Another Staged Event?? BBC REPORTER Chased

originally from John Overkill

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  1. This video is by a shit stirring shill and it seems to be working.

    • Are you A Supporter of The Fake alternative media by any chance.
      You should watch John Overkills Videos then ull relise youve been fooled by these so called filmers.
      Wake up mate.

    • Come on my panel and let us know your amazing ways otherwise keep your slander to yourself you lunatic

    • I have always been somewhat suspicious of Resistance GB as most of the videos that I have viewed concern him goading the police and causing an issue rather than a spontaneous situation with the police in the wrong as they have typically been over the last year or so.

      • On uk column today they show emails from bbc to resistance GB asking for permission to use said footage, and in no uncertain terms resistance GB tell them to go to hell, oh and who voice is this ? It most definitely not hugotalks.

      • Me too , I saw one where he was in a round about way suggesting violence, he’s also filmed from behind police lines , how did he do that. Someone questioned that on the video.

    • Just watched uk column where they show emails Fromm bbc to resistance GB asking for permission to use the footage, they are told in no uncertain terms to go to hell. Oh and this is not Hugo talks voice on this video.

  2. Another great exposing video by John Overkill.
    People need to watch his videos and relise the fake alternative media like Resistance GB,Subject access,Tyrant finder,Media connsumer, film preorganised scenes involving agent provocateur s ,paid actors and extras .
    They are promoting, violence ,thuggery and abuse.
    As well as making money off their followers who need to know the truth about these fakes
    They do not represent the true antilockdown protesters .
    This is all staged to make us look bad on MSM and to promote violence from people who believe their staged events.
    So we come up against more restrictions ,more lockdowns.
    Playing into the governments hands for their agenda.
    If you havnt already watched John Overkills ,Westfield videos. I suggest you do.
    More people are waking up to these fake utubers lies.
    Make sure you are one of them.

      • William coleSHILL

        They can’t help themselves, they have to leave clues….

      • Bonchamp, you are a troll!

  3. We are being trolled by the people that are behind all of this tyranny.
    The big nose tribe.

  4. Thanks for these videos only you and a few others keeping me sane in this mad times, and to top it just as the weather got nice i fell of a small roof and have 5 fractures in my feet and am bed bound, double plaster casted up grrr

  5. I reckon this was a deliberately staged psyop event, the acting was of reasonable quality.
    Not so sure I agree with linking the protaganist with Piers Corbyn, is there any more evidence thans the staged photo of him standing next to Mr Corbyn?

  6. this is the problem with the freedom movement, too many people fighting one another. Just what the elites want, divide and conquer. Don’t get involved in these petty squabbles, it solves nothing and it is what they want. Focus on the main agenda

  7. 1. There are people on the front line actually protesting and there are those who stay at home and make videos. People who are anonynmous.
    2. Resistance GB and Media Consumer 911 have consistently covered the Lovedown Protest at Shepbush which has just been deemed unlawful by the High Court.
    3. Anyone who wishes to make up their own mind can watch his videos
    4. The reason the Elite wanted to make a story of “violent abusive protesters” is because they were protesting outside Number 10 all day. And there were calls for 3 day protests (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to disrupt the Elite. The Saturday-Once-A-Month protests really are failing to inconvenience them.
    5. Resistance GB were approached by the MSM for usage of their clip and refused
    6. The idea that all these people are actors is ridiculous and made by someone who is not at the events and not a protestor.
    7. I think there is more chance of you Hugo being fake than Resistance GB, just saying. If I am wrong talk to them. Do a video face to face. If you truly believe what you say, then why wouldn’t you want the Truth ?
    8. It is sad that the guy who made the video is a bit dim, sees conspiracy theories everywhere and obviously loves the attention that he is “revealing secrets” from the comfort of his own sofa.
    9. I don’t know Resistance GB but it is obvious that the bloke who made this video is delusional. Check it out for yourself.

    • I don’t think all the people John Overkill mentions are shills but I do think he’s right about the main players. They’re dodgy as hell, especially the way they all came on the scene. It’s very telling the way they ban people making certain comments. Their agenda is clearly not freedom.

      The establishment realised they had to do something about all the people that no longer trust mainstream media so deployed shills to control alternative media. Now people think they’re getting truth when they’re actually just following the shills on YouTube so are still being manipulated by the same people that are behind the MSM. This situation is arguably worse than people watching MSM and taking it with a bucket of salt, as people don’t feel like they need to question anything because they can trust the alternative media. People are so easily lead – they’ve just swapped MSM for another form of controlled media.

      We know now that all sorts of organisations (some not even that important in the scheme of things) have been infiltrated by undercover police (some of them even had children with protestors!) but there will be many others we will never know about. Controlling the opposition is vital so do you really think the establishment wouldn’t make sure that they’ve got assets in alternative media when so much is at stake?

      Compared to all the resources, time, effort and funds that have gone into controlling us since who knows when, appointing a few shills to go out with cameras and control the alternative media narrative is small fry. In fact the establishment probably can’t believe how easy it is to fool so many people. You’d have to be delusional to think the establishment haven’t put measures in place to ensure they can keep controlling the population by controlling alternative media.

    • I agree Jack what you said
      I don’t care who’s who the fact is Anti Lockdown protest and other dictator rules being impose on our Freedoms.
      The BBC reporter was stupid to walk around with BBC lanyard on ?
      This will divide people if we start saying who’s who.
      Resistance GB and Subject Access are filming for hours.
      Not the MSM accept GB News are now reporting on protest.
      I have not seen or heard of John Overkill?

      • John Overkill has a channel on youtube. He specializes in outing the freaks that pretend to be us whilst stirring up chaos to make us look like we’re the freaks. He’s most thorough. I don’t always agree with him but his channel is worth checking out.

  8. I’m wondering: maybe what is upsetting us is that we WANT this mobbing to be real, we need it. Let’s face it, these nicey nice rallies aren’t working. The evil fuckfaces destroying this world need to be dealt with once and for all. They need to be mobbed. I speak for a lot of people when I say that I AM NO LONGER A PACIFIST.

  9. If you put some headphones on and turn the volume up at 02:01, the guy with the blue tracksuit appears to be saying to him, “you’re not in the right (something here, could be f*ckin or bloody?) place”, if my hearing is not deceiving me that seems a bit odd.

  10. I made a comments saying “If you put some headphones on and turn the volume up at 02:01, the guy with the blue tracksuit appears to be saying to him, “you’re not in the right (something here, could be f*ckin or bloody?) place”, if my hearing is not deceiving me that seems a bit odd.” – Just to clarify i mean on the actual Resistance GB video not this video.

  11. We have to do two things now: Wake up the normies and take action. I have had considerable success posting comments on normy subject matter websites online.. Eg Eurovision song contest excerpts on Youtube, soap opera and celebrity related news channels etc. In terms of action we must form networks of unvaccinated like minded individuals and support each other.

  12. Exposure after exposure do these play actors keep being uncovered.

    At this point this whole thing has become an entire west-end comical stage play, accept the insidiousness of these propaganda stunts isn’t so funny.

    These are the beginnings of the new World War III, not bombs and guns but warfare on a mental level. Enter the Media / Mind War.

  13. I’ve watched the Full Video of this several times and the BBC reporters movements are very erratic, he’s back and forward and all over the place wtihout much reason, almost like he is trying to attract attention to himself. There is no shortage of available police on the sceen and they certaintly don’t seem at all concerned for anyones life or limb, didn’t see anyone hit him, just confront him, had he been thrown to the ground or beaten I would have said the group of protesters were out of order. Seems the crowd have issues with the BBC and rightly so. If anything Resistance GB were only accurately reporting and videoing what they see as they have done from the begining. If the BBC did unedited reporting like this the people would be much better informed. The full video tells the full story, this clip dose not.

  14. Exactly what they did at the Trump rally when a small group of agitators stormed the capitol building. The media were ready and waiting. Headlines already written (including the tragic death of a protestor shot mysteriously) It stopped Trumps momentum dead. THE MEDIA ARE DISGUSTING! Once you know what is happening this activist disguised as a journalist in London looks so weird in his suit and tie the middle of this peaceful protest. I wonder how long the media had been planning it? THEY ARE GLOBALLY DISGUSTING.

  15. So many staged events. But nothing new this tactic has been used for thousands of years, check the Bible book of acts chapter 17 verse 5 tells us that the Jews were jealous and caused trouble for Paul, “so they brought troublemakers from the marketplace, formed a mob, and sent the city into an uproar”
    Satan has a limited toolbox of tactics, nothing new under the sun.
    Read your Bible guys
    Good outcome Jesus wins 👍

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