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  1. They cant make you have it. The government is a corporation and its gone bust. Just stand up and say NO NO NO…..its all theatre.

    • The so called vaccine still carries the black triangle status so it is not licensed so illegal to mandate……get a grip Wancock…… you CANNOT force people to take part in an experiment

    • YES! in religious context, this vaccine could be linked with the mark of the beast(which would be in your RIGHT HAND or on your FOREHEAD)that people in tribulation take or don’t take..DON’T TAKE IT THOSE WHO DO BURN IN HELL FOREVER. Get right with God now, amen 🙏.

    • Yeah those fake protesters that protect the Popo after they have attacked people should be got rid of. Next March, mob that fat knob that leads them and his friends and ask them questions There is about 10 of them..
      Then we can move forward with the marches..

  2. If it’s not in your contract of employment they can’t sack you for it

    • Neil, unfortunately I can see contracts being changed to suit this BS.

      • Didn’t the European Union just pass a bill saying governments could make it mandatory to vaccinate if deemed necessary?

  3. Checkout the blackbelt barrister on YouTube he did a specific video on employers forcing vax on their staff with threat of dismissal

  4. These Shots should be Compulsory for Politicians and Media Whores – GM tv was disgraceful today! And Pimlico Plumber man admitted he has not took it???
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  5. Can you spare less than a minute and a half to fight for Medical Freedom?
    If so please go to the Save Our Rights UK site and register , and then send the new Campaign letter to your MP calling for them to support the Medical Freedom Bill campaign.
    We must do what we can to support those who are working on the front lines to allow them to have bodily integrity and to make their own informed consent to be vaccinated or not and not to be coerced or penalized for their choice.
    Save Our Rights UK

  6. Say NO simples!
    It is your right to.say NO fight for it!! Fight for your freedom and human rights!!

    • Matt Hancock and the government need removing immediately now.. what they are doing is criminal and tyranny on the public.. it has to stop now..

      The media are also complicit in this evil coercion of forcing jabs on the public.. it’s pure evil.. at work here..

  7. Hugo please please carry on with your reports I am feeling stronger every day

  8. I left as in the early days I was accused of taking the phe stuff, all because I took the delivery and passed it all.

    The delivery was found before I left.

  9. I watched an interview with Dean Sandstorm on the Mel K show that gave a very sensible narrative of a lot of the madness, it gave me a much calmer slant on it all. Now after this new move by our overlords they have flamed my passions again and got me straight back on my soap box. The first stage of the jab was to take out a lot of the old and infirm. The second stage is designed to sterilise humanity, the next stage is designed to cause a slow death where you are reliant on the health service, with those that are left being owned under patent law.

  10. Why waste an opportunity to make money from YOUR Trustees/public-servants?
    Them- `You must take our vaccine`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (this removes the controversy) it`s just that we charge you £999,999
    to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR Trust,
    payment must be with us immediately`
    Please remember that THEY are NOT volunteers……so why should YOU be?
    The secret is just two words……CONDITIONAL acceptance.

  11. There is a lawyer on You tube, I can’t remember his name but I will research it and give it. Anyway, he says if people are forced to take the jab it’s classed as assault. Just refuse it then let them make the next move it’s gonna be court case after court case.

    My advice is for all NHS staff band together and take you’re employers to court from each care home hospital. You are stronger together and you will win. Why are they forcing you to take the jab that’s the real question. Just remember this jab could potentially kill you or put you in a coma.

    I am begging you, please don’t take it. We can use this opportunity to really make our mark if you all refuse and just continue to go to work as normal. This is the game changer.

  12. All sorts going on over the pond with Fowchi. MSM silent. Once the first domino falls…

  13. You can feel in the air, this pressure to get this jab, its getting stronger and stronger day by day, its being forced which begs the question what the hell is in it, manipulating our genitics, transhumanism etc etc it’s doing something bad. Keep strong and keep saying No. Plus it doesn’t come from Nature, so it’s a lie, it’s not Natual to have it, it’s doing something else. Only medicine in nature are fruits and vegetables green juices to heel etc etc, keep saying NO. and maintain self respect anyone dissis that it’s time to leave.

  14. 11 years later they make the same mistake with these experimental mRNA jabs, but now injecting almost the entire populus of each country. What could go wrong??

  15. This situation regarding mandatory job jabs for care staff is disgraceful . There was a sham consultation with the DHSC but it had already been decided . It’s so wrong to force this jab on young healthy people who don’t want it .. I personally know through my job ( don’t want to say where ) that younger carers are worried about their fertility ,their future and basically about it killing them .!!! Many have said they will leave their jobs , others may not have the choice financially but be coerced and bullied into having this experimental gene therapy .
    Also the care sector will suffer and lose staff when they struggle to recruit anyway . What will this do for safe levels of staffing ?!! And they are so poorly paid anyway
    No jab no job is not morally right . I cannot believe what we have come to in this country ?! When did we turn into a communist state ? This is wrong and we should be taking to the streets fighting tooth and nail to protect our civil liberties . !! This really is the slippery slope , I haven’t been so angry in a long time

  16. Hancock is a very dangerous individual. A pathological liar, he knows full well what the adverse reactions to this injection are, and yet he is using the equivalent of blackmail to force people into having it. He looks right into the camera and lies, he lies in every interview, he lies in the House of Commons. Sometimes duper’s delight gets the better of him. No better than a serial killer.
    His fellow MPs know he is lying. They do nothing. They are all complicit. They must be stopped. This is war. We must win. His time is up. (Boris and Sage etc are exactly the same, they are all on the same page.)
    The governments around the world are all in lockstep with each other. Just following orders from The World Economic Forum, The World Health Organisation, The United Nations, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Unicef, and many more. There are thousands of them, but billions of us. We must unite together and fight this.
    Thank you Hugo. A voice of sanity in a world being run by insane maniacs.

    • YES brother/sister! This is war, I have had enough of this satanic world trying to lock us down and control us..we need to join as civilians and fight back! protest, preach, do whatever you can to make a point.

      • The satanic cabal’s time is short. They know it, that is why they are throwing everything at us in such a short space of time. We will win this! Do not comply. If we all say no. it is over!

    • Much love from Australia. It’s happening all over the world. I feel like I’m living in a movie set and cannot believe what is going on. It’s barely 80 years since the Nazi concentration camps were liberated and the world gasped in horror at what one bunch of humans did to those they felt were lesser beings. Medical experiments carried out on unwilling prisoners in the name of “science”. And now the likes of Fauci, (who is apparently science itself), Gates, the WHO, the NIH in the USA etc., etc., etc…….the list goes on and on! Governments around the world selling their people for a new World Order where the sick, frail, weak, dissenters and diseased will be euthanised because they cost society too much money. So many of my friends have taken the jab and I wonder how many will still be here in a year’s time. I have begged my grown-up kids not to take it under any circumstance and I find myself wondering if I really want grandchildren now….would I want a child to grow up in the sort of world we’re heading for? I only hope that enough of us are waking up to this evil now and that we will have the strength of character to fight this. I am a nurse and I will not take the jab – and if that means I cannot work as a nurse, then I will pack supermarket shelves at night. I am not religious but it feels like we are heading for the “end of days” and an epic fight between good an
      d evil. I think it’s time we chose our side!

      • Love and huge respect to all in Australia. The book of Revelation is a must read whether a person is a believer or not. This is a battle between good and evil. It is obvious which side our governments and their masters are on.

  17. I also meant to add ., it’s not just residential care homes it’s the at home carers too anyone providing care to over 65’s basically . I’ve heard that barchester healthcare ( nationwide care company ) have already written it into the contracts and won’t employ people without the jib jab

  18. I agree with what you’re saying about not downloading the app for entry to sports events and everything else like restaurants pubs etc. But actually what people should do is GO to a sports event GO on holiday on a plane etc and tell them you’re NOT going to take a test or show a vaccine passport. If enough people ignored these stupid demands and got on a plane without doing the test and vaccine passport rubbish then what can they do? At the end of the day if its a choice between forcing people to take a test and having no passengers or flying with a full plane of untested passengers the airlines will want to fly otherwise they would go bust.

    In short, people have a moral obligation to defy Hancock’s stupid rules and why should he stop you doing things you have a legal right to do.

    • What I dont understand is how Hancock hasnt been nicked already along with the rest of them. It was in fact you the people that voted Boris in so it’s time to take action and get him and his lunatics out and fast. Never forget it was ur vote that gave them power ? It’s time to take the power away and put it back into our hands. They would be nothing if it wasnt for you and your vote. I did not vote for this. Bring back the monster raving looney party lol they would do a better job then this lot. Fucking maddness all of it and the worst part is us the people are giving them the power. Time to take it back. We are almost there dont cave in now. Stay strong. ❤.

  19. Good idea to send Test kits back to the Government with viral videos “ that’ll smack em back in the face “
    Stay true to yourself and steadfast, don’t be coherest into Anything, Your Life is the most important thing “

  20. I’m no lawyer, but it cannot be legal to force anyone to take an experimental drug/therapy.

    • According to international lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, it would be battery/assault to force a medical procedure without informed consent. Those receiving the injection are NOT being given the facts about the adverse reactions, so they are not informed. This breaches The Nuremberg Code. Those who administer the injections must be held accountable for any adverse reactions. Anyone who gives these shots needs to think about that. Justice is coming, you can’t say you were just following orders.

    • I won’t have it, not my employer business my body my mind, my health.
      If i am sacked over this and nothing else, IT for unfair dismissal and i will pay for a employment lawyer

    • Spot on. There not drug dealers try b 4 u buy. There giving it away ? Free .nothing in life is free theres always a price to pay . Look at there end game. It’s in there own best interests not the public’s. Do not get tested and ffs do not take there free drugs.

  21. I have been told I have to get vaccinated to keep my job. I love my job and I have been in my career for 25 years. I am NOT getting the vaccine. I am very lucky because I have alot of support. My husband and most of my family are awake to this sham and are behind my decision. I have sought some legal advice and I am weighing my options. I at first was feeling pretty confident I would win any lawsuit I might bring forward but I am in the USA and the first lawsuit of this kind here was just dismissed by the judge siding with the hospital that was being sued. 117 hospital workers filed the lawsuit against their employer who was mandating the shot and the judge said since the hospital is a private business they CAN mandate the shot even though it is in an emergency use authorization and not fully FDA approved. Obviously I believe that to be absolutely illegal, but how does one go about fighting such corruption? They have said the dismissal of this case may set the precedent for other lawsuits. It is just so disheartening.

    We have a news anchor here in the states that went live on air and announced that she has been muzzled by her tv station and censored and has not been allowed to tell the viewers the truth about things. She said she had been working with Project Veritas to document what has been happening to her. Her name is Ivory Hecker and she is a hero! Hopefully she started the ball rolling for more news anchors to come forward. Of course she got fired from her job after her little on air stunt.

  22. 90,000 current vacancies in the NHS and care home sector. 200,000 in the NHS have so far refused the jab. If they leave or are sacked the health care sector will be severely short staffed. The only way to beat these psychopaths is to refuse. That way they are stuffed.

  23. No jab, No job, No jab, No cash, thanks powers that’s be, thanks for setting me free by cutting my services off, Been waiting a long time 🙂 got my camping gear byyyeee… lol, no financial worries anymore, live freely on the land now thanks, I’ll go back home now thanks 🙂 grow my own food too. I’ll live a organic life, and not have a artificial transhumanism synthetic one 🙂

    • Unfortunately for almost all people that’s not an option. So people have no chocie but to stand shoulder to should and fuck these toss pots out of it. They cant win if people stay strong and stick together. I understand how they are trying hard to divide and concur but anyone that cant see that by now is going to have a sad awaking I’m afraid. U have to be deaf dumb and blind not to be aware of what’s going down by now. Get these tossers out of power. We let them have the power time we the people took back that power.

  24. Of course it was staged… bbc reporter zig zagged through police lines that grinned and did nothing.

    Romeo/agent provocateur was recognised as one and the same filmed at all recent protests agitating troubles and was also caught on camera with gb resistance reporter having a chin wag and a laugh.

    Uk column news disappointed me today by missing the obvious and praising gb resistance matey who I believe is just another fake shill.

    Don’t think uk column isn’t for real but do think they didn’t get the real picture


  26. No to jab. Hancock and Co need to swing for this. They are commiting bio terrorism and murdering their own population. They need to pay for those actions.

    • We no all this. by now if udont ur stupid. So that evil little tosser is still dishing out his orders .this is not nazis germany in the 1940s it’s the uk in the year 2021 fucking hell get them out end of storie. If people havent learnt from history then they never will. I’m so fucking sick of going over the same old ground and nothing appears to have got done, in fact it’s worse. The time for tapping away is over. Let’s do something and fast b 4 all the kids return to school. It’s there future.

    • Sounds like an old Ant and fucking Deck record about saying no to illegal drugs back in the 80s ffs.

  27. I suppose there are enough QCs out there who are willing to represent care workers and file lawsuits. I was watching a video interview between a dissident doc, Peter McCullough, and German lawyer Rainer Fuellmich whose working on a case that will hopefully or supposedly bring those responsible for Convid and the Scamdemic to book. McCullough was saying too many lawyers in the US (he’s from Texas) are stymied by fear that they won’t represent people. He even cited a situation where one lawyer passed the buck and told some would-be clients to make their own letterheads or templates. Laughable. Fuellmich also said he’s only had 100 lawyers worldwide who have responded to his campaign and said “there must be many more lawyers out there.”
    On the other hand, some might need to start by asking themselves is Matt (Hancock, that is) really a good guy if people up and down the UK really believe he is? If they do, then God help them!

    • Hancock is a nasty evil little cunt. U must b blind if u cant see through him. Htf has he taken over like this ? Hitler comes to my mind. Learn from the past . Do people belive lighting really doesnt struck twice ? Because it can and it certainly fucking does.

  28. Cheers Hugo – John Overkills channel is a great place to visit – If anybody is planning on going to future protests, John Oiverkill has done loads of really good research – lots of (Govt) Assets / Agent Provocateurs faces and actions are exposed – get to know their faces before you go to a protest and then give them a very wide berth – if there is any violence or arrests you don’t want to be near them – It’s always the same faces that cause the violence and are arrested for the cameramen or (so called) indie filmers to capture – and those same cameramen / filmers are always right on the spot for that BBC / Guardian / MSM footage

  29. I saw the bbc rabbit run live.
    These are my thoughts.
    He approached the camera man earlier before and attempted to engage with him ( thinking he was GB news). On learning he wasn’t he scurried off.
    My take on this he wanted to discredit the new GB news channel on behalf of the bbc.
    On running off he was then shamed by the crowd as a traitor. Not scripted in my opinion. Just what many feel and believe to be true of the BBC’s bias propaganda.
    The camera man followed this as a journalist. Real time events etc.
    The BBC having not successfully discredited GB news ran to further verbal displeasure of the crowd. Running (and allowed) through police lines. Yet stopping the camera man.
    Eventually he ran back into the crowd to cover some distance to be let into the gates of downing st. Without so much as a proper check.
    The only staged event I could see (I have a huge BS filter) was the BBC man entering the crowd to engage with who he thought was GB news.
    The video posted declaring the whole event staged is the one I do not trust.
    Trying to cast doubt upon the crowd and journalist filming at the time.
    This was BBC orchestrated to a bad end yet spun by MSM to further their agenda against freedom and those who stand up for it.
    The BBC man got off lightly in my view.
    I have no connection to the organisation that filmed this nor do I know much about them. It was the first live stream of the protest I came across to watch as comrade Boris was about to do his shit on the nation.
    I hope your viewers can find this information useful.
    Stay strong.
    Question everything.


    • And ? Is this really going to get these wankers out of power. Who gives a toss about the tit for Tate bullshit . This is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It’s just crap. While there passing new laws as we chat shit. We need to be doing more not tapping away chatting crap.

      • Thanks for your input.
        Most helpful.
        Cheers 👍🏼

  30. Hancock and co to the electric chair, and I would gladly push the button to set it going!!!

    • There’s going to be a long queue of people ready to push that button. However, perhaps death by lethal injection might be more apt. (I’ve heard that Hancock can recommend a suitable drug!)

  31. This is unbelievable. I work in a care home and have refused the jab, but l am close to retirement, so this won’t affect me. But l feel so sorry for those l work with who are also refusing. We all have rents and mortgages to pay, it’s not so easy to just leave or hold out to be sacked. It’s the roof over your head that’s at stake here. And as for ‘we all need to stick together’, l find wherever l go l seem to be very much swimming against the current. The only place l find like minded people are on Hugo’s talks and in some youtube videos comment sections. I feel like its me against the world most of the time, and that there aren’t enough of us to fight this successfully. Just stand in a queue in a shop without a mask on and watch what happens.

    • I have from the very start ? What about all the elderly that were given these death jabs ? Has everone fucking forgotten they had no chocie in these nazi camps we call oap care homes. Come September there gonna be jabbing up our kids as well . Do we carry on talking ?

  32. And why is there such such a low take up of the jab among care workers and NHS staff?

    …its patently obvious, because the informed within the services know better and have witnessed just how toxic and dangerous it is. They know this jab could potentially kill or put you in a coma.

    The advice is for all NHS staff is simple, band together!

    With apologies to Jimmy Pursey, but …”if the workers are united you’ll never be divided”

  33. Godfrey Bloom did a really good video on YouTube about forcing jabs for jobs with some good advice. Unions all make clear that the vaccine and tests are voluntary and I would also refuse to leave my job as it isn’t a contractual obligation – obviously those with new contracts may need to check the paperwork. But yes if they sack you it would be breach of contract and you can claim unfair dismissal. Tell work that if they coerce you into an experiment it violates international law but also they will be liable for any harm – draft up a document and ask them to sign it – they won’t. And finally if asked about your vaccine status do not answer the question it is private medical information and is none of their business.

  34. Excelent Idea on sending the test kits to Boris and Hancock.
    If no one turns up to watch sports events they will soon stop there noncense, these people need hitting were it hurts, the bottom line profits.

  35. Remember, the political power of the people in this country still has some weight, Parliament along with the lords and the commons can, and WILL only implement what they perceive the people will allow to be passed over them. If they perceive compliance, they DETERMINE conditions.

    Think of it like a game of pushback, if we the people say “acquiesce”, then they will surely have their way.


    Furthermore, for every legislation passed into the annuls of British constituency, the more territory will be lost on behalf our individual sovereignty.

    Say NO to mandatory conditions that impeach our individual sovereignty. RESIST, FIND YOUR VOICE AND STAND UP. These were essentially the first orders of the foundation of this concept to begin with.

    It seems we are being betrayed of our individual sovereignty, bit by bit, by the traitors who stand for this, and it started with the war on our minds to condition us into submissiveness.

  36. Absolutely, let them sack you. Dont walk out, I agree. But i strongly recommended recording any relevant conversations, because they will pretend to sack you for something else. This trick is nothing new, sue them for wrongful dismissal BUT have proof!!

    • It is all fine and dandy to shout “sue them” from behind the safety and comfort of your keyboard but even if you ‘win’ an employment tribunal you will only receive a paltry amount in compensation (- legal fees). You will find yourself in the position that you will never work again. That is how things work in the real world. That may be an OK situation if you have the mortgage paid off, are just about to retire in any case but it is hardly an ideal position for someone starting out in life. That is the invidious position that employees are being put in.

  37. Chip in the hand? Looks like the world is biblical after all, eh? Revelation 13. Jesus Christ is the Lord, get saved people!

  38. Ask Graham Moore aka Daddy Dragon expert on the English constitution and Common Law, what you say is true

  39. I would not feel comfortable being treated by a vaccinated nurse or doctor who could potentially be expelling spike proteins.

  40. The footage of the bbc reporter being hounded came from one of the sources that HAS been covering the protests.

  41. This is the problem and always has been divide and conquer. You will have a lot of sneaky arse lickers working with you who will bend over and take their injection and will rat on you, no unity trust nobody.

  42. Hi morning thank you Hugo

    Great video 👍
    I am no thug! And I know All the other people here are not also! so how dare they call us people out here such things!
    I will Never comply!!
    And I will share this as I do all shares 👍💪
    Also told my friend ,send kits back to Bojo!
    She a brilliant mum but these government Tools ! Are causing her children distress & for her when they are home again?! & that Really upsets me as I know theses kids were NOT this way before all this BS began

    Thank you once again Hugo

    Have a great day to All ✌️

  43. Fact of the matter is the BBC Guy mistook Resistance GB for GB News. And then he didn’t want to know, tried to invade questions and walk off. I fail to see anything about it that was staged. All it tells me is how angry people are, and I bet if you asked people, most would say they understand this anger, as I do too.

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