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  1. Yes…msg to Global citizen…omg why can’t you just FUCK OFF..NOT.. REPEAT NOT HAVING YOUR POISON

    • Same here,hope it gets rid of them,but they won’t have had it or had the killer free saline version that’s only for the rich

      • Dont even no half of these celebrities lol. The ones I do no are a load of old shit anyway. One thing I have noticed and this might b nothing but my phone provider 02 have been pushing this Disney bollocks on me for over a year ? 50 quids worth of Disney for free lol. They text me a least once a month . Fuck disney and the mind numbing bollocks. What I dont get is why there so keen to push all things Disney?? I’m just so fed up with this fucking darkness. My ex was TOLD to go tomorrow for his second jab ? Fuck nos why he got the first but that’s his problem . U can only tell people so much and then fuck it. Anyway no invite lol full on get here friday at 12pm he sent me the text. So looks like invite u 4 the first then tell u to get there on a certain date and time. That’s why hes my ex lol. Bless him feel a bit sad for him tho. Think it’s a work thing and his pension. Gullible that’s all I can say really. X

      • The book I’m reading has a chapter on the Music Industry and the Movie Industry. Talks mainly about Walt Disney. Quote: “Walt Disney was, in reality, a sadistic porn king pin who enjoyed making pornographic movies. Behind the scenes at Disney, we also find white slavery, mind control of Monarch slaves and the temptation of several generations to witchcraft……Disney was a Freemason in the 32nd Degree and a dedicated supporter of occultism and born in Spain, out of wedlock. It is suspected that Isabelle Zamora Ascendo was his mother. Upon investigating his history, it was discovered he was related to the Bush family, Hugh Heffner, Princess Diana and Clint Eastwood.”

      • Agree 👍👍 horrible and evil the lot of them!

      • If you look closely you can see Elon Musk’s monkey wires sticking out of their ears!

  2. Good Research Hugo.. hopefully they will pull a false flag attack on this one and mess the false bit up.. That should clear a few out!
    Site looking Tidy…
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  3. PARASITES 🦠 All of them!!!! Nasty nasty …. I say No always have from the beginning growing up knowing how devious theses Elites are.

    Thank you Hugo it’s great knowing you and so many others are awake to.
    I have Never voted for any of them and I Never will Evil 🦹‍♀️ pure evil pack they are!! ✌️ To theses who seek it let’s stick together and SAY NO!!!!!!👍💪💪✌️🙋‍♀️

  4. This is enormous. Please note. I have evidence that the efficacy of these vaccines have been deliberately kept from us. The Estimated Efficacy Rate is 95% Moderna and 94.1% Pfizer……but this is estimated. The Actual Efficacy Rate is Moderna 1% and Pfizer 0.7%…this is a bombshell. I have a copy of an interview where an epedeioligist f 40 years has looked at thew trial results from both companies…….Please help get this out there….I have got in touch with Tucker Carlson in the USA to get thois information out.

  5. Well that’s disappointing, I used to like the Foo Fighters, they’re now dead as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Cracking video Hugo
    These celebrities are all part of the agenda Russel brand is the worst of them all he has been involved with MK ultra mind control programming
    The government’s are trying their hardest and they are throwing everything they can at us so we comply become like zombies

    • Anybody ever says Brand doesn’t have the 33 tattoo, show them this, from 3.55: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5oM0UgoCR0

      And he says: “you can’t be a Freemason if you have a criminal record.” What a lying sack of shit. Apparently, the ‘Hell’s Angels’ are a Masonic chapter – they have chapter 12 or whatever on their jackets and call each other Brother. Don’t know, but they certainly operate outside of the law, and have satanic symbolism all over them

    • Those are evil signs… the all seeing eye and 666…all ocult satanic signs..

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  8. Dave Grohl , what are you doing, WTF!! You have just released an album and one track on it you stated that your Daughter said “Daddy are we at war ?” and then you wrote the song “waiting on a war ”
    What are you doing man , I had such great respect for you and your music but now it seems that you can be bought just like all the others .Hold your head up in shame , I will never think of you in the same way again.
    Shocked is not the right word and simply cannot believe you have sold out !!!!

    • He has sold out, but look at Jordan Peterson the man that should be tearing those globalists to pieces with his superior brain power. But he has turned into a pussy. How low can he sink interviewing Russel Brand? What ever greatness he once portrayed he has now lost it and dare I say the respect of millions.

  9. Total Numpties the lot of them! Brains in their asses

  10. Interesting, Grohl just did a song with Jagger. Sort of expressing frustration at the fiasco, but being a bit careful I think.

  11. Evil, greedy Shills the lot of them, trying to manipulate the minds of the youth. Hugo where were you hiding before you came to our screens with such good info? So glad you are here now! Thanks

  12. Peterson been getting off the opiates I believe poor bugger been hooked on oxy

    • Shame because he had some great alternative views previously. And his CH4 was outstanding!
      Has he been paid off?

  13. Most sell out, so very disappointing💔.
    Shame… they’ll influence others to follow their ignorant actions.

    Those who choose the Truth will always be hated.
    Stay strong & true folks 💪🙏🏻

    • That’s part of the contract. I watched ‘The Who’ live on youtube a while back (who btw had an album called ‘The Who Sell Out’) live in Brazil. It starts off and Pete Townsend starts shouting “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, etc” IE setting the tone, then it starts and the crowd are sticking their tongues out, doing the devil horn hand signs. And you could tell, it gave the band some kind of ecstatic feeling, when everybody was cheering. Again, it’s a ritual to get everybody into this stuff.

      • Very interesting… what you said in the other post. What’s the book called?
        I was thinking of buying Virus mania.

      • The book is ‘Worldwide Evil and Misery. The Legacy of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines’ by Robin de Ruiter and Fritz Springmeier from 2006. It’s spot on. It has a bit on forced vaccinations. But. just to give a taste – here are some Chapter titles – The Invisible Global Elite, The Illuminati, Freemasonry, The Mass Media, The Planned World Government, One World Financial System, Complete Control Over All Food Supplies, Reducing the World Population, A Dumbed-Down Population, Undermining the Faith in Christianity, One Humanist Religion, – the last TWO Chapters – The Chip, The Road to Hell! It was banned in France.

      • The book also talks about Monarch Mind Control and correctly states that in English, it should be called Consciousness Control, because a lot of the techniques involved concentrate on the subconscious.

      • Thanks Andy, so all the good stuff that no one wants you know!
        Definitely picking up a copy.

  14. Evil, greedy Shills the lot of them, trying to manipulate the minds of the youth. Hugo where were you hiding before you came to our screens with such good info? So glad you are here now! Thanks Russel Brand is a champagne socialist, can’t stand him.

  15. they can stick there trial jabs up there asses as there is no vaccine and never has been for flu or this mickey taking covid crap nonnsense

  16. I posted this last night on the other comments section. New song by Mick Jagger/Dave Grohl – 8 second clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXqJIuOmDzg

    Talks about “vaccine – Bill Gates is in my bloodstream”

    From what I know about Jagger, his family is from Morley, next to Leeds – a nice place. They owned the coal mines and were one of the richest families in the UK. Mick grew up down South and was introduced to occultism/satanism through Marianne Faithful.

    Russell Brand has 33 tattooed underneath his wrist – IE he’s a 33rd Degree Freemason. One of the the biggest shills there is. Always despised him. It’s pathetic how transparent all of this garbage is nowadays.

  17. What a horror show that will be, shame on Dave Grohl. My husband has worked in the music business all his life, touring, lighting, producing, building amazing stages for these people, now what? Oh yes, no job, no events, no future. Utterly disgusting.Thanks government for destroying the live events industry. Dave Grohl, go and hide under a rock with all your money and hypocracy. Enough. Grrrrr. Nice one Hugo, I’m off to listen to the UKCOLUMN theme music..that will cheer me up.

  18. You are the best hugo, i am really useless at all this tec stuff, i need a teacher, i do not want to lose you and hope if we win this war, to meet you one day. Big love to you

  19. It’s worth avoiding the ‘vaccine’ just so you CAN’T watch these so-called ‘artists’. Imagine thinking, “I’m going to take this shot so I can go see Selena Gomez and J Lo.” Wow.

  20. Check out vigilantcitizen blog for analysis of this type of event, as well as more photos of the peekaboo posse

  21. There must be successful artists out there that dont believe all this shit ,where are they hiding ? I’m just gonna give a ring to Maddona and Oasis .

    • Madonna’s the worst of the lot. Her stage shows, especially the Superbowl ones, are 100% satanic rituals – usually containing predictive programming, which is a rule of Black Magic. IE you must warn your victim beforehand of what you intend to do, and if they don’t fight or flee, then you can proceed.

      • Yes and the main picture on this video the celebrity is making the 666 sign. Many celebrities have sold their souls for fame and fortune sad thing is they have eternity to spend regretting it!

    • I believe Van Morrison wrote three anti-lockdown songs. You won’t hear them on the rotten lying BBC.

  22. @andyc044 If you haven’t already heard them,search out the John Todd illuminati tapes about the music industry.

    • Thanks, yes John Todd is mentioned a lot in the book I’m reading at the moment. I have heard of him in the past but I’ll definitely look more into it.

      • It says of John Todd: “Todd was responsible for one of the recording industry’s biggest mergers in history. From this mega-merger emerged the label Zodiaco Productions. Todd was initiated into the highest occult circles of power within the Illuminati (Council 13)…..According to Todd, Illuminati rituals (black magic) preceded every music recording: “The actors and musicians are initiated by a priest according to a specific ritual, and they can be certain that demons will guide all their products. The best know and best selling music these days carries such a curse. And when you buy such a product, you bring the demon into your house free of charge…. And I mean that literally.”

      • Yes u are spot on. And even more disturbing is the… ‘lodge’ 🥺..has been going few hundred years now and them demons have grown in strength. It’s very dangerous stuff they are messing with 🥺 and finally they have grown so much in strength they feel they are stronger than Mother Earth and our humanity itself.

      • Ed Vedder ?? The vocalist of Pearl Jam ??? What happened to him ?… I’m a fan of Pearl Jam from the 90’s, never paid attention to their lyrics though.

  23. It’s an interesting time, you got to choose on what side you are. And you will be surprised who is next to you, even if you thought you know them and you liked them. Make a right choice, people.

  24. I believe I have some take on what all this is about. (From the ‘elites’ point of view). We are made in God’s image, but with an IQ of 50-150. It will never go above that really. SO, they believe God has humans in shackles. The ‘elites’ believe Lucifer has come to free mankind. They believe through science humans will break free and explore the stars. They wish to take our IQ up to 300 through AI pretty soon. No human has had an IQ anywhere near that, ever! So, they are communicating with ‘things’ that bring us technology so we can leave this ‘cradle’ and explore the Universe. And you must admit that it that it is a powerful argument.

    • What great statement. They are crazy I can’t stand technology I just about handle being on theses sites trying keep my views
      I have a daughter 23 and it scares me what her future holds with theses sadistic people pushing this upon us all

      • Yes, that age she has seen enough of life to know what is being taken away. The kids born today and from now on won’t know. That is if they are born because one of the globalists main goals is to make people infertile.

      • Thank you yes that’s so true. Good luck to us all 👍✌️

    • And thank you I just watched that about Bob Dylan just now omg 😳 ..

  25. i suspect the sell-out-brities are not the same people they were in the earlier days of their career….literally.

  26. Ed Vedder ?? The vocalist of Pearl Jam ??? What happened to him ?… I’m a fan of Pearl Jam from the 90’s, never paid attention to their lyrics though.

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