Sudden Adult Death Syndrome / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  2. Yeah, I’ve heard of SADS, it’s very common for details sheeple

    • Here we go…yet another vaccine brewing…wait until this is linked to COVID. In America a new Congress Bill is being passed to allow news media to amalgamate, going from 6 major companies down to about 2…talk about controlling the narrative…this is definitely 1984. This is indoctrination on a massive scale… what a great experiment we are living in. Hugo you are smart, bringing out a reason for vaccination deaths…WOW OF COURSE. I cannot believe that 90% of sheeple are still asleep.

      • Unfortunately they are!
        I had a message from a friend who is a type of nurse and very well educated to add. It said flu has virtually disappeared this year.
        I couldn’t believe my eyes!
        How brainwashed do you have to be to regurgitate that crazy shite?
        If they stopped and thought about it… flu has been around forever but suddenly next to no cases. What a load of crap!

    • I suspect some of these had the jab, but the odd one that didn’t will be in one of these articles. That will be used to discredit the fact that most people who will die of this, would have had the vaccine.

    • My mum died of sads in 2008 she 47, it is a real thing but never seen it talked about on MSM until the last few days, I thought too it was odd all of a sudden it is being talked about the last few days. What’s really important to know about sads is that it’s recorded as such, when a post mortem is unable to establish a cause of death. Very strange this is being highlighted at the moment hmmmm

    • I don’t even think they are hiding stuff from us now. Just Blantently taking the piss

    • Hi Hugo and tribe, well if it’s that rare it’s very strange to have 4 5 or more cases on.such a short space of time.
      If it’s in.the mainstream given the last year of lies, it’s more likely there’s an agenda of distraction behind it.
      It could be there relative that dies from the adverse affect of the vaccine? Hmmm or have any of them taken it?
      I doubt it.
      It’s a distraction that sheep like people will believe.

  3. Scary! I am monitoring the vaccination program and deaths by age. The problem is, I suspect, that the period between jab and death is not constant.

    • Yes but surely if death happens within the year it is for sure the v (stray busses excepted)

      • They are tracking everyone they give a jab to until at least 2023 when the clinical trial phase ends, so anyone who has the jab & dies during that time for any reason apart from accidents & murder is very likely to have been killed by the jab, we are going to see Millions of dead from these jabs.

    • Yes they know this is going to happen……but they have said rare!
      We will soon see how rare this is very soon I suspect.

  4. It would be interesting to see if these people had actually had the jib jab.

  5. It has one symptom having had the genocide juice

  6. This just gets more and more blatant. Preparing for all the deaths yet to come.

  7. This sads is definitely a cover for vaccine deaths! Also I seen an article yesterday claiming covid causes blood clot deaths! This is obviously another cover for vaccine deaths! I knew the vaccinated would die. And I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet Hugo! I think most of them will die in the next flu season this winter! And of course Boris is hoping to have us all jabbed in time for the winter isn’t he?

    • I saw something saying more likely to get blood clots from COVID than from the jab. What a load of shite!
      Also not believing only 6 in a million who take the jab have major side effects. It’s definitely much higher that!
      An interview on UK column, someone mentioned a ward full. So go figure??

  8. 1000% agreed with Hugo the Voice of the Open minded. Everything has been plotted long ago. Pharmaceuticals are not legally viable as the government’s signed agreement spearing them from any deaths due to the vaccines so seeing yesterday the continue agenda from Boris, Sage and the useless Hancock with mobile Covid-19 track and tests to find the South African variant another today the Indian variant to extend lock downs is just the final straw. Daily Mail and The Sun have blood in their hands when the truth comes out same goes to BBC and SKY. 24th April cannot come any sooner. I’m there to voice my anger.

  9. Here we go again..the SHEEP WILL be believing this now…what utter bollocks..trying to give the ideots a distraction from the deaths caused by the vaccines which we don’t need for a VIRUS that doesn’t exist…BOLLOCKS BORIS…IM STILL NOT SCARED… ya craps not working you fkin clown

  10. so if numbers rocket with this sads bs 😂😂 we know they are covering their backsides with the jibby jab deaths

  11. Government genocide agenda working by design . . natural selection for the “vaccinated” . . . .#DrMengele

  12. I have heard of SIDS as many others would have, sudden infant death syndrome. I read some research that was hypothesizing that SIDS may be linked to vaccinations in babies? Could SADS be linked to these vaccinations?

    • Perhaps they had the flu jab as they seem too young for the vax.
      There’s so many reasons, they could have died??
      If it’s so rare… how come Hugo found so many recent cases?
      Shite if you ask me.

      • My son received his text to come and get his jab a few days ago, he’s 30, he said everyone at the vax centre were under 30..

  13. I have heard of it Hugo. I know 2 people who died from it in the 90s. I’m not sure if it’s just another made up syndrome to suit the narrative atm

  14. It doesn’t matter which political party it is, they all speak with “fork tongue.” As long as I live I will never believe anything they say.

    • Yes indeed Fred, it’s why I never vote for any of them. I do go along to the polling station and just write the word NONE across the list of names of all the candidates in black pen with two thick diagonal lines running either side of it.

  15. They should count anyone dying within 28 days as a vaccine death.

    • Yes, like they do when someone dies after testing positive for Covid. But they won’t in this case because it doesn’t suit the narrative and their agenda.

    • No sorry they are obviously unrelated!
      Standard answer I’m afraid.
      And the sheep are buying it!

  16. Firstly it would be handy to know if these poor deceased folk have had the jab and if so when.
    I’m guessing if there’s truth in these cases as SADS then I agree with Hugo, it’s being sown in the minds of the public by the MSM to use as a temp cover up for jab deaths. Mind you as the agenda is mass population culling, SADS won’t cover it for long – Deadly variant in the horizon to replace SADS maybe???

  17. Its commonly known as adult cot death, I’ve heard of it before, but it is rare

  18. Thank you site much better 🙏👍 and well.. we already know they are completely potty 🥺 😂 so this really proves they are scrapping from the bottom of the pot now 🤔🤔👍 thank you Hugo keep strong 💪 and let’s stick this out together every one💪✌️

    • It’s absolutely crazy!
      How many people have you fallen out with over this nonsense?

      • The appear to be running 🏃‍♂️ scared . Desperate times call for desperate measures. The rooster 🐓 seem to be running to roaster

      • Thank you very much Hugo Talks but I want to see your face hahaha hahaha 😆

    • If Hugo wanted to show his face, he would have already. He obviously would rather not, so stop pestering him. It distracts. I’ve seen it on other channels, it becomes a weapon to attack the person. So, if you appreciate this content, then you should respect his privacy and stop mithering.

  19. Of course your right, this isn’t a coincidence it’s preparation.

  20. It is the same as sudden baby death syndrome. All happens after vaccination and caused by vaccines.

  21. I reckon its preparation for when the young get their jabs, so insightful of you Hugo!

  22. It is definitely a condition that has been around for a long time.
    It usually affects young adults. Sometimes during a sporting event such as football a young fit person can suddenly collapse and die.
    It does seem to be a heart condition that causes it that hasn’t been diagnosed.
    Maybe they are highlighting it incase of high rates of younger deaths in next few months as a cover up as it is only a few a year that seem to succumb to it.

  23. Sorry but yes this is a thing, bout 5 years ago my friends boyfriend who was early 20’s died and this was the diagnosis of death. I’m with you on most things but I have to say this is actually something that is known of just because you haven’t

    • So if we are to believe you ‘Iain’…..this extremely rare occurrence (I think Hugo said 12 deaths a year) is something that you’ve come across, and you just happen to be commenting on Hugo Talks website, which I think had 30 comments…..what’s the chances of that? Hmmm I think you’re right. The chances of that would be about 1 in 77th Brigade…..GOTCHA!

      • Wait for the SODS, then the SUDS, then the SEDS. What a pantomime. Imagine being a member of this bullshit 77th Brigade! What a shower of dogshit (no disrespect to dogshit).

    • I know it exists too ,I think Hugo is just making the point that all of a sudden its mainstream news as an alternative reason for jab deaths ,when in less strange times it scarcely features in the press .

  24. hugo this has been a thing in ireland anyway for years. lots of deaths of high and low profile gaa(football) players. that man who died in dublin on the beach was last year before the jab was given out. rare enough but not that rare(sads). im not suggesting this will not be used as a cover but has definitely been around

  25. I’ve heard of SADS (and SIDS – which is the infant version). Does seem rather weird that there have been some now! What a coincidence!

  26. Watch the bah bahs drop into the sheep dip from now onwards at mass rates

    • If some of these deaths have been people who HADN’T had the jab yet, it still looks to me like the media are planning on making it a scapegoat for future vaccine deaths… and, of course, the masses will buy into it, as always.

  27. SIDs. Sudden infant death
    Caused by vaccine injury
    World wake up!!!

  28. Remember that figure of 12 a year in the past. Not that they will be honest in the future as there will 1000’s told they were one of the 12 and as long as not in the same town or even known by each other they should get away with it. We may need to create a SAD death page for collecting data?
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  29. Yes this is conscious priming by behaviour psychologists attached to sage

    • That’s a good point!
      Why do they need these psychologists in sage instead of a really good virologist like Mike Yeadon?

  30. Sadly people do die suddenly it’s a fact of life , but as you point out why is MSM making such a big dea of it alll of a sudden! Well we know why sont we ,but the sheeple dont , never come across such a blag in my life is there something with people or what ,I mean I’m not brains of Britain by any means but
    FFS 😟

  31. I have heard of that condition and I had a friend who lost her young adult son suddenly one day. It is rare but so they say are vaccination deaths , so perhaps there is going to be a new correlation???

    • I know someone that happened to in 2016. I wonder if it is the same person. It was such a tragedy.

  32. SADS was reported here in Ireland a few years ago after a promising football player sadly dropped dead on the pitch and it was so unexpected it made the headlines but I agree it seems strange that there has been such a huge increase in it recently. I have friends who still can’t wait to get the jab though.

  33. I’ve heard of SADS, but mainly in sport. It’s very, very rare. In terms of volume, 5 in 2 weeks is insane. Something’s not right there. Definitely.

  34. You’re wrong on this one Hugo. My daughter almost died from this after catching Covid but was saved at A&E. Also a customer’s son died of it years ago aged 27, a local footballer, aged 29, in his sleep too.
    It isn’t that uncommon, an arrythmic heart.
    Keep up the good work. The videos are very thought provoking

  35. Interesting I will watch later but seems like new excuse for cv-19 Vax related deaths.

  36. Isn’t this only attributable when a cause of death cannot be determined? The $64 question is: Had these people had the jib-jab?

  37. How convenient for them……no such thing as coincidence these days, it will be interesting to see if there is an explosion in this rare condition, that I had heard of before but maybe now it won’t be so rare and possibly the rare cases previously were attributed to something that big Pharma dolled out, now that would not surprise me…..

  38. Yes heard of SADS. Two friends were affected by it, one was 29 back in the early 1970’s the other was 25 in 2004. However, as you say it is extremely rare. Wondering what the common thread is between this sudden rash of people dying of SADS. Is it possible to find out if they had all been vaccinated?

  39. Doesn’t matter if these people had the jab or not, they could have died of anything, heart attack, aneurism, anything – but they can call them SADS to start pushing the narrative so when lots of people do die after jabs, oh look it’s more cases of SADS. So the key will be looking at average numbers of SADS deaths over the years, then how much it jumps up by suddenly.

  40. i must admit, they are very intelligent. They do not miss ANY – even ridiculous – causes to bring it as an excuse for soon expected increased deaths due to vaccines. They simply increase the amounts of possible reasons to bring whenever they need it. One of them ADS, others would be new variants of the non-existent deadly virus, another would be toxic effects from not having enough social distance or getting too much sunlight causing allergic cross-reactions with the jab (so better stay at home even in summer) and on and on.

  41. Glad to see a n You tube post. You should ditch You Tube all together. If you use it YOU are a TUBE, a MEAT TUBE!

  42. I absolutely love you work Hugo, and I despise absolutely everything about this phoney pandemic…. though on this occasion I have to say that I have been aware of SAD for quite some time… and old friend of mine from school dropped dead playing football around 10 years ago now and this was the diagnosis even back then, he was only in his early 20’s. I’ve heard a number of cases similar throughout my lifetime (I’m 37). Now, is it being used to cover up vaccine deaths, most likely!! But it definitely was a thing already.

    Thanks for all your work and keeping me sane whilst surround by insanity!

  43. It’s obviously a psy-op. The fact that it’s promoted in the MSM. They may well have died of this thing, but it is now being promoted. People die all the time, as a result of living. Does anybody remember that bullshit in the ’80’s, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION? That was all over the media. People would just suddenly explode, for no reason, leaving no trace. The sheeple were petrified of just blowing up. Then it was AIDS – we’re all gonna die of AIDS, (the usual demonic suspects were promoting it – Elton John, Tom Hanks with that silly-ass film – ‘Philadelphia’, Hanks – who also lugged his ancient ‘Corona’ typewriter to Australia and then came out and said he had ‘Coronavirus’ at the start of this HOAX. The same typewriter was on the back of a Madonna album around the same time). T then it was MAD COW DISEASE – if you’d ever eaten a value beef burger, then you was toast, you’ll die an incredibly painful death. It led to the slaughter of 100,000’s of cows. To me, it was a satanic ritual. Also, a tool to destroy farmers. I’ll never forget a farmer who was forced to destroy all of his cows, just throw them on a burning pile – you could see he was absolutely traumatised by it.

    • And this HOAX is running in tandem with the climate change bollocks. Remember in the ’80’s, the O-Zone was being destroyed. There was a big hole in the O-Zone layer and will give us all skin cancer. There was a BBC children’s programme called The O-Zone. Then it was Global Warming, then Global Cooling – now Climate Change – absolute, 100%, bona fide testicles. The climate bollocks was concocted by the Club of Rome in 1968. They wanted a scam that would unite the world.

      • Yes I remember all of those!
        Aids is mentioned in the Virus mania book. One of the reasons why I was going to buy it. But hopefully it will help to connect some of the dots.

  44. It is interesting that each world war has some kind of virus attached to it, almost as if that wasn’t about illegal massive drug test.

    WW1 Spanish flu and experimental vaccines. .. Surprisingly only vaccinated were dying.

    WW2 Bio and Chemical weapon testing like gases etc. Bit about Jews was just a cover up of deaths due to drug tests on all sorts of religionstuff and nationalities.

    WW3 Rona joke and ow surprise vaccines. Looks like battles between the countries is just a matter of time. Curious who is going to start …….

    Also found this in case someone is interested

    • Yes, just more of the same. It’s all manufactured lies by the self proclaimed ‘elites’. That’s all. It’s self evident – look at the wealth of these assholes, whilst we’re all getting poorer. And they don’t actually do anything. They’re parasites manipulating us. Simple.

  45. Why is it that some people blindly follow everything the media is feeding them and others like Hugo and us choose to question it??
    My opinion is media intake in all different forms. The more someone has subscribed the more they will get targeted and all without even knowing it.
    That’s the scary thing!

    • My take is the same as the governments, believe it or not, it’s the truth statistically and they know it. I’ve grown up with MSM all of my life, the school indoctrination – everything. And I knew instinctively it was all bollocks, like some of the people I’ve known. Basically, (and this is 100% truth) 10% of the population knows what’s going on. 4% are willing to act upon it, 3% will fly in and out (IE act sometimes) and 3% will know what’s going on but will not act. That is the reality of the situation. SO, 9 out of 10 people will do exactly as they’re told. The GOOD NEWS is you only need 4% of the population to takedown ‘governments’, etc. SO, the numbers do add up. There’s 4% of us that know what’s going on and are prepared to stand. And that’s all we need. If you doubt that, look at how few there are here – yet look at the spoke in the wheel we’re creating! Between us, we’re taking their whole shit show down to Chinatown, every single day! AND YOU KNOW IT AND I KNOW IT!

      • So what triggered it for you?
        What made you think hmm that’s not right what else have they lied about?

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