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  1. The mass roll-out of the vaccine was only facilitated as a result of the emergency legislation brought in on the 25th March 2020. The data is still being collated as the testing of each age group is rolled out. It will not receive FDA approval until all the relevant data has been collated and this is not seen to be forthcoming for at least another three years. As a result your employers cannot terminate your employment for refusing to take a vaccine that is still undergoing tests and has not received FDA approval.

    • Yeah but they can make up another bullshit reason like they have with me.

    • That assumes the FDA is not corrupt. I don’t believe that for a minute. If they were not as corrupt as the pharma vompanies that developed them and the globalists who have long planned this depopulation injection, the “vaccines” would have been pulled when the 30th or 50th or 100th person died as a result of the shot. We’re into the 20s of thousands already amd only just starting.

  2. We all have sold out our principles and souls long ago by following this system anyway. Now we realize how they have trapped us with their freedom-carrot – like Alexandre the great who promised the greece people to liberate them by joining and following him in his crazy war to India to become the leader of the world…
    All these maniacs in history and still we have not managed to save our lifes and livings against this – not even the promising human rights could save us from this p(l)andemic.
    But the human rights have been a bribery right from the begining, since the declaration of independence, only to make the people following … so fed up with all of this.
    But I don’t blame the people who don’t know what to do.
    Thanks for your work.
    keep going

    • Anke i really LOVE your Alexander the Great analogy!……curious to know your national background; this is a completely new perspective on Covidism for me!-

  3. Will any court or tribunal uphold employee rights any longer?
    I doubt it. The regime control these institutions.
    They have been forcing employees to take the jab for some time. I have yet to see any court / tribunal supporting a case for constructive dismissal.
    They own the legal system. It is their system, not ours.
    I’m not saying don’t stand up for your sovereign rights, but don’t assume the ‘law’ will defend you. It’s not your ‘law’.

  4. Refuse the jab; keep on working, rely on the unions to protect you!
    Oh….that’s right its the 21st century, we dont have unions anymore thanks to the Tory government. Long term plan anybody???

  5. Regarding compulsory vaccines, the Government are known to let controversial issues out to the Newspapers. It’s called ‘flying a kite. ‘They are looking for how much pushback they get. If they get hardly any they go with what they are planning. If they get huge pushback they drop their plans. Push back hard people.

  6. How can I get that government report showing the amount of vaccine deaths to send to people? I googled it but didn’t find it

    • To go UKColumn.org and click on the Yellow Card Statistics page. They lay it out in a simple summary page (shown by Hugo in this video), you can screenshot it to show people. It gets updated every Friday I think. This is just UK numbers. Search the web for VAERS if you want to see figures for USA (5,000+ deaths last time I checked, including some children as they are jabbing kids there already). European regulator is EMA (12,000+ deaths for Europe last time I checked).

      • And also on UK Column see the page called “Banned paper: Doctors’ risk-versus-benefit assessment of Covid jabs”. A good one to show people.

      • Thanks I done that, what are total reports and why are the reports lower than the total reactions?

      • Hi I done that, what are reports? Number of cases reported or number of side effects reported?

        Just need to work out what that means and why the number of reports are lower than reactions.

  7. At this stage it’s pretty clear that their target are the sick and old ppl. They wanna terminate this people.

  8. Just speaking to a friend today and a lady she knows who works for the NHS has been told that if she doesn’t have the jab she will be dismissed! The lady says she doesn’t want it because she is having fertility treatment and was told not to have it if she wants to conceive! Poor woman

  9. Constructive dismissal if you walk out because of being forced to take the jab, it’s essentially the same thing as unfair dismissal.
    I have personally sued a former employer using it, I quit due to them making weekly and sometimes daily changes to my work hours.

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