father love us so much that They suffered this.

    • These lunatics in power, across the planet,,,, their demise will come very soon, God will not allow this to continue much longer, believe me.. the madmen and mad women, have no idea of what’s going to happen to them.. they will suffer greatly for their madness of their seven deadly sins they continue to commit……

    • “Repentance” through Jesus is the greatest free gift from God the father.
      I know I did it! Hallelujah!! I know they who say follow us they are deceivers and liars. Taking souls on the broad road to destruction.

      I care not for the things of this world or the wants of the flesh.
      My mind is on the spiritual. The world is wicked and has come into the light.
      As “Jesus”told us it would, these are truly the end days. We are in a spiritual battle for our souls, many will be deceived be vigilante!
      ” Christ is lord” his mercy knows no bounds, ask and he will hear you.
      God bless truthseekers!! Viva Christo rey!!

      • To all those who have that precious hope, thank you for your comments, they make me feel less alone. Also, thank you so much Hugo. Without you, we would not be here to encourage one another.
        One day we will all be together. What a day that will be!

  7. They are clearly attempting to invert everything Almighty God created. These people are very in Satans grasp.

    They don’t call it the demon drink for no reason.

  8. Pure fucking evil, I can only hope that one day justice will be served on the gallows.
    The darkness and the evil are indeed tangible in the world, its permeating everything and slowly but surely destroying the world, we must stay strong for our families and do what we can to turn the tide no matter how small it is.

  9. Spooky Hugo, that Mr Bald on Censor Tube just found a poster for that film, left there from the eighties. Watch Bald and Bankrupt. It will help lift your spirits as well. That was a good sermon, Hugo! You are on the ball. There is a Father George Roth, local to me, who stood up and said there was no pandemic etc. All the MSM had a go at him, with total lies. Locally, we support him. He’s a good man.

  10. This could all end in a worldwide Cult mass Suicide judging by the way people blindly follow complete nonsense in the MSM. Look away turn it all off and trust in God.

    • What a complete joke, keep your distance, like the sign language woman is doing next to the nutcase Australian PM… feek off..

  11. No coincidence Oz, NZ and Canada have smallish, spread out populations leaving the people more vulnerable to this extreme insane tyranny.

    European nations have density in numbers so these despotic governments all puppetry to the nwo see more resistance as is apparent in France and Italy. Eastern Europe is openly non compliant at government level which offers hope

  12. Exactly how I see it Hugo. I don’t believe anything I see or hear on mainstream news. Too much stuff staged nowadays (and probably always has been). I even question the ‘scenes’ from Afghanistan. As for ‘pretty boy’ Justin, I’ve no doubt the ‘fix’ has been sorted. Once again, he oozes a sickening over confidence. He already knows he’s won.

  13. Dude, we need to go for a Spirit or two – i can only imagine what we’d talk about after a couple… that tangent you went off on made my mind boggle – i was thinking all sorts lol… as always, great vid, thanks for giving yourself and your time to this… we need more reasonable, logical talk… your point about the Indiana Jones metaphor was bang on…

  14. Uk government is full of shit and bunch of sell outs and pretended to have them jabs or have this “covid” thing…
    But more people are starting to get sick to death of it all day by day but the others who are complying dont have much hope as there brains have been re wired by all of this…WHO implemented september time or so 2019 under a experimental or pandemic exercise…
    COVID i been told stands for Certificate Of Vaccination ID…
    Which actually maybe not far from the truth…and was implemented in 2019…
    Strange that🧐

  15. The reason that they are fixated on finding the “God particle”, is that they want to prove that Almighty God does not exist, because they know if He exists, they will have to give account for their wicked actions. (“It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment”. Hebrews 9:27 Holy Bible KJV). Just as the existence of a building explains there must have once been a builder, who designed and built it, in the same way, nothing cannot create everything: design and order in creation demands there must be a Creator and Designer of all things. Things are happening exactly as foretold in the Bible for the last days: wicked men will get more and more wicked, and lawlessness will abound. But God will have the last laugh (Psalm 2) as He will let them go so far and no farther. Even they will have to bow the knee before God. “For it is written, As I live, sayeth the Lord, Every knee shall bow to Me, and every tongue shall confess to God. So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God”. (Romans 14:11,12). Choose the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour now, so as not to face Him as the Judge. Every one who has ever lived will encounter Him either as Saviour and Lord, or as their Judge. (See John 3:16-20).

  16. I totally agree with you Hugo. Science has a tendency to want to challenge things. There will always be some mysteries in the world and it should stay that way.

  17. Yes this is philosophically sound – William Blake says the same thing roughly in his image of “Newton the Measurer”. Very perceptive about “mystery” v the need to “control”

    Also psychologically correct – the “normies” are mainly genetic “stakeholders” & so have bought into the narrative partly by “doublethink”. They have concluded it’s their best/safest bet – at least amongst the intelligentsia who got where they are by similar code of practice. The challenge is to find a mechanism that will reveal that is a huge mistake for them & their genetic “stake”. We have to crack that – so far not so good!

    • Peetah – I have always followed Machiavelli’s premis that there is always an ulterior motive. Look beyond the obvious and find the reason. Follow the money and the reason becomes clear. Money is power and these megalomaniacs crave power.

  18. Thank you so much Hugo

    This is a Great share 💯

    You try so hard & I am personally very grateful for your support in theses days of total Madness … as you so rightly put it 😅💪

    Have great day yourself Hugo
    And to you All

  19. Well they can bump and grind if it’s good for their minds, they can twist and shout, let it all hang out, but they can’t fool the children of the revolution.

    • Not amused by the NWO psychos, soon they will breathe their last except this time its final

  20. The bird from New Zealand is a blatant liar. She proves that this is nothing about a virus.

  21. Regarding Hugo’s remarks on alcohol. Yes, alcohol lowers ones inhibitions and I have always maintained the REAL person comes out. If you are a thug when drunk, you are a thug when sober it’s just you don’t have the courage.

  22. She needs to be hanged evil bitch, along with the Aussie mask twat and the Gates i hated them and seeing there face

  23. The jooos are waiting for their “messiah”, who WILL BE the head of the one world government.
    Demonic possession is real

  24. jacinda is not a common name, but we’ve all heard it before the covid lark, who can remember,

  25. I’ve always found Dan Andrews exceptionaly strange, I can’t see him without imagining he has children locked in his basement, my opinion or Trudeau would be enough to give Josef Mengele nightmares.

  26. Psalm 2:1–12 ESV

    The Reign of the Lord’s Anointed

    2 Why do the nations rage

    and the peoples plot in vain?

    2 The kings of the earth set themselves,

    and the rulers take counsel together,

    against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,

    3 “Let us burst their bonds apart

    and cast away their cords from us.”

    4 He who sits in the heavens laughs;

    the Lord holds them in derision.

    5 Then he will speak to them in his wrath,

    and terrify them in his fury, saying,

    6 “As for me, I have set my King

    on Zion, my holy hill.”

    7 I will tell of the decree:

    The Lord said to me, “You are my Son;

    today I have begotten you.

    8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,

    and the ends of the earth your possession.

    9 You shall break them with a rod of iron

    and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

    10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise;

    be warned, O rulers of the earth.

    11 Serve the Lord with fear,

    and rejoice with trembling.

    12 Kiss the Son,

    lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,

    for his wrath is quickly kindled.

    Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

  27. Let us not forget to raise our arses to all the nasty little people who believe the likes of Andrews, ahern, trudeau, macron, biden ,jonestown

    As they ain’t getting my arm.

  28. It is appointed unto men, once to die and after death, judgement. Thank God tyrants will be judged by the Almighty. They are Godless and the fact they all support same-sex marriage reveals they are part of the rebellious Satanic intent to try and spoil anything that is for the pleasure of our Creator.

  29. Its end times people need to repent and turn to God his return is near.

    Jesus Christ who never sinned took our sin on his body and died on the cross to remove our sin if you repent and turn to God you will be free from sin and will be taken into heaven and when the rapture comes you will go up.

    Basically Adam and Eve caused the sin by satan deceiving Eve but Jesus Christ died to take away this sin but you need to repent accept Jesus Christ and be born again receive the Holy spirit and live a holy life his return is very near.

  30. This is a bit long-winded, but it helps explain why governments are getting away with all this:

    There is a famous example of Derren Brown using neuro-linguistic programming (“NLP”) to influence Simon Pegg’s selection of a gift. Brown is a well-known British illusionist, mentalist, hypnotherapist and author.
    Based on the scenario – “Imagine instead of trying to work out what your complicated friend wants for her birthday, you could just go out, buy whatever you like and then convince her that’s what she wants, life would be much easier” – Brown demonstrates conversational hypnosis using techniques such as anchoring, visual cues, suggestion and replacement.
    As a technology, NLP has an amazing track record for instigating fast and efficient change in individuals and groups. If you ask 10 people, you’ll get 10 different answers but when you get to the crux: NLP is a covert form of direct hypnosis. As with all things, NLP can be used for good or it can be used for bad. It depends on the intent of those using it. The nefarious use of NLP techniques, the dark side of NLP, can in all probability be used both for mind-control and brainwashing.
    Hypnotherapists have been noticing blatant hypnosis and NLP techniques being used by the UK government and state-controlled / legacy media during the “pandemic”. Miss Anthropist 2.0 sums up these techniques in a twitter thread:
    “Fractionation. You get them to do something not once, but again and again, increasing the level of intensity each time. Usually you do this 3 times (note: we’ve had 3 lockdowns). This increases compliance – you’re much more likely to get them to do whatever you want.
    “A ‘Yes’ set. Get them to say ‘Yes’ to something small at first (2 weeks to “flatten the curve”) then gradually increase (months of lockdown, Christmas cancelled, socially/economically coerced into vaccines). In this way they’re much more likely to keep saying yes.
    “Confusion. Keep them in a constant state of uncertainty. The conscious mind responds by ‘going offline’ as it searches for the appropriate response for something it has no precedent for. Then it’s much easier for the manipulator to gain access to the unconscious mind and change belief systems. For example, lockdown rules are changing on practically a day-to-day basis; we’re living in a world we’ve never lived in before, everyone’s stumbling about with no idea how to behave. We’ve no energy left to fight our oppressors.
    “Repetition. Repeat the same information over and over.
    “Illusion of Choice. Make them believe they’re in control by giving them 2 choices, both of which lead to the same result. For example, ‘Do you want the Pfizer or the Oxford?’ or ‘You can choose to be good or bad. Bad = more lockdown. Good = more lockdown.’
    “Social Proof. Images and videos of film and TV stars, musicians and sportsmen and women receiving their jab. “Look, all these great celebrities are backing it!”
    “Scarcity. “You’ll have to wait your turn for the vaccine… we might be running out!”, to create a surge in people booking in for their jab, thus increasing uptake.”
    The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (“SAGE”), which advises the UK government, also relies on expert subcommittees for Covid-19 specific advice. These subcommittees include: NERVTAG; SPI-M; and, Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (“SPI-B”). The Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behaviour and Communications (“SPI-B&C”) advised SAGE during the 2009/10 swine flu “falsified pandemic”. Despite the 2009/10 swine flu being “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the Century,” SPI-B&C reconvened in February 2020, this time, its remit was limited to behaviour and it was renamed SPI-B.
    During a meeting on 22 March 2020 the SPI-B proposed the use of fear – ‘sense of personal threat’ – through the media and intimidation – ‘the use of social disapproval for failure to comply’- against the trusting UK public. SPI-B’s report also stated: ‘There are nine broad ways of achieving behaviour change: Education, Persuasion, Incentivisation, Coercion, Enablement, Training, Restriction, Environmental restructuring, and Modelling’. After which we saw a unified mass-media campaign that falls in line with these techniques, followed by a dramatic shift in public perception and behaviour. What else can we call this but brainwashing?
    Last year, the BBC, CBC Radio Canada, The New York Times and Microsoft collaborated on the Origin Project to combat disinformation using a multiparty stakeholder, cross-organisational collaboration focussed on news and information content. Further to this, earlier this year, BBC and Microsoft teamed up with Adobe, Arm, Intel and Truepic to create the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (“C2PA”): an end-to-end standards-setting body to address “disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud”.
    This is truly concerning considering the BBC, who has been implementing SPI-B’s psychological “pandemic” strategies, is the biggest propaganda machine the world has ever seen. We should not believe anything the BBC says without checking it with another source.
    Dozens of psychologists have since accused the UK government of using “covert psychological strategies.” By April 2021, they were so concerned that the British public had been the subject of a mass experiment in the use of strategies that operated “below their level of awareness” that they made a formal complaint to their professional body, to rule on whether government advisers had been guilty of a breach of ethics.
    As if SAGE and BBC were not enough for the public’s psyche to contend with, it has been public knowledge since at least May last year that, the 77th Brigade, part of the British military, has been part of the Covid-19 communication strategy. The 77th Brigade activities include information warfare and “supporting counter-adversarial information activity,” which includes “creating and disseminating digital and wider media content in support of designated tasks.”
    Since at least April 2020, both Google and GCHQ, the British signals intelligence organisation, had been working inside the National Health Service (“NHS”). We have to question why the skills of the military and intelligence agencies are needed to “serve and protect” the UK population from a coronavirus, of which several can infect humans just as they have done, annually, for decades.
    The use of NLP techniques against the UK population by its own public institutions may, to some, seem like insanity, like the “world has gone mad.”
    But “it’s not madness. What we are facing is calculated and it’s a mistake to call it “madness”, because it’s very precise; it’s very calculated,” said Brian Gerrish during an interview with Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (or Corona Investigative Committee). Gerrish, after spending twenty-one years in the Royal Navy, together with Mike Robinson founded the UK Column. Together they have been researching the use of applied behavioural psychology by the UK government for over 20 years.
    From 2010/11 a team of psychologists, the Behavioural Insights Team (“BIT”), were working directly alongside not only the political process, but the policy-forming process within the UK government. In a 2010 document, “Mindspace”, the UK government boasted it could change the way people think and behave, and that people will not be aware that this has been done to them.
    The Franco-British Council, a charity set up to “improve relationships between Britain and France”, was in reality used as a front to bring the political psychology teams of Britain and France together to produce joint plans. “It was very clear that there was concerted effort to expand the use of these techniques: not only from Britain and France, but the implication at that time was that these techniques were going to be used across the wider power base of the European Union,” said Gerrish.
    Fast forward to 2019 and very early on in the “Covid pandemic” SAGE had an internal meeting with elements of the Government’s BIT. A briefing sheet from the meeting “admitted that the SAGE team and the Government’s policy on Coronavirus was going to use applied psychology in order to ramp up fear in the population, in order to get the population to adhere more closely to the Government’s policy over the response to Coronavirus,” said Gerrish.
    BIT has been using, amongst other things, NLP in order to influence virtually every document that the Government produces. “Every statement made by the Government, every piece of paper that comes out, is invariably very carefully crafted, it’s very carefully put together,” Gerrish said.
    Lastly, but by no means insignificant, there is Common Purpose: the deeply sinister organisation with thousands of operatives in positions of power and influence in the UK. The training, which uses NLP, is designed to give people a new set of values to “lead beyond authority” and enable them to assume power in what they call “a post-democratic society.” It has members in the NHS, BBC, the police, the legal profession, the church, many of Britain’s 7,000 quangos, local councils, the Civil Service, government ministries, Parliament, and it controls many Regional Development Agencies.
    Throughout the “pandemic” most countries been following the same “script”. As to where that “script” is written Gerrish said, “I am very embarrassed to say that I do believe [the seat] is in the UK.”
    To watch Gerrish’s full testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee follow this LINK, and the transcript can be found HERE
    How do we stop ourselves being mesmerised and break free from their spell? Begin by turning off the television and be aware of which online resources “the indoctrinators” are using – Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, “the fact-checkers” etc – and how they are being used.
    Do your own research. Find reliable and independent media sources to follow. Join local groups that meet up and are not afraid to discuss the truth. Then share it, speak openly. By exposing and getting information out we may be able to help others “see the light”. Real knowledge kills the illusion they have created. And in this sense, the “pandemic” that’s been thrown at us to make us fearful could actually be the very thing to get people coming back as human beings.

    • Of course Trudeau is confident of winning. Canada just purchased lots of “Dominion” voting machines after they saw it worked so well in the US.

  31. I appreciate you. Thank you doing this. The is shinning and it will continue to do so!

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